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Welcome to the Seventh-Inning Stretch Pinellas County Schools middle
and high school summer reading program!

Attention, Parents:
We need your help to keep students reading this summer! Details can be found throughout this Seventh-Inning Stretch publication and on this website, so please take a look – and spread the word

Just the facts
Reading with the Rays is an optional motivational summer\ reading program for students in grades 3-5 in the Tampa Bay area. This Seventh- Inning Stretch insert focuses on extending the program to Pinellas County students in grades 6-12 only. You can pick up your copy of the Reading with the Rays insert at your local Pinellas County library or download it from this website.

Middle and high school students may participate in the Reading with the Rays program. In order to be eligible for all Reading with the Rays Rewards, students must follow the program guidelines.

Did you know?
• Students work on reading skills all school year. If they keep those “reading muscles” working over the summer months, they’ll be in better shape for next school year.

• The Pinellas County Schools summer reading program for students in grades 6-12 offers students incentives for reading, such as movie tickets, books, music downloads, and gift cards for popular restaurants. Please keep checking back to this website to see how students can earn these incentives. Information will be posted as soon as it is available.

• Many middle and high schools will kick off summer reading during the last week of school by hosting book swaps, setting reading goals with students and having book giveaways.

• Some schools may have individual summer reading for specific classes; check with your school for details. Seventh- Inning Stretch is an optional summer program and is not required.

• With help from you – parents, guardians and caregivers – we can keep students reading!

Tips for Parents
Not sure how to keep your student reading over the summer? Check out some of these tips:
• Start with encouragement. Sometimes a little nudge goes a long way.
• Help your student find a book he or she is interested in. Public libraries, bookstores and websites have books, magazines and articles to match every interest.
• Read. Sure, you’re busy, but if you make it a priority, your student might, too.
• Help your student carve out time every day for reading – even if it’s only for 15 minutes.
• Talk with your student about what he or she is reading. You might even try reading the same book.
• Turn off the TV, put down the remote and pick up a book.
• Read the Tampa Bay Times every day.Ask for special offer code NIE2250. You also can subscribe at offer. Enter code 2250.

What’s the Deal
• Read books, magazines, Web articles and the Tampa Bay Times over the summer.
• Log your hours in order to be eligible for collecting prizes.
• For every five hours you log, you’ll complete a virtual inning and be eligible for prizes!
• Reach Extra Innings to be eligible for huge incentives, such as iPods, skateboards and a back-to-school limo ride.
• Keep checking out for more details.

To be eligible to get free stuff download the reading log from the Raysreading website.
CLICK HERE to download your Reading Log

To be eligible for Extra Innings Prizes, students will need to complete one of the projects on the
downloadable PDF by CLICKING HERE, Completed projects will be uploaded to the following site:

Students who participate in this secondary Seventh-Inning Stretch reading program may be eligible for prizes, such as the following:
• Music downloads
• Books
• Movie tickets
• Gift cards for popular restaurants
• Clothes
• Backpacks
• Skateboards
• Bicycles

Extra Innings Prizes*
Extra Innings* prizes require project completion.
Inning .............Hours.........Read Prize
1st Inning.......... 5 hours........ Music downloads.
2nd Inning....... 10 hours........ Great books.
3rd Inning........ 15 hours.........Gift cards to popular restaurants and coffee spots.
4th Inning........ 20 hours........ More great books.
5th Inning........ 25 hours........ More great gift cards.
6th Inning........ 30 hours........ Even more great books.
7th Inning........ 35 hours........ Movie tickets, clothes and backpacks.
8th Inning........ 40 hours........ Even more really great books.
9th Inning........ 45 hours........ Prizes of your choice, such as iPods, skateboards and bikes.
Extra Innings* Above and beyond 45 hours Huge prizes, such as a back-to-school limo ride, lunch at school with four of your closest friends, and a music prize pack.

* Not all who enter will win.

Scholastic Summer Challenge
Read for the world record! Record your minutes at and help set a new world record. The 20 schools with the most minutes will be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Pinellas Public Library Cooperative
“Plug In” at your library this summer. Visit your local public library or log on to to find a library and summer activities near you.

Recommended reads
Florida has two popular organizations that provide book nominations at both the middle and high school levels. Check out the Sunshine State Young Readers Awards list at for grades 6-8. Click here for a PDF of the 2012-2013 list.

Take a look at the Florida Teen Reads
Nominations at for grades 9-12. Click here for a PDF of the 2012-2013 list.

Check out The Seventh-Inning Stretch publication for student reading recommendations. You also can find recommendations at

Disclaimer: Florida Teen Reads is designed to entice teens to read. In order to engage their interest and to provide a spur to critical thinking, the book selections include those that involve sensitive issues. The content of some of the titles may be more mature than younger students may have previously encountered. Please recognize that this is a voluntary reading program. Not every book selected will suit every student.


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