Monday, December 18, 2017

Hernando real estate transactions for Sept. 4


2197 Virginia Lee Cir., to Joseph M. Perez & Desiree A. Perez by David M. Ruhlig & Holly C. Ruhlig, $210,000, 07/01/2013.

12382 Cyrano Ave., to Mark R. Mayhew by Eugene A. Trotter & Sondra G. Trotter, $174,000, 07/01/2013.

14103 Wake Robin Dr., to Daniel L. Depina by Sara L. Heet, $145,000, 06/28/2013.

10082 Domingo Dr., to Jessica E. Phelps by Mary G. Lewis, $132,500, 07/24/2013.

12090 Benshoff Ave., to Mark S. Page by Jose M. Gonzalez & Olga A. Gonzalez, $85,000, 07/15/2013.

15042 Brookridge Blvd., to Eugene A. Trotter & Sondra G. Trotter by Gary L. Butler & Jean R. Butler, $75,000, 07/05/2013.

12480 Sweet Gum Rd., to Rosario Brizuela by Jeffrey Carvalho, $65,000, 07/17/2013.

12339 Obrien Ave., to Frank J. Hesse & Hesse Virginia V. Jenkins by Adelaide Mckeever, $50,000, 07/12/2013.

12210 Sunshine Grove Rd., to David Hogrefe by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & And Associates Pc Ofori, $45,000, 07/15/2013.


3431 Triggerfish Dr., to Minhtam Thi Thompson by John Henson & Sandra Henson, $280,000, 07/10/2013.

4502 Burmuda Dr., to Carmine Rufa & Laura Rufa by Griffin L. Mcranie & Sandra G. Mcranie, $205,000, 07/18/2013.

4375 1st Isle Dr., to Kyle J. Galusha & Jill M. Galusha by Danyel A. Garbarino & Lloyd N. Garbarino, $168,000, 07/15/2013.


13290 Cooper Rd., to Dena L. Thomason & Richard Thomason by George K. Suydam, $340,000, 07/19/2013.

2303 Grandfather Mtn, to Carl A. Harder Trustee & Mary Jo Harder Trustee by 107 Montague Corporation, $270,000, 07/10/2013.

9329 Christine Ln., to Kosta Nomikos by Stuart A. Sandler, $255,000, 06/24/2013.

5047 Golf Club Ln., to Joseph E. Griffin & Joan Griffin by Robert Kalee & Judith Kalee, $235,000, 06/19/2013.

10402 Palmgren Ln., to Douglas M. Kramer & Karen J. Mazzone Kramer by Signature Property Group Inc, $208,000, 07/19/2013.

328 Keltner Ct., to John David Haase & Carolyn Kay Haase by Robert M. Pyne & Wyckliffe R. Pyne, $189,900, 07/16/2013.

8100 Summersong Ct., to Robert Kalee & Judith K. Kalee by Sharon Mann Ross Trustee & Anajean B Warkenthien Trust, $177,500, 07/19/2013.

11126 Westerly Dr., to Robert J. Patino & Maria C. Patino by Louie Boros Jr., $175,000, 07/14/2013.

7150 Big Bend Dr., to Roy C. Bushey & Donna M. Bushey by Janet Hunter & Timothy Hunter, $165,000, 07/01/2013.

8191 Sugarbush Dr., to Theodore L. Shimek Jr. & Wanda M. Shimek by John E. Hogan & Birte A. Hogan, $160,000, 07/22/2013.

11109 Tilburg St., to Evelyn Padilla Saez & Walter Saez by Robert E. Moore Jr. & Gloria A. Moore, $142,000, 07/24/2013.

2319 Fayson Ln., to Elizabeth Murphy by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $139,900, 07/19/2013.

462 Candlestone Ct., to Michael C. Katherina & June L. Katherina by Joseph W. Hoffmann, $132,000, 07/11/2013.

9363 Sesame Ct., to National Mortgage Association Federal by Charlotte K. Hartman, $129,400, 07/11/2013.

11339 Stacy St., to National Mortgage Association Federal by Michelle Garvin & Michelle L. Beall, $126,200, 07/10/2013.

2523 Running Oak Ct., to Jennifer Kriner by Premier Technology Systems LLC & Carlos A. Menendez, $125,000, 06/21/2013.

2383 Sutton Pl., to Deana Gallagher by Starbright LLC, $123,500, 07/12/2013.

2334 Palm Springs Ct., to Robert T. Benitz by Mary E. Edgerly & Mary E. Edgerly Trustee, $118,000, 07/12/2013.

13043 Drayton Dr., to Gordon Dean Preston by Billie Joe Wilcox, $115,000, 08/12/2013.

1497 Alameda Dr., to Theresa Shadrick by Josephine T. Smith & James J. Smith, $115,000, 06/21/2013.

13402 Bolton Ct., to Vicky Ansetti by Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $110,000, 07/17/2013.

8458 Gallup Rd., to Tammy S. Bolin by Sandra Jeanne Scaletta & Helen P. Wood, $109,900, 06/26/2013.

11390 Deercroft Ct., to Gloria Marino by Patricia S. Burgess & George S. Burgess, $107,000, 08/15/2013.

13112 Brechner St., to Louis Bonacki by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $105,000, 07/03/2013.

3419 Gramercy Ln., to Dennis Pousson by National Mortgage Association Federal & Title Company Stewart Atty In Fact, $103,900, 07/19/2013.

