How to BLOG with the Times

St. Petersburg Times Newspaper in Education blog

The NIE BLOGGING ZONE (or NBZ for short) is a place to share thoughts about whatever you read in Florida’s hottest newspaper: the St. Petersburg Times! School may be out for the summer, but here at NBZ you can keep up with the latest news and views of students all around Tampa Bay.

Check out all our topics for blogging in the left side column. Click on the category you want to read and respond to and your web page will only show posts and comments for that topic. If you are interested in everything, just scroll down the middle column and read the latest posts and responses. If while reading the St. Petersburg Times, you come up with a burning topic to suggest, e-mail our blogmaster with your ideas:


On the NIE blog, students should sign their posts with their names, then their school and grade. (You can put only your first name if you prefer). No profanity or inappropriate language is allowed. All entries are screened before they are posted. Editors retain the right to delete threatening or profane entries, comments on non-related topics or personal attacks on specific individuals. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH ALL ST. PETERSBURG TIMES BLOGS. SOME MAY INCLUDE COMMENTS FROM BLOGGERS THAT ARE INAPPROPRIATE FOR STUDENTS.


First, read the posts that interest you on this blog. To see what other students think about this subject, click on the word COMMENTS below the post and a new page will appear. It will have all the comments that have been made about that post, starting with the newest responses. If you want to see how the “conversation” has progressed, scroll down to the bottom and read the comments from the beginning.


1.     After you have read other’s comments, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for: POST A COMMENT.

2.     Before you post on-line, you may want to write a draft in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. That way you can edit and spell check before you leave your comment.

3.     Go down to the name box and type in your name, grade and school like this: Billy Blogger, 9th grade, Washington High School.

4.     Type in your email address if you have one (it will not be posted) and leave the URL box blank.

5.     Click your mouse inside the COMMENTS box and type your response to the post. If you wrote a draft in Word, copy and paste your comment in the box.

6.     Next, select the PREVIEW button to proof your comments. If you are blogging with a buddy or in a class, you may want to have your neighbor or teacher read your work before you send it out into the world.

7.     When you sure you have everything written they way you want it, click the button, POST.

8.     Your post will appear on the St. Petersburg Times NIE blog after it is reviewed by an editor. (Remember the comments policy and stay on subject!)


You are now officially a blogger and everyone in Tampa Bay – and the world – will soon be able to read your opinion!