Thursday, April 19, 2018

Pasco real estate listings for Sept. 25


14643 O'Connell Rd., to Third Fed S L Assn Cleveland by Lynn Michele Neuhofer & Scott Lynn Neuhofer, $340,000, 7/19/2013.

13440 3rd St., to Bobbi J. Izaguirre by Gail M. Shelton & George W. Shelton Jr., $155,000, 9/5/2013.

37347 Meridian Ave., to Sharon M. Ewart Trustee & Ewart Sharon M Trust by Anthony G. Monte & Jamielynn Monte, $146,500, 9/3/2013.

31825 Roxanne Way, to Raintree Co LLC by Asset Backed Pass Through Mortgage & Residential Aset Mtg Prod Inc, $121,200, 8/22/2013.


2630 Coldstone Ln., to Mary M. Hunt & Randall B. Hunt by Judy A. Halsmer & Louis J. Halsmer, $195,000, 9/5/2013.

2629 Ohio Pl., to Cheryl L. Razor by Hogar Community Reinvestment LLC, $82,900, 8/27/2013.

1838 Solar Dr., to James Harris & Susan Harris by Donna M. Loglisci, $70,000, 9/5/2013.

3344 Trask Dr., to Stergos Tsangarinos by John E. Banet & Lori Ann Banet, $66,000, 9/3/2013.

4750 Betsy Dr., to Edward G. Lyman & Lois E. Lyman by Rita Fuchs & Gail Lambros, $62,500, 8/30/2013.

3545 Emory Dr., to Almik Prop LLC by Lisa Ruth Crosby, $40,000, 9/6/2013.


12710 Cedar Ridge Dr., to Adriana Gonzalez by Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $897,000, 8/30/2013.

13010 Pebble Beach Cir., to Cory Cottrell & Michele Mccue by Donald D. Hartbarger, $155,000, 9/6/2013.

14342 Pimberton Dr., to Colfin Ai Fl 2 LLC by June R. Brockwell & Leonard E. Brockwell, $151,000, 8/22/2013.

14303 Beauly Cir., to Florida Wholesale Prop West by John Monaco, $130,000, 8/15/2013.

6724 Harbor Dr., to Jason Wallace by Shirley A. Burke & Roger Eastley, $130,000, 9/9/2013.

12407 Weatherstone Row, to Olivera Jorge Magnussen by Teresa E. Cook & Deborah G. Knobl, $119,400, 9/4/2013.

11605 Heritage Point Dr., to Carlos Ocasio & Isabel Ocasio by Eileen B. Crossley, $114,000, 8/27/2013.

13418 Susan Dr., to Steven Miller by Cr Un Midflorida, $100,000, 9/4/2013.

7705 Rusty Hook Ct., to Rose Bldrs LLC by Phllip J. Burrell & John F. Lenahan, $98,000, 8/29/2013.

12625 Third Isle, to Mastr Alternative Loan Trust 2004 11 & Us Bnk Natl Assn by Of America Bank & John E. Fidler, $95,100, 9/3/2013.

13210 Woodward Dr., to Patricia A. Tedeschi & Robert R. Tedeschi by Ernest Robert Rogers, $89,500, 8/29/2013.

12235 Bear Claw Lp., to Robert R. Davignon & Dominique D. Higginbotham by James Geoghegan, $75,000, 8/27/2013.

7702 Cypress Knee Dr., to Suntrust Mtg Inc by Deborah J. Mr Cutler & Rev Dept Fla, $65,600, 9/10/2013.

13700 Allyn Dr., to 13700 Allyn Drive Land Trust & Memorial Equity LLC by Robert M. Blanchard, $63,500, 8/21/2013.

12148 Fox Chase Dr., to George J. Geots by Lopez Esther & Raymond Lopez, $61,700, 8/26/2013.

12505 Merry Ln., to Frank G. Graves by Norma Downey Hahn, $60,000, 9/4/2013.

13003 Sheridan Dr., to Jmn Enterprises LLC by Debra Seda, $42,000, 9/6/2013.


3634 Swans Landing Dr., to James Richard Oconnell & Teresa M. Oconnell by H. Douglas Tripp & Holly A. Tripp, $925,000, 9/6/2013.

