Sunday, September 23, 2018

Pasco County real estate transactions for Feb. 24, 2017


9801 Pine Leaf Ln., to Mary Mashke & Michael M. Mashke by Mary Wyline Mcmillan & Wyline W. Mcmillan, $288,000, 1/20/2017.

13941 13th St., to Eileen B. Swonger by Dale S. Joiner & Jeanne Whitney Joiner, $169,000, 1/30/2017.

37100 Bailey Hill Rd., to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust & U S Bank Trust Na Trustee by Blanca V. Rodriguez & Elido A. Rodriguez, $110,000, 1/30/2017.

37302 Embassy Park Ln., to Nancy K. Schrader by Ariana L. Leonard & Ariana L. Rodriguez, $66,000, 1/28/2017.

29129 Johnston Rd. Lot 2624, to Jennifer Jackson & Stephen Jackson by Richard Allen Walker & Steven Lane Walker, $65,000, 1/26/2017.

37007 North Ave., to Joellyn A. Morales & Russell A. Paul by Andrea M. Cross, $58,100, 1/17/2017.


2708 Ravendale Ln., to Lori A. Beckstrom & Vernon Beckstrom by Janice I. Giles, $260,000, 1/27/2017.

2355 Triggerfish Ct., to Rhonda Stamas by Knab Family Living Trust & Jacob F. Knab, $224,000, 1/27/2017.

2030 Sugarbush Dr., to Albert Joseph Drumheller by Kevin C. Leatham & Susan M. Leatham, $173,900, 1/31/2017.

3523 Chattsworth Ct., to Marianne D. Anderson by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Association, $160,000, 1/23/2017.

4627 Tropical Ln., to Elizabeth Dickey by Construction Coropration Valdovinos, $115,000, 1/16/2017.

4334 Sunray Dr., to Sandra Abini by William Pierre & Pierre William, $108,000, 1/31/2017.

3538 Garfield Dr., to Abilio Monteiro Alves & Magda Gessy Maluf Monteiro Alves by Michelle A. Koranek, $86,000, 1/27/2017.

3200 Sutton Pl., to Luz Helena Loizeaux & Scot Loizeaux by Torcana Usa Inc, $79,900, 1/27/2017.

3135 Buckner Ct., to Carol Schoeneman by Fletcher Glenda M, $75,000, 1/27/2017.

4010 Scarlet Maple Dr., to Luiz F. F. Garcia & Elizabeth Scheffer by Luc Senecal & Pierre Germain Senecal, $74,000, 1/20/2017.

1051 Conoley Ln., to Heba Fayez Mohareb & Mina Mourad Mohareb by Mary Ann Dyer & Constance Mclaughlin, $67,000, 1/26/2017.

3836 Bywater Dr., to Gary E. Miller by Kirk A. Kresge, $56,000, 1/27/2017.

4315 Tahitian Gardens Cir. Apt E, to Gerald J. Dubay & Kathleen Dubay by Nancy P. Toth, $55,300, 1/31/2017.

2107 Maureen Dr., to Brian Mcauley & Dorothy H. Mcauley by Lehman Xs Trust & U S Bank National Association Trustee, $47,500, 1/26/2017.

2103 Waterview Dr., to Sandra K. Miller & Wayne I. Miller by Fred Barthe, $40,000, 1/31/2017.


6531 Seaview Blvd., to Janos Dobolan by Gleason Helen Revocable Trust & Gleason Helen Trustee, $200,000, 1/25/2017.

8218 Melissa Ct., to Andresa Monaco & Gerald Patrick Nicoletti Jr. by Richard L. Kroll, $182,400, 1/30/2017.

10815 Kitten Trl, to Dawn Lewis & Wendall Lewis by Christopher S. Kraengel & Kimberly J. Kraengel, $173,000, 1/31/2017.

8301 Roxboro Dr., to Frank W. Siefert & Ursula E. Siefert by Louis Martinkovic, $167,000, 1/27/2017.

12612 White Bluff Rd., to Nickonas A. Karterouliotis by Michael O. Harrod & Noris G. Harrod, $163,000, 1/25/2017.

8530 Ashbury Dr., to Denise Marie Gray & Herbert Jay Gray by Jean Jung & Patricia Jung Atty In Fact, $158,000, 1/19/2017.

