Carlton: A whole new Diaco, plus plenty of politics

Published May 15 2015
Updated May 16 2015

Even as embattled attorney Stephen Diaco says he'll give up his law license in the face of this week's bruising disciplinary trial with the Florida Bar, another well-known Diaco is poised to appear on Tampa's legal scene.

Plastic surgeon Dan Diaco, 48 — a man whose breast work is sometimes referred to as a pair of "Diacos" — is older brother to Stephen, 46, and also-lawyer Joseph, 44.

And is himself currently enrolled at Stetson University College of Law, brother Stephen's alma mater, with an expected graduation date of 2017, if not sooner.

Dr. "Diaco," attorney at law?

Isn't that quite the jump?

"It's a career augmentation," he says, "rather than it is a jump."

Interestingly, he started at Stetson in 2013, the very year his brother landed square in the center of a scandal that's been the talk of the legal community since. Stephen Diaco is accused of helping orchestrate the DUI arrest of opposing counsel during a bitter trial, of employing the wiles of a young paralegal and a user-friendly DUI cop to make it happen.

Dr. Diaco, however, denies his interest is related to his brother's currently precarious position in the practice of law.

"This has nothing to do with Stephen," he says. "This is a calling on my own."

Speaking of careers, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn had an interesting visitor on his schedule this week: Jackie Toledo, who lost a run for City Council amid backlash from some ugly campaign mailers against her opponent, missives she insisted were not her doing.

Buckhorn said their chat wasn't about her running for another specific office, more about how someone can come back — something Buckhorn gets, having lost himself before he twice won the mayor's office.

More on what's next: The invitation to a Maggie's List private reception in Tampa on Tuesday promises a "special announcement" from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, no doubt about her next political plans.

Speaking of mayors, former occupant Pam Iorio is settling into her new digs as president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, the headquarters of which she recently spirited home to Tampa from Texas.

The downtown in which Iorio spent her political career is coming into its own as a happening place to live and work. Now there's a bit of buzz building over in the West Shore business district where she currently works.

Iorio is setting up shop in the sprawling Corporate Center One office building beside all that shopping and dining at International Plaza. Her new view takes in jets coasting in and out of Tampa International Airport and also, Nordstrom. Where, she reports, she has not been, too busy setting up the office, down to walls painted soft purple, and the assembling of her staff.

Finally, people with an eye for political nuance noticed the glib Buckhorn, always at the ready with the right sound bite, used a teleprompter at his speech to kick off his second term.

Buckhorn rarely brings even a piece of paper when he speaks, and he's comfortable with a crowd, but says he wanted to make sure he covered everything in this 20-minute "more structured speech."

And, I'll add, the speech likely to be most-quoted if and when Buckhorn runs to replace the exiting Gov. Scott.