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Hernando real estate transactions for Feb. 19



15059 Woodbury Rd., to Kimberly L. Chesney by John T. Mcclung & Anne E. Mcclung, $182,500, 12/13/2013.

4100 Black Oak Tr., to National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie by Norman Pititto & Heidi Pititto, $168,300, 12/06/2013.

6443 Arizona St., to Christian S. Ramos & Xilefny Sabater by Encore Fund Trust 2013 1 & Encore Fund Lp Usdv, $149,900, 12/19/2013.

780 Fernwood Dr., to Joseph C. Theriault & Rachael Blednick by Martin J. A. Ratcliffe & Shirley Ann Ratcliffe, $145,000, 12/13/2013.

22124 Wise Owl Rd., to Karl Bryant Weese & Noami Hall Weese by Roger O. Mckellen & Patricia A. Mckellen, $125,000, 12/10/2013.

14870 Rialto Ave., to Jean Doreen G. Grand & Doreen G. Grand Jean by Charles E. Hammond, $115,000, 12/06/2013.

9223 Basil St., to Robert Melaccio & Concetta Melaccio by Kondaur Capital Corporation & Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2012 3, $83,500, 12/10/2013.

14734 Rialto Ave., to Thomas J. Russell & Sandra P. Russell by Phyllis Mangano, $75,000, 12/26/2013.

7408 Eastern Circle Dr., to Fred L. Sloan & Taffy R. Sloan by Jacqueline M. Gibson & John W. Gibson, $75,000, 12/12/2013.

16007 Pawnee Dr., to Rolando Diaz & Teresa Diaz by Richard Mcconnell & Darlene Mcconnell, $74,000, 12/31/2013.

12439 Harker St., to Jerry E. Johnson by Michael D. Sevenack Trustee & Elizabeth A. Sevenack Trustee, $71,000, 12/04/2013.

8112 Country Club Dr., to Brian Legault & Louise Elizabeth Legault by Frank Varisco & Dorothy Varisco, $55,500, 12/10/2013.

15092 Brookridge Blvd., to Donna M. Gaines by Thomas G. Merickel & Doris E. Merickel, $53,000, 12/12/2013.

7561 First Circle Dr., to Lydia Heiden by Guy D. Peeters & Sandra L. Peeters, $50,000, 12/30/2013.

16125 Brookridge Blvd., to Sandra Deleo by William Dean & Vicky Dean, $49,900, 12/12/2013.

13126 Flotilla Ct., to Campground Estate Properties LLC by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Fremont Home Loan Trust 2005 E Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2005 E, $49,500, 12/16/2013.

12046 Fairway Ave., to Austin Mosley by Nancy Gonthier, $42,000, 12/13/2013.


16289 Mudron St., to William Wayne Lewis Jr. by Olga Blaha Vaters, $65,000, 12/16/2013.

230 Monroe Ave., to Kerry Johnson & Charlene L. Johnson by James L. Kukbik, $45,000, 12/20/2013.


2100 Waterview Ter., to Richard P. Callahan & Gwyneth J. Sossaman by Louis G. Sardella & Carolyn A. Sardella, $210,000, 12/20/2013.

5423 Legend Hills Ln., to Arthur Francis Bergh Trustee & Arthur Francis Bergh Trust by Pennymac Corp & Pennymac Loan Services LLC, $175,000, 12/17/2013.

1519 Corydon Ave., to James Minarick & Catherine T. Minarick by Angus K. Traver & Pamela L. Traver, $172,000, 12/19/2013.

6068 Nocklyn Rd., to Michael J. Guggino & Brittney D. Guggino by Mack Harper, $167,900, 12/11/2013.

12125 Padron Blvd., to Donald J. Whiteley & Patricia M. Whiteley by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $165,000, 12/04/2013.

5213 Lydia Ct., to Anthony F. Mathews Jr. by Dixie Investment Properties LLC, $145,000, 12/11/2013.

146 Gordham Ct., to Angus K. Traver & Pamela L. Traver by Dennis J. Daniello & Barbara J. Daniello, $138,000, 12/20/2013.

11103 Sheffield Rd., to Christina M. Kelly by David M. Mastrino, $137,500, 12/09/2013.

14468 Silversmith Cir., to Gail J. Schulties by Darren J. Cooper & Leigh R. Cooper Trustee, $137,000, 12/20/2013.

13446 Twinberry Dr., to Barry Earnst & Joyce Earnest by 13346 Twinberry Land Trust & Trinity Management Group LLC, $135,000, 12/30/2013.

