Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pasco real estate listings for Dec. 4


13632 Thoroughbred Dr., to Anthony S. Lister & Jennifer J. Lister by Waldina E. Smith & Wayne L. Smith, $347,000, 11/13/2013.

13602 Thoroughbred Dr., to Dale J. Lampman & Denise L. Lampman by James E. Trout & Judy C. Trout, $300,000, 11/15/2013.

13024 Maudie Ln., to Dennis M. Greenberg by G. Suzanne Mclaughlin & Gayla S. Mclaughlin, $283,300, 11/14/2013.

37737 Bougainvillea Ave., to Jason W. Dye by Jennifer Vangorden & Steven Vangorden, $115,000, 11/7/2013.


5335 Casino Dr., to Pass Through Certificates Mortgage & Residential Funding Mtg Securities I Inc by Richelle Janette Jean Bradshaw & Richelle Wasylyna, $146,200, 10/8/2013.

5116 Chime Way, to Kathy Tsapelis by Mark Schlachtler, $74,000, 11/14/2013.

3621 Luma Dr., to Anastasie Vithoulkas by Edward F. Grillo & Karen Simpson Grillo, $67,000, 11/18/2013.

1823 Sprint Ln., to Thomas Tingas by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $65,000, 11/8/2013.

3418 Truman Dr., to Angel Melendez & Aurea Ramos by Linda Lou Golden Trustee & Robert G. Golden Trustee, $59,900, 10/31/2013.

5627 Auld Ln., to Of America Bank by Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil & Daniel Palmateer, $57,800, 11/20/2013.

4304 Fern Glen St., to George W. Brown & Heather D. Brown by Mary L. Jackson, $50,000, 11/7/2013.

3348 Rock Royal Dr., to Harold Gould by Walter William Chase & Walter Wm Chase, $48,000, 11/8/2013.

4208 Ridgefield Ave., to Andrzej P. Kuczek by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $43,000, 11/11/2013.


13823 John Casson Ave., to Barton Wu by Otis S. Bass Sr. & Rose L. Bass, $239,000, 11/14/2013.

11224 Edge Park Dr., to Deborah Layne & Richard Layne by Charles Pensa & Cheryl Pensa, $199,500, 10/21/2013.

8658 Ashbury Dr., to Richard J. Franco by Angela Hoogeveen, $172,500, 11/13/2013.

13448 Meadow Golf Ave., to Burney R. Fontenot & Danni L. Fontenot by David Jon Bannick & June Ann Bannick, $164,000, 11/13/2013.

13913 Barnard Ave., to Dale Gassert by Robert W. Korb, $140,000, 11/19/2013.

8516 Danbury Ln., to Irena Chmielewska & Piort Chmielewski by Dolores T. Fowler, $125,000, 11/6/2013.

7316 Sheepshead Dr., to Darren K. Julin by John A. Picciuto, $115,000, 11/12/2013.

10841 Rossiter Ave., to Kathleen Gallo & Michael A. Gallo by Miles M. Melzer, $112,000, 10/25/2013.

18711 Golden Hawk Ct., to Suntrust Bnk by Autumn Oaks Homeowners Assn Inc & Edna M. Emerson, $111,200, 11/19/2013.

12629 White Bluff Rd., to Samuel Brennan & Suely Brennan by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $110,100, 11/7/2013.

13726 Conway Ct., to Sarah J. Meyer by Dwight Earl Ford, $110,000, 11/13/2013.

13500 Rayburn Rd., to Timothy A. Declue by Irene Perotti, $89,000, 11/14/2013.

12702 Castleberry Ct., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Louise L. Hubbard & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $86,600, 11/20/2013.

