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Florida News

  1. Epcot's Innoventions West to close at Disney World for overhaul


    How will kids learn to save up enough money to go to Disney World now that Epcot's financial education game, the Great Piggy Bank Adventure, is closing? The Innoventions West attraction at Epcot will be closed as the area undergoes an overhaul, and these little piggies will not stay home. The Piggy Bank Adventure …

    In this May 18, 2009 photo,Toni Corkil, right, of Marshall, Mo. and her daughter Grace, 8, learn about saving and investing through a series of interactive video games at the Great Piggy Bank Adventure in the EPCOT theme park at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The exhibit is aimed at teaching kids ages 8 to 13 basic lessons in personal finance.(AP Photo/John Raoux)
  2. Odds do not favor backers of bill to allow new casinos in South Florida

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — The odds of passing a sweeping rewrite of the state's gambling laws appeared long on Thursday as a House committee began debate on a draft proposal to expand gambling in Florida and ended with no commitment to take up the bill for a vote.

  3. Pinellas business leaders push priorities in Tallahassee

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — A group of Pinellas County business leaders who pitched their priorities to hometown lawmakers Thursday heard predictions that a budget stalemate could force the session into overtime.

  4. Senate finds compromise on student testing

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Florida lawmakers may have found a middle ground on the controversial subject of student testing.

  5. 2 exotic termites find love in Florida, worrying researchers (w/video)


    MIAMI — Two particularly hungry, exotic termite species apparently have found love halfway around the world and, as with so many other Florida hook-ups, the results are disturbing.

    This photo provided by Thomas Chouvenc of the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), shows young hybrid termite offspring eight months after the light-colored female Formosan termite, bottom right, mated with the darker male Asian termite, bottom left, in Florida. [Photo by Thomas Chouvenc | University of Florida, IFAS via AP]
  6. Voters suggest Amendment 1 funds were supposed to be spent acquiring land

    State Roundup

    John Hendershot was one of 4.2 million Floridians who voted for Amendment 1, helping it pass by an overwhelming 75 percent majority in November.

    Cattails supplant sawgrass on 100,000 acres of the Everglades, fed by the flow of phosphorous from the sugar industry, vegetable farms and suburban sprawl — and blocking the historic flow of water and wading birds.
  7. Gov. Rick Scott and Cabinet refuse to honor Confederate war heroes

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — In an emotional clash between race and Southern heritage, Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet on Tuesday refused to honor three prominent Floridians who were Confederate heroes during the Civil War.

    Credit: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory
Portrait of Florida's 14th Governor Edward Aylsworth Perry

  8. Gun-shy governor, Cabinet balk at transfer of hurricane risk

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — After nine straight years without a major hurricane, Florida's catastrophic insurance fund is flush with cash to pay claims and the cost of backup reinsurance is cheaper than ever.

  9. Gun advocates score victories in Florida House, Senate (w/video)

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Florida gun rights activists had a victorious day in the Capitol as the Republican-controlled Legislature considered two St. Petersburg lawmakers' bills, passing one through the Senate and shooting down the other.

    State Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, sponsored the bill allowing lawful gun owners to carry a weapon while evacuating in an emergency. The bill passed. 
  10. Florida Senate votes to oppose U.S.-Cuba relations

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — In an emotional speech Tuesday, Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, asked her fellow senators to oppose President Barack Obama's recent decision to open up diplomatic relations with Cuba.

    All but one agreed.