2226 Terrace View Ln., to Paul C. Bouchard by Claire D. Littlefield & James W. Littlefield, $129,100, 12/18/2013.

1412 Arbuckle Rd., to Mickey J. Smith by Pr Real Estate Group Inc, $120,000, 12/09/2013.

14181 Cornewall Ln., to Michael J. Desimone & Cynthia Lamonde by Bothwell Holdings Inc, $120,000, 12/17/2013.

13276 Bainbridge Way, to Stephen Kriter & Frances Kriter by Carl Stephens, $118,000, 12/20/2013.

10484 Thornberry Dr., to R. Sigismondijoseph Jr. & M. Sigismondiholly by Joe Payne & Nancy Payne, $115,200, 12/18/2013.

4409 Plumosa St., to Barthel Baker & Marilyn J. Baker by Roger F. Rice Jr. & Nancy J. Rice, $114,000, 12/06/2013.

1161 Nemo Ln., to Corey L. Dewitt & Argieline Mitra by Jean Iris Maleary, $112,000, 12/12/2013.

362 Hartwood Ave., to Michael Joe Worley by Jennie R. Nieves & Luis R. Nieves, $112,000, 12/23/2013.

1245 Coble Rd., to Paul G. Berglund & Pierrette N. Berglund by Island Motocross Of New York Inc, $110,000, 01/07/2014.

12551 Little Farms Dr., to Charles D. Traxler Sr. by Candace E. Kasson, $106,800, 12/06/2013.

12150 Killian St., to Allan E. Singer by Diane L. Destro & Carmelo Destro, $105,000, 12/13/2013.

2277 Champlain Ave., to Wayne H. Hamilton & Jessie R. Hamilton by Angel E. Aponte & Maria J. Colon Rivera, $102,000, 12/12/2013.

5336 Ayrshire Dr., to Dennis L. Stokes & Heidir Stokes by Daniel J. Bishop, $102,000, 12/13/2013.

6383 Ocean Pines Ln., to Roger M. Behnke & Cynthia C. Behnke by William S. Barnhart & Carolyn Murray, $100,500, 12/18/2013.

1027 Greenturf Rd., to Ron And Gail Fraser LLC by Nationstar Mortgage LLC & Mortgage Company Champion, $100,000, 12/12/2013.

5479 Abagail Dr., to Steven C. Guliherme & Michelle M. Guilherme by Dolores Cole & Mark Cole Atty In Fact, $100,000, 12/06/2013.

7208 Clearwater Dr., to Travis Spivey by Graham Stockman & . Gladys Stockman, $99,800, 12/13/2013.

5431 Ayrshire Dr., to Daniel A. Baird & Christine A. Baird by Phil S. Abejar & Eileen C. Abejar, $95,000, 12/18/2013.

1094 Stratton Ave., to Valentina Lewis Trustee & Valentina Lewis Living Trust by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 14, $94,400, 12/04/2013.

12211 Foothill St., to Eubanks Janine by Mildred S. Morgan & Mildred S. Morgan Trustee, $90,000, 12/13/2013.

5361 Idleweise Ct., to Elizabeth M. Stropnicky by Richard A. Miglino & Carol A. Miglino, $90,000, 12/13/2013.

6624 Freeport Dr., to Jeremy Lee Pinto & Marien Lisandra Pinto by Michael J. Stoessel & Tiffany M. Stoessel, $90,000, 12/16/2013.

8415 Annapolis Rd., to Henry P. Mercier & Diane M. Herrick Mercier by Edward W. Jesanis & Madeleine Jesanis, $90,000, 12/16/2013.

5374 Kirkshire Ln., to Shawn Brown by Matthew J. Leve, $85,000, 12/19/2013.

2353 Masters Ct., to Janet R. Mapley & Ronald E. Mapley by Robert W. Tucker & Grace M. Tucker, $84,000, 12/23/2013.

13119 Linden Dr., to Catherine T. Terry by Vestright LLC, $82,500, 12/20/2013.

10207 Hayward Rd., to Rosemary E. Pacileo by Elaine L. Krueger & Edwin J. Beck Atty In Fact, $80,000, 12/13/2013.

7337 Cone Shell Dr., to Jeffrey L. Phillips & Karen Murray by Elena Sutton & Rorie P. Sutton, $79,000, 12/17/2013.

12367 Hanley Dr., to Darlene B. Lowman by Paul R. Jaco & Faith M. Jaco, $72,000, 12/11/2013.

5019 Plumosa St., to Michael J. Ferreira & Lisa M. Ferreira by Pablo R. Rodriguez & Eva G. Rodriguez, $72,000, 12/06/2013.

3071 Gloria Ave., to Robert J. Nocella & Gaetana Nocella by Emma I. Rodriguez & Amado Rodriguez, $70,000, 12/16/2013.

6323 Kimball Ct., to Sean A. Collins by Steven Champion, $70,000, 12/17/2013.

6228 Glen Eagles Ct., to Stephen F. Donnelly III. & Ann F. Donnelly by John S. Bogan & Jeanine E. Stevens, $68,500, 12/06/2013.

1312 Antilles Ln., to Dmd Investors Inc by U S Bank Na & 2007 2. Bafc, $64,500, 12/18/2013.

10305 Bannister St., to Mary Anne Deters & Mary Anne Deters Trustee by John Hruska & Susan Hruska, $63,000, 12/16/2013.

2106 Point O Woods Ct., to Amy Rozmus & Christopher Rozmus by Arthur Mcaleer & Nancy Mcaleer, $63,000, 12/11/2013.

4305 Peacock Rd., to Bernard K. Brooks by Sunil Jagan & Carolann Deosaran, $60,000, 12/23/2013.

14060 Lawrence St., to Florida Management Group Inc by Federal Savings And Loan Association Of Cleveland Third, $45,000, 12/09/2013.

