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Hillsborough real estate transactions for May 1

Hillsborough real estate transactions for May 1


849 Symphony Isles Bv., to Kathryn W. Huff by Peter Ruiz & Nancy Ruiz, $550,000, 03-26-2014.

323 Cedar Falls Dr., to Nancy R. Vargas by Edward M. Bennett III. & Edward M. Bennett III. Trustee, $260,000, 03-17-2014.

306 Laurel Falls Dr., to George N. Campbell Jr. & Diana L. Kay by Nancy Vargas, $232,500, 03-10-2014.

7718 Nottinghill Sky Dr., to Robert Gentry Jr. by Peter Sciandra, $184,900, 03-21-2014.

638 Yardarm Dr., to John W. Horton & Margaret A. Horton by Davjoe LLC, $165,000, 03-21-2014.

7816 Monarch Garden Cr., to Freo Florida LLC by Edward A. Mayhugh, $130,000, 03-14-2014.

7517 Oxford Garden Cir., to Freo Florida LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Assn, $129,900, 03-20-2014.

7832 Bristol Park Dr., to Daisy Yinive Hermanns by John K. Glye Jr., $125,000, 03-21-2014.


1422 Corner Oaks Dr., to Bank Of America Na & Bac Home Loans Servicing Lp by Lauren Carter & Lauren Tuzzolino, $190,200, 12-13-2013.

1544 Scotch Pine Dr., to Paul H. Kistler & Donna E. Kistler by Gary L. Summers & Constance D. Summers, $174,000, 03-20-2014.

2147 Brandon Park Cr., to Wenzhi Li by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Assn, $168,000, 03-14-2014.

1004 Mandalay Dr., to Willis R. Glasgo III. & Jackie L. Glasgo by Joy Dockery & Richard A. Kolk Jr., $159,000, 03-21-2014.

556 Kensington Lake Cr., to Ever S. Quinones & Melissa A. Quinones by Ernest N. Brown & Nancy K. Brown, $86,300, 03-14-2014.

711 Oak Ridge Dr., to Stephen C. Preuss & Jil R. Preuss by Kimberly M. Boyle & Ann Haynes, $82,500, 03-28-2014.

1629 Palm Leaf Dr., to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp & R. Wolfe &. Associates Pl Ronald atty, $80,000, 03-11-2014.

104 Circle Hill Dr., to Colfin Ah Florida 5 LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Matthew L. Hinsch, $78,200, 12-06-2013.

1247 Coolmont Dr., to Juanita Christmas by Federal National Mortgage Assn & Mae Fannie, $47,000, 03-06-2014.


13747 E 92 Hy., to Paul B Boleyn Living Trust by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp & Connors Llp Aldridge atty, $56,000, 04-02-2014.

3713 Schleif Ln., to Fareic D LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Magdalena Alice Gonzalez, $55,100, 03-11-2014.


7012 Illinois Ave., to Scott J. Taylor & Summer L. Taylor by Richard G. Howard Trustee & Mary F Howard Revocable Trust, $343,500, 03-28-2014.

11327 Southwind Lake Dr., to Johnny R. Odom Jr. by Highland Holdings Inc, $150,600, 02-06-2014.

12826 Kings Lake Dr., to Faith M. Burgwin by Brian Nanns & Melissa Nanns, $135,000, 03-14-2014.


15902 Starling Crossing Dr., to David Rubin & Stacey Rubin by Weekley Homes LLC & Weekley Homes Lp, $360,000, 03-20-2014.

6035 Gannetdale Dr., to Ih4 Property Florida Lp by Bonnie M. Sobel & Anthony Surber atty, $217,000, 03-18-2014.

16106 Palmettoshade Ct., to David J. Martocci & Dianna Limozinere by Solutions International Co Credit, $205,000, 03-21-2014.

