Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pasco County real estate transactions for Oct. 6, 2017


37137 Waldo Dr., to James T. Harmon & Susan J. Harmon by Mackley John M Trustee & Swan Eleanor L Trust, $203,000, 9/14/2017.

37950 Palm Ave., to Vine Branch Properties LLC by Humphreys H Maxine Revocable Living Trust & Phillips Anthony S Trustee, $160,000, 9/6/2017.

13617 13th St., to Leah Rebecca Dixon by Donna Townson, $134,000, 8/25/2017.

13710 14th St., to Offerpad Spvborrower17 LLC by Karen Lynn Jeter, $118,000, 8/30/2017.

36543 Jackson Ave., to Team King LLC by Harold Glover, $87,500, 8/31/2017.

37030 Church Ave., to Acv Homes LLC by William Erik Michael Kreizner, $85,000, 9/1/2017.

37043 Jean Ave., to Carlos Hernandez & Patricia Hernandez by Ruth Valenzuela Espinoza & Karl Hantke, $67,000, 9/6/2017.

14230 14th St., to Pamela H. Tyler by Lora L. Atkins & Julie Dewitt, $55,000, 8/30/2017.

14335 15th St., to Frias Carmen Revocable Living Trust Of 2009 & Frias Jose Luis Trustee by Florida House Express LLC, $40,000, 9/1/2017.

13808 2nd St., to Jorge Alberto Viale & Maria Clelia Viale by Michael Patrick Nikolai & Leslie Michelle Topping, $40,000, 8/25/2017.


1829 Harpoon Dr., to Lilliana Bellos & Paul Bellos by Mcmanus John W Trust & Diane A. Oberlander, $84,000, 9/15/2017.

3439 Thorny Ridge Dr., to Sunset Property Management Solutions LLC by Holly J. Emanuel, $75,000, 8/24/2017.

3325 Bedford St., to Kimberly L. Mccullough by Blake Michael Eckstein & Krista M. Eckstein, $73,000, 8/30/2017.

4369 Tahitian Gardens Cir. Apt E, to Candace Lynn Fallon & John William Fallon III by Ella Linda Picotte, $64,500, 9/8/2017.

4904 Gaslight Ave., to Pedro Marcano by Joan Keoppen, $45,000, 8/11/2017.


15630 Century Dr., to Suzanne Marie Murchie & William James Murchie by Paulus Vanbergen & Theodorus Vanbergen, $370,000, 8/4/2017.

12310 Southbridge Ter., to Shannon Parnell & Natayla M. E. Watson by Christa Lusk & Steve Lusk, $214,000, 8/31/2017.

13139 Old Florida Cir., to Andrea A. Nelson & Keith N. Nelson by Ramona Gonzalez & Tamas J. Szekeres, $182,500, 9/7/2017.

13805 Stoneridge Dr., to Gayle Hines Barr by Cynthia D. Risley & Robert T. Risley, $175,000, 9/7/2017.

7534 Beacon Woods Dr., to Ronald E. Bereman II & Mary B. Kincey by Nikolaos Georgoulis, $170,700, 9/13/2017.

18106 Thomas Blvd., to Lilianne Macias by Jessica Marie Willard, $164,000, 8/31/2017.

12530 Chenwood Ave., to Alex Amador by Deborah L. Wells, $158,000, 9/18/2017.

8606 Sagewood Dr., to Claudia L. Boyd & Joseph Boyd by David A. Cooper & Nancy S. Cooper, $150,000, 9/14/2017.

13042 Ballast Ct., to Alan F. Lane & Sandra A. Lane by Catherine M. Cotton & Thomas G. Cotton, $125,000, 9/18/2017.

7233 Maryland Ave., to Brenda A. Baker & Kenneth S. Baker by Philip R. Farnham, $117,500, 9/6/2017.

8707 Summer Dr., to Debra A. Totani by Dona L. Mudge & Mudge Dona L Trustee, $110,000, 9/16/2017.

13019 Ballast Ct., to Joseph Laduca & Peter Laduca Jr. by Laura G. Pendleton & Nathan S. Pendleton IV, $105,000, 8/30/2017.