8214 Cavalry Dr., to Tammy J. Young by Dolores E. Desalvo & George C. Desalvo, $85,100, 11/5/2013.

12800 Buckhorn Dr., to Mark S. Verderber by Robert Oliveri, $77,000, 11/12/2013.

12020 Country Cove Ave., to Anthony Locacio & Jane S. Locacio by Judy Cruse Blanco, $72,500, 11/13/2013.

8331 St. Marks Ct., to Maria Casanova & Rebeka Casanova by Hudson St Marks Ct LLC, $60,000, 11/14/2013.

8533 Viva Via, to David Gillis & Lee Gillis by Frank C. Connor & Diana Connors, $55,000, 11/15/2013.


20833 Broadwater Dr., to Huong T. Luu & Son N. Vu by Rebecca L. Williams & Robert R. Williams, $435,000, 11/15/2013.

3658 Gerrads Cross Ct., to Jenny R. Bunch & David C. Current by Andrew T. Oster Jr., $292,000, 11/18/2013.

3619 Barnweill St., to Charles E. Vrska & Laura W. Vrska by Brian Walek & Candiss N. Walek, $279,500, 11/12/2013.

3451 Chessington Dr., to Jeffrey M. Earhart by Kevin Nickerson & Nancy Ismilda Torres, $272,500, 11/13/2013.

7501 Melogold Cir., to Billy K. Whitmire & Irene J. Whitmire by Nancy L. Rasmussen, $266,500, 11/12/2013.

4055 Duke Firth St., to Gen K. Topping & Margaret Elena Topping by Kelly Moseley & Michael Moseley, $230,000, 11/13/2013.

17956 Ayrshire Blvd., to Anthony Cardillo & Autumn Lang by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $186,000, 11/8/2013.

4652 Braesgate Ct., to Darleen Rackey by James Mcclurg Mathers & Robert Winston Mathers, $184,900, 10/31/2013.

10138 Coldwater Lp., to Samuel Ramos by Mercedes Coronado & Byron Freire, $169,900, 11/12/2013.

23954 Forest Pl., to Derek Grimes by Mark Canfield, $169,000, 11/12/2013.

4301 Marchmont Blvd., to Muriel Mya LLC by Amy L. Stott & Francis M. Stott, $151,000, 11/15/2013.

19335 Haskell Pl., to Antonio A. Matos & Maria R. Matos by Deborah A. Lloyd & Harold C. Lloyd Jr., $151,000, 11/15/2013.

21017 Tangor Rd., to Linda Louise Krausman & Ronald Russell Krausman by Charles A. Rose, $150,000, 10/22/2013.

3203 Anne Jolley Ct., to Freo Florida LLC by Jody D. Clermont & Kristine Clermont, $150,000, 11/14/2013.

24323 Painter Dr., to Brian Kensrue by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $140,900, 11/8/2013.

20528 Gardenia Dr., to Jessica L. Story & Michael A. Story by Thomas S. Traydon Jr., $123,400, 11/14/2013.

4403 Longshore Dr., to Miriam L. Lopez by John L. Dallas, $89,900, 11/15/2013.


20612 Preston Ln., to Jason Campbell & Starsha Campbell by Erc Homes LLC, $260,000, 11/14/2013.

24101 Turtlerock Ct., to Justin K. Himes by Mae Fannie & Fedearl Natl Mtg Assn, $143,900, 11/14/2013.

4904 Tampa Downs Blvd., to Matthew A. Thompson by David R. Mcintosh, $77,500, 11/8/2013.


5779 West Shore Dr., to Feng Liang Lin Trustee & Lin Feng Liang Trust by Salwa H. Assaad, $592,000, 11/14/2013.

5783 West Shore Dr., to Feng Liang Lin Trustee & Li Hsiang Lin Trustee by James J. Terovolas & Potoula Terovolas, $532,000, 11/15/2013.

2104 Edelweiss Lp., to James C. Trautner & Rebecca J. Trautner by Jean M. Herny & Richard J. Herny Jr., $285,000, 11/15/2013.

4729 Musselshell Dr., to Jeremy Ballard & Leanne N. Ballard by Shawn Hogan, $275,000, 11/12/2013.

5740 West Shore Dr., to Shuching Wang by Jacquelyn Ross, $263,000, 11/20/2013.

8833 Bel-meadow Way, to Suntrust Mtg Inc by Carol A. Macarthur & Michael R. Macarthur, $262,500, 10/22/2013.

5040 Cabrilla Ct., to Jpb Customs LLC by Joseph Peter Burns, $259,400, 10/28/2013.

1202 Mazarion Pl., to Barbara A. Thompson & Neal W. Thompson by Edward S. Stockowski & Roseann M. Stockowski, $216,900, 11/15/2013.