21112 Los Cabos Ct., to Lydia Joann Barrett & Richard L. Denney by Kenneth Steinfort & Tecla Steinfort, $600,000, 9/6/2013.

3153 Sheehan Dr., to Mitchell D. Mccartney & Patricia Dianne Mccartney by Sheila C. Nero, $440,000, 8/20/2013.

5323 Swallow Dr., to Christine Hope Avrich & Steven Joseph Avrich by Kathleen C. Middendorf & Mack C. Middendorf, $248,000, 8/27/2013.

20833 Amanda Oak Ct., to James E. Engelhuber & Margaret M. Engelhuber by Michael Tela, $235,000, 9/4/2013.

7717 Whispering Wind Dr., to Margaret Halsey & Edward Kopas by Laura N. Lowry & Scott B. Plimpton, $205,000, 8/30/2013.

5300 Eagle Blvd., to Mn Vn Prop Eagle Blvd LLC by Land Trust 5300 & Thomas Martino Trustee, $184,200, 8/13/2013.

3752 Lockridge Dr., to James Hauth by Jennifer R. Hulbert & Kirby J. Hulbert, $180,000, 9/3/2013.

7610 Citrus Blossom Dr., to Fanny L. Correa by Alice Listman Deprimo, $173,000, 9/3/2013.

22447 Kingsley Ln., to Colfin Ai Fl 2 LLC & Colfin Ai Fl Two LLC by Denz Inc, $171,000, 9/6/2013.

18047 Glastonbury Ln., to Andrew Ortiz & Irma Ortiz by Thanh Nguyen & Thanh Tran, $145,000, 8/28/2013.

17530 Hugh Ln., to Beazer Pre Owned Homes LLC by Jennifer Haines, $105,000, 8/20/2013.

23033 Clearwater Pl., to Freo Florida LLC by Denise Christian, $88,000, 9/5/2013.


17360 Riverstone Dr., to Amanda D. Wade by Jefferson Charlotte M Est Of & Walter Guy Nichols, $165,000, 9/6/2013.

1707 Foggy Ridge Pkwy., to Carolyn Stolz & Derek Stolz by Jeffrey William Koehler & Joann Koehler, $165,000, 9/5/2013.

1101 Country Ln., to Ralph F. Cazenave Jr. & Tiffanie Cazenave by Frank Scibilia & James Scibilia, $129,600, 9/3/2013.


10001 Milano Dr., to Dandamudiuday & Sailaja Gorantia by Joseph L. Besnard & Judy Besnard, $870,000, 8/21/2013.

1444 El Pardo Dr., to Kimberly Denise Webb & Lewis Charles Webb II by Craig M. Reuther & Rhonda L. Reuther, $580,000, 8/29/2013.

9544 Xenia St., to Of America Bank by Jennie A. Spalti, $451,000, 7/24/2013.

11403 Biddeford Pl., to Jeffrey Allen Strout & Lanna June Strout by Dean M. Pippio, $380,000, 9/6/2013.

8819 Bel-meadow Way, to Donna Aloi & Christopher Fay by Jacqueline L. Fleming & John D. Fleming, $377,000, 8/29/2013.

5540 Pilots Pl., to Stephen Dutton by Barbara M. Walsh & John J. Walsh, $350,000, 8/21/2013.

2025 Larkspur Ct., to Freo Florida LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $254,000, 8/28/2013.

4928 Dory Dr., to Hans Grimm by James W. Horner & Kahryn J. Horner, $218,300, 9/4/2013.

1808 Loch Haven Ct., to Freo Florida LLC by Clyde M. Smith Jr. & Patricia A. Smith, $215,000, 8/28/2013.

4017 Headsail Dr., to Christopher Bryan Condon & Emily Harper Condon by Scott Bees & Sheri L. Koeppl, $210,000, 8/29/2013.