12366 Dearborn Dr., to Patricia A. Lee by Marie Jones, $63,000, 9/7/2017.

13005 Wedgewood Way Apt D, to Gary Joseph Salonia by Mark D. Fralick & Patricia L. Fralick, $60,000, 8/29/2017.

7113 Gulf Breeze Cir., to Preferred Homes LLC by Dale J. Robinson, $42,100, 9/14/2017.


21046 Lake Vienna Dr., to Chad Crowther & Jean A. Crowther by Anita G. Watts & Richard A. Watts, $510,000, 9/14/2017.

3250 Sago Point Ct., to Dana Jean Salmon by Raymond Meunier & Yvette M. Meunier, $327,500, 9/15/2017.

7602 Whispering Wind Dr., to Sierra L. Kiger & Travis M. Kiger by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $300,000, 9/18/2017.

25410 Oaks Blvd., to Amber Nicole Debroux & Brandie Lynne Debroux by Dino Ricchino & Laura Ann Ricchino, $290,000, 9/5/2017.

7800 Grasmere Dr., to Jennifer J. Mccormack & Stephen Mccormack by Cynthia Weston & Walter Weston, $285,000, 9/1/2017.

19435 Otters Wick Way, to Kristen Lee Kranz & Michael Andrew Kranz Jr. by Sharon L. Bever, $249,000, 9/7/2017.

3333 Downan Point Dr., to Shaun Herskowitz by Alyson Louise Andrews & Jeffrey John Andrews, $215,000, 9/7/2017.

4704 Canterbury Dr., to Linda M. Locricchio & Vincenzo Locricchio by James E. Sandifer & Josephine M. Sandifer, $210,000, 9/15/2017.

4630 Victoria Rd., to Clinton A. Thomas by David F. Vesper, $206,000, 9/8/2017.

22904 Killington Blvd., to Cit Bank Na by Phyllis A. Dunn & States Of America United, $195,100, 9/18/2017.

22721 Roderick Dr., to Mary Tran by Gregg J. Arruda & Carol A. Tondra, $195,000, 9/5/2017.


1543 Stipule Ct., to Bolton Robert Family Trust & Bolton Robert L Trustee by Carly J. Richko & Jason Richko, $450,000, 9/14/2017.

10040 Red Fox Dr., to Jensen H. Chatman by Irene V. Williams & Rebel Williams, $325,000, 8/24/2017.

4702 Deer Lodge Rd., to Debbie Comito & Sean Comito by Christensen Linda Lee Revocable Living Trust & Christensen Linda Trustee, $293,000, 9/15/2017.

7711 Northaven Pl., to James Bonnell & Leilani Bonnell by Robert D. Biondo, $285,000, 9/18/2017.

9445 Beaufort Ct., to Glenn David Costa Jr. by Beth Vallely & Brian Vallely, $215,000, 9/8/2017.

1332 Hickory Moss Pl., to Linda M. Pavlak & Michael J. Pavlak by Richard E. Hall, $215,000, 9/1/2017.

9561 Trumpet Vine Loop, to Nicole Ann Tabanguil & Robert George Tabanguil by Raymond P. Espinosa, $214,900, 9/15/2017.

7407 Canvasback Dr., to Nancy Elizabeth Kaufman by John M. Potts & Lynda B. Potts, $212,000, 9/15/2017.

5045 Farnsworth Ln., to Debra L. Nussbickel & Theodore H. Nussbickel by Gregory J. Youtz & Laura L. Youtz, $204,000, 9/15/2017.

7903 Harbor Bridge Blvd., to Kathleen L. Christensen & Kurt A. Christensen by Bonkers 1 LLC Trustee & Trust 7903, $182,000, 9/8/2017.

