Rabies alert issued for Tampa neighborhood after cat attacks three people

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Check tampabay.com for the latest breaking news and developments.
Published August 25 2018
Updated August 25 2018

TAMPA A rabies alert has been issued and three people are receiving treatment because of an unprovoked attack Tuesday by a rabid cat near Sligh and Manhattan Avenues in Tampa.

The Florida Department of Health issued the 60-day alert Saturday for an area bounded by Waters Avenue, Hillsborough Avenue, Dale Mabry Highway and Veterans Expressway.

The brown tabby, domestic short-hair cat was later found near the 4500 block of W Knollwood St. and tests confirmed it was rabid. The three victims are related. The Health Department said in a news release it did not know whether others had contact with the cat.

Anyone within the boundaries who was bitten, scratched, or exposed to the saliva of a cat fitting the description should contact the Health Department at (813) 307-8059 and visit a health care provider, according to the news release.

So far in 2018, the Health Department has identified seven rabid animals in Hillsborough County five cats, two bats and one raccoon. They exposed 18 people and four domestic dogs to the disease.