Hooper on Confederate flag: Educate rather than eradicate

Published July 19 2015
Updated July 19 2015

I'm ready to compete.

When it comes to the Confederate flag, I'm ready to enter into the marketplace of ideas — armed with Article 1, Section 9, No. 4 of the Confederate constitution and an array of other past and present facts — and challenge those who suggest the flag isn't a symbol of hate and oppression.

But outside of governments, which must represent all the people, I don't want to deny the right to fly the stars and bars. Let's not steal into people's yards and take their Confederate flags. Let's not take down Confederate memorials. Let's compete.

As one friend said, we can't hide the hatred in our history. Instead, we have to use each landmark as a teachable moment. Let's educate instead of eradicate. …

Successful St. Petersburg businessman Gary Hartfield has gone a step beyond simply writing a memoir. In his upcoming book Stand, Hartfield espouses philosophies like the "law of sacrifice," a belief that success is tied to sacrifice and you must sacrifice something of value to obtain greater value. Brilliant.

The book debuts in November. Go to garyhartfieldstand.com. …

Seen on a bumper sticker: Hate Is Not A Family Value. …

Ran into a Facebook debate between FSU and UF fans about which university has the most crime-ridden athletic program. The travesty that fans of both schools have to take a defensive posture on the subject seemed to be lost on the debaters. …

Clearwater's Hailey Scheinman, 10, always striving to help her twin sister, will set up her annual Lemonade for Livy Stand for the Epilepsy Foundation from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Safety Harbor Montessori Academy, 2669 N McMullen-Booth Road. Learn more at LivysHope.com.

That's all I'm saying.