4434 Whitetail Ln., to Offerpad Spvborrower19 LLC by John Paul Chapman & Jensen H. Chatman, $172,000, 9/15/2017.

7938 Cameron Cay Ct., to Robin Joy Fisher by Diana L. Plourde, $159,900, 8/31/2017.

7334 Plathe Rd., to Anthony P. Jeffs & Elaine F. Jeffs by Gayle L. Barr, $150,000, 9/8/2017.

8803 Angoff Dr., to Rock & Roll Rehab LLC by Valerie J. Wilson, $135,000, 9/13/2017.

4379 Newbury Dr., to Loren E. Lopez by Samuel Risola, $123,000, 9/14/2017.

10127 Basin St., to Pnre LLC by Andrew Ryan Weaver, $110,600, 9/14/2017.

7419 Belvedere Ter., to John J. Lyth by Ellen T. Rundel & Peter C. Rundel, $110,000, 9/6/2017.

11708 Aspenwood Dr., to Francis Drouin & Judith Drouin by Josanne Reilly, $100,500, 9/8/2017.

7330 Plathe Rd., to Anthony P. Jeffs & Elaine F. Jeffs by Gayle Barr & Gayle L. Hines, $100,000, 9/14/2017.

6437 Tralee Ave., to Eldon D. Toller Jr. by Zachary E. Boelkow, $95,000, 9/8/2017.

4628 Bowl St., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation by Abdy M. Baerwald & Kris E. Baerwald, $92,100, 7/27/2017.

3702 Sail Dr., to Re Ltd Heritage by Arthur Samiel & Maybelline Samiel, $88,000, 9/18/2017.

4256 Woodsville Dr., to Natsuko Ikegami by Lp Dvp, $85,000, 9/12/2017.

7455 Como Dr., to Jon Phillip Hansen & Sasha Lee Hansen by Downing Paulette L Trust & Billie Jo Laverna Findley, $85,000, 9/8/2017.

6509 Spring Flower Dr. Apt 21, to Craig D. Cartwright & Amy G. Golden by Barbara J. Hacker & Patricia A. Hacker, $79,000, 9/7/2017.

4726 Marine Pkwy. Apt 101, to Helen J. Strickland & Howard R. Strickland by Rent To Own Pasco Inc, $64,000, 9/7/2017.

11829 Carissa Ln., to Cheryl Stroot & Richard Stroot by Diane L. Warner & Garry R. Warner, $63,500, 8/18/2017.

5209 Reseda Dr., to Robert Hunt by Flora Weaver, $60,000, 9/7/2017.


13949 Jacobson Dr., to Willie Lee Beckett by Aleksandra Jagiella & Litts Aleksandra Irene Patricia Jagiella, $290,000, 9/14/2017.

1248 Rolling Stone Run, to Timothy Schurdell Jr. & Victoria K. Schurdell by Jennifer M. Kim & Chae U. Lee, $275,000, 8/29/2017.

13634 Fareham Rd., to Benjamin S. Dargan & Rebekah A. Dargan by Edward Lanette & Lindsay Lanette, $175,000, 9/14/2017.

16551 Swan View Cir., to Miguel Angel Diaz by Daniel P. Toner & Vanessa Toner, $148,000, 8/30/2017.


8209 Aquila St., to Golden Shovel Properties LLC by Andrew Kouchoukos, $197,500, 9/15/2017.

8211 Brent St. Apt 828, to Kimberly West by Alan L. Strom & Nancy D. Strom, $195,500, 9/18/2017.

7311 Fireside Dr., to James F. Hayes & Noreen A. Hayes by Ruth Searle Revocable Self Decleratio Genelee & Gloria J. Searle, $138,000, 8/28/2017.

7114 Parrot Dr., to Dawn M. Helt & Gregory R. Helt by James Horan, $135,000, 9/14/2017.

9109 Lometa Ln., to Roger Rodriguez by Glenn Arthur Marinelli, $130,000, 9/15/2017.

7233 Vienna Ln., to Erin Whitley Williams by Kurt E. Greller & Tabitha Greller, $116,000, 8/11/2017.

9524 Richwood Ln., to Offerpad Spvborrower20 LLC by Barbara A. Page & Steven R. Page, $97,500, 9/6/2017.

9130 Chatam Ln., to Kosmas A. Koukoulis by Julia V. Delong, $95,000, 9/14/2017.

9831 Rainbow Ln., to Torcana Properties Inc by John C. Webber & John C. Revocable Webber, $85,000, 9/19/2017.

8506 Fox Hollow Dr., to Clare Bloodgood & George Shields by Anne Voccia Megani & Mario Voccia, $82,500, 9/6/2017.

7737 Deedra Cir., to Mohammed D. Jasim by Pelekidis Properties Inc, $81,000, 9/15/2017.

11234 Tamarix Ave., to Fossegrim LLC by Julie Novak & Sharon Pruitt, $75,000, 9/8/2017.

7411 Brentwood Dr., to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC by Luis Martinez & Luis A. Martinez, $72,400, 9/19/2017.