5719 Tanagerlake Rd., to Morrison Vincent C by Dixie L. Liberty & Dixie Smith Liberty, $170,000, 03-10-2014.

5517 Kinglethill Dr., to Freo Florida LLC by Jacqueline M. May, $149,000, 03-14-2014.


18544 Bittern Ave., to Ernest Wittyngham Jr. & Luz Maria Wittyngham by Jeffrey M. Peterson & Robin M. Peterson, $290,000, 03-05-2014.

17910 Singing Wood Pl., to Aaron Feldmeyer & Mary Feldmeyer by James V. Dugger & Lorena S. Dugger, $280,000, 03-20-2014.

5532 Avenue Du Soleil, to Richard C. Warrener & Steven D. F. Warrener by Ferdy Ephraim Mazoleny & Sophia Miriam Mazoleny, $270,000, 03-17-2014.

2430 Blind Pond Ave., to Chanod Jirasupakorn & Nittaya Thipthimaphan by Christina K. Freeman & Luis R. Miranda, $147,000, 03-11-2014.

18638 Livingston Ave., to Us Bank Na & Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2012 3 by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $90,000, 03-06-2014.

5233 Corvette Dr., to Bay To Gulf Holdings LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Wilmer E. Eichler Jr., $52,100, 03-21-2014.


6912 Aqueduct Tr., to John C. Holmquest & Carol A. Holmquest by Sixto R. Ercia & Lourdes M. Cotandaercia, $400,000, 03-14-2014.


2911 Clubhouse Dr., to Lawrence M. Talley & Margaret Ann Talley by Philip R. Castano & Terry L. Castano, $280,000, 03-12-2014.

2306 S Walden Pl., to Yolonda S. Cole by Betty Merritt, $200,000, 04-01-2014.

3507 Harvest Orchard Dr., to Randel L. Bryant & Christina Bryant by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp & R. Wolfe &. Associates Pl Ronald atty, $152,000, 03-19-2014.

411 Scarlet Maple Ct., to Green Planet Servicing LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & William James Mickler Jr., $75,600, 12-11-2013.

1913 Cedar Rn, to Rafik Abdel Halim & Shuruk Halim by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Assn, $70,000, 03-21-2014.

1020 E Trapnell Rd., to J. Felix Marcos Andreo by Us Bank Na & Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $56,300, 03-06-2014.

2302 Maki Rd., to Quyen Nguyen by Poon Properties LLC, $54,000, 03-17-2014.

2302 Maki Rd., to Sabita Dubra by Poon Properties LLC, $53,000, 03-05-2014.


8105 Revels Rd., to Franchi Szele by Michael J. Young, $273,000, 03-21-2014.

10901 Wildcat Dr., to Christopher B. Cooper & Deborah W. Cooper by David V. Hooker & Charisse A. Hooker, $245,000, 03-10-2014.

9306 Sunnyoak Dr., to Stephen S. Absher & Tiva M. Absher by Anthony Vlamis & Mercedes E. Vlamis, $239,900, 03-17-2014.

11469 Newgate Crest Dr., to Ih3 Property Florida Lp by James C. Schott, $225,000, 03-19-2014.

12317 Eagle Swoop Pl., to Joel F. Rivera Aponte by Lennar Homes LLC, $217,500, 02-28-2014.

10410 White Peacock Pl., to Juan F. Zamora & Vanessa Gonzalez by Lennar Homes LLC, $205,000, 03-17-2014.

11655 Tropical Isle Ln., to Christopher S. Stevens & Katie Stevens by Keith Nahrgang & Kay P. Nahrgang, $179,000, 03-07-2014.

9203 English Oaks Ln., to Marilyn Nieves by Yliana N. Flores & Josue R. Vilella, $179,000, 03-21-2014.

10410 Boyette Creek Blvd., to Colfin Ah Florida 5 LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Deborah J. Ritchie, $178,000, 02-25-2014.

11014 Running Pine Dr., to Ih3 Property Florida Lp by Allyson Boags, $175,000, 03-18-2014.

9412 Hidden Water Cr., to Jian Fen Tan by David A. Williams & Dorothy Williams, $170,000, 03-14-2014.

10407 Fly Fishing St., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC by Brett Barrett & Erica Barrett, $170,000, 03-20-2014.

