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Real estate transactions

Hernando real estate transactions for Dec. 25


8390 Langworthy Dr., to Richard Whitelaw by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $186,000, 10/21/2013.

13019 Sun Rd., to Robin J. Pritchard & Carla M. Pritchard by James E. Combs & Janavie D. Combs, $164,000, 10/29/2013.

491 Alpine Thistle Dr., to Alan Joseph Luvera & Celestina Luvera by Pulte Home Corporation, $130,400, 10/18/2013.

31053 Satinleaf Run, to Erin J. Glendenning & Ty B. Glendenning by National Mortgage Association Federal & Marder Pa Greenspoon Atty In Fact, $104,900, 10/23/2013.

9486 Southern Charm Cir., to Margaret Everett & Scott Everett by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $96,000, 10/25/2013.

19443 Fort Dade Ave., to John D. Harris & Kathleen J. Harris by Jerry C. Rodgers & Janet A. Rodgers, $69,000, 11/07/2013.

12231 Fairway Ave., to George Boyko & Sharon Orourke by Hedwig Mihalik, $65,000, 10/30/2013.

7682 Dinsmore St., to Robert W. Tofferi & Denise J. Turco by Elaine Donohoe & Elaine Donohoe Trustee, $54,500, 10/31/2013.

12216 Pitcairn St., to Yorllana Ulloa by Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $40,000, 10/28/2013.


3384 Sheephead Dr., to Lance Christian Nielsen & Deborah Nielsen by Purvis L. Dawson Jr. & Purvis L. Dawson Jr. Succ Trustee, $300,000, 10/22/2013.


329 Jenkins Ave., to Kenneth J. Lovelly & Margaret Lovelly by Clarence Ford, $70,000, 11/01/2013.


5328 Championship Cup Ln., to Santosh Potdar & Gayatri Potdar by Philip L. Watterson & Cherilynn J. Watterson, $330,000, 10/28/2013.

5388 Championship Cup Ln., to Thomas F. Hanovic & Annette M. Hanovic by George T. Long & Kathryn M. Long, $288,000, 10/24/2013.

3527 Conifer Loop, to Frederick L. Yuss & Darla Zeli Yuss by David Little & Victoria W. Little, $225,000, 10/30/2013.

9571 Langan St., to James A. Yost & Evelyn R. Yost by Fernando Melendez, $204,900, 10/31/2013.

298 Woodstream Way, to David Mentink & Stephanie Mentink by National Mortgage Association Federal & R. Wellborn Pa Elizabeth Atty In Fact, $195,000, 10/24/2013.

2310 Grandfather Mtn, to Brian R. Noury by Clifford T. Kleintop, $187,500, 10/25/2013.

12720 Coronado Dr., to Joseph J. Sulko & Darlene E. Sulko by Charles D. Weeks & Charlotte Weeks, $172,800, 10/30/2013.

7499 Clearmeadow Dr., to Edith M. Aguire by Mark L. Marine & Kelly E. Marine, $170,700, 10/15/2013.

1052 Greenturf Rd., to Corey J. Post & Sara K. Post by Marie C. Lindquist & Richard A. Lindquist, $170,000, 10/28/2013.

13494 Bruni Dr., to Timothy E. Henderson & Susan Henderson by Marion L. Owens, $159,000, 11/01/2013.

11599 Trumbull Dr., to Todd Parsons & Diane Parsons by Benjamin A. Myers & Blondell J. Myers, $153,900, 10/31/2013.

4448 Las Palmas Ave., to Marsha G. Shriver by Marie G. Franklin & Marie G. Franklin Trustee, $153,000, 10/31/2013.

12315 Clarendon Ct., to Joseph Michael Skiles & Jo Dee Skiles by Kenneth J. Lovelly & Margaret Lovelly, $148,000, 10/28/2013.

11740 Teapot Ct., to Wayne L. Hickman Trustee & Nyla A. Hickman Trustee by Paul J. Kohutek & Judith M. Kohutek, $145,000, 11/01/2013.

12475 Lombardy St., to Chet M. Downing by Richard Vanorden & Marcia Vanorden, $133,800, 10/30/2013.

11065 Cranston St., to Ricky Cliatt by Campground Estate Properties LLC & Klaus W. Haag, $132,000, 10/28/2013.

2230 Perry Ave., to Levar C. Reese & Bethsaida L. Reese by Marley Real Estate Resolutions LLC, $122,000, 10/24/2013.

363 Quane Ave., to James C. Uecker & Uecker Janice Ourth by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $121,000, 10/10/2013.

3253 Greynolds Ave., to Mario Roman Jr. & Idalia C. Roman by Guenther M. Fischer, $118,000, 10/29/2013.

7451 Hidden Hills Dr., to Alan B. Deterra Trustee & Arlene L. Deterra Trustee by Carol Schneider, $114,000, 10/25/2013.

4205 Weldon Ave., to Elizabeth Dejesus by Ruth C. Dicolandrea & Antonio Dicolandrea, $110,000, 10/25/2013.

174 Hartford Ct., to Edward L. Marr Ii. & Monica M. Marr by Suzanne R. Gomas, $108,000, 10/28/2013.

1507 Newhope Rd., to Paul P. Flak & Timea Flak by Terry W. Roberts, $103,400, 11/06/2013.

7357 Prince George Ct., to Robert F. Kervian & Evelyn C. Kervian by Shirley Cartwright, $103,000, 10/29/2013.

4323 Castle Ave., to Carlos Pereira by Raymond L. Courts & Raymond L.Courts, $100,000, 10/28/2013.

207 Planter Rd., to Louis M. Hribar & Jodic Hribar by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $99,900, 10/28/2013.