12112 Infinity Dr., to Filicia Lacerra & Nicholas P. Lacerra by Eric Wade & Laura Wade, $172,000, 11/12/2013.

9245 Green Pines Ter., to Judy A. Short & Richard A. Short by Patricia M. Pagano & Robert Pagano, $172,000, 11/18/2013.

4825 Yellowstone Dr., to Florida Land Trust Caravel Ct & Gary F. Queen Trustee by Fumiko Roger, $170,000, 11/13/2013.

9231 Sunshine Blvd., to Brian A. Longshore by Crystal B. Longshore & Crystal Pope, $166,300, 11/15/2013.

11340 Blackwood Dr., to Geraldine Blatz & James Blatz by Jack Lyons, $149,000, 11/14/2013.

9834 Patrician Dr., to Julie Hanigan by Brian Hoose & Karen Hoose, $145,000, 11/18/2013.

11422 Windstar Ct., to Joanne Bodowska & Robert Bodowski by Sheila J. Cavin Trustee & Cavin Sheila J Trust, $145,000, 11/13/2013.

7929 Riverdale Dr., to Eric C. Dawson by Jeffrey S. Young & Tammy J. Young, $138,500, 11/12/2013.

6930 Bandura Ave., to Kristyna Macdonald by Cathy P. Ardizzone & Richard Ardizzone, $134,000, 11/13/2013.

4344 Cold Harbor Dr., to Darby Queen Prop LLC by Klein Bertha M Trust & Brian K. Klein, $123,000, 11/15/2013.

11431 Pine Forest Dr., to George Matsis by Athanasio Vergos, $120,000, 11/8/2013.

4640 Gazebo Ct., to Christos Stergiopoulos & Kalliroi Stergiopoulos by Jameson Geraldine C Trust & Mark D. Jameson Trustee, $118,000, 11/13/2013.

6008 Arthur Ave., to Sally A. Onderdonk & Mary E. Reich by Judith M. Lemieux & Douglas C. Pleus, $115,000, 11/18/2013.

6602 Sweetgum Dr., to Kousaleos Alyse Trust & Andrew Michael Kousaleos Trustee by Chester Blalock, $105,600, 11/13/2013.

7645 Cypress Knoll Dr., to Micheal C. Patrias & Tiffany L. Patrias by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $102,600, 10/30/2013.

10804 New Brighton Ct., to E Loan Inc by Daniel J. Hunt & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $96,900, 11/20/2013.

5318 Marine Pkwy., to Financial Fed Cr Un Grow by Daniel Young & Serena Young, $95,300, 11/12/2013.

7531 Mengi Cir., to Lisa D. Swann by Diana C. Hill & Eric Hill, $90,500, 11/18/2013.

5309 Opal Ln., to Deutsche Bnk Natlust Co & Indymac Indx Mtg Loan Trust 2006 Ar8 by Michael Maldony & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $90,400, 11/14/2013.

7409 Fairwood Ave., to Janice Ackerson & Karen Robichaud by Margaret J. Fisk, $90,000, 11/12/2013.

7336 Baltusrol Dr., to Christine S. Sassi & Keith S. Sassi by Rachel Adams, $78,900, 11/18/2013.

4745 Wakefield Ct., to Jean P. Webbert by Doris S. Cummings & Cummings Doris S Trust, $71,000, 11/12/2013.

4521 Annette St., to Hernan Rodrigo Garcia Escallon & Maria Pamela Reyes by James A. Boyko, $64,700, 11/5/2013.

3231 Chalon St., to Darby Queen Prop LLC by Lisa M. Mitchell, $60,000, 11/14/2013.

3530 Pensdale Dr., to Federal Natl Mtg Assn by Engelbert Saile, $59,300, 10/8/2013.

6238 Canopy Oaks Ct., to Of Ny Mellon Bank Trustee & Of Ny Bank Trustee by Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil & Daniel Ventimiglia, $58,100, 11/20/2013.

5150 Reseda Dr., to Reyes Esther Rodriguez by Tampa Bay Community Dev Corp, $57,500, 11/14/2013.

6228 Emerson Dr., to Carol S. Davis & Norman R. Davis by Helen Grizer, $55,900, 11/8/2013.

6510 Remus Dr., to Gerald L. Grabill by Stephanie R. Walsh, $55,000, 11/11/2013.

6129 Cecelia Dr., to David B. Wilson & Lyn A. Wilson by William Fink, $49,000, 11/7/2013.

7552 Red Mill Cir., to Of America Bank by Paula S. As Clerk Oneil & James M. Spurlock, $46,000, 11/19/2013.

9216 Nile Dr., to Pass Through Certificates Mortgage & Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC by Rene Jimenez & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $45,000, 11/14/2013.

