Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hillsborough real estate transactions for Nov. 17


717 Gran Kaymen Wy., to Chester W. Britt & Jacqueline A. Britt by Michael D. Kimen & Kathleen M. Kimen, $385,000, 09-20-2013.

318 Lookout Dr., to Steven H. Redden & Bonnie Redden by Steven R. Jones & Jean S. Jones, $260,000, 10-04-2013.

403 Brandywine Falls Ct., to Susan M. Jackson by Homes Centex & Centex Real Estate Corp, $179,000, 10-08-2013.


1341 Hatcher Loop Dr., to Troy A. Hall & Crystal E. Hall by Georgina Moreno & Georgina Mendez, $193,000, 10-01-2013.

1509 Tiffany Erin Ct., to King H. Ku & Sheng J. Zhang by Gonzalo Jaramillo, $145,000, 10-08-2013.

610 Hillpoint Wy., to Larry G. Hall Sr. & Cynthia M. Hall by Janet Lynn Sturtz & Janet Lynn Hammon, $130,000, 10-04-2013.


9708 Cypress Harbor Dr., to Rebecca Mitchell & Stephen Mitchell by Beazer Homes Corp, $126,000, 10-05-2013.

12629 Kings Crossing Dr., to Wayne V. Allison & Hortense E. Allison by Tracy A. Henry & Denise F. Henry, $63,900, 10-07-2013.


15853 Starling Water Dr., to James R. Hill & Natalie M. Hill by Weekley Homes Lp, $320,500, 10-07-2013.

16138 Bridgepark Dr., to Robert A. Griffith & Evelyn Griffith by Peter V. Genussa & Maria V. Genussa, $290,000, 10-07-2013.

15612 Starling Water Dr., to Ih3 Property Florida Lp by Gerald R. Castellanos Jr. & Javaneh Castellanos, $278,000, 09-23-2013.

17008 Hawkcrest Dr., to Shannon C. Long by American Heritage Homes Usa Inc, $250,000, 10-09-2013.

16830 Harrierridge Pl., to Miguel A. Canales & Lisa A. Canales by Christopher E. Slavin & Susan Slavin, $200,500, 09-12-2013.

5811 Fishhawk Ridge Dr., to Shannon Wehrung by Homes Fl Westfield, $82,000, 09-25-2013.


19105 Harborbridge Ln., to Scott T. Latimer & Pamela W. Latimer by Laura Ann Ibanez & George Ibanez, $515,000, 09-30-2013.

5538 Reflections Bv., to Dwain A. Meyer & Natalia Meyer by Joseph A. Kerkes & Deborah J. Kerkes, $408,000, 10-11-2013.

2914 Cypress Bowl Rd., to Paul E. Keipper & Tammy L. Keipper by Homes Centex & Centex Real Estate Corp, $299,900, 10-01-2013.

4414 Avenue Cannes, to Richard G. Burke & Janet C. Burke by Glenn R. Kratz, $289,900, 10-01-2013.

2517 Derby Glen Dr., to Michael D. Duran & Jessica M. Duran by Suntrust Mortgage Inc, $198,000, 09-26-2013.

4223 Pine Isle Dr., to Gerardo A. Romero & Marta I. Romeo by Aurora Loan Services LLC, $189,900, 10-04-2013.


16136 Carden Dr., to Steven W. Andrews & Lisa G. Andrews by Miguel H. Ortiz & Jacqueline V. Ortiz, $418,000, 10-03-2013.


2818 Mayday Dr., to Emilio Bendever & Michelle Bendever by Daniel E. Ontengco Jr. & Angela M. Ontengco, $242,500, 10-07-2013.

1726 Brookstone Wy., to Dorothy M. Gorrell by Wci Communities Inc & Wci Communities Lp, $178,500, 10-03-2013.

809 W Russell Dr., to Barry M. Gaffney & Cathy N. Gaffney by Carl L. Hall & Deborah S. Hall, $172,000, 10-10-2013.

820 Sandalwood Dr., to Peter L. Escobio & Leslee E. Escobio by Lawrence G. Liggett & Debra H. Liggett, $165,000, 10-07-2013.

