Reading Rewards

Reading rewards
Read your way to the ballpark

How to play the game - The rules of the game are simple.

First. get your official game card at your local library in one of the following counties: Citrus, Charlotte, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk or Sarasota.

Then, choose your favorite books or your favorite section of the Tampa Bay Times to read over the summer.

As you read, track your hours by rounding the bases and collect Rays rewards along the way. Students in grades K-12 may participate in the program. There are suggested books listed in the Reading with the Rays Newspaper in Education publication and there are book lists on the Just Read section of this web page.

When you read enough hours to get on first base, ask your parent or guardian to initial your card and bring to your local library. The librarian will sign your card, put a sticker on the base and give you a reading reward.

Round the bases by reading a total of 24 hours this summer and receive a voucher for two tickets to a Rays game!

On the back of the card, keep track of your favorite books and articles you read this summer.

READ 3 HOURS to get from Home Plate to First Base
Reward: Receive a Rays jelly bracelet

READ 5 more HOURS to get from First Base to Second Base
Reward: Receive a Rays arm sleeve

READ 7 more HOURS to get from Second Base to Third Base
Reward: Receive a Rays water bottle

READ 9 more HOURS to get from Third Base to Home Plate
Reward: Receive a voucher for two tickets to a Rays home game

See back of game card for redeemable game dates and order form (based upon availability).

Read around the bases 24 hours total!

In order to receive your two (2) free Rays upper deck tickets:
Bring your completed game card to the Tropicana Field box Office. In order to receive the desired game and seat location, it is best to redeem this card prior to the day of game.


Mail to: Tropicana Field, Attn: Reading with the Rays
One Tropicana Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Mail orders received within seven days of respective game of choice will be left at Will Call, Gate 4.

*Up to two (2) additional upper deck tickets may be purchased with $2 off each with this card when redeeming for free ticket. All seat locations and games offered are based upon availability. Tickets are subject to day of game fee, applicable within 5 hours of first pitch. This offer is not subject to ticket upgrade.

Click here to view a Sample Game Card

Preventing the summer slide

Summer is a great time to relax, get in some extra exercise and fun and keep your brain active. There is no better way to exercise your mind than by reading.

Keeping your mind strong and healthy is important, especially over the summer months. The best way to exercise your brain is by reading. As you can read on the pages of the Reading with the Rays Newspaper in Education publication, Tampa Bay Rays baseball players know the importance of staying healthy and strong and keeping their minds active.

The choices are endless

While the suggested reading books listed in the Reading with the Rays publication are appropriate for students in grades Kindergarten through five, any student in grades Pre-K through 12 may participate in the program. Click on the links below to view suggested reading lists for students in grades three through five and beyond. Between the covers of these books are action, adventure, comedy and new worlds for you to explore and learn about. You can find these adventures and more on the shelves of your local library.

You can choose to read these books or any books that interest you. You also can read the Tampa Bay Times. Within the pages of the Tampa Bay Times, in print or online, you will find news, sports, adventure, comics, classifieds and a lot of fun things to do and read about. You can follow articles about the Rays by our world class sports writers.

There are several suggested book lists on the Just Read Page.

 Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria | #3 | 3rd Baseman Chris Archer
Chris Archer | #22 | Pitcher
Alex Colome
Alex Colomé | #37 | Pitcher
Matt Duffy
Matt Duffy | #5 | Shortstop

Kevin Kiermaier

Kevin Kiermaier | #39 | Center Fielder

Raymond Ray
DJ Kitty
DJ Kitty