8513 Dee Cr., to Justin Slater & Keri Slater by Glenn V. Redmon Trustee & Living Trust Of Grover Redmon & Willa Colleen Redmon, $150,000, 03-24-2014.

11321 Bridge Pine Dr., to Paul Smith by Federal National Mortgage Assn & Fishman &. Gache Llp Shapiro atty, $146,000, 03-18-2014.

13816 Gentle Woods Ave., to Ih3 Property Florida Lp by Deutsche Bank Nationalst Co & Greenpoint Mortgage Funding Trust 2006 Oh1, $145,600, 03-11-2014.

12027 Cedarfield Dr., to Alkia O. Frasier by Lorna J. Gentz, $139,900, 02-27-2014.

10215 Lakeside Vista Dr., to Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York by County Clk Hillsborough & Michael A. Cianciatto, $111,100, 02-14-2014.

7806 Alafia Dr., to Dreamview Properties LLC by Keith R. Dashler & Jacqueline S. Dashler, $100,000, 11-18-2013.

10805 Keys Gate Dr., to Hugo R. Huertas & Lavinia Jeria by Lee Charles, $87,000, 03-09-2014.

8919 Moonlit Meadows Loop, to S. A. Hud U & Housing &. Urban Dev Secretary by Us Bank Na, $71,800, 12-23-2013.


1821 Raven Glen Dr., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $185,000, 02-19-2014.

7508 Maroon Peak Dr., to Khaliliah Rahman Johnson by Asset Preservationst Services Inc & Velazquez Family Land Trust, $155,000, 03-17-2014.

1019 Seminole Sky Dr., to 1019 Seminole Sky Dr LLC by Stephanie Cw Ramsdell, $140,000, 03-21-2014.

2209 Pleasure Run Dr., to Lynn Sollazzo by Camilo Gongoraruiz & Camilo Gongora Ruiz, $136,000, 03-05-2014.

1019 Windton Oak Dr., to Colfin Ah Florida 5 LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Alfred E. Barduto, $100,900, 11-27-2013.


8658 Williams Rd., to Ralph E. Harrington & Helen M. Harrington by Anthony M. Podolak & Keith E. Privette, $179,000, 02-28-2014.


2510 Lambdin Dr., to Chalres G. Young & Lucia I. Young by Mary J. Holton, $114,900, 03-14-2014.

2133 Nantucket Dr., to Judith Brougham by Fern P. Frederick & Fern P. Frederick Trustee, $86,000, 02-28-2014.

507 Foxglove Cr., to Judith C. Buyakdargis & Judith C. Buyak Dargis by Arline Larae Regis, $57,500, 02-28-2014.

415 Lakepoint Ct., to David A. Dattilio & Michelle H. Dattilio by Sharon L. Nead Trustee & Sharon L Nead Revocable Trust, $54,900, 03-12-2014.


2615 W Parkland Bv., to Steven Tyler Gillis & Natalie Kersey Gillis by Andrew V. Pittman & Anne A. Pittman, $1,530,500, 03-25-2014.

830 S Willow Ave., to David M. Kelly & Kimberly A. Kelly by Vivek Seth & Sharmila Seth, $1,287,500, 03-21-2014.

17027 Candelada De Avila, to Williams Holdings 19 LLC by Alan L. Brynjolfsson & Patricia L. Brynjolfsson, $995,000, 03-21-2014.

4108 W De Leon St., to George R. Steinbarger & Amanda Steinbarger by Mit Patel, $700,000, 03-21-2014.

4203 W Azeele St., to Michael R. Shafique & Kaley M. Tash by Samuel J. Salario Jr. & Karin B. Hoppmann, $530,000, 03-20-2014.