3325 Silvermoon Dr., to Albert Hromin & Karen Hromin by Scott A. Schaal & Lisa M. Schaal, $151,900, 09-27-2013.

4630 Copper Ln., to Steven L. Landers & Kelly J. Landers by Highland Holdings Inc, $135,000, 10-08-2013.


7125 Colonial Lake Dr., to David H. Kuehn & Sandra Kuehn by Emmy Bou & Stephen Bobst decd, $282,000, 10-07-2013.

11034 Stone Branch Dr., to Michael J. Milas & Deshay L. Milas by Rivercrest LLC & St Joe Arvida Co Lp, $275,000, 10-09-2013.

11012 Pond Pine Dr., to Lauren Clark & James W. Clark IV. by Justin Stalker & Crystal M. Stalker, $270,000, 10-02-2013.

11719 Grove Arcade Dr., to Vance E. Stovall & Ankana P. Stovall by Morrison Homes Inc, $245,000, 10-04-2013.

10804 La Vista Lp., to Michael Russell & Patricia Russell by Kenneth Bailey & Kenneth W. Bailey, $227,000, 10-28-2013.

9822 Sunnyoak Dr., to Clarence A. Branam Jr. & Sarah L. Branam by Gianthony Homes Inc & J&r Properties Of Brandon Inc, $200,000, 10-09-2013.

10804 Moss Island Dr., to Jimmy T. Sawyer & Benjamart Sawyer by Us Bank Na & Mortgage Tbw, $190,000, 10-04-2013.

11107 Silver Dancer Dr., to Mark A. Vega & Felicia A. Vega by Suarez Housing Corp, $190,000, 10-04-2013.

8605 Olive Moss Ct., to Briana N. Hall & Jacob R. Wall by Horton D R Inc & D R Horton Inc, $165,000, 09-30-2013.

11810 Rose Ln., to Juan F. Betancourt & Maritza Betancourt by Jerry Crist & Debra Crist, $150,000, 10-04-2013.

11810 Cedarfield Dr., to Scott B. Asci by Kenneth L. Willhoite & Terri L. Willhoite, $136,500, 10-07-2013.

11416 Coconut Island Dr., to Ian Jackson & Krystyna Jackson by Walter H. Davis & Cynthia J. Davis, $133,500, 09-13-2013.

12963 Tribute Dr., to Andrew Hughett by Michael D. Glisson, $131,000, 10-04-2013.

10538 Shady Falls Ct., to Yuly Andrea Ruiz & Angel Raul Pulido by Mi Homes Of Tampa LLC, $110,000, 10-08-2013.

11012 Whitecap Dr., to Juan Ovalle & Doris Ovalle by Trust 11012 & Landst Service Corp, $103,000, 10-08-2013.

11426 Captiva Kay Dr., to Juanita Cortes by Maria Cortez & Maria M. Cortez, $103,000, 10-08-2013.

6911 Marble Fawn Pl., to Kara Germany by Kb Home Tampa LLC, $68,900, 10-07-2013.

10931 Winter Crest Dr., to Amy M. Broughton by Jose Lorenzo Martinez & Evelyn Martinez, $57,000, 09-30-2013.

9540 Newdale Way 202, to Stress Free Property Management Inc by Mark & Seba Group LLC, $51,000, 10-04-2013.


419 Stone Briar Dr., to Nicholas E. Brunn & Rachel A. Wilson by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp & Default Law Group Florida atty, $190,000, 10-09-2013.

1802 Bonita Bluff Ct., to Michael R. Slammon & Deborah M. Crane by Ryland Group Inc, $170,000, 10-11-2013.

1614 Delano Trent St., to Aaron Sandbulte by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Us Bank Na, $137,500, 10-04-2013.


