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People take part in a civil rights "sit-in" protest at the lunch counter in McCrory's in Rock Hill, S.C., in February 1960. A prosecutor on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, will argue a motion to vacate the convictions of a group known as the Friendship Nine. Eight Friendship Junior College students and a civil rights organizer were convicted of trespassing and breach of peace for staging a similar protest at the same lunch counter in 1961. The men opted for a month's hard labor rather than allow bail to be posted for them by civil rights groups. [Associated Press]

Friendship 9, famed civil rights protesters, have records cleared (w/video)

ROCK HILL, S.C. — For a moment, Clarence Graham's heart raced. Fifty-four years after he and eight fellow black men served a month of hard labor for sitting at a whites-only lunch counter, a judge declared that they had been wrongly convicted of trespassing and their records would be tossed. "In my heart, I was lea …


  1. Report: Canada agency monitors file-sharing


    OTTAWA, Ontario — Every day, Canada's electronic spy agency examines tens of millions of electronic documents and videos — and some of the people who downloaded them — as part of an antiterrorism effort involving the United States and other allies, a document leaked by Edward Snowden indicates.

  2. Students distance themselves from Vanderbilt rape trial


    NASHVILLE — The crime was horrific and the verdict stunningly swift. Two former Vanderbilt University football players are facing the possibility of decades in prison after it took a jury less than four hours to convict them for their roles in a 2013 sexual assault of an unconscious woman. Two more former football …

  3. French video tries to blunt jihad's allure among youth


    PARIS — In a bid to stop the flow of disaffected youth to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, the French government on Wednesday released a graphic two-minute video showing clips of executions, wounded children and crucifixions that tells potential recruits that the glory promised to them is a lie.

  4. Romney uses college speech to tailor presidential themes


    STARKVILLE, Miss. — Mitt Romney sounded out themes for a potential third presidential run, lamented the way politics is played and offered a dose of barely veiled self-criticism in a visit Wednesday to this college town.

  5. New England's next task: Digging out


    BOSTON — After leaving record amounts of snow in parts of New England, the first major winter storm of the year ebbed overnight, leaving the region to start digging out. But the reprieve was expected to be temporary; additional snow is in the forecast for Friday and Monday, along with subzero temperatures.