3211 W Hawthorne Rd., to Nathanial B. Stephens by John M. Pembroke & Monica L. Pembroke, $520,000, 03-24-2014.

3505 W Empedrado St., to Elizabeth Molloy by Arthur Perry Jr. & Kathryn E. Perry, $475,000, 03-21-2014.

9826 West Park Village Dr., to James D. Wright by Thomas B. Shaw & Laura C. Shaw, $472,500, 03-07-2014.

3806 W Granada St., to Patrick M. Corcoran Ii. & Erin S. Corcoran by Renierx Corp, $457,000, 03-21-2014.

10608 Cayman Isle Ct., to Michael A. Bell by Michael P. Vitale & Andrea Vitale, $445,000, 03-19-2014.

3508 W Cherokee Ave., to Michael E. Dunn by Steven F. Selman & Kathleen S. Selman, $430,000, 03-05-2014.

2903 W San Nicholas St., to Christopher Hans Vatland & Natalie Romer by William Trevor Davis & Ann Marie Hensler Davis, $382,500, 03-21-2014.

10608 Mistflower Ln., to Max David Skinner & Jeannette Renee Skinner by Mi Homes Of Tampa LLC, $377,900, 03-21-2014.

120 W Comanche Ave., to Brendan Beery by Kelly L. Burke, $365,000, 03-24-2014.

4311 W Granada St., to Joseph Southron & Jessica Andretta by Cory W. Schafer & Maggie M. Schafer, $314,500, 03-20-2014.

20514 Carolina Cherry Ct., to Zeenat Hussain & Ashfaq Hussain by Ashim Kumar Roy & Sutama Ray, $304,000, 02-04-2014.

1120 E Kennedy Bv., to Erika Restrepo & Jeffrey Harris by Joseph Brancucci & William L. Carley, $300,000, 03-14-2014.

7005 S Sparkman St., to Michael Eichorn & Nina M. Eichorn by Anthony Maisano & Joanna D. Maisano, $285,000, 03-21-2014.

3202 Pleasant Lake Dr., to Richard X. Bove by Matthew L. Lundy & Nava Judith Lundy, $275,000, 03-21-2014.

4604 S Hesperides St., to Christopher Bolen & Mary Bolen by Kipling Laskaris, $261,000, 03-21-2014.

1001 S Morrison Ct., to Shimberg Homes LLC by David Howard Gutcher Trustee & Jerry Joyce Trustee, $250,000, 03-24-2014.

502 S Willow Ave., to Lyanne M. Hale by Drew Kilberg, $240,000, 03-07-2014.

18210 Cypress Haven Dr., to Jian Real Estate LLC by Suzanna Villanuevaporras & Suzanna Villanueva Porras, $235,000, 03-21-2014.

12641 Silverdale St., to Rowena D. Miller by Scott Walker & Mei Chun Chen, $234,900, 03-14-2014.

20058 Oakflower Ave., to Calvin Chelliah Balasingh & Preethi Tabitha Jebakani Ravikumar by Geetha Seshadri & Honganur S. Seshadri decd, $233,000, 03-21-2014.

614 S Willow Ave., to Ronald Wenang by Rochelle Adele Weller, $225,000, 03-14-2014.

700 S Harbour Island Blvd., to John Parker & Roxanna Parker by Keila Jimenezsantiago & Keila Jimenez Santiago, $220,000, 02-28-2014.

4407 Kettle Creek Ct., to Thomas A. Talcott by Csfr Colfin American Investors Trs LLC, $220,000, 03-18-2014.

7210 Flowerfield Dr., to Dana L. Smith & Michael Smith by John G. Roy & Pierrette Roy, $215,000, 03-20-2014.

1301 E Diana St., to Marjorie Meierbelt & Marjorie Meier Belt by Eric B. Vontillius & Ellen L. Vontillius, $214,000, 03-21-2014.

1024 E Broad St., to Amy Vanorden by Dorte Heimbeck & Doerte Heimbeck, $212,500, 03-21-2014.

6307 Chauncy St., to Colfin Ah Florida 5 LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Christopher Wheeler, $207,300, 02-03-2014.