705 Parsons Pointe St., to Ashley V. Lab by Larry Henson & Patricia Henson, $160,000, 10-10-2013.

826 Sunridge Point Dr., to Colleen Fawk by Richard G. Stafford & Catherine H. Stafford, $120,000, 10-10-2013.

11046 Black Swan Ct., to Ingrid Markee Former by Rottlund Homes Of Florida Inc, $52,000, 10-04-2013.


2230 New Bedford Dr., to John R. Torchia & Linda Torchia by James P. Goodman & Diana M. Goodman, $334,000, 10-07-2013.

1352 Emerald Dunes Dr., to Jerry C. Campbell & Mary F. Campbell by Wci Communities Inc, $280,000, 10-07-2013.

1835 Wolf Laurel Dr., to Albert L. Wiggins & Dolores A. Wiggins by James R. Nevius & Judith A. Nevius, $156,000, 09-30-2013.

108 Carswell Cr., to Betty K. Bishop by Kunkel Henrietta C Trust & Henrietta C. Kunkel Trustee, $67,900, 10-11-2013.

503 Fallow Ct. A, to James Wilcox & Carol Wilcox by Us Bank Na, $55,000, 08-30-2013.


5713 Bayshore Blvd., to Michael P. Clare & Keri F. Clare by Davidan Bayshore Properties LLC, $1,450,000, 09-27-2013.

17909 Bimini Isle Ct., to Michaela S. Klein & Adela Klein Living Trust by Lawrence J. Bauer Jr. & Rita C. Bauer, $610,000, 10-04-2013.

12102 Clear Harbor Dr., to Ward Derrick Morrow & Sharon Morrow by Lynn R. Niedermeier & Michael A. Vlies, $600,000, 10-04-2013.

4624 W Bay To Bay Bv., to Jeffrey J. Jones & Sara M. Steinbach by Nancy J. Jones & Thomas W. Jones Jr. decd, $600,000, 10-11-2013.

4420 W San Carlos St., to R. Osullivancolleen by Martha P. Darnell Mcgraw & Martha P. Darnell, $420,000, 09-30-2013.

10402 Brentford Dr., to Brandon K. Braman & Joanne A. Rausch by Bennett B. Martz & Susannah M. Martz, $407,500, 10-09-2013.

13014 Whisper Sound Dr., to James W. Preacher & Deborah M. Greco by Ellen T. Hastings & Thomas A. Hastins, $405,000, 09-20-2013.

18010 Malakai Isle Dr., to Tommy Nyberg & Patricia Nyberg by Sujoy Brahma & Rebecca J. Brahma, $400,000, 10-09-2013.

3109 W Chapin Ave., to Joseph G. Zendegui Jr. & Tomi A. Zendegui by Joseph G. Zendegui Jr. & Tomi A. Zendegui, $400,000, 10-10-2013.

3906 W San Nicholas St., to Taylor C. Barbee & James B. Beard by Jerome Vermette Ii. & Heather Vermette, $335,000, 09-27-2013.

11822 Easthampton Dr., to Lucien Ducrey & Michela Baratta by Adele B. Mccollum, $310,000, 10-07-2013.

17012 Grande Reserve Pl., to M. Kristen Allman & Craig J. Darlak by Ashton Tampa Residential LLC, $300,300, 10-09-2013.

3601 S Belcher Dr., to Timothy F. Waite Trustee & Waite Timothy F Revocable Trust by Bob Hatton Realty Inc, $300,000, 10-11-2013.

13436 Staghorn Rd., to Justine Schoeman by Us Bank Na & Specialty Underwriting & Residential Finance Trust, $282,000, 10-09-2013.

12414 Stillwater Terrace Dr., to Christine Cohen & Robert Cohen by Randall Lee Fouse & Patricia A. Fouse, $275,000, 10-10-2013.

11209 Cypress Reserve Dr., to Joseph Martone & Lauri Martone by Robert J. Baute & Deborah A. Baute, $270,000, 10-10-2013.

8723 Huntfield St., to April D. Catalano by Federal National Mortgage Assn & Default Law Group Florida atty, $263,000, 09-16-2013.