11406 Nature Trl, to Homesale Store LLC by Louise Vantuyl, $42,500, 9/14/2017.


10245 Cleghorn Dr., to Akash Jaglal by Midland Funding LLC, $215,000, 9/1/2017.

10211 Buncombe Way, to Cindy Michelle Sischo & Scott David Sischo by Huey L. Johnson Sr. & Johnson Huey L Trust, $190,000, 9/15/2017.


18005 Riggins Rd., to Mrpl Investments LLC by Christiana Trust Trustee & Normandy Mortgage Loan Trust, $66,000, 9/14/2017.


5465 Saddlebrook Way, to Robert S. Miller by Frank C. Pettinato & Kristen S. Pettinato, $350,000, 9/14/2017.

3520 Fortingale Dr., to Brett N. Dial & Lauren E. Dial by Anthony M. Cutillo & Donna M. Cutillo, $272,000, 8/18/2017.

2325 Pantucket Dr., to Danielle Novisk Stebleton & Noah A. Stebleton by Jessica Fyock & Robert S. Fyock, $262,500, 8/25/2017.

30123 Emmetts Ct., to Diana Bollinger & Robert H. Lemanski by Brenda Farquarson & Norman D. Farquarson, $242,000, 9/6/2017.

7817 Blackhill St., to Aldo J. Puertas Jr. & Flora F. Puertas by Jeffrey K. Murphy & Mimi J. Murphy, $239,900, 9/15/2017.

3246 Chapel Creek Cir., to Monica Goss by Robert Pate, $235,000, 8/23/2017.

1529 Baythorn Dr., to Yong Joon Kwon by Deborah K. Emberger & Oliver Emberger, $234,000, 8/31/2017.

29306 Laughridge Pl., to Elizabeth Berrios Aponte & Hector Luis Martinez by David Kozora & Susan L. Kozora, $215,000, 9/15/2017.

31100 Mandolin Cay Ave., to Natacha G. Joseph by Harsha Patel, $205,000, 9/14/2017.

1142 Nashville Dr., to Amanda Colucci by Carol Fazio & Michael Fazio Jr., $194,000, 9/15/2017.

31806 Blythewood Way, to Richard J. Stehm by William Galetta, $190,000, 8/30/2017.

6544 Gentle Ben Cir., to Cit Bank Na by Hilda Egri & Fairways Of Quail Hollow Homeowners Associati, $161,100, 8/11/2017.

31102 Chatterly Dr., to Glenn E. Marion by Denz Inc, $149,000, 8/31/2017.

5945 Angus Valley Dr., to Christopher W. Duffett & Tia R. Hubbard by Debra Hubbard, $99,100, 9/14/2017.

34027 Dovewood Dr., to Halie Nicole Derr & Kyle William Derr by Annette M. Skolnik & Charles J. Skolnik, $85,000, 8/31/2017.

31000 Whitlock Dr., to Gianthony Homes Inc by Marianna K. Hagen, $75,000, 8/30/2017.


37350 Neighbors Path, to Miriam E. Ellis & Robert Kyle Ellis Jr. by Randall K. Bahr & Suzanne P. Bahr, $390,000, 8/30/2017.

35542 Wickingham Ct., to Sizemore Suzanne F. Lind & Charles B. Sizemore by Bonnie E. Melina & Russell V. Melina, $199,000, 9/7/2017.

36330 Henderson Ln., to Deborah Lee Cox & Owen Ray Cox II by Daniel R. Deyarmin & Joan A. Deyarmin, $195,000, 8/31/2017.

5929 17th St., to Beverly A. Sloan by Arnold C. Cox & Cox Arnold C Trustee, $172,500, 8/29/2017.

5620 Autumn Shire Dr., to Alan G. Secrest & Katherine A. Secrest by Robert Leader, $141,000, 8/24/2017.

37407 Teaberry Loop, to Linda M. Mullen & Patrick M. Mullen by Heather C. Bogdan, $128,000, 9/15/2017.

38552 Stafford Dr., to Anne M. Digeorge & John Michael Digeorge by Myles Hooper & Sharon Hooper, $76,900, 8/23/2017.

38605 Lansing Ave., to Victor L. Finch & Alma F. Fournier by Cynthia Lathrop & Dewitt C. Lathrop, $75,000, 9/8/2017.

6033 20th St., to Marcus Price & Mj Price by Julie Moore & Moore Julie A Trust, $72,900, 7/27/2017.

