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Pasco real estate transactions for Aug. 8

Real estate transactions


34751 Orange Belt Dr., to Stacie R. Childs & Mary A. Tipton by Bobby R. Simmons & Deborah R. Simmons, $135,000, 7/11/2014.

37404 Long Ave., to Porfirio Martinez & Danielle Kaylynn Vasquez by Maria Espinoza & Sergio Espinoza, $100,000, 7/16/2014.

34620 Blanton Rd., to Lawrence A. Haker by Carlos Camara & Norma Camara, $99,900, 7/15/2014.

12621 Abbey Dr., to Sean Ridgeway by 12621 Abbey Dr Florida Land Trust 1 & Alric LLC, $95,000, 7/18/2014.

35621 Auston Dr., to Jesse G. Clayton by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $94,900, 6/17/2014.

36538 Patton Rd., to Gena Freese & Scott Pfeiffer by Phh Mtg Corp, $55,000, 6/12/2014.

37830 Crystal Way, to Jose I. Sanchez & Olga L. Sanchez by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $43,500, 7/16/2014.

37403 Vero Ln., to U S Bnk Natl Association & Us Bnk Natl Assn by Acceptance Nationwide & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $40,000, 7/22/2014.


2401 Triggerfish Ct., to Barbara Broxson & Brandon Broxson by Phillippe R. Aumont, $216,000, 7/10/2014.

2404 Pleasant Hill Ln., to Carl Knobelsdorf & Joan Knobelsdorf by Chris P. Hoover & Deborah A. Hoover, $169,900, 7/18/2014.

3346 Bahia Ave., to Stephanie Feliciano by Beatrice Derby & William Derby, $126,000, 7/18/2014.

3620 Luma Dr., to Susan C. Kristich by Angeliki A. Poulos & Elias Poulos, $90,000, 7/16/2014.

3288 Masonville Lp., to Dale S. Hopper by Anne Marie Beaton & Anne Marie Harbaugh, $70,000, 7/21/2014.

3520 Wiltshire Dr., to Tux & Bud LLC by L. Geraldicarol, $65,000, 6/25/2014.

3126 Salton St., to Hany Ramzy Khalil & Louie Lotfy by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $56,000, 6/13/2014.

3663 Overland Dr., to Svetlana Zablotzka by Overland Trust & Billy Sanders Trustee, $52,500, 7/17/2014.

4843 Picture Ave., to Jennifer Kershaw by Jon Folsom & Vita Folsom, $40,000, 7/11/2014.


5842 Beverly Dr., to Leisa A. Sander & Timothy A. Sander by Marjorie K. Thomas & Stephen O. Thomas, $475,000, 7/10/2014.

17537 Meridian Blvd., to Eric L. Forcade & Shannon M. Forcade by Christiana Trust & Stanwich Mtg Loan Trust, $239,900, 7/15/2014.

14250 Foursome Dr., to Carla Pantani by John Clayton Luke Jr. & John Joseph Michalak, $210,000, 7/11/2014.

12832 Third Isle, to Betty J. Berwanger & Gary T. Berwanger by Deborah G. Knobl & Steve J. Knobl, $190,000, 7/16/2014.

13220 Old Florida Cir., to A. Asumendideborah & M. Asumendijohn by David M. Barr & Margaret L. Barr, $157,000, 7/18/2014.

8827 Poe Dr., to Connie Slye & Robert Slye by Mary Jane Clements, $147,000, 7/8/2014.

8404 Wagon Wheel Ln., to Wilmer Moises Cabrera Arias & Mandy Cabrera by Raymond Brumbaugh & Virginia Brumbaugh, $142,000, 6/30/2014.

13133 Golf Ridge Pl., to Canter Judith Hauck & George R. Hauck by Gragnaniello Family Trust & Maryanne Masi, $139,000, 7/9/2014.

12431 Cavalier Ct., to Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp by Of America Bank, $132,000, 6/14/2014.

8218 Golf Club Ct., to Maxey Brenda Jimenez by Thomas F. Murphy, $120,000, 6/30/2014.

13643 Schlee Ct., to Diane E. Cremer by Marian E. Salvaggio, $112,000, 7/18/2014.

8229 Gulf Way, to Jonathan A. Lind by Third Mtg Co Fifth, $106,500, 6/9/2014.

13333 Brigham Ln., to Gina L. Cheeks & Rickey W. Cheeks by Bosche Arthur D Trust & Danna Bosche, $90,000, 7/18/2014.

13011 Club Dr., to Donna Jo Carletta by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $86,900, 7/14/2014.

12806 Woodbine Dr., to Daryl T. Alston & Michelle W. Alston by Gina L. Cheeks & Rickey W. Cheeks Sr., $82,000, 7/22/2014.

