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Pasco County real estate transactions for July 14, 2017


34339 Sahalee Loop, to Raymond R. Pichette & Yvonne D. Pichette by Lisa Ziegele & Paul Ziegele, $395,000, 6/16/2017.

13131 Palmilla Cir., to Stephen R. Oneil by Phyllis A. Loew & Steve J. Loew, $328,000, 6/20/2017.

39906 Sunburst Dr., to Miguel Sanchez Estrada & Janet Hernandez by Ward Donald D Trust & Elaine H. Ward, $177,000, 6/19/2017.

32225 Amberlea Rd., to Ritschard Michael Trustee & Ritschard Sarah Trustee by Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union San, $172,000, 6/27/2017.

37623 Florida Ave., to Robin A. Edwards by Peggy A. Hopgood, $166,700, 6/20/2017.

29129 Johnston Rd. Lot 2707, to Anthony B. Shipe & Jodie J. Shipe by Callahan Charles H Trust, $138,000, 6/20/2017.

17466 Spring Valley Rd., to Acv Homes LLC by Linda C. Poston, $72,000, 6/16/2017.

38439 Cedar St., to Norma H. Hankerson by Elizabeth G. Smiley & Johnny L. Smiley, $70,000, 6/27/2017.

10707 Singletary Rd., to Angelo Iafrate & Rebecca Iafrate by Nancy A. Glavich & Steven D. Glavich, $50,000, 6/26/2017.


3927 Baden Dr., to Julio J. Rebata & Rebata Marco A. Reynicke by Crystal L. Schrader & Louis W. Schrader, $120,000, 6/23/2017.

3420 Madison St., to Firebird Sfe I LLC by William Capobianco & Jennifer M. Seaman, $117,500, 6/27/2017.

3109 Lloyd Dr., to Ranger Realty Inc by Ltd Family Trust LLC, $105,000, 6/23/2017.

3628 Oxford Dr., to Amgad S. Yacoub by Anh Thoa Thi Le, $100,000, 6/23/2017.

3512 Holiday Lake Dr., to Aimee N. Hammond & Kyle D. Hammond by Bridget C. Broderick, $80,000, 6/29/2017.

3436 Springfield Dr., to Joann A. Heet & Joseph H. Heet Jr. by Jessica Wright & Kyle M. Wright, $70,500, 6/14/2017.

5140 Sandalwood Dr., to Arca Family Trust & Armas Diego Trustee by Properties Lllp Payless, $68,000, 6/23/2017.

4911 Plymouth Dr., to Joan I. Rey by Carol A. Schoeneman, $55,000, 6/23/2017.

5047 Victoria Ln., to Of America Na Bank & Nationstar Mortgage LLC by Demmz Inc & Linda C. Gadd, $48,300, 6/22/2017.

2529 Big Pine Dr., to Federal National Mortgage Association by Nancy L. Irving & Robert B. Irving, $41,900, 5/25/2017.

1745 Hoyle Dr., to Tammy Martin & Tropical Tile Inc by Barbara A. Lockinger, $40,000, 6/9/2017.

3919 Luma Dr., to 3919 Luma Land Trust & Cougar Investment Management LLC Trustee by Patti Keep, $40,000, 6/27/2017.


18249 Winding Oaks Blvd., to Suchan Teresa Hirsch & Anthony J. Suchan by Jerild J. Flint & Joyce H. Flint, $253,000, 6/19/2017.

11339 Alden Ct., to Katharine Colquhoun & Philip Colquhoun by Elizabeth A. Loy & Robert E. Loy, $235,000, 6/22/2017.

12847 White Bluff Rd., to Brett Schambach & Marie Schambach by Hudelia Luis & Samuel H. Luis, $202,000, 6/20/2017.

13650 Arden Dr., to Palau Esther by Robert G. Weyrauch, $180,000, 6/23/2017.

8837 Poe Dr., to Mitul V. Patel by Shirley J. Freeh, $156,000, 6/23/2017.

12608 River Mill Dr., to Jason A. Houck by Dolly A. Embry & Robert B. Embry, $97,000, 6/22/2017.

15109 Toni Ter., to Matthew M. Caruthers & Jennifer L. Vuozzo by Thomas E. Lane, $96,000, 6/28/2017.

12113 Clearbrook Ln., to Joseph Mursuli by Christine Adkins & Christine Slater, $90,000, 6/21/2017.

12403 Hollybrook Ln., to Eleftheria M. Ramasanto by Norman Pritchard & Mary Tsilionis, $88,500, 6/8/2017.

13403 Rayburn Rd., to Cit Bank Na by Beacon Woods East Homeowners Assn Inc & First National Bank Of Omaha, $80,300, 6/21/2017.

