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Hurricane Katrina couldn't stop this Springstead senior from succeeding

Elise Boyles has enjoyed acting in plays at Springstead High. “I love memorizing the pieces and seeing what you can do with it,” she says.


Elise Boyles has enjoyed acting in plays at Springstead High. “I love memorizing the pieces and seeing what you can do with it,” she says.

SPRING HILL — Elise Boyles had conquered the first two weeks of eighth grade when Hurricane Katrina came calling with a lifetime's worth of real-world lessons.

About 2:30 a.m. on the day the storm hit, Boyles piled into a Ford Explorer with her mother, stepfather and stepsister to flee their home in Slidell, La. Boyles brought little more than some clothes and a box of photographs.

The family headed to Florida and watched images of the Gulf Coast devastation from the home of relatives in Masaryktown. A month later, they drove back to Slidell to recover what they could. The wind and trees tore holes in the roof and ever-thickening mold made the place uninhabitable.

The family was already reeling from the loss of Boyles' 10-month-old brother Logan, who died from complications of birth defects that July. Boyles' stepfather, Jarrod Marquez — Boyles calls him "Daddy" — had been seriously injured on his construction job earlier in the year and couldn't work.

Marquez suggested the family start over in Florida.

"I love change, so I was excited about it," Boyles recalled recently.

Five years and four schools later, she will march into Springstead High's stadium today to accept her diploma with high honors.

"We may have lost most of our personal belongings," Boyles wrote in an essay for the St. Petersburg Times Fund's Barnes Scholarship, "but compared to the strength we discovered we had together, I knew we would make it through."

When Boyles came to Florida the first time, she and stepsister Jessica attended classes at Parrott Middle School in Brooksville.

Boyles missed Slidell's familiar vibe, but the outpouring of support from Hernando residents surprised her. People donated food, school supplies, clothes and school uniforms. A friend of their extended family donated a small white pickup.

When the family came back for good, she enrolled at Fox Chapel Middle and finished eighth grade there. Before she left, her classmates at Parrott wrote her a note of encouragement.

The family found a two-bedroom house in Weeki Wachee, and Boyles' younger sister Victoria, who was living with her father in Ohio, came down to join the family.

Boyles spent her freshman year at Central High. She fell in love with the thespian club. "It's the one thing that's really just fun to me," she said. "I love memorizing the pieces and seeing what you can do with it."

At the time, Angel Marquez was pregnant with Emily, now 3 years old. The family struggled with a tight budget.

"They were there for me as much as I was there for them," Angel, a trial clerk for Pasco County, said of her daughters. Elise helped show the way. "She's always stepped into that leader role."

The family found a larger house in Spring Hill, which for Boyles meant a transfer to Springstead. She hated to leave the acting program at Central, but it didn't take long to settle into her new school. She took an acting class as a sophomore, made the junior varsity cheerleading team and competed with the French Club.

As a junior, Boyles joined the Environmental Club and bonded with the Weeki Wachee River. She volunteered last year for the Relay for Life as a member of National Honor Society and this year as a member of the Interact Club.

She took Drama III with teacher Rebecca Pusta this year. Pusta said she only recently found out about Boyles' struggles. "I was shocked," Pusta said.

Boyles had roles in two short plays based on the tragedies of Sept. 11. In With Their Eyes, she had a monologue of the real-life recollections of a teacher in a New York City high school.

Pusta said she often shies away from having high school students stretch beyond their age range, but Boyles pulled it off.

Boyles wasn't one to constantly crunch numbers to track her class standing. Only this year did she realize the opportunities created by her academic success, said guidance counselor Jeff Perkins.

Boyles has earned about $22,500 in scholarship money on top of a Bright Futures award. She won $1,000 as a runner-up for the Barnes Scholarship given to high academic achievers who have overcome significant obstacles.

"Thank God," Angel Marquez, who is due to have a boy in August, said of the scholarship money. Money is still tight, and Jarrod Marquez is still struggling to get worker's compensation for his injuries.

Bound for the University of Florida, Boyles is thinking about a major in international studies and business with a minor in theater, but she loves the thought of helping people through psychological counseling. And she admits, with a self-conscious laugh, that she dreams of the title of "executive imagineer," a Disney staffer who oversees the design and construction of the company's theme parks, resorts and venues.

Tonight, though, she savors a shining moment born of many stormy struggles.

"I did it."

