Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hernando real estate transactions for Feb. 26



5225 Bone Ln., to Brett H. Lothrop by Roger G. Trautner & Glenna M. Trautner, $275,000, 12/27/2013.

12246 Cyrano Ave., to Jamie Jones by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $146,000, 12/20/2013.

15183 Eastwood Tr., to Judith L. Cubernot & Joseph B. Cubernot by Randihall Desnoes & R. H. Desnoes, $119,000, 12/27/2013.

463 Alpine Thistle Dr., to John O. Cantwell Jr. & Valerie R. Cantwell by David B. Mullis & Kathleen T. Molski, $114,500, 01/28/2014.

7505 Moriah Ave., to Edward Griffiths Jr. Trustee & Janet E. Griffiths Trustee by Kevin M. Johnson & Madeline Johnson, $105,000, 01/02/2014.

1348 Mondon Hill Rd., to John Bouman & Priscilla Buczek by St Johns Episcopal Church Brooksville Florida Inc, $99,000, 12/27/2013.

27297 Hiawatha Blvd., to David G. Powers & Virginia C. Wistner by Patricia L. Caudill & Patricia Lou Caudill, $94,500, 12/19/2013.

477 Painted Leaf Dr., to William J. Dunn by Lorel I. Patterson & Lorel Iona Patterson, $91,000, 12/30/2013.

14662 Wake Robin Dr., to Brandy J. Sladek Carsillo & Carsillo Brandy J. Sladek by Kimberly A. Mcneal, $87,000, 12/30/2013.

9621 Scepter Ave., to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc & Suntrust Mortgage Inc by James M. Garguilo, $80,000, 12/30/2013.

8711 Southern Charm Cir., to John Amaral & Carlos Amaral by Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $75,100, 12/20/2013.

8143 Quaker Ln., to Betsy L. Walker & Susan E. Overstreet by Marlene M. Koper & Marlene M. Buzbee, $74,000, 12/27/2013.

8348 Silverbell Loop, to Angelis S. Rodriguez by Ramon Rosado & Marilyn Ortiz, $72,000, 01/06/2014.

7461 Moriah Ave., to Charles W. Parker & Laurie Ann Parker by Delia P. Gaffey, $65,000, 12/19/2013.

13126 Flotilla Ct., to David J. Peteroy by Campground Estate Properties LLC, $55,400, 12/18/2013.

15400 Wilhelm Rd., to Alan James Aughe & Marley Rau by F. Biondivincent, $55,000, 12/20/2013.

15737 Brookridge Blvd., to Elizabeth Rutkowski by Bryan H. Patterson & Bryan Patterson, $47,000, 12/18/2013.

20069 Suncrest Dr., to Emily Garey by Hogar Community Reinvestment LLC, $44,900, 12/16/2013.


3250 Gulfview Dr., to David Busch & Jacquelyn Busch by George B. Heald III. & George B. Heald Trustee, $220,600, 12/31/2013.


13580 Rudi Loop, to Crystal M. Freeman & Banacheck Lewis by Hilarco LLC & Alric LLC, $199,000, 12/20/2013.

13497 Weatherstone Dr., to Michael Darius Scaglione & Magdalena P. Scaglione by D R Horton Inc, $186,500, 12/27/2013.

13480 Twinberry Dr., to Eric D. Bruscino & Keri L. Bruscino by Ferdinand J. Ruiz & Micheline C. Ruiz, $185,000, 12/23/2013.

494 Cressida Cir., to Ian M. Wald & Hannah M. Wald by Marcelino Cabaccang & Carolyn Cabaccang, $160,000, 12/17/2013.

11717 Trumbull Dr., to Sheryl Dawn Burton Esteban & Esteban Sheryl Dawn Burton by Mark Dornan, $149,000, 12/27/2013.

2401 Birdie Ln., to Diane Kaye Schroeder by Donald L. Ellerman & Regina M. Maineri, $135,000, 12/23/2013.

13416 Brighton St., to Anthony J. Riggio by Mark Barrett, $123,000, 12/23/2013.

13238 Brewster Rd., to Timothy P. Gordon & Caroline R. Gordon by Ray G. Wollett & Alma E. Wollett, $120,000, 12/18/2013.

2454 Grasslands Ct., to Alton R. Mccaskill & Karen E. Mccaskill by Matthew D. Gettman & Kenneth E. Gettman, $120,000, 12/14/2013.

11315 Shadow Moss Ct., to Thomas Russell Wilcox & Diane Carol Wilcox by Janet M. Mockus & Joseph G. Mockus, $119,900, 12/20/2013.

2051 Laredo Ave., to Stephen C. Turck & Catherine Ann Turck by Mary Ann Hamilton, $118,000, 12/30/2013.

14479 Sterling Run, to Olene J. Mountain Trustee & Olene J Mountain Revocable Trust by Carol A. Maynard & Meridith L. Hoxaj, $110,000, 12/18/2013.