7732 Danube Dr., to William Earl Duckery by Lois Petrie, $56,000, 6/22/2017.


24405 Oaks Blvd., to Dawn M. Lay & John G. Lay by Edward Stoltz, $420,000, 6/23/2017.

3010 Marble Crest Dr., to Benjamin Steele & Rachel Steele by Newton Isaac & Cristan E. Newton, $395,000, 6/23/2017.

7101 Timber Ridge Way, to Anthony Pergola & Erin Pergola by Jon Berkovich, $383,200, 6/22/2017.

3526 Marmalade Ct., to Nicholas M. Zurla by David Alex Ermer & Efrain Gonzalez, $245,900, 6/20/2017.

22745 Richardson Ln., to Pedro Juan Camacho Cruz by Brandon Wiatrak & Sandra Wiatrak, $238,000, 6/22/2017.

3517 E Lake Dr., to Christine Ann Vogt by Dennis G. Butler, $215,000, 6/22/2017.

3340 Rennes Ct., to Jeffrey V. Davis Jr. & Lis Lay by Deanne Davenport & Deanne Powell, $212,000, 6/16/2017.

23708 Coral Ridge Ln., to Stick Re Holdings 708 LLC by Sousa Christine E. De & Sousa Jose M. De, $209,000, 6/20/2017.

20926 Diamonte Dr., to Frey Clyde A. Phillips & Frey Nathan E. Phillips by Debra A. Bartlem & Robert J. Bartlem, $199,900, 6/16/2017.

25214 Seven Rivers Cir., to Peggy Dukes & Richard Calvin Dukes by Barbara J. Paul, $198,000, 6/16/2017.

8149 Ambersweet Pl., to Rena Thompson by Susan M. Foster & John P. Koskie, $196,000, 6/21/2017.

3829 Meridean Pl., to Lance Aldrin Evans by Phillip Chavez & Samantha Lopez, $191,000, 4/28/2017.

23407 Cherbourg Loop, to Matthew S. Condor by Tonia L. Condor, $189,900, 6/9/2017.

7046 Kendall Heath Way, to Hilario Fernandez & Yamayra M. Fernandez by Danna Kaye & Ross M. Kaye, $177,000, 6/9/2017.

4422 Venice Dr., to Caitlin S. Mcguinness by Carmen Elizabeth George & Carmen Elizabeth Heflin, $160,000, 5/23/2017.

2942 Lochcarron Dr., to Nicholas Lee Kitchin & Megan Medeiros by Donna A. Davidson & Davidson Donna A Trust, $158,500, 6/14/2017.

9412 Black Thorn Loop, to Doreen Reed & Ronald Reed Jr. by Arnold K. Doel, $153,000, 6/23/2017.

2833 Mingo Dr., to Kimberly A. Cuccurullo & Michael T. Cuccurullo by Alicia M. White & Mark T. White, $152,000, 6/23/2017.

5406 Swallow Dr., to Peggy Sauerwein & Thomas Sauerwein by Gina M. Marchica & Joseph Marchica, $130,000, 6/21/2017.


1314 Sierra Pines Blvd., to Luke Allen May Cheever & Carena P. Law by Petra Law & Troy T. Law, $100,000, 6/7/2017.


1326 Halapa Way, to Adrianna C. Genaro & Jason C. Genaro by John Mccaffrey & Doris M. Michaelson, $365,000, 6/23/2017.

6711 Collingswood Ct., to Benjamin Lamborn & Cara J. Lamborn by Barend Joubert & Johanna Joubert, $340,000, 6/23/2017.

5511 Jobeth Dr., to Danielle Lagasse & Edward Stoltz by Marinko Mesic, $330,000, 6/23/2017.

1400 Kinsmere Dr., to Kathryn E. Stone & Stephen C. Stone by Donna M. Foley, $314,000, 6/22/2017.

12835 Solola Way, to Cassi M. Harbuck & Stephen C. Harbuck by Adrianna C. Genaro & Jason C. Genaro, $304,000, 6/22/2017.

6153 Lafayette St., to A. Sullivaneugene & J. Sullivanlaura by Mcbeath Gordon Alexander Trust & Monda Marie Mcbeath, $299,500, 6/14/2017.

1452 Tawnyberry Ct., to Grace A. Cummings & Michael Edward Cummings by Elizabeth A. Affendakes & James Michael Affendakes, $280,000, 6/23/2017.