12153 Shadow Ridge Blvd., to Laurent L. Four & Four Elizabeth L. Semerjian by Christa Broughton & James C. Broughton, $147,900, 1/31/2017.

12216 Southbridge Ter., to John Kurpiel & Maria Kurpiel by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Association, $145,400, 1/30/2017.

14105 Agua Clara Dr., to Andrea L. Plakias & Carla J. Plakias by Arra Concetta P Revocable Joint Living Trust & Arra John Trustee, $112,500, 1/9/2017.

12805 Willowdale Way, to Bri Real Estate Investments LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Association, $81,500, 1/26/2017.

12814 Buckhorn Dr., to George M. Asbate by Janice M. Haddon & Phillip D. Haddon, $74,000, 1/25/2017.

13529 Hicks Rd., to Roger Henn by William R. Giering, $64,000, 1/31/2017.

13534 Outboard Ct., to Darrell Whitlock by Barnley Deborah K. Johnson, $60,000, 1/26/2017.

12905 Wedgewood Way Apt C, to James William Caddell II by Eva C. Barrett & Barrett Eva C Trust, $55,000, 1/30/2017.

10403 Marinette Ave., to Lauren Stankewicz by Christine M. Bizeur & James A. Bizeur, $51,000, 1/26/2017.


3703 Swans Landing Dr., to Karey A. Larkins & Thomas M. Larkins by Elizabeth Cohen & Ned A. Cohen, $417,000, 1/31/2017.

2753 Blueslate Ct., to Brent Petzoldt & Elizabeth Petzoldt by Brent Pope & Michelle Courtney Vincent Pope, $307,500, 1/19/2017.

18204 Holland House Loop, to Brandon K. Shaw & Laurie Jane Shaw by Jenine T. Crescimanno & Phil Crescimanno, $280,000, 2/1/2017.

17612 Glenapp Dr., to Samy Latif Asaad & Suzy Bazerghi by Kted1 LLC, $222,900, 1/27/2017.

8328 Ponkan Rd., to Connie Carpenter by Barbara Joan Smith, $210,000, 1/20/2017.

25215 Geddy Dr., to Brett Copus & Jordyn Kelly by Christina Gonzalez & Christina M. Lozano, $210,000, 1/31/2017.

3921 Briley Loop, to Jo Ann Marino & Robert Marino by 3921 Briley Loop Land Trust & Bptr LLC Trustee, $195,000, 1/17/2017.

4347 Beaumaris Dr., to Savings Funds Society Fsb Wilmington by Doe Or Any Other Persons In Possession John & James W. Speer, $139,600, 1/31/2017.

4333 Silver Falls Dr., to True Vine Estate LLC by Krapfl Dana M. Frederick & Christopher A. Krapfl, $119,000, 1/31/2017.

22640 Watersedge Blvd. Apt 65, to Stephanie E. Jonsson & Petur M. Sigurdsson by Divine Prosperity LLC, $66,000, 1/19/2017.


24651 Volterra Ct., to Melissa R. Peterson by Michelle Jolly, $249,900, 1/24/2017.

1122 Fox Chapel Dr., to Jael Vazquez & Rafael Vazquez by Bank Of New York Mellon Trustee & Bank Of New York Trustee, $245,500, 1/26/2017.

24337 Mistwood Ct., to Eric Davis & Julie Hay by Andre A. Bergeron & Rose Mary Bergeron, $200,900, 1/31/2017.

23902 Tee Pee Ct., to Carlos M. Vasco & Janet Yntriago by Leonard Anthony Llwewllyn, $200,000, 1/30/2017.

22122 Little Lagoon Ct., to Martha Apkarian & Robert Apkarian by Gypsy Hill South LLC, $150,000, 1/31/2017.

21031 Little Magens Loop, to Nancys Apartment LLC by Sharon Lally, $140,000, 1/26/2017.


1041 Hagen Dr., to Frank E. Touloumis & Maria C. Touloumis by Kathleen M. Bauernschmidt & William G. Bauernschmidt Sr., $415,000, 1/31/2017.

