Odilon Ozare calls 'Chris Gethard Show' to explain why Tampa is better than New York

Ozare also threatened to bodyslam the Statue of Liberty.
Published June 27 2018
Updated June 27 2018

If there's anyone who takes pride in Tampa it's the mysterious, world-record-breaking hat designer who calls himself Odilon Ozare.

He loves the city so much that he called into TruTV's The Chris Gethard show recently to explain to the comedian host and a panel of guests that included New York Knicks player Michael Beasley why Tampa is actually better than New York.

"Guinness World Records are really the only objective way to determine greatness, and New York has very few, Tampa has 29 world records and New York has 17," Ozare said.

After Ozare threatened to "body slam the Statue of Liberty" and explained that his Yorkie Barbra Streisand "ate nachos for dinner," Gethard dubbed it "the weirdest call in the history of the show."

If you've ever seen the Christ Gethard Show, you realize that's some high praise.

The episode, titled New York City Versus the World featured people calling in to explain why their cities are better than New York.