15020 Highfield Rd., to Njg Inc by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Wamu Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Services 2006 Pr1 Trust, $110,000, 12/11/2013.

4291 Cavehill Rd., to Deborah A. Medolo by Ruth Ann Brown & Ruth Ann Brown Trustee, $110,000, 12/31/2013.

2189 New Azora Rd., to Melissa Ann Atkinson by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Mccalla Raymer LLC, $106,900, 12/26/2013.

11588 Linden Dr., to Julio Angel Irizarry & Socorro Zalduondo by Joseph Mayer, $106,000, 12/24/2013.

5399 Fairhaven Ave., to Rpa4 LLC by Srmof 2012 1 Trust & U S Bank Na, $100,100, 12/26/2013.

7327 Clearwater Dr., to Leonard B. Sparks Jr. by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $94,500, 12/31/2013.

11042 Norvell Rd., to Jeffery D. Hostutler & Susan L. Hostutler by Robert L. Stokes & Sandra S. Stokes, $92,500, 12/20/2013.

5325 Fairhaven Ave., to Melissa L. Hooven by Community Housing Partners Corporation Of Florida & Florida Low Income Housing Associates Inc, $92,000, 12/27/2013.

6374 Nodoc Rd., to Jimmy Warren & Nicole Ohrmund by 21st Mortgage Corporation, $90,500, 12/16/2013.

12383 Barrow St., to Samantha Jo Hager by Blue Mountain Homes LLC, $90,000, 12/12/2013.

4062 St. IVes Blvd., to Edgar Deligne Jr. & Naomi Deligne by Ronald Valure & Mark Wasmiller, $85,000, 12/23/2013.

7434 Baywood Forest Cir., to Thomas J. Stickrath & Denise L. Stickrath by Judy R. Vickers & Colleen Stewart, $85,000, 12/20/2013.

10133 Heathcliff St., to Shahout Farm LLC by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $84,000, 01/06/2014.

8200 Sugarbush Dr., to Peter T. Derosa by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connors Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $82,500, 12/16/2013.

3203 Converse Ave., to Dustin W. Goodspeed by Gary J. Kerr & Elizabeth G. Kerr, $80,000, 12/27/2013.

5288 Aaron Ln., to Marcus J. Gullen by U S Bank Na & Wachovia Mortgage Loan Trust Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006 Amn1, $79,900, 12/27/2013.

4123 Redwing Dr., to My Obrien Enterprises Inc by Capital Housing Group LLC, $78,000, 12/16/2013.

5495 Piedmont Dr., to Vasilios Garoutsos by Jeremiahs International Trading Company Inc, $78,000, 12/16/2013.

10470 Cranston St., to Ashley Tanner by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $77,500, 12/19/2013.

10465 Clarion St., to James M. Gentile Ii. & Elena Petrescu by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $74,500, 12/30/2013.

4424 Norlina St., to Alexander P. Doss & Paul J. Doss by Norman J. Decicco Jr., $73,000, 12/27/2013.

8489 Vicksburg Rd., to Hartland Homes Inc by Shayne Cahill & Kate Cahill, $71,800, 01/07/2014.

12152 Elston St., to Jeremiahs International Trading Company Inc by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $70,800, 12/23/2013.

2150 Cottondale Ave., to Don B. Kelly & Cheryl A. Kelly by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $67,500, 12/19/2013.

4278 Lee Rd., to Erica L. Tucker by E. Govanapril & E. Govanapril Succ Trustee, $67,500, 12/18/2013.

11103 Mayflower Rd., to Rpa4 LLC by Joan D. Craig & John R. Craig, $65,000, 12/20/2013.

12384 Corrine Ave., to Gregory P. Fisher by Andrew Kyle Tuttle, $64,500, 12/20/2013.

6503 Treehaven Dr., to David F. Dudek by Patrick J. Barber & Gisele S. Barber, $64,000, 12/27/2013.

7524 Holiday Dr., to Sharon G. Cotton by Dolores W. Nestler, $62,000, 01/06/2014.

5504 Birchwood Rd., to Richard Pimentel & Desirea Espinoza by Julio Escoda & Nancy Escoda, $60,000, 12/20/2013.

9148 Pemberton St., to James C. Winfield Ii. & Kaylee M. Winfield by Eugene M. Porter & Wendy S. Porter, $60,000, 12/23/2013.

6401 Covewood Dr., to In The Nick Of Time Rentals LLC by Beverly Hamm & Sandra Thompson, $53,000, 12/20/2013.

3145 Montague Ave., to Joseph E. Doble & Haydee Doble by Donna M. Voss & Dale A. Voss, $52,000, 12/27/2013.

1402 Bishop Rd., to Reynaldo H. Reyes & Arnie C. Reyes by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $50,000, 12/19/2013.

