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Real estate transactions

Hernando real estate transactions for March 26


15516 Oakcrest Cir., to David Agosto by James D. Brock & Bette G. Brock, $300,000, 01/28/2014.

27072 Country Oak Dr., to William R. Hutchison III. & Vanessa Q. Neisler by James Robert Manners & Tammy S. Manners, $215,000, 02/12/2014.

4196 Baudelaire Ct., to Robert Berg & Joanne Berg by Johnny Felicione Sr. & Mary M. Felicione, $175,000, 02/11/2014.

290 E Fort Dade Ave., to Richard M. Smith by Fcb Tampa Holdings LLC, $170,000, 02/06/2014.

15408 Cambria Dr., to Jed Jacobs by Joseph Chiavaroli & Joyce B. Chiavaroli, $138,000, 02/07/2014.

1231 Candlelight Blvd., to Smitha Moore by Patrick David Mcmakin & Gerald T. Buhr Atty In Fact, $135,000, 02/18/2014.

23315 Whitman Rd., to Magalys Cardebas Carmenate & Oscar Luis Castillo Leon by 21st Mortgage Corporaiton, $117,800, 02/10/2014.

548 Sea Holly Dr., to Herbert L. Hage & Kathleen L. Hage by Elaine A. Beaudoin & Elaine A. Hopkins, $117,000, 01/22/2014.

15457 Sonora Dr., to Gregory P. Cucuzza by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Mccalla Raymer LLC, $110,000, 01/24/2014.

2263 Dog Leg Ct., to Wanda Sue Pace by Daniel J. Bishop, $106,000, 02/14/2014.

15100 Buffalo Ln., to James K. Adams by National Mortgage Association Federal & Marder Pa Greenspoon Atty In Fact, $100,000, 01/28/2014.

15265 Copper Loop, to Kareem Lasalle by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $100,000, 01/30/2014.

10196 Morningstar Ave., to Frank W. Tobia & Geraldine Tobia by Steve Thompson & Dawn Thompson, $99,000, 02/12/2014.

571 Painted Leaf Dr., to Thomas Dietzel by U S Bank Na & Mortgage Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 3. Tbw, $91,300, 01/31/2014.

2304 Saturn Rd., to Michael J. Clark by Paul Wayne Gambill & Margaret W. Gambill, $80,000, 01/09/2014.

12253 Pitcairn St., to Linda K. Tilyou by Renas Stacey Fletcher & Renas Stacey Fletcher, $74,900, 02/13/2014.

25180 Falling Leaf Ln., to Lawrence M. Pendleton Sr. & Susan M. Pendleton by Paul A. Zambrano, $74,900, 01/31/2014.

7357 Eastern Circle Dr., to Dianne E. Mckinley by C1 Bank & Community Bank & Company, $73,000, 02/14/2014.

14661 Rialto Ave., to Jerry Peterson by Elizabeth A. Houghton & Elizabeth A. Houghton Trustee, $70,000, 01/28/2014.

637 Holley St., to Luis Paul Perez by Mermaid Residential Rentals LLC & Catherine J. Mercogliano Trustee, $69,900, 02/11/2014.

13020 Sun Rd., to Kenneth E. Betz Jr. & Marioly Botero by PhilipLamberti & Felice Lucille Lamberti, $60,000, 01/31/2014.

8870 Highpoint Blvd., to Mary Patricia Crichton by Arlene Smith, $56,000, 01/28/2014.

14360 Edgeknoll St., to Dennis A. Middleswart & Virginia R. Middleswart by Stephen J. Kochish & Mary J. Kochish, $55,000, 01/24/2014.

9046 Central Ave., to Marie Elaina Dangelico & Anthony Dangelico by Win Real Estate Solutions Win, $55,000, 01/22/2014.

8364 Grove Rd., to Zachary Saffold by Darren E. Giles & Barbara Jean Giles, $45,000, 02/05/2014.


3200 Gulf Coast Dr., to Muia Properties LLC by U S Bank Na & J P Morgan Alternative Loan Trust 2006 A2, $186,100, 01/22/2014.

4277 Columbus Dr., to James F. Hohenstein & Dana L. Hohenstein by Pablo Barroso & Merari Rivero, $157,000, 01/24/2014.


236 Garfield Ave., to Jeremy D. Blair by Dorothy M. Overstreet, $91,700, 02/10/2014.


15040 Lucilles Shady Ln., to Marilyn A. Tuesley & James E. Swaine by David L. Townsend & Donna M. Townsend, $265,000, 01/29/2014.


