Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pasco real estate listings for Dec. 11


13650 Thoroughbred Dr., to Angelita Faith & James Lee Mcelroy by Kevin A. Stella, $325,000, 11/15/2013.

14340 Delmar St., to Workforce Housing Ventures Inc by Deutsche Bnk Natlust Co & Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc, $74,900, 11/6/2013.


3222 Hearthstone Ct., to Carol L. Ciadella & James V. Ciadella by Norman H. Russick II, $168,000, 11/20/2013.

2717 Hawk Roost Ct., to Franca Tamburello & Gerlando Tamburello by Michael J. Jaszez & Victoria M. Jaszez, $165,000, 11/21/2013.

5532 Cheyenne Dr., to Cornucopia LLC by David Pender, $68,900, 11/18/2013.

2041 Norfolk Dr., to F & P Invest Prop LLC by Marion G. Poirer, $58,000, 11/15/2013.

3415 Honeymoon Ln., to Cheuk Wan Chan by Jean Luc M. Latrique, $54,000, 11/18/2013.

1108 Clairborne St., to Carlos A. Macri by 3day Cash Buyers LLC & Three Day Cash Buyers LLC, $41,000, 11/20/2013.


8727 Helmsly Ln., to Charlotte H. Herring & James Herring Sr. by Ma Nn Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $184,100, 11/15/2013.

8851 Thoreau Pl., to George D. Silvius III & Joan L. Silvius by Barbara J. Shine, $161,500, 11/19/2013.

9217 Water Hazard Dr., to Darrell G. Hagar & Kathy Hagar by Dudley W. Armstrong & Nancy D. Perrault, $158,000, 11/21/2013.

12706 Whisper Cir., to Alan E. Baumgarten by Catherine M. Heyl, $110,000, 11/18/2013.

8507 Village Mill Row, to Federal Natl Mtg Assn by Melody A. Chairez, $107,400, 10/23/2013.

10340 Autumnwood Dr., to James Wells by Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $69,500, 11/5/2013.

13232 Lisa Dr., to James A. Wells & Linda S. Wells by Deborah W. Tucker & Jonathon Tucker, $65,000, 10/31/2013.

16910 Camille St., to Earl G. Stocker Sr. by Mathorn A. Jackson, $42,000, 11/19/2013.


4115 Marlow Lp., to Elizabeth T. Birberick & Philip A. Birberick by Lee Catalfomo & Patricia Catalfomo, $192,000, 11/18/2013.

9422 Blackthorn Lp., to Shamik Bhattacharjee & Shuvabrata Bhattacharjee by John Alvarez & Rosa Alvarez, $176,000, 11/21/2013.

22728 Roderick Dr., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC & Beazer Pre Owned Homes Two LLC by Teresa Knowles & Anthony Maisano, $161,000, 11/19/2013.

10029 Perthshire Cir., to Daniel O. Stevens & Leah M. Stevens by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $139,900, 11/15/2013.

2711 Martha Ln., to Ashley Nicole Borgella by Floyd Lehman Amos, $111,400, 11/14/2013.

4108 Winding River Way, to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC by Lisa Marie Debroux & Lisa D. Ingram, $94,000, 11/19/2013.


1270 Eastwood Dr., to Chelsea Galcik by Hogar Community Reinvestement LLC, $118,500, 10/31/2013.

22707 St. Thomas Cir., to Douglas G. Hayden & Duane D. Hayden by Denese Chen & Stuart Chen, $80,500, 11/21/2013.


1227 Toscano Dr., to Alisha Adam & Ian Adam by Mario Galang & Mario A. Galang, $575,000, 11/21/2013.

6143 Riviera Ln., to Ana Marcela Tucker & Stephen M. Tucker by Florida Lp Thr, $352,000, 11/19/2013.

1207 Ketzal Dr., to Andrew Winterkorn & Darlene Winterkorn by Patricia A. Dixon, $309,000, 11/19/2013.

6410 Sutherland Ave., to Erin L. Petti & John M. Petti by Pacific Of Florida Standard, $285,400, 11/8/2013.

1146 Trafalgar Dr., to Gloria Forte & Thomas J. Forte by Donna J. Wood & Russell W. Wood, $285,000, 11/12/2013.

2018 Larissa Ct., to Mark G. Kucharyski & Sheryl D. Kucharyski by Holly B. Eck & Scott A. Eck, $280,000, 11/8/2013.

10304 Chip Ln., to Danielle M. Becker & John R. Becker by Charlene T. Cresci & Charlene T. Fraize, $260,000, 11/15/2013.

5007 Forestay Ct., to Of America Bank by J. Dennis Thorne & Robin M. Thorne, $198,900, 10/21/2013.

6538 Pine Walk Dr., to Diane L. Cole & James E. Cole by Barry P. Walsh Trustee & Walsh Barry P Trust, $180,000, 11/22/2013.