15232 Dennis Dr., to Dewayne E. Ryan II by Michael Deluca Jr., $80,000, 7/17/2014.

13500 Norman Cir., to Anthony P. Rubio & Karen Rubio by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $69,500, 7/18/2014.

12434 Dearborn Dr., to Annelise Sivic & Kenneth E. Sivic by Mary Ann Vitale, $55,000, 7/1/2014.

7425 Maryland Ave., to Evan Bennett by George Pulido, $54,000, 7/8/2014.

12735 Cedar Ridge Dr., to Cheryl Adams Trustee & Adams Cheryl Trust by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $50,000, 6/26/2014.

12010 Chuck Cir., to Laura Scheerer & Michael Scheerer by Equity Mtg Asset Backed Pass Through Home & Residential Asset Securities Corp, $46,000, 7/16/2014.

12312 Partridge Hill Row, to Diana Richardson by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $45,900, 7/15/2014.

7423 Greystone Dr., to Donald Nightingale & Maryann Nightingdale by Cecilia Wentz, $45,000, 7/11/2014.

6836 Flicker Ln., to Jack Cooper & Jeff Cooper by Blanca Burchett & Robert Burchett, $43,000, 7/22/2014.


4726 Lago Vista Cir., to Pamela Bauer & Patrick Bauer by William Ryan Homes Florida Inc, $412,000, 7/18/2014.

7241 Derwent Glen Cir., to Brandilyn Davis & Michael Davis by Heidimonika Castle & Daniel L. Soto, $267,700, 7/18/2014.

5146 Balsam Dr., to Brian Shiamone & Kristina Shiamone by Charlotte Sheppard & Christopher Sheppard Jr., $249,900, 7/16/2014.

17528 Sandgate Ct., to Edison Estrada & Paola Estrada by Helvey L. Johnson, $205,000, 7/18/2014.

3312 Hoylake Ct., to Russell Cooper & Nicole Lynn Kelly by James C. Hoffman, $170,000, 7/16/2014.

3245 Downan Point Dr., to Elizabeth Halperin & Jason Halperin by Ryan R. Wilkey, $168,000, 7/10/2014.

22322 Kingsley Ln., to Joseph S. Schembri by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $165,000, 7/11/2014.

7610 Deer Path Ln., to Deborah C. Pittman & Harold O. Pittman by Angela M. Dilisio & Louis J. Dilisio, $165,000, 7/8/2014.

6034 Blue Sage Dr., to Midfirst Bnk by Dupree Lakes Homeowners Assn Inc & Amy Howell, $154,200, 7/21/2014.

18422 Snowdonia Dr., to Jose B. Espinal & Lillian A. Espinal by Alternative Loan Trust 2006 Oa10 & Of Ny Mellon Bank Trustee, $132,300, 7/1/2014.

4334 Silver Falls Dr., to Carrena Balderson & Michael Balderson by Kathleen Church & Lawrence Church, $125,000, 6/27/2014.

9915 Torrisdale Lp., to Wells Fargo Bnk by Casandra L. Creel & Cassandra L. Creel, $101,900, 7/22/2014.

22753 Penny Lp., to William Curtis Phagan Jr. by Kelly Leeann Clore & William Curtis Phagan III, $49,600, 7/17/2014.


24539 Siena Dr., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil & Oak Grove P U D Homeowners Assn Inc, $147,600, 7/15/2014.

4915 Gazelle Pl., to Keystone Challenge Fund Inc by Of America Bank, $48,300, 5/27/2014.


6522 Alcester Dr., to Daniel S. Lett & Stacey Lett by Dennis D. Martin & Linda Martin, $442,500, 7/3/2014.

2426 Merrivale Ct., to Brian Hershelman & Kathy Hershelman by Brad M. Garey, $300,000, 7/16/2014.

5117 South Shore Dr., to Vogel Beverly A. Conway by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $273,000, 7/17/2014.

