Pair, 21, try to fly to Tampa with Slim the cat inside suitcase

Published January 12 2018
Updated January 12 2018

Two 21-year-olds flying to Tampa International Airport are facing animal cruelty charges in Pennsylvania after packing a 6-month-old cat in their luggage, according to theErie Times-News.

The Erie International Airport police told the newspaper that Olivia Sari and Nicholas M. Larrison, both of North Port, had their cat, Slim, in a suitcase with clothes and other items on a New Yearís Day flight to Florida.

The airportís security system alerted workers to check the bag. Inside, they found the cat without food and water.

"Twenty-eight years Iíve been here. Iíve seen some unique things. Iíve been involved in plenty of unique things," public safety head Ian Bogle told the paper. "This is a first."

The pair could face fines on a charge of transporting the animal "in a cruel manner."

Slim was turned over the local Humane Society, the airport said.

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