Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pasco County real estate transactions


13235 Palmilla Cir., to Kristine E. Cottral by Craig Weber, $190,000, 1/15/2014.

37335 Vero Ln., to Carlos W. Castro by Fred W. Prsnl Rep Heufel & John G. Prsnl Rep Heufel III, $103,000, 1/13/2014.


5700 Catskill Rd., to Leo Vranas by Kelly A. Ratz, $128,000, 1/14/2014.

3933 Baden Dr., to Diane L. Schneder & Jerome V. Schneder by Leonard L. Davison & Verna O. Davison, $77,000, 1/16/2014.

3345 Seffner Dr., to Zannis Family Trust & Zeni Zannis Trustee by Equity Trust Co Custodian & Samuel Risola, $70,000, 1/10/2014.

4827 Odyssey Ave., to Carol A. Booth & Booth Bradley Engstrom by Gilles J. Mcgrath & Oriza M. Mcgrath, $49,900, 1/4/2014.


7419 Islander Ln., to Deutsche Bnk Natlust Co & Gsr Mtg Loan Trust 2007 Ar2 by Janelle Mounger & Janelle L. Mounger, $267,200, 1/16/2014.

11737 Heritage Point Dr., to John Vicario & Linda Vicario by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $134,500, 1/14/2014.

13212 Sumpter Cir., to Robert Ardizzoni & Teresa A. Lake by Kathleen R. Parrish & Marvin E. Parrish, $120,000, 1/13/2014.

7810 Firestone Way, to Patricia E. Faller & Robert J. Faller by Deanna F. Blechner, $119,900, 1/14/2014.

13411 Lisa Dr., to Michael R. Miller & Sandra J. Miller by Michael Brown & Michael Leonard Brown, $110,000, 1/16/2014.

13416 Norman Cir., to Timothy Gray & Gina Sellers by Powell Family Trust & Paul Michael Powell Trustee, $77,000, 1/3/2014.

10715 Hudson Ave., to James Thaddeus Duncan III by David J. Smith & Verna M. Smith, $52,000, 1/21/2014.


4723 School Rd., to Jeff Marko by Barbara B. Griffith & Maurice E. Griffith, $500,000, 1/15/2014.

22646 Cliffside Way, to Barbara B. Griffith & Maurice E. Griffith by Anthony T. Mannarino & Beth K. Mannarino, $318,000, 1/15/2014.

8920 Handel Lp., to Leslie Ann Schroeder & Patrick Michael Schroeder by Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $271,000, 1/13/2014.

20816 Amanda Oak Ct., to John M. Quinn & Pamela K. Quinn by Brian M. Baszak & Brian M. Prsnl Rep Baszak, $237,000, 1/17/2014.

7618 Blue Spring Dr., to Tamera Payne by Adrienne M. Nuzzo & Vincent M. Nuzzo, $234,000, 1/8/2014.

24109 Painter Dr., to Carol Ann Mirabal & Garcia Jorge L. Reyes by Christine A. Schneider, $169,300, 1/13/2014.

3210 Clover Blossom Cir., to Haydee Sixtina Davila & Jose R. Davila by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $164,600, 1/10/2014.

23812 Plantation Palms Blv, to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Alan M. Keene & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $121,600, 1/21/2014.

4615 Canterbury Dr., to Coast Cr Un Space by Lake Padgett Est E Prop Owners Assn Inc & Triscilla L. Macwilliams, $114,200, 1/16/2014.

23403 Boulder Crest Pl., to Kailey L. Sanchez & Raul S. Sanchez by 21st Mtg Corp & Twenty First Mtg Corp, $89,900, 1/15/2014.

6734 Dali Ave .B106, to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Of America Bank & Caliente Apartments Cond Assn Inc, $82,200, 1/21/2014.

19046 Dunlap Ct., to Backed Certificates Asset & Deutsche Bnk Natlust Co by Aqua Fin Inc & Asbel Creek Assn Inc, $71,100, 1/21/2014.


21301 Aaron Ct., to Janet R. Cobain & Patsy J. Gilmore by Robert R. Macdonald, $189,500, 1/7/2014.

2051 Vista Del Sol Cir. 208, to Bruce Ogilvie Cowan & Heather Helene Cowan by Kaufman Sally A Trust & Donna L. Longhouse Trustee, $175,000, 1/14/2014.