1430 Lenton Rose Ct., to Santamaria Amelia R. Lopez De Trustee & De Santamaria Amelia R Lopez Trust by Carla Bailey & Christopher Bailey, $204,000, 8/30/2013.

4327 Genesee Ln., to Salvatore Panariello & Nicole Pirozzi by Christine Hankin & Ricky Hankin, $188,000, 8/23/2013.

1442 Kaffir Lily Ct., to Theodore J. Martin by Terry L. Mathews, $180,000, 9/3/2013.

7157 San Jose Lp., to Katerina Manasakis by Diane L. Ewell, $170,000, 8/28/2013.

6001 Country Ridge Ln., to Joan Shepherd by Daniel C. P. L. A. I. F. Consuegra & Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $155,000, 7/29/2013.

9735 Riverchase Dr., to Daniel A. Vanbomel by Monica E. Murphy & Ryan P. Murphy, $150,000, 9/3/2013.

7637 Wimpole Dr., to Denise A. Vandoren by Howard P. Balm & Judith M. Balm, $130,000, 8/27/2013.

4251 Swallowtail Dr., to Christina Papadopoulos & Michael Papadopoulos by Deirdre Swafford, $115,000, 8/29/2013.

10300 Alberta Ct., to Charles M. Mestas by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $110,000, 8/28/2013.

7651 Saganau Dr., to Farida Abida & Khalid Rguyeg by Anthony J. Nappi, $107,000, 8/28/2013.

4450 Swallowtail Dr., to George G. Slaughter by Glenn T. Stefaniak & Kellie A. Stefaniak, $107,000, 8/31/2013.

5918 Derringer Ct., to Christi L. Teufel & Thomas E. Teufel by Robert R. Cosenza, $105,000, 9/3/2013.

4343 Swallowtail Dr., to Maria Aslanidis & Nikoletta Mergoupis by Paul W. Wertz, $91,500, 8/29/2013.

7332 Janczlik Dr., to Steven C. Caron & Teri A. Caron by Chad Allen Mccartney & Mccartney David Allen Est Of, $90,000, 9/3/2013.

7406 Candlelight Ct., to Robert Hunt by Richard S. Barton, $80,000, 8/28/2013.

4141 Swallowtail Dr., to Lourdes Suarez Maria De by Doris Bourzac & Oscar Bourzac, $78,000, 9/4/2013.

6204 Halifax Dr., to Alfredo Zamuner by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $73,500, 8/30/2013.

10724 Laquinta Dr., to Belinda Livingston by Nancy Kokoris & Michael Murphy, $65,000, 8/30/2013.

5844 Dahlia Ave., to Allen R. Magruder & Peggy Magruder by Lighthouse Dreams Inc, $65,000, 9/9/2013.

3639 Woodcock Dr., to George Fanourakis by Charles W. Schaefer, $63,100, 9/6/2013.

6917 Narra St., to Bonnie M. Martin & John B. Martin by Kelly Lynn Glass, $54,300, 8/29/2013.

7802 Hardwick Dr. 1117, to Amanda Brami by Kathleen Haley & Marilyn L. Klein, $51,000, 8/29/2013.

6440 Kentfield Ave., to Mitchel J. Platt by Marilyn Stigaard, $50,000, 9/3/2013.

7911 Hardwick Dr. 423, to Charles R. Bartlett Jr. & Roberta E. Bartlett by Christine Dunn & Robert A. Dunn, $50,000, 8/8/2013.

3535 Linkwood St., to Teresa Vanochten by Elizabeth A. Callis, $40,000, 8/30/2013.


1654 Lake Polo Dr., to Heidi Federle & Ingo Federle by Hien Tq Nguyen & Cuong Tran, $515,000, 8/28/2013.

16530 Ivy Lake Dr., to Isaac Daniel & Shaira Daniel by Jessica D. Greif & Jessica D. Wright, $300,000, 8/27/2013.

2252 Curzon Way, to Jennifer Lynn Thompson & Steven Michael Thompson by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $156,000, 8/30/2013.

