Man with concealed weapons permit shoots and kills man who tries to rob him in Gainesville

File photo of police lights.
File photo of police lights.
Published May 8 2018
Updated May 8 2018

A man with a concealed weapons permit pulled out a gun on a robber and shot him to death in Gainesville, police reported.

According to a report in the Gainesville Sun , the shooting appears to be in self defense and the shooter will not face charges.

Police identified the dead man as Arkeen Bennett. The name of the shooter was not released.

At about 1:15 a.m. Monday, the man was returning home from the movies with a family member when Bennett pulled a gun and cocked it.

The other man pulled a gun of his own and fired, striking Bennett, who ran to a vehicle and was driven away by someone else. The other man with the gun then called 911. Bennett was later found dead.

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