Sunday, January 21, 2018
News Roundup

Plea deal rejected, jury selected in Hernando murder trial of Stanley Eckard

BROOKSVILLE — Before the bailiff brought in the men and women who might decide Stanley Eckard's fate, the judge made sure the defendant knew the stakes.

Hernando County Circuit Judge Anthony Tatti reminded Eckard on Monday morning that a first-degree murder charge comes with only two possible sentences if he is convicted. Since prosecutors aren't seeking the death penalty, that leaves one: life in prison without parole.

"Do you understand that?" Tatti asked.

Sitting at the defense table dressed in a navy blue suit, Eckard nodded once.

"Yes, sir," he replied.

By 5 p.m., attorneys had selected a panel of 12 jurors plus two alternates to decide if Eckard intentionally killed his younger brother, Sean, on June 19, 2010.

Prosecutors say Stanley Eckard planned the killing when he broke into his brother's bedroom, then buried him in the yard of the Spring Hill home the men shared with their parents.

First thing Monday, Assistant State Attorney Pete Magrino asked Tatti to have Eckard state for the record that he was rejecting the state's plea offer. Had Eckard entered an open guilty plea to the lesser charge of second-degree murder, his prison sentence would have been capped at 20 years.

Among the nine women and three men selected Monday are a grocery store cashier, a mechanic, two assistant principals, a restaurant manager, a bank manager, a graphic artist and a secretary.

Magrino told Tatti he will need two days to present the state's case. The trial is expected to conclude by Friday.

"From an evidentiary perspective, it's really simple," Magrino said.

Magrino is expected to point to statements Stanley Eckard made after his arrest indicating simmering resentment of Sean and tension over a woman.

According to court documents, Eckard said he wrapped an elastic cord around Sean's neck during the struggle but didn't mean to kill him. Eckard said they fell to the floor and he heard Sean's neck pop and felt his body go limp.

Eckard has admitted that he then hoisted his brother's body out the window and buried him in a shallow grave in the side yard. Samuel Eckard, the young men's father, found Sean's body two days later.

The medical examiner concluded he had died from a fracture to the back of his skull, broken vertebrae or both.

Acknowledging their son's mistake in trying to hide Sean's death, Samuel and Donna Eckard say they are convinced he is telling the truth, and they have criticized prosecutors for pursuing a murder charge.

The Eckards say they believe Stanley went into the room to talk about Sean's girlfriend, an argument turned physical, and Stanley had to defend himself.

Some of the questions chief assistant public defender Alan Fanter posed Monday to prospective jurors hinted at a defense strategy. He asked if they knew anyone who took medication for mental health issues, and if they thought people could act differently under extreme stress.

Eckard turned 24 on Monday. Before the proceedings began, his mother sat in the second row of the gallery and whispered the song Happy Birthday.

At the end of the day, Eckard turned to his family, smiled and gave a thumbs-up sign.

"Drive safe, guys," he said.

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Record number of inmates died in Florida prisons last year. And they died younger than past years.

Record number of inmates died in Florida prisons last year. And they died younger than past years.

More inmates died in Florida prisons last year than in any other year on record, leaving the state scrambling to identify causes and find solutions. The tally, 428 inmate deaths in 2017, was released late Friday by the Florida Department of Correctio...
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Hillsborough diver who died in Eagle’s Nest Cave was adventurous but experienced

Davin Brannon was a pilot, a spearfisherman, an avid cave and open-water diver and an experienced all-around adventurer, said those close to him ."I guess you could say he died doing what he loved," his cousin Pam Kirven said. "But I also know he’d n...
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Oxfam highlights sharp inequality as Davos elite gather

DAVOS, Switzerland — A CEO from one of the world’s top five global fashion brands has to work for just four days to earn what a garment worker in Bangladesh will earn in an entire lifetime, campaigning group Oxfam International said Monday. In advanc...
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Amazon opens cashier-less store in Seattle

SEATTLE — Amazon employees have been testing it, but is the public ready for a cashier-less store? More than a year after it introduced the concept, Amazon is opening its artificial intelligence-powered Amazon Go store today in downtown Seattle. The ...
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At second St. Petersburg Women’s March, 5,000 focus on

At second St. Petersburg Women’s March, 5,000 focus on "what we can do"

ST. PETERSBURGNear Mirror Lake, as protesters posed for pictures, hung signs on their dogs and distributed chant scripts just after noon Sunday, Linda Pair and her friend Beth Gavin arrived to march.Asked why she came out, Pair, 72, of Largo put it b...
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Add swagger to Lightning’s loss column

Add swagger to Lightning’s loss column

CHICAGO — It didn’t take the sound of a door slamming in the visitor’s dressing room Saturday night to sense this Lightning team is frustrated.Tampa Bay believed it had worked hard against the Wild — at least, harder than it did in Thursday’s letharg...
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USF women blow late lead, lose at Wichita State

USF women blow late lead, lose at Wichita State

WICHITA — USF led by eight points in the fourth quarter but went cold, and Wichita State pulled off the upset 64-56 Sunday afternoon in a potentially costly loss for the Bulls.USF (15-5, 5-2 American Athletic Conference) missed 14 of its last 15 fiel...
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‘Big Hug’ brings out fun-loving  crowd

‘Big Hug’ brings out fun-loving crowd

GABRIELLA ANGOTTI-JONES | TimesDaniel Evangelista, 17, dressed as a rooster; Knox Johnson, 16, dressed as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; Rachel Rowland, dressed as a panda; and Luke Evangelista, 15, dressed as Captain America, joke around before comp...
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Deputies: 18-year-old speeding on U.S. 19 faces charges of DUI, fleeing scene

PALM HARBOR — A speeding driver on U.S. 19 refused to stop for deputies and took off, later rear-ending a car and injuring three people early Sunday morning, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.A little after 1:30 a.m., Kingzig Montanez...
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Factory fire traps in workers, killing at least 17; Kabul siege ends violent 24 hours; more in world news

Factory fire traps in workers, killing at least 17; Kabul siege ends violent 24 hours; more in world news

IndiaFactory fire kills at least 17A fire at an industrial building on the outskirts of New Delhi broke out as workers were stuffing gunpowder into firecrackers, trapping many of them on the factory’s upper floors as it spread, and leaving at least 1...
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