1433 Haverhill Dr., to David T. Snee & Laura Stacey Snee by Kathy E. Hynes & Thomas P. Hynes, $268,000, 7/8/2014.

11829 Washburn Pl., to William D. Mitchell by Bradley P. Baker & Janet K. Baker, $245,000, 7/11/2014.

8919 Linebrook Dr., to Amico Joseph D & Amico Laurie D by Sharon Billings, $235,000, 7/17/2014.

1601 Westerham Lp., to Leslie C. Elwonger Trustee & Elwonger Leslie C Trust by Thomas P. Gargiulo & William P. Gargiulo, $229,900, 7/10/2014.

8101 Pea Tree Ct., to Freo Florida LLC by Cassie D. Mcdonnell & Jeffrey J. Mcdonnell, $214,000, 6/30/2014.

8531 Decubellis Rd., to 7008 Little Road LLC by Peter A. Little, $210,000, 7/14/2014.

5748 Massachusetts Ave., to Pamela J. Volchko by Deborah A. Babinetz & Michael J. Babinetz, $200,000, 7/18/2014.

9518 Scenic Pine Ct., to Linda S. Smartt & Oscar M. Smartt by Graydon L. Agar & Agar Joanne M. Tustin, $190,000, 7/22/2014.

9625 Trumpet Vine Lp., to Renata Congleton by Harry P. Hahn & Kathy L. Hahn, $179,300, 7/21/2014.

4516 Seagull Dr. 301, to Harry Kounellas by Martha L. Marcel & George T. West, $170,000, 7/18/2014.

9416 Trumpet Vine Lp., to Jennifer A. Ruddy by Salvatore Furca & Lucia Pepe, $167,500, 7/18/2014.

3414 Rankin Dr., to Kelley R. Cassis & Rami E. Cassis by Jeffrey W. Devore & Roxann L. Devore, $160,000, 7/7/2014.

11959 Palm Bay Ct., to Bryan O. Lehocki & Donna Lehocki by Martha Odom & William B. Odom, $160,000, 6/30/2014.

9915 Weiskopf Dr., to Ryan S. Mitroka & Susan A. Mitroka by Daniel C. P. L. A. I. F. Consuegra & Mae Fannie, $156,500, 5/22/2014.

8046 Cameron Cay Ct., to Ronda K. Stevens by Joseph J. Chevren III, $156,000, 7/17/2014.

4239 Grouper Ln., to Joseph E. Florian Suarez by Michael L. Pio & Tina Pio, $145,000, 7/14/2014.

11212 Clear Oak Cir., to Kathy Gachev by Veronica Zizzi, $125,000, 7/11/2014.

4329 Foxboro Dr., to Dharmendra N. Patel & Heena Patel by Caris Christine Markos, $125,000, 7/3/2014.

4329 Foxboro Dr., to Dharmendra N. Patel & Heena Patel by Caris Christine Markos, $125,000, 7/3/2014.

9544 Calle Alta, to Frank H. Selvey & Genevieve I. Selvey by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $120,400, 7/18/2014.

10844 New Brighton Ct., to Nidia J. Burgos & Ricardo Burgos by Jeffrey K. Greder, $119,900, 7/10/2014.

10940 New Brighton Ct., to American Homes 4 Rent Prop Seven LLC by Aubin Jennifer St & Aubin Joshua St, $118,000, 7/17/2014.

5727 Biscayne Ct. 202, to Karen J. Contarino & Ronald B. Salkowitz by Martin Forero, $114,900, 7/18/2014.

2550 Gailwood Dr., to Burke Darlene Bridges by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $114,900, 7/18/2014.

7730 Arlight Dr., to Justus Michael Murtha by Dawn A. Hutton & Dennis M. Hutton Jr., $111,000, 7/14/2014.

6746 Lassen Ave., to Sonia R. Hoyos by Sarah Holland, $92,000, 7/18/2014.

6765 River Rd., to Robin Lynne Artzner & William Clinton Manion by Beverly G. Szopinski & Charles M. Szopinski, $85,100, 7/18/2014.

