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Pasco real estate listings for Oct. 23


9843 Wallaston Dr., to Shayna Long by Charlotte Neilan & Frank T. Neilan, $265,000, 9/27/2013.


3051 Shadow Oaks Dr., to Dennis A. Boostrom & Rosemary Boostrom by Michalina Syp, $135,000, 9/27/2013.

2642 Ochatilla Rd., to Amber D. Rodenbaugh by Bryan Pureza & Sofia Pureza, $111,000, 10/4/2013.


8532 Regal Ln., to Elizabeth C. Leek by Dominick J. Marchica & Zhen Yue Marchica, $167,500, 9/30/2013.

13350 Meadow Golf Ave., to Nancy J. Riley & Thomas R. Riley by Christine Armstrong, $160,000, 9/30/2013.

13607 Evelane Dr., to Jerry T. Shaw & Julie A. Woolary by Beverly E. Edwards Trustee & Edwards Family Trust, $135,000, 9/23/2013.

12729 Ithaca Ave., to Lindsey Taylor & Jeffrey S. Walke by Philip J. Monego, $131,200, 9/18/2013.

7512 Lily Pad Ct., to Ray A. Allen by Fishman Mtg Corp, $120,000, 10/2/2013.

13820 Greyhawk Ct., to Susan M. Cauchi by Shirley Arlene Johnson & Willis Howard Johnson, $105,000, 9/27/2013.

12157 Shadow Ridge Blvd., to Shirley E. Valerio & Vincent J. Valerio by Nancy S. Macuen, $77,500, 10/3/2013.

7141 Heibner Ave., to Ronald Boudreau by Frank Black & Lana Black, $45,000, 10/7/2013.


8640 Winsome Way, to Charles E. Jones & Debra E. Jones by Joseph C. Hartman & Karen B. Hartman, $328,300, 9/30/2013.

3307 Brenford Pl., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC & Beazer Pre Owned Homes Two LLC by Kevin Reese & Patricia Reese, $225,000, 10/1/2013.

10825 Rain Lily Pass, to Dorothy Cain & John H. Cain by Cynthia Ouano & Florante Ouano, $205,000, 9/30/2013.

3815 Briley Lp., to Danny M. Newman & Deborah S. Newman by Robert Lorenzo & Susan Lorenzo, $199,000, 10/3/2013.

3934 Lockridge Dr., to Michael Amelio & Jamie Taylor by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $197,800, 9/30/2013.

17507 Glenapp Dr., to Tancredipatrick by State Of Fla, $190,000, 9/23/2013.

10723 Deerberry Dr., to Freo Florida LLC by Francesca Luongo & Rosario Luongo, $190,000, 9/24/2013.

19135 Tilobe Lp., to Freo Florida LLC by Kimberly Roush Shafer & Kurt William Shafer, $162,500, 10/3/2013.

19030 Sunterra Dr., to Mannex Martinez & Lizbeth Vargas Velazquez by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $160,000, 9/25/2013.

17437 Garden Heath Ct., to Melissa A. Mason by Darryl Lohrke, $144,900, 10/7/2013.

17525 Hugh Ln., to Henry W. Meister II & Nancy A. Meister by Ellis Winnifred M. Francis, $118,000, 10/7/2013.


1244 Pristine Pl., to Robert Matteson by Robert H. Campana, $240,000, 9/27/2013.

1756 Tinsmith Cir., to Alex Sutherland & Jackelna Rojas Sutherland by Rivera Lydia Ruiz, $105,000, 9/30/2013.


2300 Edelweiss Lp., to John J. Aaron & Linda Fay Aaron by Sally Romeyn Maraffi, $295,000, 9/30/2013.

4628 Deer Lodge Rd., to Carol Susan Hasapidis & Constantine Hasapidis by Francine Dufresne, $250,000, 8/26/2013.

11224 Ragsdale Ct., to Bernadette A. Labonte & Randy J. Labonte by Colleen A. Rediger & Mark A. Rediger, $247,500, 9/23/2013.