1601 Jam Ln., to Eric L. Weiss by Peggy A. Herz & Peggy A. Sheetz, $122,000, 8/30/2013.

16344 Swan View Cir., to Isaac Daniel & Shaira Daniel by Joshua W. Wright & Summer S. Wright, $78,000, 8/29/2013.


9820 Tradewinds Dr., to George Pleickhardt Jr. & Glenn Pleickhardt by Louis J. Marinelli & Sharon M. Marinelli, $133,500, 9/6/2013.

9537 Towanda Ln., to Susan R. Koelle by Grace M. Logerfo, $100,000, 8/28/2013.

10314 Peoples Lp., to Melissa E. Dzija by Elene L. Carter & Kenneth R. Carter, $99,000, 8/30/2013.

10562 Calico Lp., to Lawrence L. Gross & Sallie L. Gross by Violet M. Groux & Anne Hess Rashley, $89,500, 9/5/2013.

10826 Leeds Rd., to Abimael Feliciano & Rivera Gretchen by Ada I. Rivera & Wilfredo Rivera, $72,000, 9/3/2013.

11704 Newell Dr., to Matthew Abrahams by Dennis R. Harrington & Lucian Pacillo, $68,100, 9/5/2013.

8906 Lido Ln., to Joseph Pasquale & Marjorie Pasquale by Waneta C. Stuber, $68,000, 9/4/2013.

7405 Executive Woods Ct., to Kenneth Murphy by Karen Hanna & Michael Hanna, $64,000, 9/6/2013.

11540 Versailles Ln., to Jerry L. Phillips & Sharon B. Phillips by Ann Marie Bucceri, $63,500, 7/15/2013.

8335 Unity Dr., to Denise Legano & Michael Legano by Canavanmichael & Paula Cassidy, $62,000, 8/30/2013.

7118 Cherry Laurel Dr., to David M. Lamanna Sr. by Anthony Russo & Thomas Russo, $60,000, 8/27/2013.

7425 San Moritz Dr., to Jeffrey S. Hitchings by Linda Kay Lupejkis, $55,000, 9/5/2013.

7505 San Moritz Dr., to Charles C. Copeland by Daniel C. P. L. A. I. F. Consuegra & Mae Fannie, $55,000, 8/1/2013.

10434 Abelia Ct., to Christine Frangopoulos by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $45,500, 8/29/2013.

6539 Ridge Crest Dr., to Patricia L. Flanagan by 3day Cash Buyers LLC & Three Day Cash Buyers LLC, $40,000, 9/5/2013.


10587 Belmullet Dr., to Barbara C. Hess & Larry E. Hess by Lennar Homes LLC, $215,000, 8/21/2013.

10401 Rough Rd., to Hca Model Fund 2013 1 Fgns LLC by K Hovnanian Windward Homes LLC, $195,300, 8/28/2013.

10722 Moshie Ln., to Elaine P. Frank & William D. Frank by Robert V. Sammartino & Tina Sammartino, $147,000, 8/27/2013.

29641 Tee Shot Dr., to Stephen J. Mariconda & Susan Mariconda by Christine M. Ball & Joseph F. Ball Jr., $122,000, 8/29/2013.

29443 Zeller Ave., to Kimball Cassidy by Antonietta Mary Leblo, $112,000, 8/22/2013.

9501 Rolling Cir., to Cecil Gale Hampton & Patricia Ann Hampton by Anne S. Hefner & Ralph E. Scott, $110,000, 9/9/2013.


15825 Maran Dr., to Rebecca Cicero by Janie A. Nation & Mark W. Nation, $152,000, 9/6/2013.

18314 Drayton St., to Louis J. Marinelli & Sharon M. Marinelli by Traci Ann Farias & William Farias, $115,000, 9/6/2013.

17403 Maggie Ct., to James A. Allberg & Renee Pallante by Antonia R. Mcginnis & James T. Mcginnis, $83,000, 9/6/2013.


1455 Beaconsfield Dr., to Michael Kinross by Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $237,000, 8/29/2013.

27415 Mistflower Dr., to Ira F. Smith & Sandra L. Smith by Alister Bobb & Jacintha Bobb, $230,000, 8/30/2013.

1046 Crimson Clover Ln., to Helmar Bradsher Hodges by Anna F. Pittman, $194,000, 7/18/2013.

30106 Emmetts Ct., to Charlotte M. Sheppard & Christopher Sheppard Jr. by Javadisimin & Maryam Mostoufi, $146,300, 9/9/2013.