7721 Hampton Hills Loop, to Delberta M. Roberts & Milton K. Roberts by Harriet Olsen, $250,000, 6/15/2017.

2016 Macaw Ct., to Rebecca J. Lagman by Paul A. Cappola Jr. & Cappola Paul A Trust, $247,000, 6/21/2017.

6516 River Rd., to Donald Salliotte by Ralph Cacciurri & Cacciurri Ralph Trust, $235,000, 6/15/2017.

9909 Middlecoff Dr., to Leonard J. Beyer & Brenda Kay Kopczak by Gill K. Lewis, $235,000, 6/16/2017.

5915 Redhawk Dr., to Kenneth W. Bassett & Linda M. Bassett by Torrey Janet Marie Trustee & Torrey Janice K Trust, $235,000, 6/22/2017.

2011 Macaw Ct., to Nicholas Danhour & Ashley Williams by Debra R. Mccarthy & James E. Mccarthy, $235,000, 6/21/2017.

7845 Starfire Way, to David Miller & Melissa Miller by Rocky Alan Ferguson & Sharon Ferguson, $230,000, 6/22/2017.

11566 Minnieola Dr., to Gary Cann & Jennifer L. Kennedy by Derrick Allen Jernigan & Kay A. Jernigan, $215,000, 6/20/2017.

4214 Mc Clung Dr., to Brenda L. Hamilton & Joseph D. Hamilton by Carol Depalma, $212,000, 6/13/2017.

7943 Fashion Loop, to Fernando Santana & Keetssy Santana by Clara L. Mcdaniel & Steven R. Patnode, $199,000, 6/22/2017.

8361 Sycamore Dr., to File K. Berisha by Stephen D. Jones, $188,500, 6/16/2017.

7805 Landsdowne Ln., to Craig Calvin Barnes Jr. by Sherrill Gambrel, $185,000, 6/15/2017.

4834 Mill Run Dr., to Aleksandr Ivanov & Anna Telekh by Joyce A. Renchen & Frelan T. Tenchen, $175,000, 6/19/2017.

9511 Via Segovia, to Centex Home Equity Company LLC & Mortgage Company Dba Champion by Peter George & Peter S. George, $169,200, 6/20/2017.

7133 Silverwood Dr., to Anita Dillon & Dennis A. Dillon Jr. by Brian T. Pert & Mary C. Pert, $164,900, 6/22/2017.

10422 Copperwood Dr., to Josh Fielding & Tara Fielding by Paula Taktekos Mcevilly, $164,000, 6/29/2017.

9023 Cotswald Way, to Larry G. Mcdonald & Pamela W. Mcdonald by Nancy Sexauer, $160,000, 6/19/2017.

2648 Tottenham Dr., to Richard L. Forsee & Sherri D. Forsee by Nancy J. Forbes & Ronald P. Forbes, $155,900, 6/21/2017.

9429 Beaufort Ct., to Ditech Financial LLC & Green Tree Servicing LLC by Eva Fisher & Fisher Eva Unknown Spouse Of, $155,200, 6/22/2017.

5300 Anhinga Trl, to George Anthony Richardson by April Heuss, $155,000, 6/26/2017.

5557 Sea Forest Dr. Apt 213, to Lisa W. Malice & Louis F. Malice Jr. by Allan Jones & Hilary Jones, $145,000, 6/7/2017.

7419 Astor Dr., to Mariann Ogilvie by Lillian D. Alas & Orlando D. Alas, $138,000, 6/23/2017.

6033 12th Ave., to Cruz Marlene Moreno by Agnes L. Thiesing & Brian A. Thiesing, $138,000, 6/20/2017.

5240 School Rd., to Evelyn Turton by Pnre LLC, $136,000, 6/7/2017.

5717 Salt Kettle Ct., to Eulala Abbey by Daniel J. Burns & Burns Daniel J Trustee, $124,000, 6/14/2017.

5116 Glenhurst Ln., to Daniel W. Mcllveen & Jessica N. Staltare by Donna M. Leo & James R. Leo, $123,000, 6/23/2017.

6333 Limerick Ave., to Ashley Elizabeth Whitten & Ethan David Whitten by Frank H. Moos, $122,000, 6/14/2017.

7125 Kapp Ct., to Nicholas S. Halkias & Steve N. Halkias by Jeanne Richard & John G. Richard, $114,900, 6/19/2017.

7920 Putnam Cir., to Christos Stergiopoulos & Kalliroi Stergiopoulos by Charlie T. Cox Jr. & Janice Johnson, $106,500, 6/21/2017.

