Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pasco real estate transactions for Feb. 26


9621 Silverbend Dr., to Cheri L. Demarco by Dolores I. Clark, $137,500, 1/23/2014.

13229 Palmilla Cir., to 21 St Mtg Corp & Twenty First Mtg Corp by Heathers At Lake Jovita Homeowners Assn Inc & Lake Jovita Homeowner S Assn Inc, $133,600, 1/24/2014.

36823 Missouri Ave., to Acv Homes LLC by Eric M. Brown, $95,000, 1/24/2014.

29129 Johnston Rd. 2539, to James R. Morrow & Regina S. Morrow by Etha P. Hines, $85,000, 1/22/2014.

14823 Mitchell St., to Manases Gonzalez by 14823 Mitchell St Florida Land Trust 1 & 14823 Mitchell St Florida Land Trust One, $68,000, 1/24/2014.

37749 Palm Ave., to Premier Housing Invest LLC by Stanwich Mtg Loan Trust & U S Bnk Natl Assn, $65,000, 1/9/2014.


3651 Dickens Dr., to George Paganis & Nancy Paganis by Patricia A. Portman, $85,000, 1/15/2014.

3251 Rock Valley Dr., to Maria Mcginnis & Paul E. Mcginnis by Nadine J. Brown & Natalie L. Brown, $80,000, 1/22/2014.

5300 Front Dr., to Philip Yeh LLC by Bernd Stoevesand & Gabriele Stoevesand, $63,000, 1/21/2014.

3641 Dickens Dr., to George Paganis & Nancy Paganis by Charles F. Johnson & Nyda Ray Johnson, $61,000, 1/14/2014.

1350 Brixton Ln., to Lewis H. Post Jr. & Terri L. Post by Alfred J. Salo Trustee & Marleen M. Salo Trustee, $60,000, 1/24/2014.

3433 Woodcock Dr., to Robert Miller by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $59,100, 1/17/2014.

3029 Merita Dr., to John Piskopos by Charles Puccini & Cheryl Puccini, $57,000, 1/22/2014.

3320 Chauncy Rd., to Georgia L. Pandapas & Nicholas Pandapas by Mildred Ingrao, $53,000, 1/15/2014.

3227 Finch Dr., to Angelco Dojcinovski by Pennymac Corp, $50,000, 1/14/2014.

3440 Trask Dr., to Samuel Risola by Kingdom Trust Co & Brandon Roth Ira Mauro, $47,000, 1/16/2014.

5334 Forest Hills Dr., to Snowflake Garden LLC by Scott E. Blanchard, $45,000, 1/17/2014.

5538 Mosaic Dr., to Margaret Macdonald by E. Sullivandennis & Sullivanstephen, $40,000, 1/15/2014.


13916 Darlene Ave., to Louann V. Fagundo & Ramon H. Fagundo by Joan B. Tremblay & Robert R. Tremblay, $225,000, 1/10/2014.

7445 Gulf Way, to Gustavo Betancourt by Rent To Own Pasco Inc, $220,000, 1/23/2014.

11710 Heritage Point Dr., to Robert A. Wimer & Trudy K. Wimer by Dominick Catalano & Mary Catalano, $157,500, 1/17/2014.

13219 Old Florida Cir., to Aaron Kukla & Jennifer Lynn Kukla by Donald Peterson, $144,000, 1/22/2014.

18601 Long Lake Dr., to Harry Chuderewicz by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $130,000, 1/21/2014.

13503 Pimberton Dr., to Andrew D. Anusbigian & Theresa D. Anusbigian by David M. Peterson & Gregory M. Peterson, $130,000, 1/9/2014.

13106 Sumpter Cir., to Nancy E. Bell & Phillip O. Bell Sr. by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $75,000, 1/10/2014.

6716 Tower Dr., to Gladys Montalvo & Humberto Montalvo by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $65,000, 1/24/2014.

12103 Longstrap Ln., to Austin Gibbons & Jennifer L. Lashley by Jacqueline Moss & Robert Moss, $53,000, 1/8/2014.

13043 Gennaro Rd., to John Owens & Tracy Owens by Nancy E. Bell & Phillip O. Bell Sr., $52,000, 1/17/2014.

12500 Cobble Stone Dr., to Frank W. Siefert & Ursula E. Siefert by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $50,300, 1/24/2014.

