Monday, April 23, 2018

Pasco real estate listings for Oct. 9


12645 Grand Traverse Dr., to Deborah J. Wells & Michael D. Wells by Suzanne D. Bauzys, $352,000, 9/17/2013.

13129 Thoroughbred Dr., to Alan W. Rossiter & Beverly A. Rossiter by Carla K. Breckenridge & Charles W. Breckenridge, $330,000, 9/24/2013.

12410 Green Oak Ln., to April L. Mangiaracina & Brett M. Mangiaracina by Elizabeth A. Bartels & Paul H. Bartels Jr., $177,500, 9/19/2013.

37434 Coleman Ave., to 53 Percent LLC & Fifty Three Percent LLC by Fannie L. Gentles, $65,000, 9/20/2013.

13826 1st St., to Norman J. Cross by Mary Cathryn Martini & Thomas V. Martini, $51,000, 9/12/2013.


3627 Luma Dr., to Michael D. Carroll by Ionnis Makris, $72,500, 9/20/2013.

3041 Matchlock Dr., to Dionisios Spyropoulos by Ruby R. Huber, $59,500, 9/24/2013.

1110 Grand Blvd., to Margaret Siliverdes & Paula A. Siliverdes by Arthur C. Hildebrandt & Arthur Charles Hildebrandt, $52,000, 9/23/2013.

6231 Staunton Dr., to Kok Hai Tan by Jody V. Grimmer & Kamla Grimmer, $48,000, 9/11/2013.

4764 Sunny Lp., to Brett George Daugherty & Laura Catherine Daugherty by Tanya Renee Miller Grisanti, $45,000, 9/13/2013.

1414 Jennings Dr., to Adam Gonder & Peter Gonder by Pauline D. Gatt, $43,500, 8/30/2013.


18729 Winding Oaks Blvd., to Melinda Barbour & Terry W. Barbour by Debra L. Moore, $218,000, 9/13/2013.

11433 Heritage Point Dr., to Barbara A. Dutrow & James L. Dutrow by Joyce Chudy & John Edward Demagistris, $160,000, 9/16/2013.

8623 Braxton Dr., to Jane G. Richardson by Terri Orr, $157,000, 9/12/2013.

11714 Heritage Point Dr., to Daniel J. Mcguire & Merry C. Mcguire by Avondale Diversified Inc, $139,900, 9/19/2013.

13552 Old Florida Cir., to Kelly Mackiewicz by Marcia E. Regan & Scott H. Regan, $126,000, 9/20/2013.

8606 Seeley Ln., to Heitor S. Miranda & Luiza H. Miranda by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $119,000, 9/17/2013.

8204 Rugby Ct., to Mary Kern by Barbara Krabsz, $113,000, 9/25/2013.

7808 Scrub Oak Ct., to Wendy Buzzard & Harry E. Creger III by Charles E. Baker & Vickie L. Baker, $67,500, 9/20/2013.

7601 Greystone Dr., to Patricia Bowen & Raymond Bowen by Michael Luciani & Patricia Luciani, $50,500, 9/18/2013.


22310 Bartholdi Cir., to Jennifer A. Krill & William J. Krill by Ryland Group Inc, $375,000, 9/17/2013.

21104 Tangor Rd., to David G. Rogers Trustee & Sondra J. Rogers Trustee by Maria Passamonte & Paul Passamonte, $269,000, 9/19/2013.

15850 Cedar Elm Ter., to Brookfield Relocation Inc by Jessica Kozak & John J. Kozak III, $210,000, 8/28/2013.

15850 Cedar Elm Ter., to Bob G. Crick & Charlyn J. Crick by Broofield Relocation Inc, $210,000, 9/10/2013.

23058 Geneva Rd., to Ernest E. Kuhns by David P. Clemmons, $188,500, 9/13/2013.

19344 Weymouth Dr., to Angela Marie Wisz & Wayne Ambrose Wisz by Frank Varon Jr. & Pearl H. Varon, $166,500, 9/18/2013.

5701 Sheer Bliss Lp., to Denise L. Youngblood by Leslie Ann Fox & Michael Fox, $165,000, 9/13/2013.

15833 Pond Rush Ct., to Primestar H Fund I Trust & Primestar H Fund One Trust by Bret A. Beegle & John Doe, $157,600, 9/25/2013.