13396 Chesapeake Pl., to U S Bank Na & Adjustable Rate Mortgage Trust 2007 3 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 3 by Randy J. Noon & Kimberly A. Noon, $264,900, 01/22/2014.

7513 Oak Tree Ln., to Amy Chaves by Nicole Bixler & Nicole Sirchio, $222,000, 02/06/2014.

13768 Rudi Loop, to Benjamin R. Atant by Juliette T. Davis & Juliette T. Davis Trustee, $210,000, 02/07/2014.

1166 Gaspar Ave., to Holly M. Deters & Mary Anne Deters Trustee by Bruno Sapone Sr. & Maria Sapone, $201,500, 02/13/2014.

5423 Legend Hills Ln., to Lori Ann Haefeli & Edward Haefeli by Arthur Francis Bergh & Sonia Isabel Bergh, $176,000, 02/14/2014.

10650 Horizon Dr., to James A. Grace & Sheryll Diann Grace by Salvatore Moreci & Rosaria Moreci, $170,000, 02/07/2014.

2294 Hyacinth Ln., to Eugene Tomashossky & Christina Tomashosky by Owners Self Finance Inc, $169,000, 02/05/2014.

10109 Deer St., to Jose M. Hernandez by Zunilda A. Sanchez & Oscar Sanchez, $167,500, 01/31/2014.

468 Rockrose Ct., to Russell W. Mcdonald & Atlanta M. Mcdonald by Herbert A. Speegle & Herb A. Speegle, $165,000, 02/07/2014.

11557 Norvell Rd., to Robert J. Watier by Bruce D. Rosenberg & Yvette Rosenberg, $155,900, 02/07/2014.

7349 Clearmeadow Dr., to John F. Boyle & Lisa M. Boyle by John S. Evans & Gloria S. Evans, $150,000, 01/15/2014.

12308 Drake Ln., to Christopher Irvin & Blanca Irvin by Owners Self Finance Inc, $149,000, 02/03/2014.

10332 Musa Rd., to John S. Broere & Lisa Broere by Richard A. Behl & Joyce A. Behl, $142,500, 01/30/2014.

438 Bloomfield Dr., to Terrence J. Talbot & Barbara J. Talbot by Robert W. Tarnowski & Adele Tarnowski, $142,000, 01/31/2014.

4350 Burnberry Glen Ct., to Mary Ann Coogan by Janet Luce Thompson, $141,500, 01/31/2014.

5294 Lydia Ct., to Robert J. Krouse by Steven E. Heckler & Karen Heckler, $140,000, 01/24/2014.

2014 Landover Blvd., to Midfirst Bank by Helene L. White, $137,800, 02/07/2014.

11411 Libby Rd., to Shaunna M. Triantafillou & Steven G. Triantafillou by Pr Real Estate Group Inc, $135,000, 02/05/2014.

14154 Andrew Scott Rd., to Husam Abuzarad by Linda J. Blackstone & Gary H. Blackstone, $133,000, 02/05/2014.

11055 Heathrow Ave., to Robert G. Slade & Cleta P. Wheeler by Ernestine R. Mccoard & Sandra E. Alford, $130,000, 02/07/2014.

13429 Drysdale St., to Pawel Stramecki by Jimmy Feltner & Joyce A. Feltner, $126,000, 01/29/2014.

1125 Bolander Ave., to Joseph R. Savelli by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & R. Wolfe &. Associates Pl Ronald Atty In Fact, $124,900, 01/28/2014.

276 Hampshire Ave., to Timothy F. Arnold & Sandra L. Arnold by Sherald N. Gasque & Jeanne F. Gasque, $124,000, 01/31/2014.

13357 Kane Rd., to Herbert Aruz by National Mortgage Association Federal & Legal Group Pa Choice Atty In Fact, $120,500, 01/30/2014.

260 Center Oak Cir., to Nilsa Feliciano by Maria Z. Gracias & Maria Z. Gracias Trustee, $120,000, 01/31/2014.

5362 Mosquero Rd., to Ann Marie Morton & Robert Morton by Calogera L. Hopkins & Calogera L. Hopkins Trustee, $118,000, 01/24/2014.