12218 Fox Chase Dr. A1, to Hardy Group Florida LLC by Clapperboard Invest LLC, $50,000, 1/24/2014.

8132 Sylvan Dr., to Wells Fargo Bnk by Ruben D. Cobo & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $47,100, 1/17/2014.

7721 Hillside Ct. 201, to Gaye L. Mayer & Richard W. Mayer by Tracy L. Bower & April G. Combs, $46,000, 1/22/2014.

12113 Horseshoe Ln., to Patricia A. Eccles & Stephen E. Smith by James Hall & James R. Hall, $42,500, 1/21/2014.

12117 Cartwright Dr., to James R. Troutman by Helen L. Starewicz, $40,000, 1/15/2014.


21301 Lake Vienna Dr., to Joy Khalil & Emad Saad by Christopher Munday & Louise Munday, $432,500, 1/17/2014.

6738 Vista Del Lago Ave., to Demetrios Yannakopoulos by Cynthia Palmer & Dan Palmer, $295,000, 1/16/2014.

3709 Tristram Lp., to Rosemarie V. Salerno by Luciano Borjas & Sheila I. Borjas, $255,000, 1/17/2014.

4142 Sinclair Pl., to John C. Hotaling by Daryl L. Holland, $250,000, 1/24/2014.

5627 Sweet William Ter., to Marissa Elena Gai & Nathan Victor Thompson by Glenn A. Sonntag Jr. & Rosemarie A. Sonntag, $249,900, 1/24/2014.

8052 Sequester Lp., to Raymond H. Bonn & Bonn Lynn Stelmach by Nicholas A. Sanborn & Whitney A. Sanborn, $235,500, 1/24/2014.

3521 Morgans Bluff Ct., to Prop Florida Lp Ih3 by Maria Leone & Michael Leone, $225,000, 1/24/2014.

8334 Lagerfeld Dr., to Briana Demelo & Robert Demelo by Edwin Rivera & Victoria Rivera, $214,900, 1/28/2014.

15839 Cedar Elm Ter., to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC by Other Persons All & Homeowners Assn At Suncoast Lakes Inc, $166,900, 1/23/2014.

22920 Hawk Hill Lp., to Mark Hughes & Tarakae Hughes by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $162,000, 1/16/2014.

2826 Torrance Dr., to Louise Krupp by Denz Inc, $158,300, 1/22/2014.

4814 Wessex Way, to Three Prop Florida Lp Ih & Prop Florida Lp Ih3 by Christine R. Potosky & William G. Potosly Jr., $153,500, 1/24/2014.

6808 Dali Ave .D103, to Seti Inc by Rita Vineski, $150,000, 1/24/2014.

17023 Ongar Ct., to Of America Bank by Zuleima Fernandez & Cardona Maria C. Marin, $93,300, 1/24/2014.


21032 Sunpoint Way 101, to Brian Sargent by Mary Colleen Gorman & Lawrence D. Howell Jr., $223,500, 1/24/2014.

20111 County Line Rd., to Scott M. Pickering by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $207,900, 1/22/2014.

1515 Wildfowl Pl., to Brian Thomas Evans & Lindy Kathryne Evans by Angela M. Lopez & Michael Lopez, $205,000, 1/17/2014.

1908 Falling Star Ln., to Jimmy M. Clarke Jr. & Nichole F. Clarke by Raymond H. Bonn & Bonn Lynn M. Stelmach, $132,000, 1/24/2014.

1452 Windjammer Lp., to Wells Fargo Bnk by Darrell Hill & Jennifer Hill, $125,700, 1/28/2014.

21453 Northwood Dr., to Diane H. Turner by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $60,000, 1/22/2014.

21107 Fountain View Ln. 5103, to Caroline Peter J Trust & Caroline Tobin L Trust by Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $52,500, 1/2/2014.

4923 Gazelle Pl., to Backed Pass Through Certificates Asset & Asset Backed Securities Corp by Beneficial Florida Inc & Beverly Hixenbaugh, $47,100, 1/28/2014.


11816 Washburn Pl., to Raymond H. Rydell & Susan J. Rydell by Karen Anne Campbell & Thomas J. Campbell, $310,000, 1/6/2014.

8416 Cessna Dr., to Hermun Koach LLC by Vanderbuilt Mtg & Fin Inc, $300,000, 1/16/2014.

1531 Davenport Dr., to Concetta Risso & Thomas Francis Risso by Anissa P. Harris & Mark W. Harris, $240,000, 1/17/2014.

1752 Mountain Ash Way, to Donald L. Marler & Meloyde A. Marlera by Christina Faye Ingardia & Christina Marchido, $229,900, 1/23/2014.