20930 Tangor Rd., to Rogello Menendez & Sandra A. Menendez by Alfred Tretola & Rosemary Tretola, $157,000, 9/16/2013.

19344 Everton Pl., to David Mancipe & Luz Elena Mancipe by Rose Ann Sickinger, $155,000, 9/20/2013.

3344 Rennes Ct., to Megan Marie Barcena & Ronald D. Barcena by Keri Stickler & Todd Stickler, $140,500, 9/20/2013.

9313 Wellstone Dr., to Prop Florida L. P. Ih2 by Antoinette P. Strachan, $138,000, 9/19/2013.

9639 Maxson Dr., to Sonya Lind by Danielle R. Adams & Frank G. Adams III, $138,000, 9/13/2013.

3337 Keswick Ct., to Melinda D. Callahan by Ronald Joseph Poirier, $126,400, 9/19/2013.

22233 Breaker Point Ln., to Sara Walker Hawkins by Mary A. Quick, $100,000, 9/17/2013.

9226 Ehren Cutoff, to Ivy Graciano by John J. Lenhart III & Lynn K. Lenhart, $75,000, 8/29/2013.

22729 Penny Lp., to Of Ny Mellonust Co Bank Trustee by Paula S. As Clerk Oneil & Unknown Parties, $56,200, 9/24/2013.


22831 Sterling Manor Lp., to Marcy S. Cox & Michael D. Cox by Clara Ann Broeders, $235,000, 9/18/2013.

24725 Laurel Ridge Dr., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC by Jeremy Hinds & Melissa Rivera, $135,000, 9/19/2013.

21827 Mims Way, to Jpmorgan Chase Bnk by Jpmorgan Chase Bnk Natl Assn & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $113,900, 9/26/2013.

21103 Patio View Ct. 3304, to Joan A. Simms by Tal Leonard & Leonard Tal T Trust, $107,000, 8/30/2013.

22516 Crows Nest Ct., to Njoy Living LLC by Danny Segarra & Evelyn B. Segarra, $80,000, 9/18/2013.


2129 Edelweiss Lp., to Nicholas Katarelos by Karen C. Riggs, $289,000, 9/18/2013.

11905 Chaplain Pl., to Barry W. Pedrick & Dorothy S. Pedrick by Ryland Group Inc, $280,000, 9/20/2013.

2229 Mountain Ash Way, to Jason W. Wagner & Raycine L. Wagner by Luke D. Hanley & Michele Hanley, $280,000, 9/19/2013.

1753 Lady Palm Ct., to Brian S. Jackson by Gayle E. Bishop & Laurant Vallat, $275,000, 9/3/2013.

8014 Maidencane Dr., to Bernard E. Erickson & Paula M. Erickson by John J. Gumbrecht Jr. & Lianne S. Rolfe, $265,000, 9/13/2013.

12935 Solola Way, to Solola LLC by Alternative Loan Trust 2006 31cb & Of Ny Mellon Bank Trustee, $215,000, 8/23/2013.

5618 Wellfield Rd., to Robin B. Pillars & Todd W. Pillars by Dionisios Spyropoulos & Eoanna Spyropoulos, $204,000, 9/24/2013.

4428 Oklawaha Ln., to Maria Kalimopoulos by Deloris Nielsen & Paul A. Nielsen, $185,000, 9/20/2013.

1710 Overview Dr., to Cindy M. Williams & David S. Williams by Marta G. Taylor & Marty G. Taylor, $177,900, 9/19/2013.

11524 Minnieola Dr., to Dallas G. Fortner by Alicia L. Watson & Clement B. Watson, $155,000, 9/18/2013.

7710 Leighton Cir., to Rosendo Mendez Hernandez & Yoselin Cordova Martinez by Gaspare J. Aluzzo Jr. & Patricia Aluzzo, $155,000, 9/20/2013.