3213 Blythe Ave., to Corey D. Yates & Brittany Yates by Liberty Trust Holdings LLC & Dam Family Land Trust, $116,000, 02/06/2014.

9139 Jena Rd., to Gloria S. Lopez & Calvin Wayne Cates by Ava Jones & Ava Philippus, $115,000, 01/31/2014.

1622 Larkin Rd., to Christopher J. Secco by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $114,500, 01/28/2014.

11067 Gifford Dr., to Wilminton Trust Na & Citibank Na by Stacey D. Stewart & Stacey D. Stewart Trustee, $112,800, 01/10/2014.

407 Cobblestone Dr., to Shawn Johnson & Michele Johnson by Robert J. Sanchez & Mary L. Sanchez, $112,000, 02/14/2014.

3824 Bramblewood Loop, to Chris Tuomey by Marisol Hernandez & Marisol Bajana, $108,500, 01/27/2014.

9308 Sanborn St., to Tfc Homes LLC by Mark C. Guyer & Emily Guyer, $108,400, 02/03/2014.

3261 Lambert Ave., to Zaida S. Lookhoff by Chad Wright & Stacie Wright, $108,000, 01/31/2014.

2248 Merion Ct., to Marie A. Hackel by Carol Cook & Carol Cook Succ Trustee, $98,000, 02/13/2014.

9795 Bayside Ct., to Newbury Reo 2013 LLC by Luz N. Figueroa, $96,300, 01/13/2014.

11300 Musgrove Mill Dr., to Robert B. Walker by Of Florida Department Of Revenue State, $95,000, 02/05/2014.

12487 Hanley Dr., to Geraldine F. Caux Lee & Lee Geraldine F. Caux by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Loan Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 12, $95,000, 01/29/2014.

6319 Covewood Dr., to Jamie Soto Morales & Morales Jamie Soto by 6319 Covewood Drive LLC, $94,000, 02/13/2014.

173 Hartford Ct., to Nancy Ballance by Georgine Romano & Loretta G. Romano, $90,000, 01/13/2014.

2464 Caretta Ave., to Paul G. Nessler by Stuart Mccray, $90,000, 02/14/2014.

6073 Dorset Rd., to Stephen C. Ihejirika & Christina C. Stephen Ihejirika by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $89,900, 02/03/2014.

11109 Upton St., to Rachel Sterlein by Community Housing Partners Corporation Of Florida & Florida Low Income Housing Associates Inc, $87,900, 02/07/2014.

3136 Cloister Ct., to Murry Sutherland & Joanne Vandoorn by Joyce M. Martinus, $86,000, 01/29/2014.

7389 Meadow Brook Ln., to Eugene J. Collier & Judy M. Collier by Robert L. Nadin, $85,600, 01/17/2014.

12531 Brookside St., to Marta Iris Roman by Liberty Trust Holdings LLC & Frost Family Land Trust 12531 Brookside Street, $85,000, 02/17/2014.

7368 Apache Tr., to Matthew D. Briand by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $83,000, 01/28/2014.

9157 Northcliffe Blvd., to Jerry V. Mann & Wendy Mann by Glena M. Richards, $81,500, 01/30/2014.

10523 Horizon Dr., to Joanna Rand & Joanna Rand by Mary T. Newport, $81,000, 02/06/2014.

2189 Orchard Park Dr., to Klugey Holdings LLC by Raymond Buske, $81,000, 01/31/2014.

8984 Forest Oaks Blvd., to Paul E. Deaton & Alice M. Deaton by June Cuddy & John R. Cuddy, $80,000, 01/31/2014.

3104 Whispering Pines Ct., to Gillian Kay Hardy by Michael C. Grein Trustee & Grein Living Trust, $79,500, 02/08/2014.

3225 Mariner Blvd., to Richard D. Phillips & Charlotte M. Phillips by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & And Associates Pc Ofori, $79,000, 02/12/2014.

1242 Glendale Ave., to Stacy Figueroa by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development U, $78,000, 02/13/2014.

6193 Shinnecock Ct., to James F. Hood & Melissa J. Hood by Dolores M. Newman & Dolores M. Newman Trustee, $76,500, 02/05/2014.

6183 Applegate Dr., to Nicholas J. Tumolo & Kristen N. Tumolo by Vivian Torres & Vivian Fernandez Calo, $76,300, 01/23/2014.