3831 Topsail Trl, to Florida Eagle Invest LLC by Linda H. Hamlett, $76,000, 7/18/2014.

7310 Amber Dr., to Tux & Bud LLC by L. Geraldicarol, $75,000, 6/25/2014.

6702 Ranchwood Lp., to Matthew D. Sherwood & Pamela J. Sherwood by Darlene Williams, $70,000, 7/18/2014.

6101 Halifax Dr., to Colleen Ann Butler by Charles P. Hope Sr., $66,000, 7/22/2014.

7338 Sequoia Dr., to Fetlar LLC by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $62,500, 7/16/2014.

6405 Bandura Ave., to Krystal Rentals LLC by Diana Goble, $57,000, 7/17/2014.

3831 Topsail Trl, to Florida Eagle Invest LLC by Linda H. Hamlett, $56,000, 7/15/2014.

11441 Tipton Ave., to Kathryn M. Hampton Trustee & Hampton Kathryn M Trust by Albateen Taylor, $55,000, 7/17/2014.

5132 Muriel Ln., to Mahwish Siddiqui by Mahmood Khan, $53,700, 7/17/2014.

3349 Trophy Blvd., to Chris J. Ripca by Jack S. Butchart & Susan L. Butchart, $46,500, 7/19/2014.

4514 Mayflower Dr., to Kaveh Karandish by Gerald D. Hanson Trustee & Hanson Wallace J Trust, $44,000, 7/10/2014.


13905 Noble Park Dr., to Cheryl Crawford & Karl Crawford by Carey D. Bodden, $208,500, 7/16/2014.

1744 Paladino Ct., to Hsbc Bnk Usa & Merrill Lynch Mtg Investors Inc by Paula S. As Clerk Oneil & Jose Ramon, $59,100, 7/22/2014.


10157 Grove Dr., to Sharais Sosa Hernandez by Ann E. Thiel & Christopher Charles Thiel, $399,900, 7/15/2014.

8141 Aquila St. 325, to Fariyal Mehdi Alarakhia & Mehdimohamed Hussein Alarakhia by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $111,000, 7/18/2014.

7434 Dauvin Ct., to Annette T. Jacome & Luis A. Jacome by Donald Nightingale & Maryann Nightingale, $106,500, 7/14/2014.

11038 Sandtrap Dr., to Charles A. Novak by Gail S. Hirst, $100,000, 7/1/2014.

9415 Rutland Ln., to Alexander D. Boley by Nicky J. Smetzer, $94,900, 7/11/2014.

8141 Merrimac Dr., to Bernanrd M. Struys & Robin M. Struys by Barbara Monnier & Jack Monnier, $87,000, 7/22/2014.

11331 Fox Run, to Huy K. Tran by Geraldine Grace Eckstein & Marion H. Phillips, $72,500, 7/11/2014.

7701 Ironbark Dr., to Lori Bracy by Regency Invest Group LLC, $70,000, 7/11/2014.

7252 Sandalwood Dr., to Heather M. Dirienzo & Kenneth J. Dirienzo by Caroline Lillian Sender & Sender Evelyn M Life Est, $66,000, 7/8/2014.

8221 San Felipe Ct., to Gloria A. Syrigonakis & Michael J. Syrigonakis by Sarah Iacomino & Vincent J. Iacomino Sr., $60,000, 7/8/2014.

7921 Halsey Dr., to Tamariz E. Rodriquez by Eisner Eileen E Trust & Eisner Hollis C Trust, $55,900, 7/18/2014.

11721 Meadow Dr., to Ace Backed Securities Corp Home Equity Loan & Backed Pass Through Certificates Asset by Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $53,400, 7/17/2014.

8024 Pequena Dr., to Ana Gonzalez & Pedro Gonzalez by Owners Self Fin Inc, $52,000, 7/16/2014.

9530 Rainbow Ln., to Robert V. Boyd & Maria Farrugia by Mark Phillips, $47,000, 7/15/2014.

7034 Embassy Blvd., to Rhema LLC by Rosemary Gerken & Pat A. I. F. Tassone, $40,000, 7/10/2014.


10112 Cleghorn Dr., to Luanne M. Hanson & Robert B. Hanson by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $137,000, 7/21/2014.