24327 Mistwood Ct., to Yolanda M. Duenas & Jorge A. Gonzalez Eiranova by Barbara L. Bornemann, $159,000, 1/16/2014.

21615 Rosewood Ct., to Brandik Scranton by Lisa Baker & James W. Bryan, $115,000, 1/17/2014.

26756 Hickory Lp., to Elpis Holdings I LLC & Elpis Holdings One LLC by Steven Robert Fritch, $66,000, 1/10/2014.


5008 West Shore Dr., to Eva Ackley & Rodney Ackley by Sandra J. Thieman & Thomas G. Thieman, $500,000, 1/14/2014.

1600 El Pardo Dr., to Theodore Williams by Gregory Hovsepian & Marilyn N. Hovsepian, $470,000, 1/15/2014.

11415 Hidden Cove Ct., to Marvin D. Harms Trustee & Harms Marvin D Trust by Joan M. Porter & Robert K. Porter, $380,000, 1/21/2014.

5332 Pilots Pl., to Joseph C. Fucci by Susan H. Heidt & Jill B. Locklair, $350,000, 1/9/2014.

5124 Glenn Dr., to Gerald W. Rooney & Maureen A. Rooney by Ddmd LLC, $345,000, 1/7/2014.

11806 Hadleigh Way, to Donna Aloi & Christopher Fay by Linda L. Wolney, $320,000, 1/17/2014.

10122 Hemingway St., to Daniel R. Vanno & Sandra L. Vanno by Lydia R. Honor & Mark J. Honor, $265,000, 1/14/2014.

7516 Cheltnam Ct., to Kristin Cashman by Lisa Rogers & Neil Rogers, $254,000, 1/16/2014.

9501 Marblehead Ln., to Jennifer Morris & Jerry Morris by Louis Bauza & Suzanne M. Bauza, $230,000, 1/14/2014.

3620 Hurston St., to Clinton W. Babcock & Donna A. Babcock by Panagiotis Darios, $165,000, 1/10/2014.

4417 Foxboro Dr., to Lani Settles by Fred W. Cannock Jr. Trustee & Cannock Fred W Trust, $115,000, 1/14/2014.

4634 Gazebo Ct., to Gay A. Jonatzke & Robert K. Jonatzke by Raymonde N. Sutsser & Terrell W. Sutsser, $105,000, 1/16/2014.

4353 Dewey Dr., to Jpmorgan Chase Bnk by Jane Doe & John Doe, $85,100, 1/17/2014.

9118 Cotswald Way, to Theresa Leopold & Thomas F. Leopold by Lina Harstein, $82,500, 1/14/2014.

9932 Cardy St., to Devanand Balgobin by Cmdl Invest LLC, $80,000, 1/15/2014.

6116 11th Ave., to Sf Rental Lp Sfrh by Susan Diane Delucca, $64,000, 1/17/2014.

6718 Larchmont Ave., to Manuela Barone & Carlo Ferrante by Jean F. Catalano, $60,000, 1/15/2014.

8816 Manos Cir., to Iris Perez & Jose Perez by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $57,600, 1/15/2014.

7128 Carmel Ave., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Anthony Bacotti & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $56,100, 1/21/2014.

6006 Cecelia Dr., to Anastasia Kourmpetis by Herman O. Hoelscher & Lori G. Hoelscher, $54,900, 1/6/2014.

3432 Murrow St., to Equity Trust Co Custodian by C One Bnk & C1 Bnk, $47,500, 1/17/2014.

4939 Floramar Ter. 810, to Brigitte Hanchard & Richard Hanchard by Erwin James J Est Of & Stephen Prsnl Rep Erwin, $45,000, 1/17/2014.

3940 Del Rio Ave., to Cora Scala & Santo Scala by Edward L. Collinsworth, $44,000, 1/18/2014.


13929 Fareham Rd., to Pamela Ortega by Mahe Gonzalez & Raymond Gonzalez, $203,900, 1/17/2014.

1600 Villa Capri Cir. 315, to Marion Pfannenschwarz by Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $90,000, 1/17/2014.