3034 Lackland Ave., to Andrew Manczak by Paul Zambrano, $100,000, 07/23/2013.

7434 Willow Brook Dr., to Dennis George Mckendry & Karen Elaine Mckendry by Patricia A. Pocock & David P. Pocock, $100,000, 07/12/2013.

8081 Spanish Oak Dr., to Howard Smith & Juanita Smith by Emerson Teveit & Brenton Lee Teveit, $100,000, 07/18/2013.

6184 Burning Tree Ln., to Scott Wentworth Austin & Judith Ann Austin by Robert K. Hoeppner & Jean M. Hoeppner, $90,000, 07/19/2013.

2192 Meredith Dr., to Robert Shaw by Raymond E. Martin & Linda D. Stora, $86,500, 07/02/2013.

6660 Water Oak Ct., to Marvin Hamby by George A. Woods & Julia Woods, $83,000, 07/19/2013.

2488 Mandrell Ave., to Don A. Dobias & Debra L. Dobias by Adam J. Pignataro, $81,000, 07/09/2013.

2331 Westchester Blvd., to Lawrence J. Buono & Blanche M. Buono by Stuart May & Audrey May, $80,000, 07/08/2013.

6208 Applegate Dr., to Garry C. Mccray & Jacqueline Y. Mccray by Rex Cole & Nicholas J. Curro, $79,900, 07/19/2013.

11372 Portola Ln., to Nina R. Maurer & Daniel A. Marino by Joseph Braccio, $74,900, 07/18/2013.

2223 Pebble Beach Dr., to George E. Nichols Jr. by Kathleen Kanther Cosgrove Succ Trustee & Mary Ellen Kanther Revocable Living Trust, $74,000, 06/28/2013.

5145 Keysville Ave., to Campground Estate Properties LLC by Bank Of America Na, $72,900, 07/10/2013.

1245 Coble Rd., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Dlj Mortgage Capital Inc & Select Portfolio Servicing Inc, $72,000, 07/10/2013.

5427 Panama Ave., to Conrad Joseph Bailey & Thuy Nguyen by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $71,000, 06/26/2013.

2185 Lema Dr., to David E. Goldberg Dunnett Jr. & Dunnett David E. Goldberg Jr. by William Charles Collins, $70,000, 07/24/2013.

9669 Horizon Dr., to Richard Taylor & Francis Taylor by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & And Associates Pc Ofori, $70,000, 07/16/2013.

12424 Drayton Dr., to Daniel J. Nesbitt by L. J. Snyder & Barbara B. Mcguigan, $69,000, 07/22/2013.

9123 Mccormick St., to Lawrence Gettis by Joseph C. Jordan & Joseph C. Jordan Trustee, $68,500, 07/17/2013.

8025 Philatelic Dr., to Paulette Klingensmith by Joan T. Tutone & Francis Tutone, $67,000, 07/03/2013.

1157 Desmond Ave., to Victor Fredette by Atangel Hernandez & Vivian Rivera, $64,900, 07/24/2013.

3208 Beaver Ave., to John R. Grasso & Nancy Grasso by Hector Martinez & Shannon Martinez, $55,000, 07/10/2013.

166 Candlewick Ave., to Steven Ray Young & Racheal Magdalene Young by Angela Young, $53,500, 07/25/2013.

10153 Heathcliff St., to Rafael Rey & Niurka Rey by Arnoldo Castillo & Arnoldo F. Castillo, $50,000, 07/24/2013.

12109 Topaz St., to John Crump & Magrit Crump by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $50,000, 07/18/2013.

4448 Chamber Ct., to Pensco Trust Company LLC & Brett M. Phillips Trustee by June M. Ward, $49,000, 07/18/2013.

11135 Captain Dr., to David Wayne Wilfong & Lori Darlene Wilfong by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $48,000, 07/17/2013.

11081 Montcalm Rd., to Maurice R. Taylor by Campground Estate Properties LLC, $47,000, 07/24/2013.

3317 Oakridge Dr., to Carlton L. Blochwitz Trustee & Gloria S. Blochwitz Trustee by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $46,800, 07/10/2013.

2191 Forester Way, to Glenn Raymond Dallinger by Darlene Elbert & Dennis Douglas Elbert Sr., $43,900, 07/24/2013.

5154 Springwood Rd., to Angela D. Shaske by Shirley A. Morin, $43,400, 07/23/2013.

298 Quane Ave., to Hawkeye Partners LLC by Gerard D. Cullen Jr. & Patricia A. Cullen, $41,500, 07/18/2013.


9313 Hernando Ridge Rd., to Nicholas Diguglielmo & Rose M. Diguglielmo by Hancock Bank & Peoples First Community Bank, $310,000, 07/20/2013.