Springstead High School

Commencement begins at 7:30 tonight at the school, 3300 Mariner Blvd., Spring Hill

Valedictorian: Christopher Sarabalis

GPA: 4.61

Parents: John and Suzanne Sarabalis

College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Field of Study: Mechanical and electrical engineering

Salutatorian: Emily Harlan

GPA: 4.48

Parents: Holly Harlan and David Caseau

College: University of Florida

Field of Study: Biology

Rounding out the Top 10

3. Megan England

4. Phil Lakin

5. Jennifer Draganchuk

6. Christopher Kelley

7. Kelly Dutton

8. Amanda DiLorenzo

9. Jacob Kelley

10. Olivia Gustafson

Springstead High School Class of 2010

Danielle Adams

Joshua Adams

Matthew Adams

Marina Addario

Shaun Agostinacchio

Danielle Agostino

Peter Alaimo

David Alberts

Jacqueline Alexander

Nicholas Allegra

Brooke Allen

Lindsay Allen

Chyna Allison

Russell Alonzo

Kelsey Anderson

Lauren Andre

Chelsey Anello

Lindsey Anthony

Samantha Apostolou

Daniel Arias

Jessica Armijo

Jazmyn Armstrong

Tyler Arroyo

Karolann Atkins

Tanya Austin


Angela Bahn

Nicholas Bailey

Shelbie Baker

Jenifer Balcolm

Jamielee Basinger

Grace-Marie Batterbee

Kayla Baxter

Emily Beach

Justin Beal

Michael Bell Jr.

Shannon Bell

Christina Bellino

Christopher Berkey

Taylor Black

Jessica Blomgren

Victoria Boccio

Erika Boone

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Steven Borkowski

David Boylan

Athena Boyle

Elise Boyles

Christopher Britton

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Juanita Brooks

Misha Brooks

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Alfonso Cabrera

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Joni-Marie Crossan

Brittney Cruz

Destiny Cruz

Robert Cunningham


Olivia D'Acunto

Megan Daniels

Michael Davis

Rachel De La Cruz

Sasha De La Rosa

Mario Delpozzo

Andrew Denobrega

Kevin Dewitt

Sara Deyoung

Marshall Dillon

Amanda Dilorenzo

Jack Diven

Jenna Donohue

Brittany Downend

Craig Downing

Jennifer Draganchuk

Amanda Drawe

Callie Duncan

Bianca Dungan

Marilou Duran

Kelly Dutton

Patrick Dwyer


Stephanie Edwards

Vera Edwards

Thomas Ellerbee

Stephanie Ellis

Robert Ellwood

Megan England

Tiffany Errichetto

Armando Espinosa-Naidoo

Jonathan Esser

Jennifer Estrada

Austin Evans


Francisco Ferrer

Jessica Ferrero

Thomas Feuillebois

Shelby Fink

Amy Fischer

Hayley Fisher

Gabrielle Fissell

Deanna Fitzgerald

Craig Flannery

Lameek Floyd

Chyanne Fonte

Katelyn Foote

Michael Forgach

Eric Fotopoulos

Kristine Fredrickson

Mark Fruzia

Drew Fulcher


Lazaro Gala

Heidi Garcia

Samantha Garey

Tyler Gerard

Samantha Gibson

Walter Gibson Jr.

Cristine Gilbert

Tyler Glass

Keishla Gonzalez

Nelson Gotera

Matthew Gozdziewski

Isabelle Grace

Michelle Granda

Christopher Grech

Ellysa Gregory

Clarisse Guilbert

Anthony Guiler

Pennie Guinta

Olivia Gustafson


Samantha Hagan

Nicholas Haglund

Jennifer Hallal

Edward Hamilton

Benjamin Hardy

Emily Harlan

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Max Hitzemann

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Alyssa Ladouceur

Dana La Franca

Jennifer Lai

Philip Lakin III

Betty Lancaster

Donald Langdon

Melissa Laraque

Benjamin Larison

Kaitlin Lariviere

Tyler Larratta

Kelly Larsson

Andrew Laubsch

James Laverty

Milo Leaman

Kristen Lescio

Michael Letchworth III

Michael Libenson,

Denise Lightbody

Sara Linstad

William Litchfield

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Mark Lombardi-Nelson

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George Lopez

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Shantel Lowman

Stephanie Lugo


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Karron Maragh

Marissa Marise

Adreanna Marks

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Cynthia Matanzo

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Kimberly Mauro

Kristin Mauro

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