7557 High Pines Ct., to Paul Santacroce by Meo Daniel De & Meo Roberta De, $138,000, 1/13/2014.

7140 Parrot Dr., to Carlos Hernandez Jr. & Leonor Hernandez by Frank G. Mccauley, $93,000, 1/16/2014.

8142 Monarch Dr., to Kristopher Rotonda by Evelyn Otto & Michael Otto, $90,000, 1/10/2014.

10051 Barnett Lp., to John Frank by Allan Farris, $80,600, 1/16/2014.

7446 Lake Forest Cir., to Kenneth Hurlbut Jr. by Jamie Murdoch & Michael Murdoch, $75,000, 1/15/2014.

8421 Sun Dr., to Gwenith T. Olmstead by Joan H. Platania Trustee, $65,000, 1/16/2014.

10538 Farnam Ct., to Donna Fisher by Christina A. Mcdermott & Robert D. Mcdermott, $64,000, 1/10/2014.

4952 Marina Palms Dr., to Giuseppe A. Passanisi Trustee & Rosemarie J. Passanisi Trustee by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $63,700, 1/17/2014.

7337 Heath Dr., to John S. Jacobchick & Mary R. Jacobchick by Eric Rapkin, $60,000, 1/15/2014.

8136 Monarch Dr., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Thomas P. Flynn & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $55,100, 1/21/2014.

9820 Wayside Ln., to Edie Watson by James R. Hovseth Trustee & Hovseth James R Trust, $50,000, 1/14/2014.


16629 Saguaro Ln., to Douwe Deboer & Elva L. Deboer by Robert Debatt & Susan Debatt, $195,000, 1/9/2014.

15601 Waxweed Ave., to Steven L. Wohnsen by Capco Invest LLC, $55,000, 1/22/2014.

18546 Deason Dr., to Home Loans Servicing Lp Bac & Home Loans Servicing Lp Countrywide by Constance Maria Collop & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $50,100, 1/23/2014.


1517 Baythorn Dr., to Carol Shahin by Wendy Harding, $218,000, 1/17/2014.

4200 Knollpoint Dr., to Deborah C. Morgan by Christopher E. Logan & Susha Isaacs Logan, $200,000, 1/17/2014.

26616 Whirlaway Ter., to Donald W. Aiken by Juanita H. Klug, $165,000, 1/3/2014.

4213 Branchside Ln., to Janette T. Rice by Marsha Ann Clarke & John D. Strand, $151,000, 1/16/2014.

1931 Sassafras Dr., to Adolfo Silvera by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $144,500, 1/15/2014.

1832 Echo Pond Pl., to Wendy Harding & Calvin Tokuji Mizuguchi by Askold A. Meleshko & Maria H. Meleshko, $139,000, 1/17/2014.

6336 Sushi Ct., to Jeanine A. Hassani & Joed Hassani by Cindy Beltran & Daniel Beltran, $130,000, 1/15/2014.

30748 White Bird Ave., to Deutsche Bnk Natlust Co & Indymac Indx Mtg Trust 2007 Ar7 by Country Walk Homeowners Assn Inc & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $114,000, 1/21/2014.

