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  1. As Charlie Crist runs for governor, motivating South Florida Democrats is his challenge


    WEST PALM BEACH — Sam Oser is 88, and he wants to live long enough to see a Democrat get elected governor of Florida again — even one who used to be a Republican.

    Charlie Crist joins volunteers to hope a campaign office Saturday in Broward County.
  2. Deal on Ukraine fails to dissuade Russia's backers


    KIEV, Ukraine — A U.S.-backed deal to settle the crisis in eastern Ukraine fell flat Friday as pro-Russian militants vowed to stay in occupied government buildings, dashing hopes of a swift end to an insurgency that the authorities in Kiev portray as a Kremlin-orchestrated effort to put Ukraine's industrial …

    Surrounded by reporters, former Ukrainian prime minister and presidential hopeful Yulia Tymoshenko speaks to journalists after her news conference in Donetsk, Ukraine, on Friday.
  3. Security threat on delta flight



    Security threat on delta flight

    Officials say a Delta Air Lines plane on a flight from Detroit to Denver reported a potential security threat Friday and taxied to a remote area after landing safely at Denver International Airport. Airport spokeswoman Stacey Stegman said passengers on the flight …

  4. State Department delays final call on Keystone pipeline


    WASHINGTON — The State Department will delay its decision on construction of the Keystone XL pipeline until it has a clearer idea of how legal challenges to the pipeline's route through Nebraska will be settled, State Department officials said Friday.

    Coated steel pipe manufactured by Welspun Pipes, Inc., originally for the Keystone oil pipeline, is stored in Little Rock, Ark. The U.S. is extending indefinitely the amount of time federal agencies have to review the Keystone XL pipeline, the State Department said Friday, likely punting the decision over the controversial oil pipeline until after the midterm elections.
  5. Obama signs measure aimed at blocking visa for Iran envoy


    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Friday signed a law barring the U.S. government from providing a visa to any nominee to the United Nations deemed to have engaged in terrorist activity, a measure aimed at blocking Iran's preferred ambassador to the world body.