6231 Danbury St., to Vincent Branciforte by Henry J. Ballester & Holly Lee Ballester, $50,000, 12/27/2013.

10330 Bannock St., to Sang T. Nguyen by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Loan Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 1, $45,000, 12/20/2013.

8477 Belmont Rd., to Tampa Container Transport LLC by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $43,600, 12/24/2013.

7367 Sugarbush Dr., to Robert Carlsen & Catherine R. Carlsen by Nicolino Virgini, $43,500, 12/26/2013.

11076 Marquette St., to Randall S. Bluhm by Maria E. Moretti & Karen M. Roman, $40,000, 12/19/2013.


10264 Ridge Top Loop, to Joseph A. Schloser by Nelson Mendez & Mary D. Mendez, $375,000, 01/15/2014.

10501 Woodland Waters Blvd., to Aldo C. Decola & Grace K. Decola by Thomas P. Finnigan Jr. & Marianne M. Finnigan, $295,000, 12/20/2013.

10007 Scarlett Ct., to Robert K. Koby & Maria A. Koby by Alexander J. Maclennan, $188,000, 12/27/2013.

8154 River Country Dr., to Patricia D. Knight by Ronald Weihs & Norma Weihs, $185,000, 01/02/2014.

9346 Merriweather Dr., to Dana Warren Naber & Norma Cyra Cancel Ciena by Ursula G. Vasone & Albino J. Vasone, $164,400, 12/19/2013.

10443 Fulton Ave., to Edwin Preza & Isabella J. Preza by Centennial Bank & Heritage Bank Of Florida, $110,000, 12/31/2013.

5348 Sandra Dr., to Tammy Horton by Paul P. Arcona & Angela R. Arcona, $105,100, 12/19/2013.

8475 Mazette Rd., to Daniel Rebston & Nena Rebston by National Mortgage Association Federal & Law Firm Plc Vanness Atty In Fact, $105,000, 12/27/2013.

12483 Rock Duck Ave., to Allison M. Price by Yvonne R. Payne, $101,000, 12/26/2013.

13250 Lelani Dr., to Jerry Anthony Lacy & Marlene Faith Lacy by Charles Cook & Jeanne Cook, $82,500, 12/31/2013.

8170 Christopher Ln., to Randall Steven Bluhm Trustee & Debra L. Bluhm Trustee by Cheryl Poot Blaise & Cheryl Poot, $74,000, 12/27/2013.

Suburban-bound millennials and other 2018 housing trends to watch

Suburban-bound millennials and other 2018 housing trends to watch

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Woman, 51, robbed in Tyrone Square Mall parking lot, police say

ST. PETERSBURG — A woman was robbed after a man followed her to her car in a mall parking lot Thursday night and fired one shot at her, police said. The 51-year-old woman, whose identity St. Petersburg Police are withholding, was not injured. She was...
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Black Friday still a brick-and-mortar experience for some

Black Friday still a brick-and-mortar experience for some

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Across country, small retailers aim for emotional ties big chains may lack

Across country, small retailers aim for emotional ties big chains may lack

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As Tampa Bay economy matures, more key people bear watching. Let’s get started.

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Inkwood Books among retailers banking on ‘Small Business Saturday’

TAMPA — By Tuesday evening, at least 50 cardboard boxes were still stacked against the shop’s wall, each labeled clearly with a black sharpie."Biographies""Pets""Fiction""Music"While the front of the store and new children’s section was mostly in pla...
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Six years and counting: Allegiant Air reaches agreement with flight attendants

Six years and counting: Allegiant Air reaches agreement with flight attendants

ST. PETERSBURG — After six years of negotiations, Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air and its flight attendants union reached a tentative contract to improve worker pay and benefits and solidify airline policies."We feel like it’s an agreement that is cert...
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Workers at luxury St. Pete condo tower say they are owed thousands

Workers at luxury St. Pete condo tower say they are owed thousands

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Some cities faced with all-or-nothing medical marijuana rules are playing it safe

Some cities faced with all-or-nothing medical marijuana rules are playing it safe

When it comes to weighing the options for regulating medical marijuana through the law passed this year, Dunedin city commissioners declared local governments face a "conundrum" and "a false dilemma."They said they would welcome a dispensary in the c...
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More guns being detected at Tampa Bay area airports — and everywhere else

More guns being detected at Tampa Bay area airports — and everywhere else

TAMPA — Here’s some travel math for this traditionally heavy day for long trips: More people carrying guns plus more people flying equals more guns going to the airport.The numbers bear this out. The federal Transportation Security Administration has...
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