Oh, Deer: deputies rescue small doe trapped inside East Lake pool spa

Published May 15 2014
Updated May 15 2014

EAST LAKE — Deputies rescued a deer that tumbled into the pool spa of a home Thursday morning.

The small doe darted through the screened back yard of a house at 4303 Radcliffe Drive about 10 a.m. and fell into the spa,.

"She wasn't moving at all and I told my wife, 'listen, I don't know if the deer's alive,' " said homeowner Mike Wyers. "But at that time, I noticed the ears on the deer started to twitch."

The doe was alive, but couldn't jump out of the spa. Wyers' wife called the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Within 10 minutes, two deputies responded. Deputy Tim McTaggart held the doe's head and neck for several minutes until trapper George Lontakos arrived. Together, they lifted the doe out of the spa.

McTaggart lowered the doe onto the ground. The doe jerked back to its feet and dashed into the woods.