5427 Mac Arthur Ave., to Tampa Bay Community Dev Corp by Dursun Kablan, $41,600, 11/7/2013.

3220 Seven Springs Blvd., to Ali Aram Bonyar by Tracie Sweat, $41,000, 11/15/2013.


13945 Noble Park Dr., to Christopher Paul Lucena & Lidia Cristina Moran Roca by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $200,000, 11/14/2013.

1228 Brooke View Dr., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes Two LLC & Beazer Pre Ownerd Homes LLC by Giovanni Casanova, $161,000, 11/15/2013.


5712 Emerald Pointe Cir., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil & Donald N. Penna, $266,600, 11/13/2013.

9810 Shamokin Ln., to Jennifer D. Scheideler by Hang Sing Lai & Oi Wah Lai, $165,000, 11/14/2013.

8022 Mockernut Ln., to Kenneth J. Mezzacappa & Lynda Mezzacappa by Frank E. Kirkland & Mickey L. Kirkland, $154,900, 11/13/2013.

8150 Brent St. 735, to Joan Farrell & William M. Farrell by Dominick Coniglione & Sandra Coniglione, $108,000, 11/15/2013.

8844 Elm Leaf Ct., to Diana L. Waskiewicz & Peter Joseph Waskiewicz by George L. Vanluppen, $94,500, 11/14/2013.

8705 Huntsman Ln., to Debra Smookler & Glen C. Weingarten by Scott Schuck & Tammy Sue Schuck, $78,000, 11/14/2013.

8030 Pasadena Dr., to Donna R. Cole & Nelson R. Cole by Perlak Family Trust & Stanley A. Perlak, $69,500, 11/14/2013.

9416 Barnstead Ln., to Xhuljeta Lazri & Johnathan Joseph Macchio by Frank Pizzo, $68,000, 10/21/2013.

6911 Alta Vista St., to Donald L. Gray by Carol R. Porter, $62,000, 11/13/2013.

9221 Cochise Ln., to Brandi Geoit by Pamela G. Casteline, $54,500, 11/8/2013.

7205 San Miguel Dr., to Hollis J. Bonk by Meredith L. Osborne, $50,000, 11/15/2013.

8831 Cairo Ln., to Gloria Roganti by Irene M. Wallbridge, $48,000, 11/5/2013.

10924 Stamford Dr., to Connie L. Henning by Jmn Enterprises LLC, $47,000, 11/15/2013.

8743 Wolf Den Trl, to Citimortgage Inc by Georgianna Garcia & Georgianna C. Garcia, $46,100, 11/14/2013.

11631 Zircon Ln., to Mdr Invest LLC by Het 2006 20 Gsaa & U S Bnk Natl Assn, $42,000, 11/1/2013.

7904 Ironbark Dr., to Ernesto M. Cruz & Lirieth Cruz by Distressed Asset Buyers LLC, $42,000, 11/8/2013.


9513 Rolling Cir., to Home Loans Servicing Lp Bac & Home Loans Servicing Lp Countrywide by Zelma Bosch & Zelma M. Bosch, $67,100, 11/14/2013.


17311 Nicks Dr., to Barbara Jane Mccray & Danny Roscoe Mccray by Clifford J. Thompson Jr., $47,000, 11/8/2013.


27747 Kirkwood Cir., to Amalia Teresa Fernandez Mena by Bohye B. Poddany & Kenneth W. Poddany, $360,000, 11/7/2013.

31716 Baymont Lp., to Chad M. Frick & Julie A. Frick by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $355,000, 11/15/2013.

4104 Warwick Hills Dr., to Holly Zuschlag Gibson & Douglas W. Wood Jr. by Frank J. Skinner & Jennifer J. Skinner, $287,000, 11/14/2013.

