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Survey: Parents increasingly ask doctors to delay vaccines

Parents have increasingly pressured doctors to delay vaccines for young children, making their kids and others vulnerable to preventable diseases, a study suggests. The findings are in a national survey of pediatricians and family doctors asked about parents wanting to postpone some of the many shots recommended fo …


  1. California scientists link tiny particles in car exhaust to heart disease


    Los Angeles Times

    A new study by California scientists has linked chronic exposure to microscopic air pollutants in vehicle exhaust to deaths from heart disease. The finding bolsters evidence that ultrafine particles, which are not regulated by state or federal environmental agencies, are a key contributor to …

  2. Survey: Parents increasingly ask doctors to delay vaccines


    Parents have increasingly pressured doctors to delay vaccines for young children, making their kids and others vulnerable to preventable diseases, a study suggests.

  3. Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola to sue hospital (w/video)


    DALLAS — A 26-year-old nurse said in a newspaper interview that a hospital where she had worked in Dallas and its parent company failed her when she contracted Ebola while caring for the first person in the U.S. diagnosed with the deadly disease.

  4. Two-thirds of smokers will die early


    Two-thirds of smokers will die early from cigarette-triggered illness — unless they choose to kick the habit, according to new research from Australia.

  5. Researchers find new reason to drink coffee: It may reduce risk of MS


    Drink up, coffee lovers: Neurologists say a healthy appetite for coffee may reduce your risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

  6. Warren Elly, in the fight of his life against cancer

    Human Interest

    Editor's note: Warren Elly, who retired from WTVT-Ch. 13 in 2011, was diagnosed with cancer late last year and has spent every day since then chronicling his life in his blog, "The Way Forward." Elly granted the Tampa Bay Times permission to publish excerpts from his blog, and wrote this introduction: …

    Mitotane, a form of oral chemotherapy, is part of Elly’s new routine. “It’s not just bags once a month. It’s pills every day.”
  7. Moffitt Cancer Center sues one of its own doctors over a surgical invention


    TAMPA — Locked in a patent dispute, Moffitt Cancer Center has filed a lawsuit against one of its own doctors, accusing him of trying to claim sole ownership of a medical invention the hospital says it played a role in creating.

  8. Tempted to try a cleanse? Read this first


    I remember my first cleanse vividly. After months of gorging on French bread, brie, potato chips and more beer than I care to admit, my pants no longer fit. Even my spandex felt tight — a testament to my willingness to consume anything and everything while studying abroad. That's when I knew it was time for …

  9. Why it took so long for the world to start using 'smart,' self-destructing syringes


    WASHINGTON — The World Health Organization called this week for the worldwide use of needle syringes that self-destruct after a single injection.

  10. Stephen Hawking has defied odds by living with ALS for decades


    On April 20, 2009, a moment arrived that doctors had foretold for decades. Stephen Hawking, a scientist who overcame debilitating disease to become the world's most renowned living physicist, was on the cusp of death. The University of Cambridge released grim prognoses. Hawking, diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral …

    Stephen Hawking, right, and cast member Eddie Redmayne arrive on the blue carpet for the UK premiere of "The Theory of Everything" at the Odeon in Leicester Square, central London, this past December. Redmayne won a Best Acting Oscar for his portrayal of Hawking. [Associated Press]