11911 Orange St., to Dustin Ballard & Jacqueline Nicole Ballard by Anne Ryan & Jude M. Ryan, $86,000, 7/18/2014.


16810 Midsummer Ln., to Cristian Baptis & Yvette Baptis by Jack Ciucio Jr., $180,000, 7/11/2014.


3148 Watermark Dr., to Francisco H. Bezerra & Lilyan Bezerra by Cynthia R. Cucchi & Gary A. Cucchi, $575,000, 7/14/2014.

27042 Laurel Chase Ln., to Aimee Ensign & Marc Ensign by Maya Pakhomova & Roman Pinis, $450,000, 7/11/2014.

4236 Rustic Pine Pl., to Dilip Chemburkar & Neelam Chemburkar by Yih Chang Cheng, $349,500, 7/17/2014.

1323 Deerbourne Dr., to Shawn Scott by Eric B. Lawton, $320,000, 7/18/2014.

32100 Garden Alcove Lp., to Erin L. Reynolds & James R. Reynolds II by Jason L. Crotchett & Bouchra Stiti, $309,000, 7/21/2014.

32618 Summerglade Dr., to Andrew D. Ghelfi & Tina M. Ghelfi by Stephen C. Brandt, $290,000, 7/8/2014.

5242 Spectacular Bid Dr., to Alan M. Disotto by John V. Diaz & Maria E. Diaz, $247,000, 7/17/2014.

4635 Tealwood Trl, to Vauixrose Simeon Lewis & Lewis Georgina Perez by Christopher Kluender & Theresa Kluender, $240,000, 6/27/2014.

1219 Maximilian Dr., to Daniel Padilla & Nelida Padilla by Jeanne Ghizzone, $235,000, 7/16/2014.

30708 Nickerson Lp., to Bethany Rose Mcnew & Gustavo Pancorvo by Brian Shiamone & Kristina Shiamone, $197,000, 7/17/2014.

4541 Rolling Greene Dr., to Harold J. Key & Heather C. Key by Southeast Prop Acquisitions LLC, $196,000, 7/15/2014.

4234 Medbury Dr., to Corey J. Sagenich & Jessica L. Sagenich by Alexander Moreno & Silvia A. Moreno, $186,500, 7/22/2014.

1137 Baycrest Dr., to Roman Peretskyy by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $185,000, 7/17/2014.

4212 Chase Dr., to John J. Wells by Christopher R. A. I. F. Caravella & Eugene C. Williams Jr., $172,000, 7/18/2014.

31845 Turkeyhill Dr., to James John Cherry II by Jenna Marie Moss & Stephen Louir Moss Jr., $160,000, 7/22/2014.

28831 Raindance Ave., to Freo Florida LLC by Alicia Everett & Roger Everett, $153,000, 7/15/2014.

30951 Mandolin Cay Ave., to Gricel Leon by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $152,000, 5/30/2014.

31303 Baclan Dr., to Federal Natl Mtg Assn by Adolfo Salguero & Beatriz E. Vargas, $150,900, 6/30/2014.

27702 Sora Blvd., to Mark Kadzielawski & Monika Kadzielawski by Christopher M. Carter & Presleen Joselyne Himalaya Carter, $148,000, 7/17/2014.

4137 Branchside Ln., to Chunru Zhang by Deutsche Bnkust Co Americas & Asset Backed Pass Through Mortgage, $147,000, 7/2/2014.

27434 Sky Lake Cir., to Paul Abraham Edwards by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $140,000, 6/26/2014.

7310 Newhall Pass Ln., to Melissa Chaidez by Alfredo Rivero & Diana Rosa Socorro, $130,000, 7/17/2014.

3948 Langdrum Dr., to Hsbc Bnk Usa by Meadow Pointe Homeowner S Assn Inc & Meadow Pointe Homeowners Assn Incorpora, $126,400, 7/22/2014.

31230 Baclan Dr., to Structured Asset Invest Loan Trust & Us Bnk Natl Assn by Bridgewater Community Assn Incorporation & Diana L. Drum, $115,800, 7/22/2014.


5136 Camberlea Ave., to Tammy K. Janas & Walter P. Janas Jr. by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp & Shuler Pa Atty In Fact Kass, $255,000, 7/18/2014.

5744 Pawnee St., to Joanne M. Gillissen & Paul J. Gillissen by Gabbert Doris M Trust & Robert E. Gabbert, $102,500, 7/15/2014.

5638 Passing Pine Ln., to Citimortgage Inc by Any & All Unknown Parties & Jane Doe, $96,600, 7/16/2014.

7544 Forbes Rd., to Household Fin Corp by Paula S. As Clerk Oneil & Billy R. Price, $74,500, 7/21/2014.

37640 Campo Ave., to Eileen M. Seiter & Spanish Trails W Home Owners Assn Inc by Roger L. Smith & Roxanne Smith, $72,000, 6/5/2014.

