State denies Dunedin request for golf cart crossings

Published December 21 2017
Updated December 21 2017

DUNEDIN ó Itís not likely the city will get approval for long-desired golf cart crossings along state-maintained roads such as Alt. U.S. 19 or State Road 580 from the Department of Transportation during the next round of roadway improvements, but that doesnít mean it canít keep trying.

Dunedin officials recently attended the DOTís Alt. U.S. 19 North County Visioning Workshop to keep the cityís request for golf cart crossings alive.

Jorge Quintas, Dunedin Public Works and Utilities director, said the city has been trying to persuade state officials to provide golf cart crossings along SR 580 and Alt. U.S. 19 for several years.

Matt Wey, project manager from Lochner Consulting, a firm gathering information for FDOT, said there are safety issues surrounding use of the carts and there is no plan to permit crossings.