Increased police presence after attempted kidnapping in Coffee Pot Bayou

Published February 8
Updated February 8

ST. PETERSBURG Folks along Coffee Pot Bayou may notice increased police presence in response to the attempted kidnapping of a jogger reported Wednesday.

A St. Petersburg police spokeswoman said Thursday that officers are being stationed in the area and patrols are being conducted through the Old Northeast to make sure people are safe during their morning walks and workouts.

Those patrols were stepped up Thursday night, police said, when foot traffic rises.

Officers continue searching for the driver who tried to abduct a jogger. The incident took place at about 5:50 a.m. Wednesday, when police said a 23-year-old woman jogging on the sidewalk near the 2100 block of Coffee Pot Boulevard NE was approached by a man in a car.

He asked for directions then pulled out a handgun and told her to get into the car, police said. The woman was able to get away unharmed.

The man was driving a burnt orange crossover vehicle, possibly a Scion.

Police also urged residents around Coffee Pot Boulevard to check their surveillance equipment. While they may not have captured video of the attempted abduction, police said, they may have images of the vehicle.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the St. Petersburg Police Department at (727) 893-7780.

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