8231 Sycamore Dr., to Leslie Jane Barile by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $168,500, 11/15/2013.

9219 Buena Mesa Dr., to June Siech by Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $166,900, 11/14/2013.

7455 Wimpole Dr., to Tom P. Avramis by Karen Robichaud, $165,000, 11/19/2013.

1611 Amaryllis Ct., to Barbara Wilhite & Terry Wilhite by Kathryn L. Branca, $163,000, 11/21/2013.

4210 Headsail Dr., to Halim Karam by Lynn E. Favreau & Roger Favreau, $155,000, 11/19/2013.

9722 Woodhollow Ct., to Karen A. Maffia & Lawrence J. Maffia by Kathryn B. Harvey & Steven V. Harvey, $145,000, 11/21/2013.

8134 Hutchinson Dr., to Christoph Leibrecht by Orchid Lake Holdings LLC, $110,000, 11/19/2013.

7907 Chadwick Dr., to 7907 Chadwick Dr Land Trust by Alfonso Desimone & Carol Desimone, $89,500, 11/22/2013.

6420 Cabbage Ln., to Barbara Darlene Shaw by Elaine S. Jacobine & Henry Jacobine, $77,000, 11/18/2013.

3612 Hogan Dr., to U S Bnk Natl Assn by Nancy A. Cramer & Nancy A. Mr Cramer, $72,100, 11/20/2013.

9326 Whitstone Ct., to David Wiggins & Robbin Wiggins by Martha Sue Scott, $69,200, 11/20/2013.

4137 Wood Trail Blvd., to Craig Allen Matous by Susan Carlson & Dolores Porterfield, $68,400, 11/18/2013.

3106 Vanceboro St., to Bjme Prop LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $65,500, 11/9/2013.

11507 Yellow Birch Ct., to David J. Shaver & Pauline L. Shaver by Gloria Calamia & Gloria Hetherington, $60,000, 11/22/2013.

7631 Mitchell Ranch Rd., to Richard Partlow by Kelly A. Dudek & Julie Hanigan, $55,000, 11/20/2013.

4516 Nimmer Dr., to Jose E. Zuluaga & Maria L. Zuluaga by Daniel J. Reynolds & Maribel V. Reynolds, $55,000, 11/20/2013.

5110 Meadowlark Ln., to Tadeusz H. Stefek & Teresa A. Stefek by Capco Invest LLC, $48,000, 11/14/2013.


1544 Abyss Dr., to Eric Wade & Laura Wade by Dlj Mtg Capital Inc, $239,500, 11/1/2013.


10028 Grove Dr., to Megan C. Franco & Jeromy Harding by Dion C. Sharer & Roberta J. Smith, $230,000, 11/20/2013.

8249 Channel Dr., to Robert Keough & Wade Lynn Schroader by Jerry L. Schmidt, $190,000, 11/15/2013.

7914 Bahama Ave., to Anita G. Richgels & Robert L. Richgels by Marianna Tomaszewski & Witold Tomaszewski, $125,500, 11/19/2013.

11101 Linkside Dr., to Alfred F. Roberts & Helen A. Roberts by Ellen Vigilotti, $100,000, 11/20/2013.

8034 Durham Dr., to Federal Natl Mtg Assn by Richard R. Barrett Jr., $85,200, 11/7/2013.

7531 Embassy Blvd., to Trademark Advantage LLC by Jose M. Valentin & Yamira Valentin, $54,000, 11/19/2013.

7405 San Moritz Dr., to Tudela Sandra Digildo & Anthony Tudela by Tudela Sandra Digildo, $50,000, 11/15/2013.

7309 Seashore Dr., to Sharon Medeiros by 7309 Seashore Drive Land Trust & Anne Mcqueen Trustee, $49,900, 11/19/2013.

7707 Radcliffe Cir., to Jacqueline R. Gillespie by Ruth Ann Hernandez, $45,500, 11/21/2013.

6920 Tierra Verde St., to Milton Burbano by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $45,500, 11/15/2013.


10573 Belmullet Dr., to Marion Siok & Thaddeus Siok by Lennar Homes LLC, $209,000, 11/15/2013.


17400 Nicks Dr., to Matthew Watford by 17400 Nicks Dr Trust & Jeff J. Kromolicki, $50,000, 11/20/2013.


27022 Laurel Chase Ln., to Christiane Marie Tabatzky & Paul Wysopal by Lisa Seuzeneau & Mark Seuzeneau, $465,000, 11/20/2013.

3318 Evening Breeze Lp., to Jian Zheng by Yahya Kalayci, $280,000, 10/25/2013.

5609 Foxtail Ct., to Robert Gines Santos & Syn Mycal Santos by David Robertson & Martha J. Robertson, $249,000, 11/22/2013.

25711 Santos Way, to Ellen James & Talyah Vann by Joseph S. Labarbera, $239,900, 10/9/2013.

26844 Stillbrook Dr., to Kevin Burke by Eduard P. Kucher & Ganna Kucher, $222,900, 11/21/2013.

31450 Chatterly Dr., to Joaquin Castrillon & Sonia Castrillon by Migdalia Carrigan & Mitchell S. Carrigan, $213,000, 11/19/2013.