1436 Jutland Dr., to Alba Lockhead & Harry William Lockhead by Laverne F. Chenault & Karen C. A. I. F. Fitzpatrick, $228,000, 1/10/2014.

10910 Hilltop Dr., to Joseph Reiners by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $227,500, 1/15/2014.

3309 Ellington Way, to Nicolas Perrin & Kathleen Rodrigues by Catherine May & James A. May, $225,000, 1/23/2014.

11930 Yellow Finch Ln., to Elizabeth K. Taylor & James R. Taylor by Robert Hunt, $200,000, 1/23/2014.

7347 Roebellini Ave., to Alan Paonessa & Rhonda Revels by Rhonda J. Revels, $179,900, 1/16/2014.

4964 Galleon Ct., to Argie Gialourakis & Nick Gialourakis by Irene Hotzoglou & Larry Hotzoglou, $175,000, 1/15/2014.

7410 Turtlebrook Ln., to Alicia Londergan & Jeremy Londergan by Robert Hunt, $169,000, 1/16/2014.

6531 Pine Walk Dr., to Kenneth R. Scheele & Patsy R. Scheele by Marilyn L. Koop & Richard E. Koop, $168,500, 1/20/2014.

10010 Brookdale Dr., to Milton Sommers & Patricia Sommers by Marian M. Roberts, $150,000, 1/22/2014.

5641 Redhawk Dr., to Bradley S. Bengtson & Junille Bengtson by Cindy Sue Rhum, $139,900, 1/21/2014.

4520 Alligator Dr., to Phyllis G. Pearman by Marjorie K. Grange & Marjorie Kirby Grange, $138,000, 1/13/2014.

3548 Anniversary Ct., to Daniel A. Kelley & Julie Kelley by Diane White, $125,000, 1/15/2014.

4624 Parkdale Ln., to Catherine May & James A. May by Richard K. Bouker, $121,000, 1/23/2014.

7833 Lightfoot Dr., to Brian A. Wilson & Elizabeth Wilson by Justin Penfold, $83,000, 1/28/2014.

4848 Alamo Ct., to Emilia S. Paredes by Mary Scislowski, $72,000, 1/24/2014.

4254 Boston Cir., to Olga Pikus by Gallat Marie J Trust & Ronald J. Gallat Trustee, $70,000, 1/13/2014.

7555 Abbott Ct., to Pnc Bnk by Paul T. Lindner II & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $61,300, 1/23/2014.

8345 Shallow Creek Ct., to Little Creek Townhomes Homeowners Assn Inc & H. Curtis Skipper by Republic Bnk, $60,000, 1/14/2014.

6222 7th Ave., to David H. Chubre & Brandy S. Sells by James A. Boyko, $59,400, 1/22/2014.

11644 Boynton Ln., to Pamela Kaye Rifenberg by Albert Rodriguez, $55,000, 1/14/2014.

6430 Limerick Ave., to Katrina Pirovolidis by Robert Hunt, $51,000, 1/17/2014.

4575 Whitton Way 1119, to Carlos D. Acevedo & Trudy Acevedo by Matthew Giuliano, $47,000, 1/21/2014.

6641 Dartmoor Ln., to David L. Spillett by Susan M. Bacotti & Frank E. Danowski, $45,000, 1/23/2014.

4544 Blanche St., to S. Housing &. Urban Dev U by Midfirst Bnk, $44,500, 1/16/2014.

3820 Habana St., to Mina Ariotti Trustee & Ariotti Mina Trust by Dolores R. Reeves & Charles Wesolouski, $43,000, 1/22/2014.

3532 Murrow St., to Ruskaboy Holdings LLC by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp & Offices Of Daniel C. Consuegra P. L. A. I. F. Law, $41,500, 1/17/2014.

6350 Sutherland Ave., to Advanta Ira Serv LLC & Alice Ira Schowe by Equity Mtg Asset Backed Pass Through Home & Residential Asset Securities Corp, $41,100, 1/17/2014.


1338 Wyndham Lakes Dr., to Deborah Smeaton & Michael W. Smeaton by Jill C. Kennedy & Steven L. Kennedy, $570,000, 1/24/2014.