6335 Kings Ct., to Young Carrie L. Dencker & Young Ciera T. Dencker by Bay Area Trust Services LLC Trustee, $106,000, 6/20/2017.

7709 Jenner Ave., to Morgan Family Property And Investments LLC by Ronald Polizzi, $100,000, 6/22/2017.

7611 Summertree Ln., to Renjitha Thomas & Vallyaveedan Thomas by Tamara L. Baldwin & Dorothy C. Lippert, $95,000, 6/22/2017.

12306 Clear Lake Dr., to Ng Waifun Vivian Trustee & Principle Solo 401k Trust by D Ho Investments LLC, $90,000, 6/27/2017.

6302 Missouri Ave., to Donna Oconnor by Georgiana Marie Krommydas, $89,500, 6/22/2017.

10736 Laquinta Dr., to Darren J. Ferguson Jr. & Kaitlyn L. Ferguson by Thomas Saxon, $83,000, 6/23/2017.

4818 Isthmus Dr., to Lori K. Anderson by Prince Pamela K Trust & Russell D. Prince, $69,000, 6/22/2017.

5439 Drift Tide Dr., to Ditech Financial LLC & Green Tree Servicing LLC by Amsouth Bank & Regions Bank, $68,400, 6/22/2017.

5707 Mockingbird Dr., to Home Equity Loan Trust & Hsbc Bank Usa National Association As Trustee by Brian Dias & Dias Brian Unknown Spouse Of, $62,100, 6/21/2017.

4920 Myrtle Oak Dr. Unit 23, to Gordon W. Dillon & Janet L. Dillon by Margie Serpe & Margie J. Serpe, $54,500, 6/15/2017.


16518 Ivy Lake Dr., to Heli K. Winborn & John T. Winborn by De Leon Randolph Ponce & De Leon Stella Ponce, $510,000, 6/29/2017.

14111 Marlberry Way, to Sharon A. Ferguson by Russell A. Puskaric & Sandy L. Puskaric, $389,900, 6/19/2017.

2135 Ashley Lakes Dr., to Christiana Trust Trustee & Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust by Gabriel Cerezo Jr. & Kelly S. Cerezo, $174,900, 6/16/2017.

1140 Bluefield Rd., to Anne C. Medero & Julio R. Medero by Castillo Carrie Del, $100,000, 6/13/2017.


8731 Betty St., to John T. Maklary & Sherry A. Maklary by Susan Lynn Turow & Turow Susan Lynn Trust, $600,000, 6/19/2017.

7223 Gulf Highlands Dr., to Rebecca Dickinson by John W. Hainlin, $117,000, 6/22/2017.

7711 Radcliffe Cir., to Deloris A. Lynch by Patricia A. Mcfee & Terry A. Mcfee, $72,000, 6/23/2017.

7805 Sagebrush Dr., to Sardo Joseph Del by Sardo Kalisi Del & Sardo Ted Del, $65,000, 6/23/2017.

7204 Isle Dr., to Douglas C. Coffey by Julie A. Horton, $57,000, 6/21/2017.

9115 Lunar Ln., to Jullee Ferguson & Robert Ferguson Jr. by Terry Hoeft, $54,400, 6/9/2017.

10933 Hillcrest Ave., to Krystal Lynn Trumble & Mark Francis Trumble by Burl E. Elmore & Elmore Burl E Trust, $52,000, 6/14/2017.

7024 Coral Reef Dr., to Zelman Douglas V Trust by Billy Hewett & Irene Rowe, $50,000, 6/15/2017.


12124 Knotty Pine Loop, to Anthony Cincotta & Katherine Cincotta by David N. Parrish & Patricia A. Parrish, $241,900, 6/21/2017.

9443 Rolling Cir., to Of America Na Bank by Eagles Nest At Tampa Bay Association Inc & Egret Landing At Tampa Bay Association Inc, $96,700, 6/26/2017.


17131 Wishingwell Ln., to Bernard B. Boileau & Doreen S. Boileau by Angelynn Taylor & Michael A. Taylor, $780,000, 6/23/2017.


