Thursday, June 21, 2018

Goats want to hang out, but not because they like you

A few years ago, employees at Glacier National Park noticed that mountain goats were hanging out with visiting tourists, far from the goats' cliffside habitats. Now researchers have figured out why. First: Where there are people, there are fewer predators like bears. Second: Where there are people, there also is pee.

An acquaintance with people thus affords mountain goats two prized essentials: safety and salt. A mountain goat will lick a urine patch for up to 10 days.

"You can't beat that — it's like a vacation for goats," said Wesley Sarmento, who tracked animals in the Montana park for three years.

To test how mountain goats reacted to predators, Sarmento even dressed up as a bear and presented himself to goats at both tourists and backcountry sites. Mountain goats that stuck around humans were generally not as vigilant as their backcountry counterparts, he found.

After officials closed a popular hiking trail because of a wildfire, the local goats headed for the hills. Bears had returned, Sarmento found, and the promise of leftover urine was not worth the risk.

Steph Yin, New York Times

Terror: available now in three new styles

Scorpions have been around for some 435 million years; still, mysteries remain. There are approximately 2,200 species of scorpions known, but arachnologists estimate that these account for only 60 percent of the species out there.

This summer, researchers reported that they had discovered three new species of club-tailed scorpions in tropical areas of the Americas. Some can make a hiss or rattling sound to warn off potential predators, according to Lauren Esposito, curator of arachnology at the California Academy of Sciences, and her colleagues.

Among Esposito's favorite facts about scorpions: They give birth to live young. And while you may have heard that the smallest are the most venomous, that is a myth. Esposito says a clue that is more helpful is that the scorpions with the biggest claws are often the least venomous.

James Gorman, New York Times

Microwaving a sponge makes bacteria quite happy to stay

Stop. Drop the sponge and step away from the microwave.

That squishy cleaning tool is teeming with countless bacteria. Think that microwaving it will kill these tiny residents? It may nuke the weak ones, a recent study finds — but the strongest, smelliest and potentially pathogenic bacteria will survive. Then, they will reproduce and spread to the vacant real estate left behind by the dead microbes. In the end, your sponge will just be stinkier, and you may regret not just tossing it.

Joanna Klein, New York Times

Invisible gifts from one lover to another

Couples who live together share a lot of things: beds, bathrooms, food, toiletries. And, as it turns out, bacteria. Researchers studied the skin microbiomes of 10 sexually active, heterosexual couples living together. After analyzing 330 skin swabs collected from 17 parts of the body on each participant, the scientists found that each person significantly influenced the microbial communities on a lover's skin. The part of the body most likely to host shared microbial community: the feet. Sexual partners also share bacteria on the torso, navel and eyelids, the researchers found.

Aneri Pattani, New York Times

Does North Korea’s negotiating history mean it can’t be trusted?

Does North Korea’s negotiating history mean it can’t be trusted?

The stakes could hardly be higher for President Donald Trump’s Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.Given Pyongyang’s strides toward developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the United States, an arms control deal loom...
Published: 06/11/18
PolitiFact: Fact-checking the death toll estimates from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

PolitiFact: Fact-checking the death toll estimates from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Many news reports latched on to the number 4,645 in a new Harvard University study about the death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria — more than 70 times above the government’s official count.While the number grabbed headlines, it requires exp...
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