7633 Whisper Woods Ct., to Melissa K. Leach & Angela M. Trombetta by Jeanne M. Nagle, $154,400, 9/17/2013.

9204 Brooker Dr., to Two Prop Florida L. P. Ih & Prop Florida L. P. Ih2 by Earline O. Churbuck, $138,000, 9/17/2013.

7526 Turtlebrook Ln., to Ana B. Gonzalez & Juan C. Gonzalez by Jenna Friedman, $127,500, 9/20/2013.

4753 Swallowtail Dr., to Jules Fagan & Roslyn Fagan by Pieternelia Leeflang, $119,000, 9/20/2013.

3321 Scorecard Dr., to James M. Facemire & Margaret L. Facemire by Marie Waite Trustee & Waite Marie Trust, $118,000, 9/6/2013.

2539 Tottenham Dr., to Lisa Dru Richardson by 2539 Tottenham Land Trust & Trinity Management Group LLC, $116,500, 9/20/2013.

8225 Setters Point Dr., to Dianne L. Ziegler & Richard A. Ziegler by Flagstar Bnk, $109,900, 9/16/2013.

7923 Aden Lp., to Financial Fed Cr Un Grow by Leslie L. Sanders, $86,900, 9/19/2013.

3111 Munson St., to Martha J. Goodrich by Floralyn Souza, $85,000, 9/19/2013.

5803 Thrush Dr., to Mafuzul Alam by Margaret N. Katsiotis, $75,000, 9/13/2013.

6350 Bonaire Ave., to Marcella J. Kriess & Ronald E. Kriess by 3 Day Cash Buyers LLC & Three Day Cash Buyers LLC, $70,000, 9/13/2013.

4539 Annette St., to Susan E. Cottrell by Geneva Palaidis, $56,000, 9/2/2013.

5746 Friedly Ave., to Marcella J. Kriess & Ronald E. Kriess by Backed Certificates Asset & Of Ny Mellon Bank Trustee, $56,000, 9/6/2013.

5197 Silent Lp. 222, to Doyle Gary Trust & Harry Garrison Doyle Trustee by Barbara Miller & Patricia A. Quagliozzi, $55,000, 9/13/2013.

5052 Chet Dr., to Stamatiki S. Brakopoulos by Bruce Cardon Martin, $48,000, 9/20/2013.

5116 Beacon Hill Dr., to Gemm Prop LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $46,500, 9/16/2013.

5129 Chet Dr., to Diana Helmy by Denise L. Hodge, $46,000, 9/10/2013.

4022 Lighthouse Way, to Rosemarie Contrera by Gerard M. Murtha & Robin A. Murtha, $42,500, 9/5/2013.

7753 Atherton Ave., to Eileen Karzon & Jesse Karzon by S. Housing &. Urban Dev U, $40,000, 9/16/2013.


1641 Altamont Ln., to Everitt Marie Elena Chinnici & Timothy John Everitt by Andrew S. Lewis & Charlene Lewis, $605,000, 9/20/2013.

14197 Wadsworth Dr., to Gopal K. Chalavarya by Larry S. Mednick, $575,000, 9/20/2013.

15706 Blue Star Ct., to Andrew Oster Jr. by In Son Amy Rakoczy & Steve P. Rakoczy, $425,000, 9/12/2013.

1117 Rolling Stone Run, to Freo Florida LLC by Debbie A. Porreca & John A. Porreca, $268,000, 9/19/2013.

1836 Weekend Ln., to Thomas A. Rabbitt Jr. by Cheryl Cleveland & Benjamin Orona, $122,000, 9/20/2013.

13844 Vacation Ln., to Citimortgage Inc by Paul J. Conroy & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $65,100, 9/20/2013.