4927 Forestay Ct., to Mary Laure Carpenter & David Swadling by Mary Linda Falakos, $307,000, 1/24/2017.

8639 Ardenwood Ct., to Anna P. Williams & Raymond A. Williams Jr. by Joe Angius & Rosaura Angius, $267,500, 1/27/2017.

9801 Patrician Dr., to Rob Kyle by Michelle Mcdonald & Raymond Tyley Mcdonald, $265,000, 1/30/2017.

1234 Almondwood Dr., to Bruce W. Bouvier & Dianne B. Bouvier by Theodore C. Nebel & Nebel Theodore C Revocable Trust, $260,000, 1/27/2017.

11332 Tayport Loop, to Ana Maria Duran & Louis Duran by Sonia R. Mesias & Mesias Sonia R Family Trust, $245,000, 1/30/2017.

5620 Boone Ct., to Anne E. Francois & Jacob P. Francois by Cynthia Zartman, $235,000, 1/26/2017.

5722 Lonesome Dove Ct., to Angela L. Pankuch & Christopher A. Pankuch by Daniel Firlik, $235,000, 1/27/2017.

3636 Player Dr., to Glenda L. Poland & Steven C. Poland by Don W. Martin & Linda A. Martin, $213,000, 1/26/2017.

11509 Bathgate Ct., to Robert Pileggi by Boguslawa Czupak & William Czupak Sr., $205,000, 1/27/2017.

8338 Night Owl Ct., to Giovana C. Agudelo & Juan C. Agudelo by James B. Witmer & Lauren E. Witmer, $199,900, 1/30/2017.

3630 Spring Valley Dr., to Eric Kenneth Glass & Katie Ann Glass by Daniel Peled, $199,000, 1/27/2017.

6307 Clark Lake Dr., to Dennis Donegan & Linda Donegan by Irma L. Eckel, $193,000, 1/24/2017.

9818 Nicklaus Dr., to Joshua Bailey & Shara Bailey by Buyers Title Inc & Mae Fannie, $176,000, 1/20/2017.

5611 Sea Turtle Ct., to Robert D. Craig & Stephanie P. Craig by John Vesuvio, $172,000, 1/27/2017.

6129 Canopy Oaks Ct., to Nathaniel J. Hoyt & Yia Hoyt by Dana C. Bossone & David M. Bossone, $166,000, 1/27/2017.

4935 Prince George Cir., to Malcolm S. Paxon & Shirley J. Paxon by Marilyn L. Brown & Richard G. Brown, $165,000, 1/27/2017.

12118 Tournament View Ave., to Joyce Lynn Davis by Carlo Dinardo & Irene Dinardo, $164,000, 1/30/2017.

9235 Estrella Ct., to George Evano Drew by Joan Gavigan, $135,000, 1/27/2017.

9850 Riverchase Dr., to Bank Of America National Association by Home Loans Servicing Lp Bac & Of America Na Bank, $130,000, 1/31/2017.

11822 Castine St., to Kristopher Mcneil by Stephanie Davis, $128,000, 1/26/2017.

6731 Albemarle Pkwy., to Doug Knowles by Janet Gattis, $127,000, 1/31/2017.

3966 Pensdale Dr., to Cynthia A. Moran & Matthew J. Moran by &. Pillar Enterprises Crown & Naftis Construction Co LLC, $122,000, 1/27/2017.

7901 Brodie Dr., to Joseph Hacker by Donald A. Camacho & Margaret D. Camacho, $114,500, 1/27/2017.

7448 Cypress Dr., to Steven Charbonier by Marek Krupinski, $109,000, 1/31/2017.

11711 Rose Tree Dr., to Arthur M. Perry Jr. by Sharon H. Lewis, $107,000, 1/30/2017.

7900 Dundee Dr., to Rachel E. Wilkins by Derek Lawler & Jessica Lawler, $105,000, 1/27/2017.

4842 Lynchburg Ct., to Rena Dyer by Frank M. Sisia & Roxanne M. Sisia, $96,500, 1/27/2017.

7124 Cypress Knoll Dr., to El Woodland Partners LLC by Melody A. Zehetner, $85,000, 1/30/2017.

3818 Greenfield Dr., to Fana Papuckoski & Lube Papuckowski by Corporation To Develop Communities Of Tampa I, $83,500, 1/30/2017.

