Visit St. Pete-Clearwater partners with HSN to turn shoppers into tourists

HSN hosts Debbie Denmon and Valerie Stup during a promotional video on Clearwater Beach as part of the network's partnership with Visit St. Pete-Clearwater. (HSN/Visit St. Pete-Clearwater)
HSN hosts Debbie Denmon and Valerie Stup during a promotional video on Clearwater Beach as part of the network's partnership with Visit St. Pete-Clearwater. (HSN/Visit St. Pete-Clearwater)
Published June 25 2018
Updated June 26 2018

Valerie Stupís toes are in the sand at Clearwater Beach. Guy Yovan is spotting dolphins near Johnís Pass. Sarah Anderson is touring the Dali Museum.

Usually HSNís shoppers only see their favorite network hosts inside the studio selling handbags, cookware and beauty supplies. But in the 24-hour shopping networkís latest campaign, the hosts instead venture out to show off the St. Petersburg companyís backyard. The video promos are part of a first-of-its-kind partnership with Visit St. Pete-Clearwater, Pinellas Countyís tourism and marketing arm.

The promotion, running all of July, is a tag-team approach that markets the area to HSN shoppers, giving them a chance to win one of 31 free trips to the area.

"We were looking to do something new and different and we really wanted to hold hands with a Pinellas-based firm," said David Downing, the president of the tourism organization. "And not just anyone ó someone with the reach, brand loyalty and marketing power HSN has."

The visit Pinellas campaign coincides with HSNís 41st birthday next month; the trips will be awarded every day in July.

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"It just make sense," HSN marketing manager Lauren Stander said. "Our customers love our network, love our hosts. Why not invite them to visit our hometown?"

While HSN is handling the sweepstakes entries through its online gaming platform ó users who play games while streaming HSN can cash in "tickets" for trip entries ó the county tourism group is covering the airfare costs for the winners.

The costs are part of the county agencyís $12.5 million marketing budget, Downing said.

HSNís base customer is a woman in her 40s ó thatís also the same customer who most often makes vacationing decisions for the family, Downing said.

"A lot of customers didnít know what coast St. Pete was on or where exactly it was located," Stander said. "They watch us every day, but they donít know whatís here and what their hosts are doing in HSNís backyard."

Itís also a time for HSNís St. Pete campus ó which employes 2,700 ó to share its hometown.

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Just under a year ago, HSN was purchased by its direct competitor, QVC, in a $2.6 billion dealer. Since the merger, the umbrella company that oversees both shopping networks ó Qurate Retail Group ó has acquired eight companies total, growing into a retail powerhouse.

HSNís sales slumped about 10 percent in its most recent quarter under Qurate, but during a conference with shareholders in May CEO Mike George said he was confident in the groupís ability to turn things around.

Birthday month at HSN usually pulls in shoppers, Stander said, because it means specials and deals. Even those who donít win the sweepstakes will be able to access local hotel discounts. Mailers advertising Tampa Bay will go out in 1.5 million HSN packages.

Annually, Downing said, Pinellas County gets about $10.5 billion worth of economic impact from tourists.

"Itís an incredibly competitive space," Downing said. "And it doesnít stop at beaches in Florida."

Downing says his teams works to win over travelers in Latin America, the United Kingdom and China. To stay ahead, he said, he and his team have to stay creative in their strategies.

"Weíve done promotions with Uber, with a variety of different companies, but this one really feels different because theyíre right down the street," he said.

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