Little Red Wagon founder Zach Bonner launches new fundraiser

Published March 29 2013
Updated March 29 2013

BRANDON — Zach Bonner, the Valrico teen who rose to national prominence after starting his own nonprofit at the age of 7, launched a new fundraising effort Friday in a field on the southeast side of Westfield Brandon mall.

The Little Red Wagon founder and president will spend the next seven days in a glass box at the mall in an effort to spur donations of nonperishable food. He calls it "Zach In A Box."

"The concept is to cover all four walls with canned food items, making me disappear," Bonner said. "We are donating the can food items to Metropolitan Ministries and Frances House."

Bonner, 15, hopes to simulate a homeless squat with plywood on the floor and only cardboard and a sleeping bag at night. He will have a portable bathroom nearby and hopes to have webcams so he can chronicle the experience. Beyond that, he won't have any comforts of home.

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