1748 Echo Pond Pl., to Ruth Acevedo by Arlene F. Roman & Hector D. Roman, $135,000, 9/4/2013.

1907 Twisting Ln., to Prop Florida L. P. Ih2 by Jade A. Mckendree, $127,000, 8/29/2013.

30005 Granda Hills Ct., to Daniel Reagan & Lisa Reagan by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $80,200, 8/28/2013.

4752 Fox Hunt Dr. B816, to Kimberly Naylor by Stephen Johnson, $76,000, 8/23/2013.

34345 Timberland Blvd., to Danny E. Plante & Lila M. Plante by Harold Mack & Harold H. Mack, $40,000, 9/5/2013.


9345 Mc Kendree Rd., to Marie A. Miller & Paul M. Miller by Richard Lydecker & Sandra Lydecker, $280,000, 9/5/2013.

31036 Stone Arch Ave., to Deutsche Bnkust Co Americas & Asset Backed Pass Through Mortgage by Jose Alexander Leites & Laura Elizabeth Leites, $192,400, 8/14/2013.

6039 Wesley Brook Dr., to Andrew P. Kornstein & Lendy Kornstein by Bobby E. Knott & Sarah L. Knott, $179,000, 9/3/2013.

5610 Marie Dr., to Devon W. Broadbelt & Kelly M. Broadbelt by Lorene Peddle, $175,000, 8/28/2013.

7650 Arms Dr., to Evelyn Echevarria & Jose Echevarria by Judy Taylor, $175,000, 8/30/2013.

4846 Timber Way, to Amanda L. Kyes by Maria Harrington & Robert G. Harrington, $160,000, 9/6/2013.

7428 Pulteney Dr., to Ryan Pugh by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $155,000, 8/4/2013.

5240 Treig Ln., to Prop Florida L. P. Ih2 by Danielle R. Lewis & Danielle Millar, $149,500, 8/29/2013.

5901 Brickleberry Ln. 201, to Of America Bank by Leon Yolanda De & Juan Carlos Perez, $137,600, 8/7/2013.

31607 Spoonflower Cir., to Dadlynn Exavier & Lucsianes Exavier by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $134,000, 8/30/2013.

7205 Royal George Ct., to Florida L. P. Thr by Erica M. Burdette & Erica M. Levey, $131,500, 8/30/2013.

30939 Stone Arch Ave., to Prop Florida L. P. Ih2 by Of Ny Mellon Bank Trustee & Of Ny Bank Trustee, $97,300, 8/20/2013.

37668 Aaralyn Rd., to Erin M. Gorski & Johnny G. Gorski by Latanya Quartman & Michelle A. Wilson, $89,000, 9/4/2013.

5403 Waters St., to Suzann Marie Lapage & Barry S. Mohlman by Kenneth Bean, $88,000, 8/21/2013.

36731 Kiowa Ave., to Chad W. Houghtaling & John D. Houghtaling by Dale W. Stanley & Darlene D. Stanley, $79,900, 8/20/2013.

5519 19th St., to Lenzy G. Buchanan & Shelby A. Buchanan by Daniel C. P. L. A. I. F. Consuegra & Mae Fannie, $65,600, 8/22/2013.