1024 Altamont Ln., to Linda M. Parmentier by Housing Contract Senior Manufactured & Pass Through Certificate Subordinate, $57,000, 9/9/2013.


7904 Pier Rd., to Doug Dortch by Denis P. Christenson & Judith A. Christenson, $520,000, 9/13/2013.

7116 Beachdale Ct., to Richard H. Barber Sr. & Judy A. Pierce by Steve Fuller & Kim Marsha, $110,000, 9/15/2013.

11510 Forest Run Ct., to Jennifer L. Jarrett by Patricia A. Lanzillotto Trustee & Zurowski Family Grantors Trust, $87,000, 9/17/2013.

7421 Moravian Dr., to Frank N. Mock Jr. & Janet K. Mock by 3 Day Cash Buyers LLC & Three Day Cash Buyers LLC, $70,000, 9/20/2013.

10331 Alice M Ct., to Keith Davies by Kulas Edward J Trust & Elizabeth A. Kulas, $65,000, 9/13/2013.

9516 Gray Fox Ln., to Bobern Prop LLC by Bw Invest LLC, $63,000, 9/18/2013.

7535 Lancelot Rd., to Gabiola G. Rollins by 3 Day Cash Buyers LLC & Three Day Cash Buyers LLC, $58,900, 9/13/2013.

11141 Harding Dr., to Carol A. Hinkley by Janice Ferrell & Raymond Ferrell, $50,000, 9/4/2013.

7930 Radcliffe Cir., to Janice G. Pope by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $49,900, 9/17/2013.

11331 Dollar Lake Dr. 1, to Alice M. Bodenhorn by Dorothy Hofmeister & Geoffrey Hofmeister, $48,000, 9/20/2013.

7405 Neva Ln., to Dmc& Assoc Inc by David Medina & Nancy Medina, $44,100, 9/20/2013.

9040 Greenbriar Ln., to Zorzos Malina Stanoeva & George Zorzos by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $42,000, 9/16/2013.

8733 Robilina Rd., to Edward A. Jones by Valeria Gross, $40,000, 8/8/2013.

4936 Marina Palms Dr., to Michelle Harris & Nicholas Harris by Daniel Duff, $65,000, 9/20/2013.


10303 Moshie Ln., to Ellen Keenan & James Keenan by John F. Schajatovic & Mildred G. Schajatovic, $138,500, 9/19/2013.

10621 Collar Dr., to Marion H. Coyle Jr. & Sherry L. Coyle by Ryland Mathilde E. Frank & Karin I. Mahon, $103,000, 9/19/2013.


12328 Duckett Ct., to Brian Henke & Robyn Henke by Pacific Of Florida Standard, $243,000, 9/17/2013.

16630 Crossandra Ln., to Edna Mcconnell & Jeffrey Mcconnell by Sharon Kay Traw & William Lee Traw, $205,000, 9/14/2013.

16401 Jetson Dr., to Mercedes Alonso & Alonso Ivis A. Diaz by Manuela Viera & Vidal Viera, $60,000, 9/13/2013.


5120 Pinelake Rd., to Jocelyn G. Cunningham Trustee & Cunningham Jocelyn G Trust by Konstantin A. Dimitrov & Radiana R. Dimitrova, $1,295,000, 9/18/2013.

27247 Copper Ridge Dr., to Christopher B. G. Moore & Jane P. Moore by Dolores Reed & Royce Reed, $480,000, 9/16/2013.

5347 Kemkerry Rd., to Konstantin A. Dimitrov & Radiana Dimitrov by Sandra English & Thomas English, $395,000, 9/23/2013.

27540 Stonecreek Way, to James E. Blankenbaker & Michelle L. Blankenbaker by Nicole M. Demmert & Nicole Houder, $303,900, 9/18/2013.

