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  1. The final Scott-Crist debate: Four takeaways

    State Roundup

    The final televised debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist was certainly entertaining, much as boxing matches or arguments between two adolescents can sometimes be amusing to watch. If, however, viewers of the hourlong CNN debate Tuesday night hoped it would make them more enthusiastic about their choice or help …

    Democratic candidate Charlie Crist, left, and Republican Gov. Rick Scott wait for their live televised debate Tuesday, hosted by WJXT-TV and CNN at the Channel 4 studios in Jacksonville. [Florida Times-Union via AP]
  2. In final debate, Rick Scott and Charlie Crist clash bitterly (w/video)

    State Roundup

    JACKSONVILLE — In a fast-paced final debate Tuesday, Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist displayed their mutual contempt to a national TV audience in the home stretch of the costliest and meanest campaign in the country.

    Charlie Crist, left, and Gov. Rick Scott shake hands before the debate Tuesday in Jacksonville. It was downhill from there.
  3. DCF supervisor in Spirit family case oversaw another case ending in a child's death


    Last year, Yun Suk "Lee" Manchester was at the center of "a perfect storm": A 2-year-old boy had become a virtual orphan when his mother, a drug-addicted prostitute, abandoned him to a stranger, but then insisted on taking him back. Child protection administrators left him in limbo, only to see him again months later at …

  4. Gov. Rick Scott campaigns en español, drawing praise — and critics

    State Roundup

    MIAMI — As the number of Hispanic voters across the country has grown, so has the number of gringo politicians who want to say something to them — in Spanish.

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott last week used his closing at a debate against Democratic rival Charlie Crist to deliver a halting paragraph - far beyond the usual cursory few words - in Spanish, a tongue the Republican governor concedes he has yet to master. [AP photo]
  5. Archaeologists sift Everglades muck for cultural artifacts


    EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK — Archaeologists are poking through the muck under a boardwalk in Everglades National Park, looking for evidence of a prehistoric culture.

    National Park Service archeologists sift through sediment collected from the Anhinga Slough while doing a survey in Everglades National Park. They are looking for artifacts which were first discovered at the site when it was dredged in 1968. [Associated Press]
  6. Ebola response highlights government cuts to public health


    The Ebola threat is calling attention to a problem years in the making: cuts to the programs and staff intended to prepare for just such a public health emergency.

  7. Studying Gov. Rick Scott's style, from Columbia/HCA to governor

    State Roundup

    From his poor poll numbers to his formidable fortune, Rick Scott's political standing revolves around Columbia/HCA.

    At Columbia/HCA, Rick Scott claimed he had no idea the company was, in the words of the federal government, committing "systemic" fraud in the chain of 340 hospitals and 550 home-health agencies. [The Tennesseean]
  8. Florida GOP pioneer Tom Slade dies at 78

    State Roundup

    Tom Slade, one of the smartest, funniest and most consequential political operators in modern Florida history, died Monday afternoon at age 78.

    Republican state Sen. Tom Slade, center, is applauded by outgoing party chief Van Poole, left, and opponent Sherry Plymale after Slade was elected chairman in the early 1990s.
  9. On the issues, Rick Scott and Charlie Crist offer major differences

    State Roundup

    Florida's race for governor may be one of the nastiest on record as candidates shout out in more than $83 million in television ads, but beneath the rhetoric is a record of real differences between Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican, and his predecessor and challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist, the Democrat.

    Beneath the rhetoric is a record of real differences between Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican, right, and his predecessor and challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist, the Democrat, left.
  10. Early voting opens in Pinellas as both parties ramp up get-out-the-vote efforts


    TALLAHASSEE — Early voting got under way in 30 counties across Florida on Monday, including Pinellas, Miami-Dade and Broward, as both parties ramped up their get-out-the-vote efforts in the final two weeks of the race for governor.

    Florida Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist examines a portable hand fan given to him before he voted early Monday in St. Petersburg. "It's nice to be cool." he said. [SCOTT KEELER   |   TIimes]