3710 Ashton Oaks Blvd., to Shu F. Chen by Diane Schicker & Richard A. Schicker, $233,400, 11/18/2013.

9618 Spruce Ln., to Beverly E. Arnold & Margaret Helen Arnold by Melvin Swearingen, $225,000, 11/6/2013.

25908 Risen Star Dr., to David M. Hoff & Natisha L. Hoff by Jessica M. Blake & Michael T. Werthman, $224,000, 9/27/2013.

5551 Riva Ridge Dr., to Russell S. Stofflet III by Tommy G. Lisenby & Velma Lisenby, $215,000, 11/5/2013.

5344 Cobblestone Ct., to Alessandra Leao Veras Stefani & Marcelo Claudio Bufo Stefani by Betty M. Moore, $200,000, 11/12/2013.

4549 Gateway Blvd., to Stephanie Roberts Parker & Walter M. Parker Jr. by Dustin L. Kennedy & Michelle A. Kennedy, $199,000, 11/14/2013.

29316 Birds Eye Dr., to Federal Natl Mtg Assn by Cheryl Hurless & Cheryl Lynne Hurless, $198,800, 10/30/2013.

30729 Burleigh Dr., to Gale R. Hammond by Ernest J. Duran & Tiffany F. Duran, $194,500, 11/18/2013.

1940 Grenville Ct., to Frank O. Okugbowa by Rachel L. Rosenbaum, $180,000, 11/7/2013.

30652 Nickerson Lp., to Anthony C. Paralejas & Rosary C. Paralejas by Gary Holland, $180,000, 11/19/2013.

5905 Caroline Dr., to Alex P. Macar Trustee & Macar Alex P Trust by Barbara A. Wilson & John L. Wilson, $180,000, 11/8/2013.

2150 Shelbourne Ct., to Prop L. L. C. Kaw by Iris Rodriguez & Samuel Rodriguez, $175,000, 11/5/2013.

5101 Ballard Crest Ln., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC & Beazer Pre Owned Homes Two LLC by Jenny Lafontant Ferdinand & Jovandaniel Ferdinand, $162,000, 11/14/2013.

5631 Dark Star Lp., to Kristopher R. Williams by Kristen K. Mauk & Chad M. Szala, $145,900, 11/18/2013.

30846 Prout Ct., to Dennis Costa & Stephanie Costa by Avis B. Johnson, $135,000, 11/8/2013.

31436 Hunt Club Ln., to Fletcher Stephen & Fletcher Tina by Pilar Soto, $130,000, 11/14/2013.

5222 Gato Del Sol Cir., to Advantage Mtg Co Nationwide by Jane Doe & John Doe, $118,800, 11/14/2013.


34744 Redding Ln., to Henry Martin Root & Sasha Denevet Root by Highland Holdings Inc, $187,400, 11/1/2013.

30640 Annadale Dr., to Prop Florida Lp Ih2 by Debra D. Squires, $178,000, 11/12/2013.

37642 Landis Ave., to Janet A. Tucker & Karl C. Tucker by Peggy J. Cain & Robert S. Cain, $125,000, 11/18/2013.

6910 Chenkin Rd., to Daniel A. Peeples by Maria M. Anderson & Robert E. Anderson, $113,000, 11/13/2013.

37631 Georgina Ter., to Mark J. Moccia & Michelle S. Moccia by Heureux Corrine G. L, $110,000, 11/13/2013.

37448 Blueberry Ct., to Mary E. House Trustee & House Mary E Trust by Kustes Trust, $109,000, 11/15/2013.

6633 Foxmoor Dr., to Cindy Burlison & Thomas E. Burlison by Arthur R. Besinger, $102,000, 11/8/2013.

39603 Meadowood Lp., to William J. Odonnell & Greg Polk by Wells Fargo Bnk, $60,000, 11/14/2013.

7211 El Torro St., to Daniel R. Beauchamp & Diane Beauchamp by Karner Michael C Trust & Michele A. Russeau Trustee, $56,000, 11/8/2013.

