Thursday, December 14, 2017

Scientific leader distinguishes herself

BROOKSVILLE — Earlier this month, Delaney Ahrens was in Phoenix for the International Science Fair.

From June 26 to July 20, the 18-year-old Hernando High School graduate will be in West Virginia and Washington, D.C. — one of two Florida high school students named by Gov. Rick Scott as the most promising young scientific leaders in the 2013 graduating class — for the National Youth Science Camp.

Ahrens, the daughter of Rick and Brooks Ahrens of Spring Hill, is considered one of the most exceptional members of the Class of 2013 at Hernando High.

What are your favorite memories of high school?

"Varsity soccer — it's been an amazing experience. FFA — it's pushed me out of my comfort zone a lot and helped me excel at other things."

Who was the best teacher you had in high school and what made her/him special?

"It's probably a split between Mr. (Peter) Roberts (physics honors and physical science honors) and Mrs. (Noreen) Shaukat (chemistry). I'd probably throw my dad (Rick Ahrens, agriscience) in there also. They helped me find that I actually do like science and I do well in it."

What is it about science that you find so interesting?

"It's kind of like the whole unknown. I really think that you really don't have to be a genius to do science. You just have to be curious and have a passion for it."

What are your plans for college and the future?

A) "I'm going to Barry University in Miami Shores in the honors program to study chemistry with a minor in biology. They do a lot of community service, and I really like that." Ahrens aspires to be a medicinal chemist/pharmaceutical researcher.

Hernando High School

7 p.m. Saturday


Matthew Noto

Parents: Kris and Scott Noto

GPA: 4.5

College, field of study: University of South Florida, engineering


Christian Arroyo

Parents: Kimberley Drummond and Israel Arroyo

GPA: 4.38

College, field of study: University of Florida, engineering

Rest of the best:

3. Virginia Fouts

4. Lyndsey Uhlich

5. Justin Argoncillo

6. Alexandra Ambrose

7. Kendyll Dhans

8. Allison Hutto

9. Abigail Davis

10. Rachel Benfield

Hernando High School Class of 2013

Erica Aboagye, Quentin Adams, Corey Adkison, Dakotah Adkison, Tausif Ahmed, Delaney Ahrens, Noel Alberto, Jesse Allen, Rosa Almanza, Alexandra Ambrose, Kyle Amick, Kendrick Anderson, Justin Argoncillo, Christian Arroyo, Stephanie Aubertin, Abigail Austin.

Kelly Badillo, Sarah Ball, Benjamin Barker, Clarisa Beauchamp, Michelle Beckley, Kayla Bench, Bruce Bendl, Rachel Benfield, Johnna Bergren, Catherine Billings, Brittney Brandenstein, Alex Brockew, Robert Bronson, Savannah Brooks, Amy Brown, Aujuwan Brown.

Toni Callum, Nichole Canney, Shardonne Carr, Marissa Carreiro, Elyvelisse Castro, Travis Chytka, Nicole Cicero, Joseph Cimador, Kyal'Jnea Clark, Kayla Cole, Daniel Cook, Kara Cooper, Savannah Cooper, Stephen Crist, Jorden Croxen, Christopher Crum, Janette Cuevas, Brent Culpepper, Gage Cunningham, Jacob Curtiss.

Collin Daniel, Abigail Davis, Jayme Debusk, Jacob Dempsey, Kendyll Dhans, Montana Dittman, Jair Dominguez, Patience Dowis, Billy Durrett.

Lana Edwards, Bailey Elliott, Dominique Ellis, Jacob Engelmeyer.

Eddie Fagin, Kenneth Farleigh, Nathan Finkbeiner, Willow Fletcher, Megan Fogarty, Virginia Fouts, Christopher Fox, Allysyn Fraccica, Kodie Fritz.

Andrew Garrett, Chelsea Gatland, Bradley Geisler, Olivia Gentile, Zachary Gerhards, Alexis Giarratana, Heather Gillis, Cameron Glatfelter, Jennifer Goetz, Alfonsina Gonzalez, Haley Griffin, Stephen Griffin.