27045 Winged Elm Dr., to Carol Anne Harding & John Richard Harding by Helen Mckinley, $417,500, 6/20/2017.

4824 Diamonds Palm Loop, to Patrick G. Leahy & Wendy S. Leahy by Jack C. Freeman & Mary B. Freeman, $321,000, 6/28/2017.

29504 Allegro Dr., to Chih Chin Chou & Mo Huang Li by Judith Lambert & Frank A. Montalbano, $310,000, 6/22/2017.

9651 Sunnyslope Ln., to Andre S. Feldman & Laura J. Feldman by Jessica Leigh Jackson, $300,000, 6/9/2017.

4743 Red Pine Way, to Damiean D. Barnes & Elena Barnes by Felix Rivera Jr. & Tonya Lee Rivera, $295,000, 6/26/2017.

31200 Anniston Dr., to Carlos J. Torres Hernandez & Mary Ann Torres by Abeer Essa & Victor A. Mikhael, $260,000, 6/19/2017.

6751 Boulder Run Loop, to Jacob C. Loveland & Kelli T. Loveland by David Eugene Butterfield & Teri Ann Butterfield, $249,900, 6/12/2017.

1123 Crimson Clover Ln., to Aaron Anderson & Susan Anderson by Vickie L. Lacy, $239,900, 6/20/2017.

30455 Randall Manor St., to Faith A. Turner & Timothy L. Turner II by Linda Albertson & Robert Albertson, $228,000, 6/16/2017.

30321 Randall Manor St., to Carolyn Taylor & Doria M. Taylor by Brooke Ford & John H. Ford IV, $225,500, 6/20/2017.

6049 Gentle Ben Cir., to Cody Brightwell & Samantha Mitchell by Brent Nye & Brent J. Nye, $220,000, 6/6/2017.

2320 Spring Hollow Loop, to Hecmary Rivera Serrano & Wilson Salgado Torres by Amanda Bolli & Nicholas Bolli, $220,000, 6/22/2017.

5407 Sand Crane Ct., to Lori Griffith & Raymond Scott Griffith by Pedina Sl Com, $210,000, 6/22/2017.

26310 Whirlaway Ter., to Michael Glover & Marissa Lee Mclargin by Allan Rhinehart, $205,000, 6/20/2017.

31832 Turkeyhill Dr., to Ashok Sarpeshkar & Nalini Sarpeshkar by Brittany B. Bristol & Kelly L. Bristol, $192,000, 6/19/2017.

1848 Echo Pond Pl., to Slaughter Orlando Brice by Craig R. Wick & Kimberley A. Wick, $187,000, 6/26/2017.

29912 Morningmist Dr., to Nadorian L. Hudson & Rashay Hudson by Leigh M. Hill & Terence M. Hill, $183,000, 6/22/2017.

30910 Prout Ct., to Marcia Ellenberg & Alicia M. Price by Michael D. Cooper, $170,000, 6/9/2017.

5440 Lady Bug Ln. Apt 2, to Antoinette Perrone by Matthew A. Barone & Patsy Barone, $155,000, 6/9/2017.

30230 Palm Ln., to Gettis Riles & Mary Carol Riles by Constance Esposito, $90,000, 6/28/2017.

3141 Hidden Lake Dr., to Edgar Yanez & Nancy P. Yanez by Vivian A. Luckey & Vivian A. York, $58,000, 6/23/2017.


38645 Piedmont Ave., to Elaina Auhles by Holly Mccarter & James Dale Mccarter II, $146,000, 6/20/2017.

37419 Teaberry Loop, to Daniel Edward Weaver & Sandra M. Weaver by Dorothy F. Hall & Robert R. Hall Atty In Fact, $135,500, 6/7/2017.

37608 Lorena Ave., to Adele Mae Castoria & Richard Louis Castoria by Jennifer J. Posey, $130,000, 6/21/2017.

5910 11th St., to David P. Teichman & Jean M. Teichman by Bolser Marketing LLC, $130,000, 6/21/2017.

38025 9th Ave., to Rongsheng You by Watson Alice D Trust, $130,000, 5/3/2017.

39050 7th Ave., to Raymond Joseph Nixon Jr. by Dale Louis Kemper & Donna Jean Kemper, $103,900, 6/22/2017.

36819 Walnut Ave., to Brianna Murphy & Roland Murphy by Bay To Gulf Holdings LLC, $74,000, 6/21/2017.

8639 Semmes St., to Maria C. Krug by Christiana Trust Trustee & Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, $44,900, 6/14/2017.

38104 Avion Dr., to Skibum Properties LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Association, $44,000, 6/22/2017.


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Tariffs on paper will hurt us, and our readers

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Wall Street closes down sharply again as U.S.-China trade war looms

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Toys R Us liquidation sales have started, but even deal-seekers are sad

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