4341 Autumn Palm Dr., to John Patrick Digeorge by Sheila Lynn Hutchinson & Sheila Jones, $69,000, 8/30/2017.

37742 Alissa Dr., to Irene Schurley by Gertrude Greco & Gregory Greco, $60,000, 9/5/2017.

39101 Kirkland Dr., to Heather Cutting & Richard Cutting by Amy M. Place & Amy M. Shaffer, $58,000, 9/1/2017.

35137 Dale Ave., to Barbara C. Williams & Stephen Alfred Williams by James J. Geresy & Janette Geresy, $45,000, 9/19/2017.

Everybody loses in a trade war, Canadian chamber CEO warns Tampa officials

Everybody loses in a trade war, Canadian chamber CEO warns Tampa officials

TAMPA — President Donald Trump has tweeted "trade wars are good, and easy to win."Don’t believe it, the president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce told Tampa business and political leaders on Wednesday."We share more with you than with anybody els...
Updated: 10 hours ago
Trademark makes it official: Call it the St. Pete Pier

Trademark makes it official: Call it the St. Pete Pier

ST. PETERSBURG — Today the City Council is set to approve a $15 million construction contract and additional money for the next phase of the new Pier District expected to open in the fall of 2019.But even as council members get ready to commit hundre...
Updated: 11 hours ago
Downtown’s success creates noisy problem for St. Petersburg

Downtown’s success creates noisy problem for St. Petersburg

Times Staff Writer ST. PETERSBURG — Downtown’s rapid growth has not been without tension between its residents and the businesses and events that draw exuberant crowds.The city, which has been attempting to amend its noise ordinance over the past few...
Published: 04/19/18
Fed survey finds worries about higher tariffs

Fed survey finds worries about higher tariffs

Associated PressWASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve’s latest national survey has found that U.S. businesses are growing increasingly concerned about the impact higher tariffs could have on their companies and the overall economy. The Fed reported Wednes...
Published: 04/18/18
Most of Tampa Bay’s new liquor licenses won by applicants from South Florida, Tallahassee

Most of Tampa Bay’s new liquor licenses won by applicants from South Florida, Tallahassee

TALLAHASSEE — The newest batch of quota liquor licenses for the Tampa Bay area will go to applicants from South Florida and Tallahassee. In its annual drawing, the state Department of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco selected the winners of 51 licen...
Published: 04/18/18
Tampa’s 60-year-old Housewife Bake Shop may not be closing after all

Tampa’s 60-year-old Housewife Bake Shop may not be closing after all

For nearly 60 years it was breads, cakes and pastries, up before dawn for the Perrone family in Armenia Garden Estates. For a minute it looked like Tampa’s Housewife Bake Shop was going to close, but third-generation owner Tena Perrone said on Wednes...
Published: 04/18/18
Report: Unemployment assistance in Florida lagged after Hurricane Irma

Report: Unemployment assistance in Florida lagged after Hurricane Irma

Note: This story has been updated with a response from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.In the days and weeks following Hurricane Irma, Gov. Rick Scott touted his administration’s preparation and response to one of the worst storms to h...
Published: 04/18/18
Florida Hospital Carrollwood spending $17.5 million to expand emergency department

Florida Hospital Carrollwood spending $17.5 million to expand emergency department

Florida Hospital Carrollwood is expanding its emergency department. The hospital, 7171 North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, is spending $17.5 million to add 15 new private treatment rooms, new pediatric rooms and waiting areas, and new technology, acco...
Published: 04/18/18
Dick’s destroying all the guns it pulled from its shelves

Dick’s destroying all the guns it pulled from its shelves

PITTSBURGH — Dick’s Sporting Goods is destroying all the guns and accessories that it stopped selling earlier this year after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.The retailer said Tuesday that it is in the process of destroying all the firearms ...
Published: 04/18/18
Amazon partners with Best Buy on smart TVs

Amazon partners with Best Buy on smart TVs

Associated PressNEW YORK — Amazon has cut a deal to sell voice-controlled TVs at Best Buy, the latest attempt by the online retailer to get its burgeoning suite of tech products out where people can see and touch them. Best Buy already sells the Amaz...
Published: 04/18/18