777 N Ashley Dr., to Howard Baillie by Mark Christopher Davis & Barbara J. Davis, $200,000, 02-28-2014.

915 Springville Ct., to James Ludwig & Mary Ludwig by Stephen F. Ashheim & Linda D. Ashheim, $184,900, 03-24-2014.

3375 Antigua Ln., to Christianast Trustee & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington Trustee by Vidal Suriel, $177,600, 12-31-2013.

4214 Hartford Lake Dr., to Dandrae L. Murvin & Latoya Murvin by Richard Zarcone, $177,000, 03-24-2014.

4207 Fairway Cr., to Martin S. Jacobs by James C. Burge & Doris E. Burge, $174,900, 03-24-2014.

805 Settlers Rd., to Federal National Mortgage Assn by Green Tree Servicing LLC, $174,000, 02-18-2014.

11918 Sugar Tree Dr., to Fernando R. Garcia by Rafael Pereztoro & Rafael Perez Toro, $153,000, 03-14-2014.

4016 E Hanlon St., to Bernard Jordan & Sharon C. Jordan by Mary G Vaccaro Revocable Trust & Mary G. Vaccaro Trustee, $150,000, 03-05-2014.

3921 W Cass St., to Julie L. Richardson by Andrew J. Harvie & Krista Harvie, $150,000, 03-14-2014.

15621 Gardenside Ln., to Kevin Shepherd by Credit Union Suncoast & Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $150,000, 03-21-2014.

4503 W Knollwood St., to Danilo Muniz by Alicia B. Celpa & Luis M. Celpa Jr. atty, $134,500, 03-18-2014.

5507 S Bernie St., to Katherine Charlotte Wingate Sciame by Mary Melissa Yates Elsberry, $130,000, 03-17-2014.

10210 Westpark Preserve Bv., to Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na by County Clk Hillsborough & Kennith O. Harris, $125,300, 02-28-2014.

5000 Culbreath Key Wy., to Frances M. Sheridian by Rayford H. Waters & Glenda J. Waters, $125,000, 03-19-2014.

8315 Tupelo Dr., to Deutsche Bank Nationalst Co & Hsi Asset Securitization Corp Trust 2007 Nc1 Trust by Nellie Lang & Nellie Powelllang, $123,500, 02-01-2014.

14031 Notreville Wy., to Lazaro Perez & Marina G. Perez by Judy L. Clark & Heather E. Clark, $120,000, 02-28-2014.

4008 W Pearl Ave., to Trust 4008 & Investors Landst Services LLC by Anita Thornton & Michael L. Thornton decd, $112,000, 03-24-2014.

8416 Tupelo Dr., to Jose Antonio Fernandezruiz & Jose Antonio Fernandez Ruiz by Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, $105,000, 03-21-2014.

204 N Gomez Ave., to Emily M. Cusmano & Scott Allen Myers by Philip L. Cusmano & Nelson S. Cusmano, $101,300, 03-17-2014.

4419 W Fairview Hts, to Tampa Bay Property Investors Inc by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp & Offices Of Daniel C. Consuegra Pl Law atty, $94,000, 03-12-2014.

1901 W La Salle St., to Gridiron Properties LLC by Clayton L. Raffield, $92,500, 03-05-2014.

7116 Wrenwood Cr., to John Koepkey by Lewis Irving Williams Jr. & Ann Rebecca Courtney atty, $90,000, 03-19-2014.

4207 S Dale Mabry Hy., to Dean Hauser & Joann Hauser by Federal National Mortgage Assn & Mae Fannie, $89,900, 03-20-2014.

3901 W Norfolk St., to Ricardo Alonso Trustee & Paula Sanz Trustee by Us Bank Na & Mastr Asset Backed Securities Trust 2006 Wmc3, $85,000, 03-14-2014.