4920 Pointe O Woods Dr., to Michael Belcher & Terry Belcher by Dana Palmeri & Frank Palmeri Jr., $287,000, 9/12/2013.

30251 Hatz Way, to Prop Florida Lp Ih2 by Alasha Catrese Denae Black & Douglas Reginald Black, $279,000, 9/17/2013.

27337 Edenfield Dr., to Jeremy R. Hall & Lauren P. Hall by Leah N. Campanella & Derek C. Herring, $230,000, 9/20/2013.

5032 Culpepper Pl., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC & Beazer Pre Owned Homes Two LLC by George A. Rinearson & Michele J. Rinearson, $191,000, 9/5/2013.

27414 Coral Springs Dr., to Symone B. Whittaker by Orin Dozier & Pamela Dozier, $170,000, 9/12/2013.

1144 Key West Ct., to Ana Villalobos Aburto & Ernesto Andino Gonzalez by James J. Everall & Everall Rachael Karlnowski, $166,000, 9/20/2013.

27817 Sky Lake Cir., to Marcos Moncayo & Francisca Ortega by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $155,000, 9/16/2013.

30227 Emmetts Ct., to Debra S. Mast & Michael Santiago by Stephanie L. Harty, $145,000, 8/30/2013.

29032 Landbridge St., to Wells Fargo Bnk by Paula S. As Clerk Oneil & Hanna Starcher, $142,200, 9/25/2013.

31139 Wrencrest Dr., to Michael John Hanna & Diane Tovey by Of America Bank, $141,100, 8/30/2013.

4218 Medbury Dr., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Mary Anne Henderson & Thomas J. Henderson, $125,500, 9/25/2013.

6071 Country Club Rd., to Johanna Navarro by Chad M. Canady & Melody B. Canady, $116,500, 9/9/2013.

4349 Crystal Downs Ct., to J B Real Invest LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $115,000, 9/13/2013.

27553 Pleasure Ride Lp., to Rong Liu & Ding Ye by Cheri Ann Forshag, $92,500, 9/19/2013.


7839 Stoney Hill Dr., to Elsie M. Rosado by Todeka M. Anderson, $193,000, 9/20/2013.

30517 Latourette Dr., to Citimortgage Inc by Penni Lachance & Robert E. Lachance, $159,300, 9/19/2013.

7827 Outerbridge St., to Prop Florida L. P. Ih2 by Andrea Daniels & Andrea Derosier, $150,500, 9/18/2013.

5201 10th St., to Linda L. Edenfield & Monte W. Edenfield by R. Sullivancarl & Sullivantheresa, $100,000, 9/18/2013.

30242 Rattana Ct., to Colfin Ai Fl 2 LLC & Colfin Ai Fl Two LLC by Maxine L. Simmons & Percil R. Simmons, $100,000, 9/23/2013.

37414 Derbyshire Dr., to Shirley M. Beltz by Steven A. Thomas & Teresa M. Thomas, $98,000, 9/23/2013.

37619 Neukom Ave., to Nicholas Vizzone by Diana L. Hebert, $85,000, 9/20/2013.

39592 Meadowood Lp., to Paula Janeth Garduno Martinez by William J. Cole, $85,000, 9/20/2013.

6053 Presidential Cir., to John W. Martin Jr. & Tina M. Mulholland by Elaine Walker & Richard Walker, $59,000, 9/13/2013.

39132 County Road 54 2056, to Hsbc Mtg Serv Inc by Lori A. Bartholomew & Michael Allen Bartholomew, $57,100, 8/24/2013.

3126 Diana Dr., to Of Ny Mellonust Co Bank Trustee & Greenpoint Mfg Housing Cont Trust by Citifinancial Equity Serv Inc & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $48,400, 9/19/2013.