7565 Jomel Dr., to Diane H. Dyer by William R. Roland & Louise S. Roland, $195,000, 07/18/2013.

14471 Eckerley Dr., to Charles J. Gawron & Lori L. Gawron by Rene Vita & Yaixy Cabrera, $190,000, 07/26/2013.

5042 Gaston St., to Haldis Larsen by Robert E. Heidrich & Robert E. Heidrich Succ Trustee, $115,000, 07/09/2013.

11348 Fool Duck Ave., to Tammy Blazys by Anne Marie Cirelli & Susan L. Cocke, $112,000, 07/17/2013.

15012 Mocking Wren Rd., to Marissa Welshans & Deborah Mary Welshans by Keith L. Pfeifer & Lisa R. Pfeifer, $112,000, 07/17/2013.

12371 Neeld St., to Jeffery Sczesnik & Arika Sczesnik by Cadence Bank Na, $100,000, 07/17/2013.

4651 Lake In The Woods Dr., to Rebecca N. Gargiulo by Bank Of America Na & Home Loans Servicing Lp Bac, $98,000, 06/25/2013.

4318 River Birch Dr., to Joseph T. Mignoli by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Impac Secured Assets Corp Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 3, $94,900, 06/27/2013.

Florida gas prices back to pre-Hurricane Harvey levels

Florida gas prices back to pre-Hurricane Harvey levels

Just in time for one of the busiest travel periods of the year, gas prices across Florida are back down to pre-Hurricane Harvey levels. Tampa Bay gas hit $2.30 per gallon today, while state prices averaged $2.37 per gallon, according to AAA, The Auto...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Tampa flights affected as Atlanta airport outage creates holiday chaos

Tampa flights affected as Atlanta airport outage creates holiday chaos

ATLANTA — While power has been restored to the world’s busiest airport, the travel woes will linger for days.Thousands of people were stranded Monday morning at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where more than 1,000 flights were gro...
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Bitcoin futures begin trading on CME, price little changed

NEW YORK — Another security based on the price of bitcoin, the digital currency that has soared in value and volatility this year, began trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Sunday. The CME Group, which owns the exchange, opened up bitcoin f...
Published: 12/17/17
Fueled by indulgence and machismo, restaurants are a hotbed for sexual harassment

Fueled by indulgence and machismo, restaurants are a hotbed for sexual harassment

When Brenda Terry was 16 and living in St. Louis, she was a host and food runner at a sports bar where female employees wore cute little cheerleading skirts. One night, she said, a patron grabbed her crotch. She ran to her management team and they de...
Published: 12/15/17
Updated: 12/17/17
Taxpayer subsidies of Tampa golf courses are on the rise as struggles continue

Taxpayer subsidies of Tampa golf courses are on the rise as struggles continue

TAMPA — For the half of the year that Harry Nichols lives in Oldsmar, he plays 18 holes several times a month at Rocky Point Golf Course. On a good day, Nichols said he shoots close to par on the Dana Shores course. And if he’s really lucky, it’ll on...
Published: 12/15/17
Updated: 12/16/17
Pigs can be therapy animals too. So can horses and rats and cats and llamas and … (w/video)

Pigs can be therapy animals too. So can horses and rats and cats and llamas and … (w/video)

Shrieks of laughter echoed off the walls of the hospital as Thunder the mini pig flopped onto his side and the children huddled around him, scratching his pink, hairy belly. He and his wet-nosed partner, Bolt, drew patients in wheelchairs and bandage...
Published: 12/15/17
Vology landlord challenges property tax assessment

Vology landlord challenges property tax assessment

LARGO — Eight months after paying $10.15 million for the office building that houses IT services company Vology, a New York company is suing the Pinellas County Property Appraiser and Florida Department of Revenue contending its $5.5 million tax asse...
Published: 12/15/17
Florida’s $1.1 billion Hardest Hit Fund winding down after some hard knocks

Florida’s $1.1 billion Hardest Hit Fund winding down after some hard knocks

In 2010, Florida was in the throes of an unprecedented housing crisis. One in every eight homes was in some stage of foreclosure. Today, the foreclosure rate is one in every 83. Because of that enormous drop, Florida’s Hardest Hit Fund will s...
Published: 12/15/17
Report: Rich will get still richer unless policies change

Report: Rich will get still richer unless policies change

By ELAINE KURTENBACHTOKYO — Global inequality has stabilized at high levels in recent years, a report said Friday, despite gains among the poor in China and much milder disparities in incomes and wealth in Western Europe. The World Inequality Report ...
Published: 12/15/17
How the Disney/Fox deal will shake up Hollywood

How the Disney/Fox deal will shake up Hollywood

Associated Press NEW YORK — After years of tremors, the earthquake that had long been predicted finally shook Hollywood. Disney’s deal to purchase most of 21st Century Fox ends the era of the "Big Six" major movie studios, toppling one ...
Published: 12/15/17