8144 Brumby Ct., to Natalie S. Graziano by John C. Simmons, $247,000, 10/4/2013.

8426 Linebrook Dr., to Gregory J. Allen & Leah A. Allen by Nora Suntich & Victor Suntich, $244,900, 9/30/2013.

4437 Garnet Dr., to Barbara R. Mcgowan & Heather Pye by Jorja J. Carmichael, $228,000, 10/4/2013.

5300 Las Flores Via, to Kathleen T. Koubek & Alejandro Reyes by Jennifer L. Peirce, $228,000, 9/24/2013.

4553 Rickover Ct., to Carolyn Garcia & Rudy D. Garcia by Third Mtg Co Fifth, $225,000, 9/18/2013.

12447 Roseland Dr., to Nina L. Hickok & Paul V. Hickok by Angela Disanti & Vincenzo Disanti, $205,000, 10/4/2013.

11300 Oyster Bay Cir., to Matthew Kingsley by Suntrust Bnk, $173,000, 10/1/2013.

2312 Edelweiss Lp., to Everbank by Other Persons All & Fox Wood At Trinity Community Assn Inc, $154,400, 10/2/2013.

2349 Max Ct., to Charles Boyd by Steven M. Thannert, $140,000, 9/30/2013.

7901 Empire Ct., to Anne L. Terry by Mary M. Grau, $140,000, 10/7/2013.

7942 Chadwick Dr., to 7942 Chadwick Drive Land Trust by Linda Vanbeekom, $88,700, 10/4/2013.

11614 Golden Rain Dr., to Marliese G. Levesque by Brenda K. Braig & Brenda Kay Craig, $85,000, 10/4/2013.

3628 Hartland Dr., to Joseph Dady & Katherine Dady by Kara B. Becker & Brad R. Pinkert, $67,000, 10/1/2013.

7447 Cumber Dr., to Amirot LLC by Jose M. Pereira & Maria T. Pereira, $61,000, 9/24/2013.

5523 Delaware Ave., to Circa 1928 LLC by Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mtg Corp, $60,200, 10/3/2013.

7986 Avenal Lp., to Citimortgage Inc by Lawrence A. Newcomer & Norma E. Newcomer, $54,700, 10/4/2013.

7802 Hardwick Dr. 1123, to Kevin J. Sciallis by John Finnegan & John Keith Fogarty, $41,500, 9/24/2013.

4450 Chart Ct., to Eric Jacobs & Robert Neal Segal by Theresa J. Derizans, $41,000, 9/25/2013.

4334 Grandwood Ln., to Leo Porebski by Mcleod Marlene B Trust, $40,000, 8/16/2013.


9836 Morehead Ln., to Eva M. Santiago Figueroa by Melissa Ervin & Kenneth Rauld, $90,000, 10/1/2013.

7231 Lincoln Park Ln., to Dierdra Kalfas & George Kalfas by Amanda J. Grizzaffe & Gregory C. Grizzaffe, $70,000, 10/4/2013.

11630 Ibis Ln., to Backed Certificates Asset & Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007 Opt3 by Christina Green & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $55,200, 10/4/2013.

9744 Richwood Ln., to Carol Moreno Gomez & Roman Hernandez Jorrin by Carol Warrener, $52,000, 10/2/2013.

9831 Bishop Ln., to Katherine Wilson & Michael S. Wilson by William E. Ball Sr., $40,000, 10/7/2013.


12400 Woodridge Dr., to David F. Ososkie & Janis F. Ososkie by Jorge L. Rodriguez, $220,000, 10/7/2013.


18640 Coats St., to Betty D. Pruden & Raymond J. Pruden by Marilyn A. Hatchett, $110,000, 10/4/2013.

15125 Glenrock Rd., to Andrew Tocco & Urling Heather Tocco by Roy A. Hancock, $44,500, 10/2/2013.


3905 Sorrel Vine Dr., to Deana L. Hager by Christopher Cuccia & Patricia Cuccia, $305,000, 9/29/2013.

27342 Mistflower Dr., to Barbara Foss & Conrad Foss by Barbara A. Forgit & Donald J. Forgit, $228,000, 9/27/2013.

27325 Mistflower Dr., to Peshek Randell Scott Trust & Sharon R. Peshek Trustee by Alexander Beaumont & Isabella M. Beaumont, $219,900, 9/30/2013.

25900 Commendable Lp., to Andrew Civitillo & Crystal Civitillo by Shawn Obrien, $190,000, 9/30/2013.

30437 Lanesborough Cir., to Brenda D. Wilhoit & Ted H. Wilhoit by Edward J. Ruddy & Ruddy Carmen Soltren, $189,000, 10/1/2013.

30627 Nickerson Lp., to Bryan Mccrary & Cindy Mccrary by Blanc Anthony A. Le & Blanc Vanessa F. Le, $183,000, 10/4/2013.

1114 Wrightswynde Ct., to Bomme Angelica Lee by Cooper Carl F. Avari, $139,900, 10/4/2013.

30230 Emmetts Ct., to Constance Jackson by Tahiyya Jurdine, $138,000, 9/30/2013.

7027 Quail Hollow Blvd., to Patricia L. Hebert by Robert P. Lemieux, $120,000, 10/4/2013.

3847 Chris Dr., to Loretta C. Ivey & Raymond S. Ivey by Everett L. Lamson & Ruthann Lamson, $52,900, 10/9/2013.

1308 Denman Ct., to Alternative Loan Trust 2007 Oa10 & Of Ny Mellon Bank Trustee by Chales Worth At Meadow Pointe Homeowners Assn & Rev Dept Fla, $40,000, 10/2/2013.


