Brandon Foundation helps connect charities at luncheon

Joseph W. Griffith discusses time management during the Brandon Foundation Charity Connection Luncheon at UM Catering Blake Hall in Plant City. TATIANA ORTIZ   |   Special to the Times
Joseph W. Griffith discusses time management during the Brandon Foundation Charity Connection Luncheon at UM Catering Blake Hall in Plant City.TATIANA ORTIZ | Special to the Times
Published June 22 2017

PLANT CITY— Nonprofits within the area gathered at UM Catering Blake Hall last week to learn how they can connect and be more effective, efficient and resourceful within their organization.

The Brandon Foundation sponsored the June 14 event and brought in organizational consultant Joseph W. Griffith to share tips with leaders.

Griffith framed his reputation around a concept known as the Eisenhower Box.

Former President of the United States Dwight David Eisenhower created the Eisenhower Box as a strategic tool for organizing and prioritizing tasks.

"People cannot do two tasks at once and the hardest part would be trying to figure out which one to do first."

Many of the 15 nonprofit leaders in the room pondered on those words for a moment as Griffith began to define the term time management.

He elaborated and mentioned skills that could be applied in order to improve time management.

Griffith shared how setting attainable goals, planning for the future and delegating tasks can all be useful when it comes to time management.

The barriers to effective time managing includes procrastination and self-limiting beliefs.

On the other hand, benefits include less stress, accomplishing more and improving the reputation of others and their organizations.

This luncheon also acted as an avenue for organizations to connect with each other in hopes to enhance their resources within the community.

"I learned how the nonprofits come together as part of the life blood of the community to help those they serve and provide a better life," said Sally Leete, a specialist with the AARP Foundation's Senior Community Service Employment Program.

She benefitted from the Charity Connection Luncheon because it gave her a chance to tell how her program can be the extra hands when budget funding will not stretch.

"Nonprofits need to know other organizations can network with them and work together," Leete said.

Faces of Courage founder and CEO Peggie D. Sherry, said she learned that teamwork makes the dream work.

"When you get a room full of dedicated people together, there is no telling what amazing outcomes could occur," Peggie said. "The Charity Connection Luncheon's true value would be in the opportunity to meet other nonprofit leaders who offer resources that they want to share."

Brandon Foundation executive director, Liz Brewer, said the foundation hopes to hold the luncheons on a quarterly basis.

"It is easy to feel alone when running a nonprofit, so this is a great way for us to brainstorm and learn from one another," Brewer said.

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