5311 Astrid Dr., to Charles W. Griffin Jr. & Shirley A. Griffin by Jack D. Kole & Shirley M. Kole, $51,000, 11/19/2013.

6208 Forest Lake Dr., to Tracy L. Dubois by Karla R. Conn & Michael K. Conn, $50,000, 10/17/2013.

6259 Timberly Ln. 224, to Of America Bank by Of Court Clerk & Eiland Pk Townhomes Assn Inc, $48,200, 11/14/2013.

37904 Valencia Ave., to Elmer Parrish & Jill Parrish by Nola Diane Simmons, $46,000, 11/15/2013.

4613 Windy Ln., to Fred Ricker & Karla Ricker by Igina Sparapani, $42,000, 11/7/2013.

37438 Lea Ave., to Julia Ann Santiago by James O. Morton Jr., $40,000, 11/13/2013.

4837 Bobby Ave., to Edward Walter Bright & Randall High by Jewell Fitch, $40,000, 11/18/2013.

34701 Petunia Pl., to Delores E. Vieau & James M. Vieau by Doris M. Doss, $40,000, 11/13/2013.

Domain Homes: Buyers love them, some others don’t

Domain Homes: Buyers love them, some others don’t

TAMPA — When the 2008 financial crash brought down the nation’s housing market, hundreds of home builders went out of business. Among them was Sharon McSwain Homes in Atlanta, forced to liquidate in 2009.But just as developers like to develop, builde...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Armature Works developers sue Ulele and city of Tampa over use of nearby building

Armature Works developers sue Ulele and city of Tampa over use of nearby building

TAMPA — Two of the city’s hottest developers — the companies behind Ulele and the Armature Works — are heading to court over control of an old city building that sits between the hit eateries. Both want to redevelop the city&...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Orlando airport first to scan faces of U.S. citizens on international flights

Orlando airport first to scan faces of U.S. citizens on international flights

Associated PressFlorida’s busiest airport is becoming the first in the nation to require a face scan of passengers on all arriving and departing international flights, including U.S. citizens, according to officials there. The expected announcement T...
Updated: 5 hours ago
Saboteur or whistleblower? Battle between Elon Musk and former Tesla employee turns ugly, exposing internal rancor

Saboteur or whistleblower? Battle between Elon Musk and former Tesla employee turns ugly, exposing internal rancor

Hours after Tesla had sued its former employee on charges he had stolen company secrets, and days after chief Elon Musk had called him a saboteur, the Silicon Valley automaker made a startling claim. The company had received a call from a friend of t...
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WTR Pool and Grille brings ‘fun dining’ pool party scene to Tampa

WTR Pool and Grille brings ‘fun dining’ pool party scene to Tampa

Mike Piper has traveled to Las Vegas and Miami and enjoyed the fun, daytime, party pool scene that the two cities have to offer.Now he aims to bring that same atmosphere to Tampa with a new dining and hang out spot. WTR Pool & Grill opened on Sunday ...
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Grace Family Church gives thrift stores an upgrade in South Tampa

Grace Family Church gives thrift stores an upgrade in South Tampa

A new resale store has made its way to South Tampa. Grace Family Church recently opened Vintage Etc., to provide affordable, quality merchandise to the community and continue its outreach to help families in need in a loving Christian environment. "W...
Updated: 10 hours ago
2.4 million Floridians expected to travel for Fourth of July

2.4 million Floridians expected to travel for Fourth of July

Summer has officially started and so have summer travel plans. About 2.4 million Floridians are expected to travel for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, up 6.3 percent from last year, according to AAA, The Auto Club Group."We are already seeing a b...
Updated: 10 hours ago
Taylor Morrison builds in Wesley Chapel

Taylor Morrison builds in Wesley Chapel

Taylor Morrison will build a new subdivision off of Boyette Road between Wesley Chapel Boulevard and Overpass Road.The builder and developer recently broke ground on Chapel Chase, set on approximately 40 acres just north of New Tampa in Pasco County....
Updated: 10 hours ago
Grain and Berry Cafe to bring its healthy menu to USF area

Grain and Berry Cafe to bring its healthy menu to USF area

Grain & Berry Cafe opened in Palm Harbor, and now the healthy eatery is rapidly expanding throughout the Tampa Bay area.The healthy eatery opened a new location on E Fowler Ave near the University of South Florida in May, just 10 months after opening...
Updated: 10 hours ago
Supreme Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax

Supreme Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court says states can force online shoppers to pay sales tax.The 5-4 ruling Thursday is a win for states, who said they were losing out on billions of dollars annually under two decades-old Supreme Court decisions that impact...
Updated: 12 hours ago