4025 Claremont Dr., to Sunset Property Management Solutions LLC by Samuel Alan Risol & Samuel Risola, $80,000, 1/30/2017.

6433 Thicket Trl, to Catherine J. A. Stanford & Earl J. Stanford by Lori M. Freitag & Merle Freitag, $79,000, 1/26/2017.

4140 Passport Ln. Apt 202, to Darlene A. Hendershott & Todd H. Hendershott by Hentschel Janice C Est, $76,000, 1/30/2017.

3836 Lanyard Ct., to Jo Anne Ross by Shirley Mary Nelson, $69,900, 1/31/2017.

6719 Pomander Ave., to Harry W. Short Jr. & Linda G. Short by Janet L. Brink & Brink Janet L Trustee, $68,000, 1/30/2017.

3839 Lighthouse Way, to Deborah Juhlin & Raymond Juhlin by Donald E. Ford, $62,500, 1/18/2017.

6013 Elmhurst Dr., to Sandra L. Smith by Sandra E. Brothwell, $61,500, 1/24/2017.

7812 Yucca Dr., to Kozma Llazari by Lisa Curl, $60,000, 1/25/2017.

7035 Cognac Dr. Apt 2, to Rosa A. Fernandez by Jose Luis Sergio Sosa Gonzalez, $42,500, 1/24/2017.


16227 Nikki Ln., to Branch Banking & Trust Company by Bonafide Properties LLC & Jane Doe, $269,000, 1/30/2017.

13939 Noble Park Dr., to James Hillen by Robert Hunt, $199,000, 1/13/2017.


5749 Seabreeze Dr., to Linda A. Hallowell & Thomas A. Hallowell by Bonnie M. Martin & John B. Martin, $425,000, 1/19/2017.

8128 Golden Bear Loop, to Lisette Trujillo Hernandez & Leonardo Reyes Martinez by Laura C. Meil & Vincent M. Meil, $170,000, 1/25/2017.

8141 Aquila St. Apt 337, to Richard Minieri by David C. Schroll & Sandra Dianne Schroll, $140,000, 1/31/2017.

11250 Rollingwood Dr., to Carol Kenney & Robert Kenney by Lois S. Toronto, $124,900, 1/30/2017.

6832 Bottle Brush Dr., to Santa Pagliaro & Alfredo Sardo by Hart Anna Revocable Trust & Hart Wendy Anne Revocable Trust, $116,000, 1/27/2017.

8030 Little Doe Ct., to Edward J. Mckenzie & Jennifer L. Mckenzie by Marilyn L. Myers, $97,500, 1/26/2017.

9437 Richwood Ln., to Marcella Campos Schiro & Thomas Joseph Schiro by Cynthia L. Johnson & Darryl Johnson, $87,500, 1/31/2017.