16151 Rambling Rd., to Robert Rozmeski & Tina A. Rozmeski by Kirk T. Rudolph Trustee & Rudolph Kirk T Trust, $315,000, 1/15/2014.

16848 Nikki Ln., to Freo Florida LLC by Bobby C. Winston & Nefertiti G. Winston, $210,000, 1/22/2014.

1710 Villa Capri Cir. 208, to Jsl Tuscano LLC by Jane M. Smith, $68,000, 1/13/2014.


5040 Miller Bayou Dr., to Rate Mtg Backed Pass Through Certi Adjustable & Adjustable Rate Mtg Trust 2005 4 by Citibank, $336,300, 1/27/2014.

4620 Bay Blvd. 1155, to Albert C. Lange III & Barbara A. Lange by John J. Bollinger, $140,000, 1/27/2014.

10938 Salt Tree Dr., to Richard L. Maida by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $111,000, 1/17/2014.

10628 Encino Ct., to Roger D. Mchone & Sandra G. Mchone by Lynn P. Uram Trustee, $91,000, 1/17/2014.

9130 Haverford Ln., to Dov Fikler & Rachel Fikler by Sharr Const Inc, $75,000, 1/20/2014.

8030 San Bernardino Dr., to Bonnie Jean Brackett & Dorothy E. Pritchard by Charles F. Beyer, $74,000, 1/23/2014.

11810 Oceanside Dr., to Wayne E. Snyder by Bernadette Selph & Lester Selph, $70,000, 1/13/2014.

7231 Embassy Blvd., to Thomas Roger Houck & Tonya Suzette Houck by John Frank, $69,900, 1/21/2014.

10728 Cedar Breaks Dr., to John J. Daprino & Patricia Anne Daprino by Eleanor L. Poach & Fred R. Poach, $67,600, 1/15/2014.

10240 Flagship Ave., to Charles Patterson by Beatrice A. Cassidy & Betty A. Cassidy, $64,900, 1/6/2014.

7564 High Pines Ct., to Gregg Dematos & Monika Dematos by James E. Everett & Judith A. Everett, $60,000, 1/23/2014.

9031 Cochise Ln., to Ladonna Gaye Freiberg by Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $59,500, 1/27/2014.

10015 Vineyard Ln., to Shane Michael Briggs by Kelly A. Davidson & Beatrice A. French, $49,000, 1/22/2014.

8934 Eileen Dr., to Petra Lanigan by Michael Rhodes, $43,000, 1/21/2014.

11100 Pine Tree Ln., to William S. Hanlon by Richard Allen Miller & Dora Etta Tipton, $40,000, 1/24/2014.


29306 Kapalua Way, to Gloria Cruz Rodriguez by Distressed Asset Buyers LLC, $77,000, 1/23/2014.


12221 Oak Ramble Dr., to Gary Johnson & Kathleen Mary Johnson by William Ryan Homes Florida Inc, $230,000, 1/21/2014.

16815 Laura Lee Dr., to Christiana Trust & Stanwich Mtg Loan Trust by Ernest Valdes Jr. & Heather Renee Valdes, $168,900, 1/24/2014.

15254 Kittrell Dr., to Donald Faenza & Susan Faenza by Don J. Schaefer Jr. & Julie A. Schaefer, $135,000, 1/23/2014.


8210 Quail Run Dr., to Aarene N. Alessi & David M. Alessi by Patrice M. Harris & Leslie L. Wolfe, $370,000, 1/21/2014.

27321 Roseling Ct., to E Trade Bnk & E*trade Bnk by Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil & Seven Oaks Prop Owners Assn Inc, $355,100, 1/22/2014.

26607 Shoregrass Dr., to Kiran K. Patel & Christina Williams by Diane N. Strickland & Steven T. Strickland, $307,000, 1/24/2014.

31236 Bridgegate Dr., to Marcelino Aviles & Gomez Jeannette Velazquez by Barbara R. Martin & James P. Martin, $215,000, 1/24/2014.

26811 Shoregrass Dr., to Of America Bank by Moises Caicedo & Moises Mrs Caicedo, $208,700, 1/27/2014.

31033 Bridgegate Dr., to Sumwashe Benina Jones by Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $205,000, 1/21/2014.