37807 Barcelona Ave., to Beverly Astrum & Dennis D. Sletten by Kathy W. Williams, $44,500, 9/19/2013.

Work starting on JW Marriott, but Water Street Tampa expects to have 10 buildings under way within a year

Work starting on JW Marriott, but Water Street Tampa expects to have 10 buildings under way within a year

TAMPA — Water Street Tampa marks the start of construction Tuesday on its first building, the posh JW Marriott hotel, but there’s a lot more to come.And soon.Within a year, developers said Monday, construction should be underway on 10 — 10! — of Wate...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Sears in Clearwater’s Countryside Mall to close in mid-July

Sears in Clearwater’s Countryside Mall to close in mid-July

CLEARWATER — The Westfield Countryside Mall Sears will close in mid-July as part of Sears Holdings’ latest store cuts, bringing the number of shuttering Kmarts and Sears to nearly 200.The store’s liquidation sale will begin on Friday, according to Se...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Foreclosure defense attorney Mark Stopa draws praise, criticism at penalty hearing

Foreclosure defense attorney Mark Stopa draws praise, criticism at penalty hearing

CLEARWATER — Homeowners from as far away as Texas and North Carolina crowded a Pinellas County courtroom Monday in support of embattled foreclosure defense attorney Mark Stopa. Facing possible disbarment for professional misconduct, Stopa also drew s...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Tampa workers accuse General Dynamics unit of underpaying

Tampa workers accuse General Dynamics unit of underpaying

TAMPA — The Tampa call center of a federal contractor is being accused of underpaying its employees. Workers for General Dynamics Information Technology filed wage theft complaints with the Department of Labor Monday, calling for an investigation int...
Updated: 3 hours ago
With lights from Toys R Us dimmed, sales plunge at Hasbro

With lights from Toys R Us dimmed, sales plunge at Hasbro

Associated PressNEW YORK — With its sales falling due to the liquidation of Toys R Us, Hasbro is looking for new places to sell Monopoly, My Little Pony and its other toys. Hasbro said Monday it will rely more on online sales, although it has also be...
Updated: 5 hours ago
Sears’ biggest shareholder offers to buy Kenmore brand

Sears’ biggest shareholder offers to buy Kenmore brand

Associated PressNEW YORK — Sears’ biggest shareholder appears to be pushing for a breakup of the 125-year-old company that has survived two world wars and the Great Depression. Chairman and CEO Edward Lampert — whose hedge fund has forwarded millions...
Updated: 6 hours ago
Lucky’s Market hosting job fairs in St. Petersburg ahead of June opening

Lucky’s Market hosting job fairs in St. Petersburg ahead of June opening

ST. PETERSBURG — Job fairs to fill more than 100 jobs open at Tampa Bay’s first Lucky’s Market start this week, the organic grocer announced on Monday. The grocery store, located at 6765 22nd Ave. N, is hosting hiring fairs Monday through Friday unti...
Updated: 6 hours ago
Swimmer Michael Phelps to headline Crystal Lagoon grand opening Saturday

Swimmer Michael Phelps to headline Crystal Lagoon grand opening Saturday

WESLEY CHAPEL — Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps will splash down Saturday at the Crystal Lagoon in Wesley Chapel’s Epperson development.Phelps, a global ambassador for Crystal Lagoons, will appear at the grand opening of the first Crystal Lagoon...
Updated: 7 hours ago
Big visitor calls at Port Tampa Bay

Big visitor calls at Port Tampa Bay

TAMPA — The 750-foot-long Ireland, one of the biggest cargo vessels ever to call at Port Tampa Bay, arrived Sunday.The Ireland is on its inaugural voyage, having left a shipyard in China for a stop in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to pick up 64,865 shor...
Updated: 7 hours ago
Tampa Bay gas prices rocket 17 cents over a week

Tampa Bay gas prices rocket 17 cents over a week

Floridians are paying plenty at the pump for a combination of spring gas prices and high oil prices this week. Gas jumped 11 cents per gallon over the week in Florida, averaging $2.74 per gallon Monday, according to AAA, The Auto Club Group. That’s t...
Updated: 8 hours ago