30230 Double Dr., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC & Beazer Pre Owned Homes Two LLC by Jeffrey R. Reamer & Jessica D. Reamer, $140,000, 9/30/2013.

7251 Newhall Pass Ln., to Kevin J. Yurasek by Mark S. Spector, $110,000, 9/23/2013.

5048 18th St., to Federal Natl Mtg Assn by Maria C. Estrada & Raymond Marin, $104,300, 9/20/2013.

5929 Newberry Ct., to Judy D. Taylor by Doris S. Fingar, $91,500, 10/2/2013.

6105 17th St., to Jay Jontra by Mary Etta Walsh, $89,000, 9/25/2013.

40817 Jerry Rd., to Domingos Dias & Maria Fatima Tecla by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $72,000, 10/4/2013.

5314 23rd St., to David A. Cameron II & Elizabeth Camerson by Joan Frances Brown, $71,000, 9/25/2013.

Tampa Police Department searching for hit-and-run suspect

Tampa Police Department searching for hit-and-run suspect

TAMPA — The Tampa Police Department is looking for information about a driver and passenger involved in a hit-and-run accident Saturday afternoon. A man was hit by a white Honda Civic at about 12:25 p.m. Saturday in the 4000 block of W Hillsborough A...
Published: 03/17/18
Suffolk’s ‘Smart Lab’ brings new technology to construction projects

Suffolk’s ‘Smart Lab’ brings new technology to construction projects

TAMPA — Along the Hillsborough River, the walls of the new Manor Riverwalk development slowly rise. Seeing it now, bare concrete and hovering cranes, it’s hard to connect to the polished, landscaped models.Enter the CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Envir...
Updated: 10 hours ago
Pasco officials say CareerSource Tampa Bay blocked county from federal funds with ‘unethical’ grant application

Pasco officials say CareerSource Tampa Bay blocked county from federal funds with ‘unethical’ grant application

In 2016, Pasco County leaders saw a federal technology grant as the perfect way to inject millions of dollars into a dreamed-about high tech district in Wesley Chapel.The feds, however, turned them down.Confused, the leaders asked for an explanation....
Published: 03/16/18
Jabil plans to spend $67 million remaking its headquarters in St. Petersburg’s Gateway area

Jabil plans to spend $67 million remaking its headquarters in St. Petersburg’s Gateway area

ST. PETERSBURG — Jabil plans to invest an estimated $67.3 million expanding its corporate headquarters in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg, according to Pinellas County records.The project, announced in February, is expected to include $52.2 millio...
Published: 03/16/18
Jabil stock jumps on strong earnings report

Jabil stock jumps on strong earnings report

TAMPA — Jabil’s stock rose more than 10 percent Friday on news of a well-balanced second-quarter performance that beat analysts’ expectations.The St. Petersburg-based electronics manufacturer’s second-quarter results — released after the close of the...
Published: 03/16/18
Here's a quick look at three new Tampa Bay projects

Here's a quick look at three new Tampa Bay projects

Almost a decade into Florida’s latest real estate cycle, so much is happening in the Tampa Bay area that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Here are two significant projects you probably haven’t heard much about — a new hotel ...
Published: 03/16/18
So long, Leonardo’s: Pizza spot will house UF’s School of Music

So long, Leonardo’s: Pizza spot will house UF’s School of Music

Students and alumni knew one of their favorite lunch spots may be on borrowed time when the University of Florida Foundation announced in August 2016 that it had purchased the property that houses Leonardo’s By The Slice and Bistro 1245.On Wednesday,...
Published: 03/16/18

Bootler to aggregate food delivery services for Tampa

An online food ordering search engine, Bootler, officially launched on March 8 in Tampa. It’s aiming to change the game in food delivery services.Bootler provides consumers transparency in the delivery scene extracting data from Grubhub, Caviar, Door...
Published: 03/16/18
New Ulta draws a crowd in Oldsmar

New Ulta draws a crowd in Oldsmar

OLDSMAR — A long line wrapped around the building as shoppers eagerly awaited the grand opening of Ulta Beauty in Oldsmar on March 2.Located in the renovated and remodeled Woodlands Square Shopping Center, Ulta Beauty joins the recently opened Earth ...
Published: 03/16/18
Indie Flea finds news home at Armature Works

Indie Flea finds news home at Armature Works

TAMPA HEIGHTS— Indie Flea, a monthly showcase of local and regional makers, has made its mark at its new location at Armature Works just north of downtown Tampa directly on the Hillsborough River at 1910 N Ola Ave. The Indie Flea was previously held ...
Published: 03/16/18