39201 Flora Ave., to Eric White by Edna Vennard & Wilson Vennard, $64,000, 7/31/2013.

5329 Ventura Dr., to Charles Swearingen & Ruth Swearingen by Barbara I. Schmitt, $63,000, 9/5/2013.

4772 Silver Cir., to Donald C. Long by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $55,000, 8/28/2013.

38309 Ironwood Pl., to Patricia A. Stahl by Clement J. Holdener, $55,000, 9/3/2013.

38401 Cottonwood Pl., to Elaine England Duell by Doris Thalgott, $50,000, 9/4/2013.

Spring break, hurricane relief boosted Tampa Bay hotels in March

Spring break, hurricane relief boosted Tampa Bay hotels in March

The Tampa Bay area’s hotel occupancy rate rose to 87.5 percent in March, the highest level in three years. The rise was fueled by spring break vacationers as well as insurance adjusters and hurricane cleanup crews flooding the state to restore it aft...
Published: 04/20/18
St. Petersburg police remove disabled adults from ‘deplorable’ assisted living facilities

St. Petersburg police remove disabled adults from ‘deplorable’ assisted living facilities

ST. PETERSBURG — Beef jerky, mayonnaise and Altoids mints were the only edible things in view inside one of the houses. There was no running water. The refrigerator was empty. A bed sat on top of the deteriorating living room floor. Cigarette butts b...
Updated: 3 hours ago
Marriott Edition to bring five-star hotel ambitions to Water Street Tampa

Marriott Edition to bring five-star hotel ambitions to Water Street Tampa

TAMPA — At the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, hotelier Ian Schrager transformed a Jazz Age building with its own rich history into a destination offering even more heady experiences — extravagant, edgy and bohemian.In Tampa, Schrager will have...
Updated: 3 hours ago
Here’s your first look at what will be Riverwalk Place, Tampa’s tallest tower

Here’s your first look at what will be Riverwalk Place, Tampa’s tallest tower

TAMPA — Developers on Thursday detailed plans for what they touted as the tallest building on Florida’s west coast, with condominiums priced in six and seven figures and a shimmering glass design they say would stand out in the skylines of New York, ...
Updated: 3 hours ago
The St. Pete Pier takes another step forward

The St. Pete Pier takes another step forward

ST. PETERSBURG — Development of the city’s long-awaited pier advanced another step Thursday.The City Council approved a $15 million construction contract and additional money to design a waterside restaurant, build a playground and ferret out naming ...
Updated: 12 hours ago
Free rides on PSTA and HART buses to celebrate Earth Day

Free rides on PSTA and HART buses to celebrate Earth Day

Those who use mass transit across the Tampa Bay area can ride for free on Sunday.To celebrate Earth Day, both the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) will be offering free rides on Su...
Published: 04/19/18
Wells Fargo said to be target of $1 billion fine

Wells Fargo said to be target of $1 billion fine

Federal regulators are poised to impose a $1 billion penalty on Wells Fargo for a number of alleged misdeeds, including forcing customers to buy auto insurance policies that they didn’t need, according to people briefed on the regulatory action. The ...
Published: 04/19/18
Tech Data names Rich Hume to take over as CEO

Tech Data names Rich Hume to take over as CEO

CLEARWATER — A longtime IBM executive is becoming the new leader of Tampa Bay’s largest public company. Tech Data on Thursday named Richard "Rich" Hume as its new CEO effective June 6. Hume joined Tech Data two years ago and is currently the chief op...
Published: 04/19/18
LA Fitness tones up Hillsborough location

LA Fitness tones up Hillsborough location

When LA Fitness on West Hillsborough Ave. reopens mid-summer, it will have undergone a $5 million renovation and a complete transformation. Closed since November 2017, the 10-year-old facility was completely torn down and is still undergoing construc...
Published: 04/19/18
Kids have fun and gain coding skills at Code Ninja in Westchase

Kids have fun and gain coding skills at Code Ninja in Westchase

A new program that teaches coding to kids is coming to the Tampa Bay area. Code Ninjas is a Houston-based franchise that is opening its first location in Westchase in early May. There are plans for other centers in Carrollwood, South Tampa, New Tampa...
Published: 04/19/18