9407 Bluebird Dr., to Daniel Riddell & Mary Jo Riddell by Marlin J. Bosch, $258,500, 09-27-2013.

345 Bayshore Bv. 504, to John Berger by Sheila Bhattacharya, $242,500, 10-07-2013.

8519 Parrots Landing Dr., to Boghdadiehab & Boghdadimona by Mobley Homes Of Florida Inc, $235,000, 10-03-2013.

3709 W San Luis St., to Daniel P. Dietrich by John R. Greene Jr., $227,500, 10-10-2013.

9205 Dayflower Dr., to Robert E. Logan & Teresa R. Logan by Inland Homes Inc, $225,000, 09-30-2013.

3608 S Himes Ave., to C. Sullivanerin by Jeffery A. Pavone & Susan M. Pavone, $220,000, 10-07-2013.

5020 Sterling Manor Dr., to Neal Beegle by Diane G. Pattie, $215,000, 10-11-2013.

2704 W North A St., to Jeremy E. Flippin & Ashley P. Flippin by Jennifer Ann Stevenson, $204,900, 10-01-2013.

930 Normandy Trace Rd., to Ryan Olaughlin by Andrew S. Whitmore & Nicole M. Whitmore, $200,000, 10-08-2013.

9641 Norchester Cr., to Jeffrey Chin & Lauren J. Rich by Homes Of Tampa Bay Ltd Atlantic, $185,000, 10-04-2013.

8331 W Hanna Ave., to Krysztof Ziolkowski by Llama Construction Corp, $178,000, 10-03-2013.

11012 Ancient Futures Dr., to Matthew C. Wilkenson & Erin M. Wilkenson by Mi Homes Of Tampa LLC, $171,000, 10-04-2013.

5217 S Puritan Ave., to Harvey R. Terrell & Sophia L. Terrell by Wilson H. Lieske & Sherrie L. Lieske, $169,900, 10-11-2013.

4207 W Gray St., to Oscar A. Diaz & Christine A. Diaz by Anita C. Gomez & Alfonso A. Gomez decd, $168,000, 10-13-2013.

10738 Pictorial Park Dr., to Rene Emile Menard III. & Deborah Ann Menard by Mi Homes Of Tampa LLC, $161,000, 10-04-2013.

2331 W Horatio St. 633, to Michael H. Gorsen by Madison Soho North LLC & Madison Soho North Inc, $155,000, 10-04-2013.

4324 S Clark Ave., to Matthew H. Hickman by Bay To Gulf Holdings LLC, $152,000, 09-26-2013.

7131 Silvermill Dr., to Barbara A. Harris & Thomas R. Harris by General Homes Corp, $150,500, 09-16-2013.

14134 Trouville Dr., to Jan Bishop & Annie Wintersbishop by Chi L. Lee, $142,900, 09-27-2013.

5015 Cypress Trace Dr., to Mary Rotolo & Steve Rotolo by Pulte Home Corp & J. R. Barnes atty, $142,000, 10-10-2013.

1512 S Lois Ave., to 3hr Investments LLC by Paul Elmore, $137,000, 10-10-2013.

20465 Berrywood Ln., to Michelle Gallow & Thane Gallow by Tousa Homes Florida Lp & Eh Transeastern LLC, $129,000, 10-08-2013.

3329 W Woodlawn Ave., to Stacey Widden by Mildred H. Levy, $127,500, 09-20-2013.

4532 Amberly Oaks Ct., to Misti A. Pinheirohill & Misti A. Pinheiro Hill by David Ricketts, $127,000, 09-23-2013.

701 E Flora St., to Jaime Castillo by Bbjd Ventures LLC, $122,000, 10-04-2013.

501 Knights Run 2209, to Kaf Ic LLC by George Chaconas, $115,500, 10-03-2013.

14702 Par Club Cr., to Andrew Glickman by Deutsche Bank Nationalst Co & Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Trust 2006 Nc5, $102,000, 10-10-2013.

4207 S Dale Mabry Hy. 8312, to Peter Deng by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Structured Asset Mortgage Investments Inc, $96,000, 10-01-2013.

3113 N Adams St., to Caglar Betos by Federal National Mortgage Assn & Offices Of Marshall C. Watson LawPA atty, $93,000, 10-01-2013.

5411 N Park Pl., to Serena L. Ghosio by James F. Thomson & Teresa C. Thomson, $90,000, 09-28-2013.

206 W Jean St., to Amy Davidson by Guardian Lp & Thomas E. Harper, $90,000, 10-07-2013.

6502 W Clifton St., to Jose G. Campoverde & Tomasa Campoverde by James Roy Foust & Darelyn Margaret Foust, $86,000, 09-30-2013.