Wyatt Hagelston, Connor Haitz, Ainsley Halliday, Darren Hambrick, Brianna Harris, Dante Harris, Catherine Hart, La'Tshaad Hart, O'Mar Hawkins, Tyrail Hawkins, Lida-Louise Hayes, Garrett Hedden, Alishia Heet, Rachel Hejduk, Joel Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, Hannah Hester, Ashley Hill, Drake Hillis, Nicolas Hopkins, David Horn, Charles Hostetter, Whitney Howard, Nicole Hoyd, Richard Hudson, Allison Hutto.

Paolo Ilagan.

Zhane Jean-Fils, Jacob Johnson, Kasi Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Meagan Jones.

Andrew Kahler, Shumon Kalam, Cheyenne Katz, Melanie Kern, Rachel Kissel, Joshua Kolaric, Jorden Krusey.

Praha Lamisa, Joseph Lasko, Brandon Lawson, Garrett Lawson, Zachary Lewis, Rachael Lockhart, Kody Looper, Tabatha Loose, Kyle Loparco, Michael Louden.

Jumaanah Mahdi, Mallory Marko, Shelby Marrero, Angela Martin, Layci Martin, Paige Martin, Sheena Mattern, Ryan Mattison, Tye McCarty, Kaitlin McDaniel, Zachery McDonald, Emily McGee, Lloyd McGeehan, George McLaughlin, Geoffrey Meadows, Paul Meindl, Bethany Messina, Kristyn Middlebrook, Mark Midili, Amanda Miller, Avery Miller, Tical Miller, Paola Miramontes, Derek Mitchell, Alisha Mobley, Bresha-Monique Mobley, Perrisha Mobley, Rosalynn Mossgrove, Brooke Murray.

Travis Napier, Marcus Neal, Cory Nolan, Lindsay Norris, Matthew Noto.

Mackenzie Osmond, Tierra Ousley, Tyisha Ousley, Ty' Oshay Owens, Alexis Owensby.

Felicia Patrick, Richard Pepper, Giovanni Perez-Ramos, Stephanie Picheta, Kameita Pierre, De'Nee Pinckney, Jessica Pinto, Ebone Plummer, Courvoisier Pope, Felicia Post, Farbod Pourmand.

Eloy Ramirez, Jesse Ramirez, Dionie Ramos, Kendall Raney, Trae Ratliff, Kevin Ray, Dilan Remenih, Alexandra Rey, Joseph Ricottilli, Edward Riter, Victoria Rivers, Jeremiah Roberts, Lauren Roberts, Rhonda-Rae Roddis, Danyelle Roller, Meaghan Rollins, Daniel Rook, Chelsea Rose, Chandler Ross, Elizabeth Rossbach, Paige Rueth.

Brianna Sampson, Andrea Sanchez, Carlos Santiago, James Scharba, Delaney Shannon, Nicole Sheldon, Steven Shenefield, Dravyn Shiley, Carl Sholts, Quaneisha Simmons, Sarah Simpson, Ashley Sims, William Singer, Stephen Skipper, Autumn Smith, Nicholas Smith , Valerie Smith, Pamela Snell, Matthew Snow-Johnson, Andre Southall, Desiree Southall, Brittney Spann, Joshua Srisupa, Courtney Stearns, Kyle Stocker, Carolina Stokely, Nicholas Suarez, Canaan Swackard.

Lorraine Talbott, Rainy Taplin, Christina Taylor, Casey Thieryung, Felicia Thomas, Andrew Timmons, Brooks Timmons, Laura Titus, Taylor Tolbert, Madison Toney, Rebecca Toth, Garrett Treverton, James Tripp, Hannah Tuttle.

Lyndsey Uhlich, Michael Ulloa, Daniel Unverzagt.

Jeffrey Velazquez-Colon, Michelle Venditto, Alec Vendura, Brandylee Viereck, Yesenia Villaneda, Daniel Vitanza, Katie Vitko, Kathryne Voyles.

Jamal Waddy, Shelsea Walker, Kathleen Ward, Wesley Ward, William Warden, Jamaze Watts, Sarah Weber, Brigitte Weigl, Amanda Wilcher, Brianna Wiley, Richard Wilkes, Alexandra Williams, Kadijah Williams, Walter Williamson, Jordan Wilson-Vasquez.

Andrew Zabriskie, Morgan Ziske.

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