Family's home raided after Irma evacuation (down to the coconut cake)


ST. PETERSBURG — Maddy Lee, 19, and her parents had to evacuate their Zone B home in Edgemoor Saturday night at 7 p.m. They moved into her aunt's two-bedroom house in Gladden Park with 10 other people, four dogs and a cat.

Sunday morning, when her dad, John Lee, went back to turn off the power, he saw the garage door was open. Someone had broken the lock on the kitchen window, climbed inside, and ransacked the house.

"Every drawer and closet was dumped out," Maddy said. "They took two TVs, $50 cash, and ate some coconut cake that was in the fridge."

Luckily, Maddy said, her parents had evacuated with all of the computers and important papers."They also stole my dad's notary stamp and a roasting pan, which the police thought they grabbed to hold everything."

"Of course it's all replaceable," she said. "It just feels like such a violation when we're leaving home, trying to be safe and someone comes and steals our stuff! Other people need to be aware there's looters out there."

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