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Your future … Your vote
This is an exciting time in America – the weeks leading up to an election are filled with possibilities. Even if you are not old enough to cast a vote yet, it is especially important for you to know about the voting process and your civic responsibility. It is never too late to become an informed citizen, and if you start paying attention while you are still in school, you’ll be establishing a great habit.

Florida Press Educational Services
Florida Press Educational Services Inc. is an organization of NIE professionals that promotes reading, particularly for young people. The primary objectives for FPES have been established by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation.
Newspaper in Education (NIE) is an international program of cooperation between newspapers and schools that encourages the use of the daily newspaper (both print and electronic versions) as an up-to-date, instructional classroom tool. Through NIE, newspapers are used in all subjects as a progressive teaching resource, from primary through adult education levels. NIE motivates students, broadens knowledge and increases life skills.
For more information about FPES or to find the local FPES member for your school district, log on to FNIEC.org.

This publication incorporates the following Sunshine State Standards:
Social Studies: SS.912.C.1.1; SS.912.C.1.5; SS.912.C.2.2; SS.912.C.2.3; SS.912.C.2.4; SS.912.C.2.6; SS.912.C.2.8; SS.912.C.2.10; SS.912.C.2.11; SS.912.C.2.12; SS.912.C.2.13; SS.912.C.2.14; SS.912.C.2.15; SS.912.C.3.1
Language Arts: LA.1112.1.5.1; LA.1112.1.6.1-11; LA.1112.1.7.3; LA.1112.1.7.4; LA.1112.1.7.8; LA.1112.3.1.1; LA.1112.3.1.3; LA.1112.3.2.1; LA.1112.3.2.2; LA.1112.3.3.1-4; LA.1112.3.4.1-5; LA.1112.3.5.3; LA.1112.4.2.2; LA.1112.4.2.3; LA.1112.4.3.1; LA.1112.4.3.2; LA.1112.5.1.1; LA.1112.5.2.1-5; LA.1112.6.1.1; LA.1112.6.2.2; LA.1112.6.2.4; LA.1112.6.3.1-3; LA.1112.6.4.1; LA.1112.6.4.2

Written by Thomas M. Arthur, Collins Center and
Jodi B. Pushkin, St. Petersburg Times
Designed by Susan Halttunen, St. Petersburg Times