36106 Lake Chase Blvd. 201, to Carolina Ramirez Gallego & Vincent Shack by Raintree Co LLC, $65,000, 7/16/2014.

6045 12th St., to Starr A. Chamberlain by Catherine L. Stevens & Ryan A. Stevens, $60,000, 7/14/2014.

38038 Cat Ave., to Anthony C. Dino & Mary A. Peterman by Doris A. Feduccia & Deborah Malone, $55,000, 7/3/2014.

41109 Jerry Rd., to 21st Mtg Corp by Advantage Asset Inc & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $50,600, 7/17/2014.

35947 Dalebrook Ave., to 21st Mtg Corp by Carol Billets & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $40,100, 7/21/2014.

St. Petersburg police remove disabled adults from ‘deplorable’ assisted living facilities

St. Petersburg police remove disabled adults from ‘deplorable’ assisted living facilities

ST. PETERSBURG — Beef jerky, mayonnaise and Altoids mints were the only edible things in view inside one of the houses. There was no running water. The refrigerator was empty. A bed sat on top of the deteriorating living room floor. Cigarette butts b...
Updated: 4 hours ago
The St. Pete Pier takes another step forward

The St. Pete Pier takes another step forward

ST. PETERSBURG — Development of the city’s long-awaited pier advanced another step Thursday.The City Council approved a $15 million construction contract and additional money to design a waterside restaurant, build a playground and ferret out naming ...
Updated: 7 hours ago
Free rides on PSTA and HART buses to celebrate Earth Day

Free rides on PSTA and HART buses to celebrate Earth Day

Those who use mass transit across the Tampa Bay area can ride for free on Sunday.To celebrate Earth Day, both the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) will be offering free rides on Su...
Updated: 8 hours ago
Here’s your first look at what will be Riverwalk Place, Tampa’s tallest tower

Here’s your first look at what will be Riverwalk Place, Tampa’s tallest tower

TAMPA — Developers on Thursday detailed plans for what they touted as the tallest building on Florida’s west coast, with condominiums priced in six and seven figures and a shimmering glass design they say would stand out in the skylines of New York, ...
Updated: 9 hours ago
Wells Fargo said to be target of $1 billion fine

Wells Fargo said to be target of $1 billion fine

Federal regulators are poised to impose a $1 billion penalty on Wells Fargo for a number of alleged misdeeds, including forcing customers to buy auto insurance policies that they didn’t need, according to people briefed on the regulatory action. The ...
Updated: 9 hours ago
Marriott Edition to bring five-star hotel ambitions to Water Street Tampa

Marriott Edition to bring five-star hotel ambitions to Water Street Tampa

TAMPA — At the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, hotelier Ian Schrager transformed a Jazz Age building with its own rich history into a destination offering even more heady experiences — extravagant, edgy and bohemian.In Tampa, Schrager will have...
Updated: 11 hours ago
Tech Data names Rich Hume to take over as CEO

Tech Data names Rich Hume to take over as CEO

CLEARWATER — A longtime IBM executive is becoming the new leader of Tampa Bay’s largest public company. Tech Data on Thursday named Richard "Rich" Hume as its new CEO effective June 6. Hume joined Tech Data two years ago and is currently the chief op...
Updated: 11 hours ago
LA Fitness tones up Hillsborough location

LA Fitness tones up Hillsborough location

When LA Fitness on West Hillsborough Ave. reopens mid-summer, it will have undergone a $5 million renovation and a complete transformation. Closed since November 2017, the 10-year-old facility was completely torn down and is still undergoing construc...
Published: 04/19/18
Kids have fun and gain coding skills at Code Ninja in Westchase

Kids have fun and gain coding skills at Code Ninja in Westchase

A new program that teaches coding to kids is coming to the Tampa Bay area. Code Ninjas is a Houston-based franchise that is opening its first location in Westchase in early May. There are plans for other centers in Carrollwood, South Tampa, New Tampa...
Published: 04/19/18
Graze all day at Armature Works

Graze all day at Armature Works

TAMPA HEIGHTS— Graze 1910 upholds the comfortable and relaxing, yet elegant setting of Armature Works with its "comfort food" offerings and dedication to serving breakfast all day."It’s the way I eat. I graze all day," said owner Raymond "Ray" Menend...
Published: 04/19/18