910 E Emma St., to Nicole Scala by Michael Onuorah Okolie, $85,500, 10-01-2013.

3568 High Hampton Cir., to Michael Farrington by Richard Bilda, $85,000, 10-04-2013.

5925 George Rd., to Rosa M. Herrera & Javier Gonzalez by Pedro C. Acea & Niurby Fernandez, $78,300, 10-08-2013.

1020 E 25th Ave., to Anthony J. Escribano & Vera R. Escribano by Trust 1020 & David Fabian Trustee, $78,000, 09-25-2013.

13004 Leverington St., to Waywoods Properties LLC by Matthew D. Morley, $76,400, 09-25-2013.

10118 N 10th St., to Elmer A. Cruz by Homes Fl Banner, $75,000, 09-30-2013.

6310 Interbay Bv., to Nurettin Arici by Holp LLC, $74,000, 09-25-2013.

17908 Villa Creek Dr., to Judy Prowant & Delmar Prowant by Villas Funding Co Inc & Villas Apartments LLC, $71,900, 09-26-2013.

7102 Kingsbury Cr., to Lesley Allen by Arlene Foley, $69,000, 10-11-2013.

902 Maydell Dr., to Jermain Bain & Jermin Bain by Fred W. Mosley & Shannon Mosley, $66,500, 10-08-2013.

9004 Lake Place Ln., to Michael Bernard & Michael J. Bernard by Leonard F. Armstrong, $64,500, 09-30-2013.

4714 George Rd., to Lucia Perez by Us Bank Na & Structured Asset Securities Corp, $60,000, 09-30-2013.

10412 Rosemount Dr., to Kathryn D. Manuele by David B. Aparicio Trustee & Aparicio Trust, $60,000, 10-11-2013.

3807 N 30th St., to Lutonjia E. Best by Ronald Bush, $55,000, 10-04-2013.

1301 E Ida St., to Marcos M. Zapata & Beatriz E. Zapata by Delano Casper Johnson & Sonia Arbeloez Johnson, $49,000, 09-23-2013.

1520 Hillside Dr., to My Angle Fund 2 LLC by Mike Bozel & Michael A. Bozel, $47,500, 10-07-2013.

2908 E Crawford St., to Samuel Agard by Villanueva Family Land Trust 2908 & Asset Preservationst Services Inc, $47,000, 09-11-2013.

402 E North St., to Shamrock Property Solutions LLC by Jane Hodge & Jane Hodge Trustee, $46,000, 10-04-2013.

5605 Golden Dr., to Eula Sheffield by Gloria Armstrong Payne & Gloria Armstrong, $40,000, 09-27-2013.

7116 Robindale Rd., to Amalia Lopez & Teofilo E. Lopez by Phillip Walter Moss & Elizabeth A. Moss, $40,000, 10-04-2013.

4511 W Humphrey St., to Bertha Restrepo by Victor R. Ponte & Victor Ponte, $40,000, 10-09-2013.


6407 S Queensway Dr., to Michael D. Rowlson & Janet L. Rowlson by Cheryl M. King, $405,000, 10-03-2013.

8001 Terrace Arbor Ct., to Steven V. Dau by Hovnanian K Windward Homes LLC, $222,500, 10-07-2013.

8005 Brien Green Wy., to Mario R. Garcia & Maria N. Garcia by J & S Tampa Development Corp, $146,200, 10-11-2013.

11712 Raintree Dr., to Robert Pecoraro by Lynn G. Martinez Trustee & Lynn G Martinez Living Trust, $110,000, 10-04-2013.

7807 Amberlea Ct., to Peggy S. Watson by Kevin V. Lehde & Sherri B. Lehde, $46,000, 10-09-2013.

9810 N 55th St., to Egon Matthiscyk & Johanna Matthiscyk by Jasmine I. Obrien Trustee & Jasmine I. Obrien, $44,900, 10-03-2013.