10406 Basket Oak Dr., to Stephen Shultz by Ohio Attorney Group LLC, $86,900, 1/20/2017.

7335 Potomac Dr., to Kevin Kubacki & Victoria Kubacki by Joyce Reid Capital LLC, $82,000, 1/13/2017.

11514 Zimmerman Rd., to Barbara Nardini & Michael Potter by Robert S. Jackson Jr., $81,900, 1/27/2017.

8023 San Bernardino Dr., to Aaron Vanmclamar by Rex E. Mclamar & Talleen C. Mclamar, $80,000, 1/31/2017.

8204 Leafy Ct., to Jason Pioli by Johnson Mary L Revocable Living Trust & Claudia Traywick, $78,000, 1/25/2017.

10033 Old Hickory Ln., to Michael Anderson by Mothersead Carolyn A. Garner & Edward W. Springer, $74,000, 1/26/2017.

6430 Hyperion Dr., to Marc R. Ulman by Venerable LLC, $70,000, 1/13/2017.

11040 Tamarix Ave., to Trademark Advantage LLC by Timothy E. Darling & Carolyn T. Young, $60,000, 1/30/2017.

7035 Moravian Dr., to Robert Bello by Meridian Trust LLC, $59,000, 1/27/2017.

7014 Rockwood Dr., to R. A. Rev Separate Property Trst Walker & Timothy D. Walker by Lynn E. Scheu, $56,000, 1/26/2017.

9104 Cochise Ln., to Asam Properties LLC by In God We Trust Investment Properties LLC, $52,000, 1/26/2017.

7810 Ilex Dr., to Livia Fernandes by Rhiannon Jones, $50,000, 1/30/2017.

7104 Fox Hollow Dr., to Tech Remodeling Technologies Of America Remo by Patricia K. Hartwell, $50,000, 1/26/2017.

11821 Meadow Dr., to Terri Stauss by Peggy Goguen, $46,500, 1/20/2017.

10833 Scenic Dr., to Asam Properties LLC by Martin Antonio G Esq Trustee & Scenic Dr Land Trust 10833, $45,000, 1/18/2017.

7035 Moravian Dr., to Robert Bello by Meridian Trust LLC, $43,000, 1/26/2017.

6331 Gainsboro Dr., to Gaha LLC by Fair Fast Buyers LLC, $40,000, 1/27/2017.


9555 Rolling Cir., to Frances Perez & Nelson Perez by Lori L. Herro & Michael D. Kasberg, $150,000, 1/20/2017.

32603 7th Ave., to Katherine Wade Cook by Ann B. Morphew, $136,800, 1/20/2017.


16530 Lynway Ln., to Justin Geronimo & Tiffany Osborne by Aristonica Infante & Aristonico Infante, $85,000, 1/24/2017.


3346 Grassglen Pl., to Milagros Macias by Tammy Calta & Treon J. Calta, $308,000, 1/23/2017.

5605 Cannonade Dr., to Lori A. Schwager & Robert M. Schwager by Melati Minter & Michael G. Minter, $185,000, 1/30/2017.

31039 Bridgegate Dr., to Bank Of New York Mellon The As Trustee & Of New York The Bank by All Unknown Parties Claiming Interests & Bridgewater Community Association Inc, $175,100, 1/27/2017.

31332 Wrencrest Dr., to Andrea S. Yee & Dave K. Yee by Allison V. Callahan, $175,000, 1/27/2017.

1844 Ravenridge St., to Jay Lee by Lena A. Smith, $167,000, 1/25/2017.

31152 Masena Dr., to Robert Curran & Ava Mcdonald by Elbert L. Courtenay & Primilene Courtenay, $158,000, 1/26/2017.

31321 Shaker Cir., to National City Bank & Pnc Bank National Association by All Unknown Parties Claiming Interests & Any & All Unknown Parties, $128,200, 1/31/2017.

1223 Charlesworth Dr., to Daksha Jadeja & Jay Jadeja by Julian E. Davila, $125,000, 1/25/2017.

30430 Eastport Dr., to Ashley L. Tavalaiccio by Robert Gant & Sheovahn Gant, $122,000, 1/27/2017.


5542 Marie Dr., to Gloria A. Parks & William D. Parks by Cherron Joy Douglas & Gregory Douglas, $250,000, 1/31/2017.

5105 Epping Ln., to Theodore P. Kiefer Jr. & Robert L. Welbourn by Jenna R. Dawson, $132,900, 1/31/2017.

6208 11th St., to Samantha Rose by Bay To Gulf Holdings LLC, $110,000, 1/24/2017.

38603 Alpha Ave., to Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc & Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trustee by Cornerstone Recovery Specialists LLC & Barbara Ann Stover, $92,100, 1/31/2017.

37544 Daliha Ter., to Of America Na Bank by Heather Lynn Bossick & Bossick Heather Lynn Unknown Spouse Of, $60,100, 1/31/2017.

4443 Sentry Palm Loop, to Tonya Sei by Carol Ann Dalton & Carol Ann Russo, $55,500, 1/31/2017.

8116 Lov Ln., to Julie Jones by Donna L. Mccormick, $49,000, 1/23/2017.

37762 Hart Cir., to Michael S. Perry & Michael V. Perry by Green Team Commercial Selling Systems Inc, $45,000, 1/25/2017.

