In 2009 show, mother of 6-year-old boy who killed infant sister talks about her first pregnancy at age 55

Published August 12 2016
Updated August 12 2016

In 2009 during her first pregnancy, Kathleen Steele appeared on the show I'm Pregnant And... 55 Years Old. At 30 weeks, she was already showing.

"I don't think it's up to anyone to judge us for what we choose to do with our lives," she told the cameras.

The show, on Discovery Life, featured Steele and her husband, Philip, as they strolled along the beach outside their waterfront home. Steele, according to the show, had a "successful career at a financial services firm."

Philip, who was nine years older than his wife, worked on an oil tanker and was at sea at least seven months out of the year.

"My big concern is long term because when the parents go, what happens?" he said on the show. "When my son graduates from college, he's not going to have the advantage of the traditional family support structure."

After 12 years of failed artificial insemination treatments, the couple tried for a baby one more time in January 2009. It worked.

"All I ever wanted to do was to have kids," Steele said. "I'm pregnant, finally, after many, many years."

Throughout the show, Steele visited her OBGYN, Dr. Karen Raimer, for checkups every week and shopped at a baby store for clothes.

"When you get in your fifties it can be very dangerous for the mother," Raimer told the show. "We may be pushing the envelope if we encourage patients to get pregnant beyond 55."

After Steele's C-section delivery, the 20-minute show ended with the new parents at home with their healthy baby boy.

"I'd say a sibling is very possible," Philip said. "Certainly not out of the question."