Man charged with using hoax bomb to rob Largo bank

Published June 8 2013
Updated June 8 2013

A man wearing a black ski mask and socks on his hands walked into a Largo bank Monday morning and told a teller he had a bomb.

He carried with him a device in his backpack that did in fact look like a bomb. He also held something in his hand that appeared to be a switch to set the bomb off. He demanded $10,000.

He got $8,700 from the Fifth Third Bank and took off on a bicycle.

Four days later, Largo police arrested the man who they say was responsible for the crime at 1698 Missouri Ave.

Anthony Jerome Walker, 42, duct-taped three cans together and added a cell phone charger, authorities say. He thought the cord would make it look more legitimate.

Walker, investigators say, told them he needed the money to pay bills.

He has been charged with robbery with a deadly weapon and planting a hoax bomb. It was his fifth arrest in Pinellas County since 2006.

Susana Adela Tkach, 60, the alleged get-away driver, has been charged with principal to armed robbery.

Investigators say Walker gave her about $5,000, which Tkach said she also needed to pay bills.