205 Bon Vie Pl., to J. Craig Beall & Sherry L. Beall by Jeffrey M. Crum & Jennifer M. Crum, $330,000, 10-11-2013.

3408 Cypress Landing Dr., to Anthony J. Gugliuzza & Carmen Joy Gugliuzza by Jeffery R. Stumpf & Deborah S. Stumpf, $320,000, 10-09-2013.

1005 Tranquilview Ln., to Forrest Daniel & David Moscinski by C. Craig Delvalle & Rhonda L. Delvalle, $170,000, 09-27-2013.

Some people are paying for cuddles. And it’s not what you might think.

Some people are paying for cuddles. And it’s not what you might think.

When Samantha Hess’s marriage ended five years ago, she felt she was lacking a basic human need: Physical touch. As a woman in her late 20s living in Portland, Oregon, she found plenty of men interested in dating, but sexual contact was not what she ...
Published: 04/21/18
Judge: Foreclosure defense lawyer Mark Stopa violated numerous rules of conduct

Judge: Foreclosure defense lawyer Mark Stopa violated numerous rules of conduct

Tampa Bay foreclosure defense lawyer Mark Stopa has violated numerous rules of professional conduct and caused two clients to nearly lose their homes because he failed to tell them about settlement offers from their banks. Those were among the prelim...
Published: 04/20/18
Updated: 04/21/18
Goodwill to open second store in greater Brandon

Goodwill to open second store in greater Brandon

Times staffThe greater Brandon area will celebrate the grand opening of its second Goodwill store beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday (April 28) at 1407 U.S. 301. The new store will add another 12,000 square feet to the complex, which includes a 200,000-...
Published: 04/20/18
Updated: 04/21/18
Regulators allow major solar company to lease home equipment

Regulators allow major solar company to lease home equipment

State regulators Friday determined that one of the country’s largest residential solar companies, San Francisco-based Sunrun, is allowed to lease solar energy equipment for homes in Florida. The decision, solar energy advocates say, could open the do...
Published: 04/20/18
Florida unemployment at 3.9 percent for sixth straight month

Florida unemployment at 3.9 percent for sixth straight month

For the sixth month running, Florida’s unemployment rate held at a nearly 11-year low of 3.9 percent in March as steady job gains continued. While many factors kept Florida’s economy chugging along, three industries stand out for leading year-over-ye...
Published: 04/20/18
Owners say new house is a disaster; developer accuses them of ‘online terrorism’

Owners say new house is a disaster; developer accuses them of ‘online terrorism’

ST. PETERSBURG --- Stretched across the front of Tim and Hyun Kims’ two-year-old house is a big banner with the name of a developer and the words: "I have to fix my new house."Some of what needs fixing is instantly apparent. The front steps are too ...
Published: 04/20/18
Florida hits a milestone: More than 100,000 people are registered to use medical marijuana here

Florida hits a milestone: More than 100,000 people are registered to use medical marijuana here

Florida has hit a milestone of sorts as it slowly moves toward wider availability of medical marijuana.The number of patients in the state who are registered to use the substance has surpassed 100,000 for the first time, according to Florida Departme...
Published: 04/20/18
Q&A: Walmart leader chats about Florida stores, and the chain’s latest retail strategy

Q&A: Walmart leader chats about Florida stores, and the chain’s latest retail strategy

The Tampa Bay Times recently sat down with Walmart director of corporate communications Phillip Keene to chat about the retail giant’s latest retail strategies and how the company is winning over customers in a competitive market.Already, two of the ...
Published: 04/20/18
SunTrust warns 1.5 million clients of potential data breach

SunTrust warns 1.5 million clients of potential data breach

Associated PressNEW YORK — SunTrust Banks Inc. says accounts for 1.5 million clients could be compromised following a potential data breach. The Atlanta bank says that it became aware of the potential theft by a former employee and that the investiga...
Published: 04/20/18
Spring break, hurricane relief boosted Tampa Bay hotels in March

Spring break, hurricane relief boosted Tampa Bay hotels in March

The Tampa Bay area’s hotel occupancy rate rose to 87.5 percent in March, the highest level in three years. The rise was fueled by spring break vacationers as well as insurance adjusters and hurricane cleanup crews flooding the state to restore it aft...
Published: 04/20/18