How Florida's counties stack up based on scenery and climate

Published August 24 2015
Updated August 24 2015

While they may have recently topped the charts of "Sweatiest Cities," the U.S. Department of Agriculture still ranks Tampa and Miami as some of the best areas to live in Florida. According to the department's "natural amenities scale," South Florida and the Tampa Bay area dominate in their collections of scenery and climate compared to the rest of the state.

The scale takes into account six metrics including seasonal climate, topography and water area. The USDA describes them as "natural aspects of attractiveness." It's purpose is to measure an area's physical features that "enhance the location as a place to live."

On a national level, Florida also shines the brightest out of the entire East Coast for its scenery and natural features. But that is pretty dim compared to the measures of the West Coast.