9630 Lake Chase Island Wy., to Federal National Mortgage Assn by Laura A. Cytryszewski & Laura A. Mezzacapo, $83,300, 12-23-2013.

12103 N Edison Ave., to International Property Investment Partners LLC by Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, $83,000, 03-07-2014.

10305 Stone Moss Ave., to Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na by County Clk Hillsborough & Lawrence H. Diaz Jr., $77,900, 02-25-2014.

7215 N 13th St., to Deutsche Bank Nationalst Co & Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust 2007 Br1 by County Clk Hillsborough & Elaina R. Mucklo, $75,100, 03-11-2014.

12103 N Edison Ave., to International Property Investment Partners LLC by Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, $75,000, 03-04-2014.

913 W Woodlawn Ave., to Harold F. Hrasna & James K. Webb by Kelby E. Mccolister & Charles R. Mccolister, $75,000, 03-21-2014.

5618 Pinnacle Heights Cr., to Idriz Sadic & Dzemsija Sadic by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Deutsche Alt A Securities Inc Mortgage Loan Trust, $73,500, 03-20-2014.

4901 N Tampania Ave., to Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York by County Clk Hillsborough & Jacob Franz Dyck, $72,600, 02-28-2014.

10204 Bellhurst Ct., to Premier Design Inc by Eldon L. Hardwick, $66,100, 03-14-2014.

8114 N Otis Ave., to Everbank by County Clk Hillsborough & Diane Larocca, $64,600, 02-11-2014.

8717 N Edison Ave., to Jessica F. Portman by Dennis Hujar & Robin Hujar, $62,000, 03-21-2014.

2623 W Idlewild Ave., to Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York by Christine L. Herendeen Trustee & Rafael Luis Acosta, $60,000, 03-11-2014.

3910 N Darwin Ave., to Palm Realty Of West Florida Royal by Federal Credit Union Gte, $60,000, 03-21-2014.

111 W Emma St., to Kamil Suran by Gay S. Chesser & Marshell H. Chesser, $58,500, 02-10-2014.

5125 Palm Springs Blvd., to Kirill Kasyanov & Kirill Kasvanov by Rent Pro LLC & Power Growth Trust, $57,000, 03-19-2014.

1005 W Grace St., to Ltd Family Trust LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Hans Michel, $51,900, 03-07-2014.

3446 Saint Bart Ln., to Grande Oasis Investments Lp by Revitalization Capital Investment Partners LLC, $50,000, 01-21-2014.

2417 S Ramona Cr., to Gunn Properties Of Tampa Inc & 2417 S Ramona Cir Trust by Patricia Hamilton & Patricia I. Croft, $50,000, 03-20-2014.

9817 N 10th St., to Indo American Realty Investments LLC by Miller Christina Sanchez & Christina Sanchez Miller, $49,500, 03-19-2014.

2609 Marconi St., to Mayla Maria Marich & Suyapa Mejia by Lawrence A. Waranka Jr. Trustee & Marlyene D. Waranka Trustee, $49,000, 03-07-2014.

804 E Curtis St., to Latitude Properties LLC by Gulfshore Trust LLC, $45,000, 12-18-2013.

3221 Welborn Wy., to Gladis Tobar Sibrian by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Assn, $44,000, 03-20-2014.

3018 E Flora St., to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & John R. Byrd, $43,500, 03-10-2014.

115 S Lois Ave., to One Na Capital by County Clk Hillsborough & Travis Minor, $43,300, 01-28-2014.

2301 E Linebaugh Ave., to Lucy Bosy Trustee & Lucy Bosy Living Trust by Eileen E. Ross, $40,000, 03-19-2014.


11405 Orilla Del Rio Pl., to Orilla Del Rio Investments LLC by George C. Thomas IV. Trustee & Helen Thomas Revocable Trust, $186,000, 03-18-2014.