6041 Ridgewood Dr., to Gloria Mae Ogden by Kathleen Finnigan & Finnigan Kathleen Trustee, $40,000, 1/23/2017.

Nearly half of cellphone calls will be scams by 2019, report says

Nearly half of cellphone calls will be scams by 2019, report says

Nearly half of all cellphone calls next year will come from scammers, according to First Orion, a company that provides phone carriers and their customers caller ID and call blocking technology.The Arkansas-based firm projects an explosion of incomin...
Published: 09/23/18
Walmart is teaming with a Seminole Heights chef to promote locally grown mushrooms

Walmart is teaming with a Seminole Heights chef to promote locally grown mushrooms

TAMPA — It might seem like an unlikely match from the outside: A distinguished chef with a restaurant known for inventive plates using produce shoppers can find at… Walmart?Walmart, the country’s largest grocer, is known for having a core consumer wh...
Updated: 11 hours ago
Joe and Son's Olive Oils, a legacy Ybor business, finds new roots in Carrollwood

Joe and Son's Olive Oils, a legacy Ybor business, finds new roots in Carrollwood

Andrea Gebbia grew up in Carrollwood, and now she is bringing the family business to the neighborhood of her youth.In late fall, Joe and Son’s Olive Oils is slated to open a second location."I feel so blessed having the ability to grow my...
Published: 09/21/18
Updated: 09/22/18
Tampa General nurses record the last heartbeats of dying patients, making a family memory

Tampa General nurses record the last heartbeats of dying patients, making a family memory

TAMPA — As John Reisinger waited with family at Tampa General Hospital, grief settled in like a fog. So some of the details are hazy.But he remembers the moment when three women in white lab coats approached him.The day before, his niece, Jessica Rau...
Published: 09/21/18
Retro Fitness sets first of several area locations in Citrus Park

Retro Fitness sets first of several area locations in Citrus Park

In early fall, Retro Fitness will open a 17,000 square foot fitness facility in Citrus Park, and it plans for more Tampa Bay area locations.Founded in 2005, Retro Fitness has 153 clubs throughout the United States and is the official fitness center o...
Published: 09/21/18
The guys who brought you Tampa’s Armature Works plan high-end offices next door, and they’ve already signed a lease with med-tech company AxoGen

The guys who brought you Tampa’s Armature Works plan high-end offices next door, and they’ve already signed a lease with med-tech company AxoGen

TAMPA — Coming soon from the developers who brought you the Armature Works: Heights Union, two high-end office buildings next door to the trendy food hall, event space and co-working complex overlooking the Hillsborough River.Developers said Friday t...
Published: 09/21/18
Chi Chop + Kung Fu Tea looks to succeed where others failed

Chi Chop + Kung Fu Tea looks to succeed where others failed

RIVEVIEW – Amy Lin knows that her newest Chi Chop + Kung Fu Tea store is in a location where previous businesses have not lasted.The short-lived Tap’s Brewhouse & Deli and even shorter-lived Top Shelf Sports Bar and Grill tried to r...
Published: 09/21/18
Federal loans open to Pinellas businesses struggling against Red Tide

Federal loans open to Pinellas businesses struggling against Red Tide

The U.S. Small Business Administration has extended its disaster loan program to include Pinellas and Pasco county businesses affected by Red Tide.Already, the Pinellas County Economic Development Office was taking applications for bridge loans to he...
Published: 09/21/18
Watch: A southern white rhinoceros calf just a week after being born at ZooTampa

Watch: A southern white rhinoceros calf just a week after being born at ZooTampa

TAMPA — A southern white rhinoceros gave birth to a calf at ZooTampa on Sept. 12, marking the sixth successful birth of the species in the zoo's history. In a news release, ZooTampa said southern white rhinoceroses are a nearly threatened spec...
Published: 09/21/18
Baggers, cashiers soon can grow beards at Publix

Baggers, cashiers soon can grow beards at Publix

ORLANDO — The faces of baggers, cashiers and stockers at a Florida-based grocery chain may look slightly different in the near future.That's because Publix said Friday that it would start allowing workers to grow beards and other facial hair b...
Published: 09/21/18