Proposal details how $20 million fund for Pulse nightclub shooting victims would be distributed

Published July 14 2016
Updated July 15 2016

In a draft protocol for the OneOrlando Fund unveiled Wednesday, the families of the 49 people who died in the June 12 Pulse nightclub shooting will be eligible for the "highest category of payment" from more than $20 million that has been donated so far.

The payout amounts for each category will be based on the balance of the fund on Sept. 26.

The second fund category will include survivors who were physically injured and hospitalized for at least one night. Published reports have put this number at about 50. They will be followed by people who received outpatient care within 24 hours of the shooting.

The lowest level of compensation will go to people who were not physically injured but were in the nightclub during the attack.

That final payout level — compensating those who were not physically harmed — sets the OneOrlando fund apart from other such funds. An estimated 300 people were at the club the night of the shooting.

"The draft contemplates paying people who were hostages or held up in the nightclub and witnessed the carnage," said the fund's administrator, Kenneth R. Feinberg. He previously worked on distributing compensation to victims of other tragedies including the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the Boston Marathon bombings and the Virginia Tech shooting.

Feinberg and the OneOrlando Fund Board will hold two 90-minute public hearings at the Amway Center in Orlando on Aug. 4. They will accept feedback on the draft protocol before releasing a final version on Aug. 11.

The OneOrlando Fund will be sending out claim forms to known survivors and families of the dead starting Aug. 11. They must be submitted by Sept. 12. The fund will accept one claim per victim, which must be confirmed by hospital and police records. Claims will be individually reviewed by fund administrators to prevent fraud. Payouts will be distributed starting Sept. 27.

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