2175 Pebble Beach Dr., to Rudolph Fischer & Jeanne M. Fischer by Thomas Habel & Karen Costello, $73,500, 02/10/2014.

12244 Pine Bluff St., to Dave Yonamine & Linda Yonamine by William M. Mccracken & Darlene Mccracken, $72,900, 01/31/2014.

6302 Melshire Ave., to Gary W. Boyle by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $72,400, 02/06/2014.

3055 Pintado Ave., to Marquis LLC by Of Housing And Urban Development Department & Ltd Pemco, $72,300, 02/07/2014.

9286 Picasso St., to Roberto Diaz & Enys Benitez Duperey by Cheryl J. Mckitrick & Jennifer Lee Dickey, $72,000, 01/21/2014.

3385 Montano Ave., to James C. Black Jr. & Eleanor J. Black by Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $69,900, 02/07/2014.

4432 Collins Rd., to James Mckenna & Patricia Mckenna by Jackie Gerhart & Lorraine Gerhart, $68,000, 02/04/2014.

8469 Gibralter St., to Peggy Crumpton by John L. Bohlander & Veronica Bohlander, $66,500, 02/14/2014.

3302 Garden Ave., to Lynn Thomas by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Fremont Home Loan Trust 2005 3 Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2005 3, $64,100, 01/17/2014.

6883 Treehaven Dr., to Bok LLC by Francisco Brian Clavijo, $62,700, 02/10/2014.

258 Candlewick Ave., to Joseph M. Agostinacchio & Jewel Agostinacchio by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $62,500, 02/05/2014.

3484 Tomahawk Ave., to Donald Peterson by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $62,000, 02/10/2014.

6444 Nature Preserve Ln., to Richard W. Shields by Kathryn C. West & Kathryn C. West Trustee, $62,000, 01/30/2014.

6487 Freeport Dr., to Kenneth L. Sholes Sr. & Juanita R. Sholes by Wanda Eineman & Diana Jackson, $57,900, 01/28/2014.

6391 Nature Preserve Ln., to Linda P. Bonner & James K. Bonner by Leonard D. Hibbert & Leonard D. Hibbert Trustee, $57,500, 02/06/2014.

3485 Rada Ln., to Delmer J. Paxton & Nancy L. Paxton by Maureen Scarmati & Brian Hyland, $51,000, 02/06/2014.

12444 Penton St., to Richard T. Palmore & Norma Joan Palmore by Federal Home Loans Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $50,000, 02/06/2014.

14160 Redwood St., to Jm Construction & Remodeling Inc by LeslieFox & Tory K. Fox, $45,000, 01/24/2014.

2219 Hillandale Ave., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Ltd Pemco, $42,300, 02/06/2014.

12360 Hanley Dr., to Janis M. Carruth & Mark G. Diviccaro by Credit Union Suncoast & Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $40,000, 02/14/2014.

8039 Spring Hill Dr., to Klii Enterprises LLC by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $40,000, 01/30/2014.


11998 Philander Ave., to Nancy C. Sanfanadre & Frederick Sanfanandre by Jose Gregorio Perez, $209,000, 01/17/2014.

10401 Rainbow Ridge Ct., to Michael A. Monarch & Barbara A. Kuhl by Lisa Simmonds, $200,000, 02/07/2014.

9406 Ashley Dr., to Michael G. Macgregor & Maureen A. Macgregor by Gary A. Bisard, $181,500, 01/31/2014.

8370 Madrid Rd., to William J. Panzeter & Phyllis L. Panzeter by Philip F. Dillon & Barbara D. Dillon, $170,000, 01/30/2014.

10075 Lenox Blvd., to Paul A. Ducharme by Henry J. Dobalo & Elaine M. Dobalo, $147,500, 01/30/2014.

9000 Penelope Dr., to Khayam Shaukat by Anthony Briganti & Anthony Briganti Succ Trustee, $136,300, 01/29/2014.

9452 Noddy Tern Rd., to Michael Cifelli & Bernadette Cifelli by John P. Herr & Barbara J. Herr, $130,000, 02/03/2014.

9112 Marcus Rd., to Renee E. Wilson by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $105,000, 02/12/2014.

12127 Millington Ave., to William H. Molander & Jean I. Molander by Dennis J. Cisek & Frances Cisek, $100,000, 02/12/2014.

Hernando real estate transactions for March 26 03/24/14 [Last modified: Monday, March 24, 2014 5:56pm]
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