31621 Stirrup Ln., to Diana Ponce & Saul Ponce by Janet R. Nelson & Paul J. Nelson, $191,500, 1/24/2014.

30616 Casewell Pl., to Jona P. Castillo & Brandon J. Koller by William J. Paskie IV, $179,000, 1/17/2014.

7847 Westpoint Dr., to Christine Nowiski & Dennis Nowiski by Carlton Keadle, $178,300, 1/21/2014.

1901 Tupelo Ln., to William E. Ray by Pineywoods Acquisition LLC, $159,900, 1/10/2014.

1324 Ocean Reef Rd., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Shahjahan Akandh & Salma Khanam, $141,600, 1/28/2014.

4211 Bethpage Ct., to U S Bnk by Country Walk Homeowners Assn Inc & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $135,000, 1/22/2014.

31537 Stirrup Ln., to Jpmorgan Chase Bnk by Arrow Financial Serv LLC & Mary K. Kamat, $132,400, 1/24/2014.

7423 Pulteney Dr., to Wells Fargo Bnk by Bridgewater Community Assn Inc & Paula S. As Clerk Oneil, $131,600, 1/28/2014.

5146 Prairie View Way, to First Citizens Bnk/tr Co by State Of Fla & J. Brian Murphy, $129,700, 1/29/2014.

28400 Tanglewood Dr., to Beth Kokol & Emily Kokol by Frances L. Rakow, $129,500, 1/24/2014.

26745 Middleground Lp., to Onewest Bnk by Christine N. Batton & Lexington Oaks Of Pasco Co Homeowners Assn, $127,600, 1/29/2014.

1033 Blackwater Dr., to Ana M. Stevenson by Fedearl Home Loan Mtg Corp, $127,000, 1/20/2014.

31353 Triborough Dr., to Cynthia Rodriguez by Deanne L. Giangreco & Marcelo M. Giangreco, $125,600, 1/12/2014.

6820 Aramon Ct., to Suisse Credit & Backed Pass Through Certificates Csmcmtg by Bridgewater Community Assn Inc & Brandi Mcguffin, $119,600, 1/29/2014.

6218 Chapel Pines Blvd., to Julia A. Dorado & Kenneth D. Dorado Jr. by Henry Narvaez, $115,000, 1/21/2014.

30238 Rattana Ct., to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Daniel P. Allendes & Evelyn C. Allendes, $101,600, 1/29/2014.

4724 Butler National Dr., to Tampa Florida House LLC by Mary M. Escudie, $92,000, 1/17/2014.

1117 Sleepy Oak Dr., to Rania Mounir Thab Abdel Malek by John Maccabee, $84,500, 1/27/2014.

7551 Rooks Dr., to Chelsie Bartnicki & William Bartnicki by David W. Helm & James L. Helm, $75,500, 1/27/2014.

4782 Fox Hunt Dr. D615, to Bourgknecht Nicholas De & Fabienne Piantino by Christiana Trust & Stanwich Mtg Loan Trust, $65,000, 1/14/2014.

4762 Fox Hunt Dr. A305, to Enterprises LLC by Echo 108 Trust & Norma J. Gannon, $50,000, 1/15/2014.

3015 Tina Marie Dr., to Wells Fargo Bnk by Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil & Betty L. Smith, $46,500, 1/24/2014.

1236 Throckmorton Dr., to Wells Fargo Bnk by Erica N. Fedrick & Erica N. Mr Fedrick, $45,100, 1/28/2014.


37350 Castleberry Ave., to Haven Family Trust & Richard E. Haven by Dorothy Driver & Norman Driver, $122,000, 1/17/2014.

39712 Meadowood Lp., to Carolyn A. Morris & Charles R. Porter by Donald Bloxsom & Rosemarie A. Bloxsom, $84,500, 1/24/2014.

5706 Dakota St., to Janie A. Stutz & John T. Stutz by Connie R. Wetzel, $72,500, 1/23/2014.

6798 Basswood Cir., to Betty S. Dixon & Carl F. Dixon Jr. by Rhonda Ledbetter & Paul R. Prescott Jr., $61,500, 1/24/2014.

35150 Mc Culloughs Leap, to Charles W. Morse & Janet J. Morse by Gorman Family Trust & Marion J. Gorman Trustee, $61,400, 1/10/2014.

38245 Ironwood Pl., to Douglas Daniel Robillard by Anne Lee Dettloff & Carl F. Dettloff, $54,000, 1/21/2014.

36113 Deer Creek Dr. 104, to Montaine Prop LLC by Bear Stearns Alt A Trust 20906 4 & Citibank Trustee, $54,000, 1/9/2014.