11333 Riddle Dr., to Manuel Ortiz Jr. & Blanca Ortiz by Ronald Anthony Cooper, $98,000, 10/31/2013.

2270 Pebble Beach Dr., to Ralph J. Colarusso by Ivant Wood III. & Margaret J. Wood, $97,000, 10/30/2013.

14035 Poet St., to Ismael Gonzalez by Paul Jefferson Keith, $95,000, 10/25/2013.

6194 Ansley St., to Amanda M. Emerick by Gary Stevens & Monique Stevens, $95,000, 10/31/2013.

5284 Dellbrook Ave., to Stephen M. Wilson Jr. by Florida Low Income Housing Associates Inc, $87,000, 10/28/2013.

13466 Neville Dr., to Robert D. Johnson & Bonnie K. Johnson by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $85,800, 11/01/2013.

2354 Canfield Dr., to Ruth A. Vitagliano by Patricia J. Stolberg & Elton V. Stolberg, $85,000, 10/25/2013.

417 Spring Time St., to Nicholas Horton by 1st United Bank, $85,000, 10/15/2013.

6270 Piedmont Dr., to Otto L. Hoover & Deborah J. Hoover by Diana Bohman & Diana Bohman Succ Trustee, $85,000, 10/25/2013.

9012 Gibralter St., to Stephen Kimball by Mary C. Sistrunk, $82,500, 10/30/2013.

9294 Bladon St., to Kathryn Finch & Barbara J. Cherry by Susan Lynn Campbell & Susan Lynn Campbell Succ Trustee, $80,000, 11/04/2013.

9436 Horizon Dr., to Nelson F. Rocha & Maria D. Rocha by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $79,900, 10/25/2013.

11452 Cavern Rd., to Michael Lee Olsen by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $76,000, 11/01/2013.

9196 Northcliffe Blvd., to Kerry A. Whalen & Katelyn Bolgioni by John ThomasCox & Mildred J. Cox, $70,100, 10/25/2013.

1462 Deborah Dr., to Dawn Michelle Mcdonald by Nancy Jean Tine & Robert Tine, $65,000, 10/31/2013.

3039 Ainsworth Ave., to Anthony E. Malafronte by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $65,000, 10/25/2013.

9299 Bladon St., to Salvatore Mancuso by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $65,000, 10/28/2013.

11351 Collingswood St., to 11351 Collingswood St Land Trust by Leslie A. Palermo, $54,800, 10/24/2013.

11299 Libby Rd., to Jeffrey M. Fine & Irena S. Fine by Dustin L. Mormando & Kati M. Mormando, $48,000, 10/30/2013.

5400 Mariner Blvd., to Luis V. Figueroa & Mercy Figueroa by Us Bank Na & Alt 2006 A1 Jpm, $43,000, 10/24/2013.

9510 Lakeview Ct., to Kimberly A. Martin by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Ltd Pemco, $41,100, 10/17/2013.


10320 Calico Warbler Ave., to Patrick A. Palmieri & Carol M. Palmieri by Susan L. Entringer & Michael P. Entringer, $299,000, 10/30/2013.

7376 Royal Oak Dr., to Ana Cristina Torres Licona by Anas Moureiden & Dina Kanawati, $280,000, 10/28/2013.

6483 Owl Rd., to Almajean M. Oconnor by Daniel Campbell & Esther M. Campbell, $191,500, 10/31/2013.

5293 Tuna Ln., to Ronald C. Linares by Robert Riley & Deanna Riley, $149,900, 10/18/2013.

15302 Green Jay Rd., to Kimberly Ann Kruszka by Richard Casper & Mary Casper, $133,000, 11/06/2013.

8515 Heather Blvd., to Daniel W. Porter & Carol L. Porter by Dawn E. Infurchia, $125,000, 10/29/2013.

7245 Galloway Rd., to James N. Kyper by Robert F. Kervian & Evelyn C. Kervian, $123,000, 11/01/2013.

6532 W Richard Dr., to Michael Monnier & Diana Monnier by Janet F. Jacoby & Janet F. Jacoby Trustee, $105,000, 10/24/2013.

11255 Snow Lark Ave., to Nida Jonathan Von by Arthur Desnoyers, $98,500, 10/25/2013.

12416 Papercraft Ave., to Jason Sanchez by National Mortgage Association Federal & Marder Pa Greenspoon Atty In Fact, $82,000, 10/25/2013.

7532 Heather Walk Dr., to Thomas R. Sherry Sr. by Peter J. Morgero & Gloria T. Morgero, $74,900, 10/29/2013.

5107 Silhouette Ct., to Celia Santos by Tracie M. Trotter, $72,000, 10/30/2013.

14159 Hurricane Dr., to Mark E. Penney & Lisa Penney by Daniel M. Spell III. & Diane E. Spell, $65,000, 10/30/2013.

Hernando real estate transactions for Dec. 25 12/23/13 [Last modified: Friday, December 27, 2013 5:29pm]
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