31132 Masena Dr., to Henry Narvaez by West Florida Wholesale Prop LLC, $100,100, 1/14/2014.

28407 Tanglewood Dr., to James Mackey by Sandra Oreilly, $100,000, 1/9/2014.

1307 Lyonshire Dr., to Brian C. Boyer by Landcrest Homes LLC, $94,900, 1/14/2014.

4758 Fox Hunt Dr. B411, to Mvc Enterprises LLC by Karen Doyle & Steve Doyle, $62,000, 1/10/2014.

3852 Julie Dr., to Beverly J. Newman & Michael Newman by Kerry J. Ellis & Todd M. Ellis, $54,000, 1/17/2014.


3835 Florida Ranch Blvd., to Andrew J. Doerr & Natosha L. Doerr by Terry Zacker, $195,000, 1/6/2014.

5207 Englewood Ln., to Julie Sweet by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $114,000, 1/9/2014.

38532 Camden Ave., to Martha H. Mcmickin Trustee & Mcmickin Martha Trust by Beverly Crete, $94,000, 1/17/2014.

5912 Benz Dr., to Judy R. Roller & William K. Roller by Carolyn Hirschinger, $85,000, 1/10/2014.

39334 Miramar Dr., to Debra Johns Gomez by Barbara Cross Trustee & Cross Family Trust, $56,250, 1/16/2014.

35153 Mc Culloughs Leap, to Jael A. Crable & Ronald E. Dunbar by Albert L. Dorward, $56,000, 1/16/2014.

House approves government spending bill

House approves government spending bill

A divided House on Thursday passed an 11-hour plan to keep the government running. But the GOP-written measure faced gloomy prospects in the Senate, and it remained unclear whether lawmakers would be able to find a way to keep federal offices open pa...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Crystal Lagoon planners cut the ribbon on a chilly day (w/video)

Crystal Lagoon planners cut the ribbon on a chilly day (w/video)

WESLEY CHAPEL — Mother Nature seems to have a way of putting a chill on one of the hottest amenities in residential real estate development.Members of the business community, elected officials and executives with Metro Development Group and Crystal L...
Updated: 6 hours ago

Consumer agency to spend rainy day funds

NEW YORK — The Trump-appointed acting director of the federal government’s consumer watchdog agency requested zero dollars of funding for its second-quarter budget, saying he intends to first spend down the agency’s rainy day fund. In a letter to the...
Updated: 6 hours ago
Tampa Bay area doesn’t make cut as Amazon second headquarter finalist

Tampa Bay area doesn’t make cut as Amazon second headquarter finalist

To no one’s surprise, Amazon on Thursday released its list of location finalists for its second headquarters, and neither Tampa nor St. Petersburg was on it."We knew it was going to be a long shot and a difficult road," Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said....
Updated: 11 hours ago

Deal clears way for Oldsmar townhomes

OLDSMAR — The City Council voted 4-1 last month in favor of approving a development agreement for a 50-unit townhome community on a nearly 4-acre parcel on St. Petersburg Drive. According to the terms of the agreement, Oldsmar Towns LLC will build a ...
Published: 01/18/18
Here are Tampa Bay's priciest home sales in 2017

Here are Tampa Bay's priciest home sales in 2017

If there’s one word to describe the buyers of Tampa Bay’s 25 priciest homes in 2017 it’s this: eclectic. As in previous years, the group included doctors, lawyers and professional sports figures — three of the homes were purc...
Published: 01/18/18
Ace Hardware in Oldsmar has those hard to find home items

Ace Hardware in Oldsmar has those hard to find home items

When Vision ACE Hardware opened in Oldsmar last November, the very first customer came in looking for a light bulb that he couldn’t find anywhere else."We had that lightbulb," said Stone Ackroyd, marketing manager. "That’s what ACE does. We have thos...
Published: 01/18/18
Mellow Mushroom opens third locationin Wesley Chapel

Mellow Mushroom opens third locationin Wesley Chapel

LUTZ — Mellow Mushroom opened the doors to its new location this week in Wesley Chapel.This is the third location for owner Rob Johnson, who opened the Mellow Mushroom in Brandon 12 years ago, and then expanded to Clearwater.Johnson began looking at ...
Published: 01/18/18
Sweets, savories and surprises at Jules’ Place in southeast Seminole Heights

Sweets, savories and surprises at Jules’ Place in southeast Seminole Heights

Tampa native Julie Harris worked for the City of Tampa for 22 years, under four mayoral administrations, until retiring as director of communications and neighborhood liaison in 2003.Her familiarity with Southeast Seminole Heights and countless conta...
Published: 01/18/18
Popular Spanish cuisine restaurant joins Hyde Park food scene

Popular Spanish cuisine restaurant joins Hyde Park food scene

HYDE PARK—Featuring popular Spanish cuisine, Bulla Gastrobar compliments Soho and Hyde Park’s vibrant restaurant scene offering an authentic Madrid-inspired tapas dining experience to be shared among friends for brunch, lunch and dinner. "Tampa is gr...
Published: 01/18/18