36614 Kay Ave., to Basil W. Mathews by Hare Norma M Trust & Jerrianne S. Mott, $54,000, 1/21/2014.

39524 Meadowood Lp., to Maria M. Patel by Southeast Prop Acquisitions LLC, $51,000, 1/20/2014.

4637 Windy Ln., to Margaret A. Frey by James L. Hamilton & Kathleen L. Hamilton, $50,000, 1/24/2014.

5238 Betty St., to Janet M. Kansala & Saul E. Kansala by Donald R. Mcneeley, $50,000, 1/21/2014.

4928 5th St., to Robert Anderson & Shannon Anderson by Steven T. Schaefer, $45,000, 1/23/2014.

Career Q&A: Disillusioned with grind of telecommute

Career Q&A: Disillusioned with grind of telecommute

Q: I have become very disillusioned with my telecommuting job. I accepted this position about a year ago because I liked the idea of working from home. However, I now have so many assignments that I can barely keep up. I was recently given a huge pro...
Updated: 7 hours ago
Pinellas County commits $41.7 million to Blue Jays Stadium

Pinellas County commits $41.7 million to Blue Jays Stadium

DUNEDIN — The Pinellas County Commission pulled the final trigger Tuesday on dedicating $41.7 million in bed taxes for upgrades to the Toronto Blue Jays’ stadium and spring training facilities, a pledge that amounts to covering more than half of the ...
Updated: 9 hours ago
Florida’s small businesses need more skilled workers, survey says

Florida’s small businesses need more skilled workers, survey says

Florida small business owners say their top concern is a lack of skilled workers, according to a recent survey by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Workforce quality has been a recurring issue for small businesses, according to previous surveys. In th...
Updated: 10 hours ago
Marriott CEO: Our three-hotel bet at Water Street Tampa reflects how Tampa is evolving

Marriott CEO: Our three-hotel bet at Water Street Tampa reflects how Tampa is evolving

TAMPA — The world’s biggest hotel company already has 29 properties in the Tampa Bay area, but its CEO says a plan to put more than 1,400 rooms in three Marriott-branded hotels within a few blocks of each other says something about how Tampa is evolv...
Updated: 11 hours ago
Study ranks Florida No. 8 for most aggressive drivers

Study ranks Florida No. 8 for most aggressive drivers

If you’ve ever complained about other motorists on the road, you may have been justified. The Sunshine State ranked No. 8 on GasBuddy.com’s list of states with the most aggressive drivers."Our findings indicate that states with densely populated citi...
Updated: 11 hours ago
First curbside delivery, now Amazon leaves packages with no one in the car

First curbside delivery, now Amazon leaves packages with no one in the car

Amazon is taking the growing curb-side delivery trend a step further — now shoppers don’t even have to be inside their cars to get their items.The online retailer announced Tuesday it has begun delivering packages to newer cars with OnStar service in...
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Ex-Yahoo paying $35M to settle SEC charges over 2014 hack

Ex-Yahoo paying $35M to settle SEC charges over 2014 hack

WASHINGTON — The company formerly known as Yahoo is paying a $35 million fine to resolve federal regulators’ charges that the online pioneer deceived investors by failing to disclose one of the biggest data breaches in internet history. The Securiti...
Published: 04/24/18
The ‘most interesting man in the world’ will be tending bar in Tampa on Friday

The ‘most interesting man in the world’ will be tending bar in Tampa on Friday

"Stay thirsty, my friends," the most interesting man in the world is coming to Tampa to tend bar on Friday. Jonathan Goldsmith, the face that launched a thousand memes, will be slinging cocktails at Tampa’s trendy Hall on Franklin, the food hall anno...
Published: 04/24/18
So far, Pasco’s tourism base: Floridians, Canadians

So far, Pasco’s tourism base: Floridians, Canadians

NEW PORT RICHEY – The typical tourist in Pasco County this year most likely is a Floridian.But there are lots of Canadians here as well. Nearly 80 percent drove, rather than flew, to the region. Forty percent stayed in hotels, but more than a quarter...
Published: 04/24/18
Girls hockey could replace boys lacrosse on Pasco tourism calendar

Girls hockey could replace boys lacrosse on Pasco tourism calendar

NEW PORT RICHEY – Hockey pucks could replace lacrosse balls as the required sports equipment for the holiday tourism season in Wesley Chapel.The Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival, founded by Canadian hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser, is seek...
Published: 04/24/18