324 Belle View Ave., to Lisa A. Summerall by Patrick J. Kelly & Lidia E. Kelly, $174,000, 03-13-2014.

11925 Lakemist Cr., to Cecily Moore by Dianne L. Gallagher, $73,500, 03-14-2014.

6321 Treetop Cr., to Henry H. Nguyen by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Ace Securities Corp Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2006 He1, $52,000, 03-20-2014.


12304 Yellow Rose Cr., to Green Tree Servicing LLC by Howard D. Gimbel & Tonya L. Gimbel, $226,000, 02-11-2014.


1505 Crooked Stick Dr., to Johnny L. Hester & Christine Hester by Credit Union Suncoast & Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $313,400, 03-21-2014.

2510 Cross More St., to Sandra Montgomery & Randy J. Montgomery by Pacific Tpa Standard & Homes Fl Westfield, $297,600, 03-21-2014.

3218 Fox Squirrel Ln., to Michael Patrick Echemendia & Jennifer Noel Echemendia by James J. Burke Sr. & Mary J. Burke, $225,000, 03-13-2014.

2713 Buckhorn Preserve Blvd., to Abdelmalek A. Akremi by Edwin A. Tineo & Jacqueline Fernandez, $205,000, 03-07-2014.

4006 Valrico Grove Dr., to Jeffrey Wayne Fowler by David B. Mcdonnell & Marla D. Mcdonnell, $199,900, 03-21-2014.

4425 Preston Woods Dr., to Freo Florida LLC by Eric Holtkamp & Stephanie Holtkamp, $177,500, 03-21-2014.

1103 Georgia Trace Ave., to Ross Valenza & Denise Valenza by Benjamin C. Johnson & Patricia H. Vick, $164,800, 03-20-2014.

1804 N Waterman Dr., to Better Life Homes LLC by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $144,000, 03-05-2014.

2518 Wrencrest Cr., to Colfin Ah Florida 5 LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Adam Brygidyr, $115,100, 03-11-2014.

521 Greg St., to Colfin Ah Florida 5 LLC by County Clk Hillsborough & Brian Scott Phelps, $108,000, 02-27-2014.

2206 Dumbarton Wy., to Pedro Suarez by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Assn, $82,000, 03-18-2014.

235 Penmark Stone Pl., to Ronnie S. Minter & Marcia E. Gordonminter by Investors Landst Services LLC & Trust No 235, $80,000, 03-18-2014.


810 Lightfoot Rd., to Vera Mae Ganey & Joseph Ray Ganey Sr. by Willard C. Workman & Carol Ann Workman, $150,000, 03-13-2014.

5412 Ruth Morris Rd., to Wells Fargo Bank Na by County Clk Hillsborough & Fernando Camacho, $40,200, 03-11-2014.

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Transactions are $40,000 or more, listed in descending order. Published addresses are the mailing addresses recorded by buyers on the deeds. Usually, they reflect the location of the property that changed hands. In some cases, the transaction is a refinancing that resulted in deed modification.

Real estate transactions for Hillsborough County appear weekly in this section. Tampa listings include all transactions in which Tampa has been given as the address. Areas such as Carrollwood, Town 'N Country and New Tampa are commonly listed under Tampa.

Hillsborough real estate transactions for May 1

Hillsborough real estate transactions for May 1 04/30/14 [Last modified: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 6:44pm]
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    ORLANDO — Two federal agencies are reportedly demanding financial records from SeaWorld.

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    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed into law a broader medical marijuana system for the state, following through on a promise he made earlier this month.

    Gov. Rick Scott signed legislation on Friday that legalizes medical marijuana in Florida.
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    To Waste Management, the nation's largest handler of garbage, the liquid that winds up at the bottom of a landfill is called "leachate," and it can safely be disposed of in a well that's 4,200 feet deep.

    Three samples that were displayed by Jackson County NAACP President Ronstance Pittman at a public meeting on Waste Management's deep well injection proposal. The sample on the left is full of leachate from the Jackson County landfill, the stuff that would be injected into the well. The sample on the right shows leachate after it's been treated at a wastewater treatment plant. The one in the middle is tap water.