31443 Loch Aline Dr., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC & Beazer Pre Owned Homes Two LLC by Sandra L. Clark & William E. Clark, $199,000, 11/20/2013.

3628 Juneberry Dr., to Three Prop Florida Lp Ih & Prop Florida Lp Ih3 by Andrea Roofe & Conroy G. Roofe, $199,000, 11/21/2013.

30332 Grymes Dr., to Linda Samhoury by Mae Fannie & Natl Mortgage Federal, $195,900, 11/8/2013.

29616 Bright Ray Pl., to Three Prop Florida L. P. Ih & Prop Florida L. P. Ih3 by Augusta Parrish & Herbert M. Parrish, $166,000, 11/18/2013.

28715 Twinbrook Ln., to Ahsan K. Khalil & Farah K. Khalil by Tanya Rose Persons & Wesley A. Persons, $128,000, 11/19/2013.

4762 Fox Hunt Dr. B303, to Janis Wolfson & Martin Wolfson by Echo 108 Trust & Norma J. Gannon, $73,000, 11/22/2013.


4921 8th St., to Lawrence W. Morris Sr. by Ana Rosa Cooke & Gordon R. Cooke, $95,000, 11/9/2013.

5934 Brickleberry Ln. 204, to Kenneth Orlando & Kirsten Orlando by Cascade Dusel, $54,000, 11/15/2013.

36914 Kay Ave., to James Gorczyca by Cheryl Chatfield, $42,000, 11/20/2013.

House approves government spending bill

House approves government spending bill

A divided House on Thursday passed an 11-hour plan to keep the government running. But the GOP-written measure faced gloomy prospects in the Senate, and it remained unclear whether lawmakers would be able to find a way to keep federal offices open pa...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Crystal Lagoon planners cut the ribbon on a chilly day (w/video)

Crystal Lagoon planners cut the ribbon on a chilly day (w/video)

WESLEY CHAPEL — Mother Nature seems to have a way of putting a chill on one of the hottest amenities in residential real estate development.Members of the business community, elected officials and executives with Metro Development Group and Crystal L...
Updated: 6 hours ago

Consumer agency to spend rainy day funds

NEW YORK — The Trump-appointed acting director of the federal government’s consumer watchdog agency requested zero dollars of funding for its second-quarter budget, saying he intends to first spend down the agency’s rainy day fund. In a letter to the...
Updated: 6 hours ago
Tampa Bay area doesn’t make cut as Amazon second headquarter finalist

Tampa Bay area doesn’t make cut as Amazon second headquarter finalist

To no one’s surprise, Amazon on Thursday released its list of location finalists for its second headquarters, and neither Tampa nor St. Petersburg was on it."We knew it was going to be a long shot and a difficult road," Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said....
Updated: 11 hours ago

Deal clears way for Oldsmar townhomes

OLDSMAR — The City Council voted 4-1 last month in favor of approving a development agreement for a 50-unit townhome community on a nearly 4-acre parcel on St. Petersburg Drive. According to the terms of the agreement, Oldsmar Towns LLC will build a ...
Published: 01/18/18
Here are Tampa Bay's priciest home sales in 2017

Here are Tampa Bay's priciest home sales in 2017

If there’s one word to describe the buyers of Tampa Bay’s 25 priciest homes in 2017 it’s this: eclectic. As in previous years, the group included doctors, lawyers and professional sports figures — three of the homes were purc...
Published: 01/18/18
Ace Hardware in Oldsmar has those hard to find home items

Ace Hardware in Oldsmar has those hard to find home items

When Vision ACE Hardware opened in Oldsmar last November, the very first customer came in looking for a light bulb that he couldn’t find anywhere else."We had that lightbulb," said Stone Ackroyd, marketing manager. "That’s what ACE does. We have thos...
Published: 01/18/18
Mellow Mushroom opens third locationin Wesley Chapel

Mellow Mushroom opens third locationin Wesley Chapel

LUTZ — Mellow Mushroom opened the doors to its new location this week in Wesley Chapel.This is the third location for owner Rob Johnson, who opened the Mellow Mushroom in Brandon 12 years ago, and then expanded to Clearwater.Johnson began looking at ...
Published: 01/18/18
Sweets, savories and surprises at Jules’ Place in southeast Seminole Heights

Sweets, savories and surprises at Jules’ Place in southeast Seminole Heights

Tampa native Julie Harris worked for the City of Tampa for 22 years, under four mayoral administrations, until retiring as director of communications and neighborhood liaison in 2003.Her familiarity with Southeast Seminole Heights and countless conta...
Published: 01/18/18
Popular Spanish cuisine restaurant joins Hyde Park food scene

Popular Spanish cuisine restaurant joins Hyde Park food scene

HYDE PARK—Featuring popular Spanish cuisine, Bulla Gastrobar compliments Soho and Hyde Park’s vibrant restaurant scene offering an authentic Madrid-inspired tapas dining experience to be shared among friends for brunch, lunch and dinner. "Tampa is gr...
Published: 01/18/18