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  1. Senators want public to help pay for legal battle between car dealers and manufacturers


    TALLAHASSEE — Taxpayers may help foot the bill for a bitter legal battle between a consortium of the nation's largest auto manufacturers and Florida's local car dealerships.

  2. Opening day of Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens might be delayed


    Thrill seekers who can't wait to hurtle down 335 feet face-first may have to be patient. Busch Gardens says construction delays might push back the opening of its drop tower ride Falcon's Fury, which is set for May 1. A fan party on that day has been postponed. "Our Design & Engineering team is still conducting ride …

  3. Immigrant tuition bill reopens rift in Florida Republican Party


    Gov. Rick Scott was just about to kick his Hispanic outreach campaign into gear when two top Republicans in the Florida Senate complicated the effort by unexpectedly blocking a priority bill that would give in-state tuition rates to some undocumented immigrants.

  4. Florida Supreme Court won't hear trauma center dispute


    The Florida Supreme Court this week declined to hear an appeal from the HCA health-care chain amid broader legal and political battles about the continued operation of trauma centers at some HCA hospitals.

  5. Juvenile justice funding snared in state budget dispute

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — For years, county officials say, they've had to shoulder too much of the cost of dealing with young offenders. In recent years, they say, the state has erroneously billed them $140 million for juvenile justice costs, sparking legal action.

  6. A curious champion for Senate President Don Gaetz's public records bill


    TALLAHASSEE — Senate President Don Gaetz made a public records bill one of his top priorities this session, only to see it stall in the Florida House.

  7. Lizbeth Benacquisto gets benefit of state GOP money in District 19 primary


    The Republican Party of Florida says it does not engage in GOP primaries, but nearly $300,000 of its money has landed in a Super PAC supporting congressional candidate Lizbeth Benacquisto, newly filed campaign finance records show.

  8. Florida lawmakers make one more push to extend health care to immigrant children


    TALLAHASSEE — A bill to extend subsidized health insurance to the state's youngest legal immigrants has stalled in the Florida Legislature, due largely to the initial $27.5 million price tag.

  9. Gov. Rick Scott to Charlie Crist: Win your primary and then maybe we'll debate


    "Give me Scott."

    Democrat Charlie Crist issued that implicit debate challenge to Gov. Rick Scott during an impromptu caught-on-video meeting Monday with Lt. Gov. Carlos-Lopez Cantera.

  10. PolitiFact: Nelson jumps the gun on Florida's population rank

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    The statement

    "My state of Florida is now the third-largest state. We have surpassed New York in population."