Fall officially starts this week, but not fall weather (w/video)

[WTSP 10Weather]
[WTSP 10Weather]
Published September 21 2015

Wednesday is the first official day of fall, but don't get too excited, Florida.

This week, temperatures will hover in the upper eighties during the day and not dip below 72 degrees overnight. Don't expect a reprieve from the swelter for at least another month.

"That's when we start to see the changes," said WTSP 10Weather meteorologist Bobby Deskins. "We just get a little taste of it."

That means no premature unshelving of Uggs or wearing of scarves. You'll still sweat if you drink hot liquids outside. And just because your cousins in the Midwest are already wearing them, the official arrival of fall does not mean it's officially sweater season.

You may, however, need rain boots.

Expect wet afternoons starting Wednesday and lasting through the rest of the week, Deskins said. Tropical activity in the Gulf of Mexico could bring heavier rains over the weekend, he said, but that could change as weather patterns shift throughout the week.

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