5076 Wellington Rd., to Sheyla Cabrera by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connors Llp Adlridge Atty In Fact, $44,000, 12/17/2013.


10252 Ridge Top Loop, to 10252 Ridge Top Land Trust & Trinity Management Group LLC by George M. Colahan & Karen A. Barber, $780,000, 12/18/2013.

7271 Tropical Dr., to James R. Meyer & Donna J. Meyer by Mary A. Siegel & Maria A. Siegel, $200,000, 12/23/2013.

9375 Merriweather Dr., to Apt Properties LLC by Jacob Schaper & Cecelia Schaper, $195,000, 12/17/2013.

8334 Maybelle Dr., to Richard A. Reed & Molly K. Deleurere by Maybelle Land Trust & Trinity Management Group LLC, $185,000, 12/12/2013.

11022 Carnes St., to Christiana Trust & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington by Stephen M. Foster & Antoaneta K. Foster, $179,200, 12/12/2013.

12460 Pipit Ave., to Jason Scott by Carol S. Long & Stephen F. Long, $139,000, 12/18/2013.

11454 Old Squaw Ave., to Melissa J. Badger & Christopher Badger by Wayne Chin & Irene Chin, $138,900, 12/19/2013.

8164 Anchor Point Dr., to Nancy D. Creus by Vafa Nematy Hesary, $105,000, 12/23/2013.

12201 House Finch Rd., to Gabriel Augusto Jaramillo & Olga Lucia Botero by Polymathic Properties Inc, $94,500, 12/11/2013.

12065 Eskimo Curlew Rd., to Serdar Yapragigur & Julie M. Yapragigur by Stephen J. Sukernick, $68,000, 12/06/2013.


Parents, children welcome downsized MOSI in Tampa

TAMPA — Avery, 6, slid his sneakers up the side of 200-pound rubber tire from the space shuttle Columbia and sat on top.His father, Ilder Jeannot, called for him to get off of it — usually climbing on museum displays is frowned upon. But in the new M...
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Florida jobs recover from Irma, unemployment rate drops

Florida jobs recover from Irma, unemployment rate drops

As economists predicted, the tough hit that Florida jobs took from Hurricane Irma was not long-lived. The state added 125,300 jobs in October, almost breaking even from the 127,400 jobs it lost in September. According to state figures released Friday...
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Apple will postpone release of  HomePod

Apple will postpone release of HomePod

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HSN, Good Housekeeping pick five contest finalists

HSN, Good Housekeeping pick five contest finalists

ST. PETERSBURG — Good Housekeeping and St. Petersburg-based HSN have chosen five finalists for their entrepreneur competition. The partners are searching for a novel item to promote as endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, denoting reliability and ...
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Trigaux: State of Tampa Bay startups? Disconnected we falter but there’s a plan to fix that

Trigaux: State of Tampa Bay startups? Disconnected we falter but there’s a plan to fix that

How are we doing?That was the Big Question posed more than once this past week in Tampa Bay. First, the Tampa Bay Partnership and USF debuted in-depth and new ways to measure Tampa Bay across a wide range of indicators to gauge whether we are gaining...
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Tesla’s latest creation: An electric big rig that can travel 500 miles on a single charge

Tesla’s latest creation: An electric big rig that can travel 500 miles on a single charge

The main course was expected: a pair of sleek silver Tesla semi-trucks that get 500 miles per charge, go from zero to 60 mph in five seconds and — if the hype is to be believed — promise to single-handedly transform the commercial trucking industry.B...
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We ask Tampa Bay startup leaders how best to advance entrepreneurial ecosystem

We ask Tampa Bay startup leaders how best to advance entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Before you hit the mall: here are some key holiday shopping hours

Before you hit the mall: here are some key holiday shopping hours

Plotting a shopping strategy for the holiday weekend? Here’s a look at holiday store opening hours for some major retailers:Thanksgiving8 a.m.: Kmart1 p.m.: JCPenney4 p.m.: GameStop5 p.m.: Best Buy, Macy’s, Toys "R" Us, Kohl’s6 p.m.: Old Navy, Target...
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Electric, autonomous vehicles featured at Tampa auto show

Electric, autonomous vehicles featured at Tampa auto show

TAMPA — The two biggest trends in the automotive space are ones you’ve likely heard of: electric vehicles and autonomous cars. Both will feature prominently at the Tampa Bay International Auto Show today through Sunday. The event at the ...
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Developer changes approach as downtown Largo project lags in financing

Developer changes approach as downtown Largo project lags in financing

LARGO — Driving down West Bay Drive, you may notice some changes to downtown Largo.A new 29-unit apartment complex on Ridge Road stands finished and ready for residents. South of the complex, land that was formerly home to a community of rundown cott...
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