Monday, October 22, 2018

Tampa Bay Times Purchases Tampa Tribune

TAMPA — The Tampa Bay Times, Florida's largest newspaper, on Tuesday purchased the Tampa Tribune from Revolution Capital Group, saying it intends to create one financially secure …

Paul Tash: Times' Purchase of Tampa Tribune Means One Newspaper for All of Tampa Bay

For those who care about newspapers and the vital role they play in civic life, this is an important day. The purchase of the Tampa Tribune puts the Times on solid financial footing …

Answers to your questions about the Times' purchase of the Tampa Tribune

Here are some questions and answers for readers about the sale of the Tampa Tribune …


  1. Joe Henderson: I'm proud to be a newspaper guy

    | Perspective | By Joe Henderson
    Some people want to teach, or coach, or wear a suit and make important decisions. I wanted nothing more from my professional career than to be known as a newspaper guy. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

    Joe Henderson

  1. Tampa Tribune alumni recall the good times

    | Human Interest | By Patty Ryan, Times Staff Writer
    I never planned to stay at the Tampa Tribune, but I did so for 22 years before joining its rival in 2001.

    Printing Presses

  1. Pam Iorio: Remembering the Tampa Tribune

    | Opinion | By Pam Iorio, Special to the Times
    The first half of the twentieth century saw the city of Tampa grow from a frontier village to a medium-size metropolis, experiencing challenges that set it apart from other cities in Florida. Tampa's reputation grew as a gambling mecca where lawlessness was condoned by a wink and a payoff to public officials. At the…

    By The Book

  1. War forged friendship between baseball's Joe Garagiola and Tampa Tribune's Tom McEwen

    | Human Interest | By Gary R. Mormino, Special to the Times
    Wauchula, the seat of Hardee County, embodies an old Florida ethos, with its rural traditions coiled as tight as a cow hunter's whip. In the 1930s, Wauchula proclaimed it was the cucumber capital of America.

  1. Daniel Ruth: The Tampa Tribune gave me a chance

    | Columns | By Daniel Ruth, Times Columnist
    An old friend died the other day. The grieving survivors are too numerous to count.

    Daniel Ruth

  1. We at the Tampa Tribune made a difference

    | Perspective | By Rosemary O'Hara
    I remember when I started my first reporting job at the Tampa Tribune in 1978, the city editor told me I smiled too much.

    Rosemary O'Hara, 1978

  1. How that Tampa Tribune mural came to be

    | News | By John Martin, Times Staff Writer
    For artist Joan Griffin Burpee, it was a memorable commission.

    Artist Joan Griffin Burpee's Tampa Tribune Mural

  1. Steve Otto: 9/11 and a reminder of why a newspaper matters

    | Perspective | By Steve Otto
    Driving down to mother Trib, I listened to a brief item on the radio. There was a fire in one of the World Trade Center buildings in New York City and someone said a small plane had struck the building.

  1. Hooper: For readers new and old, we are here to serve

    | Human Interest | By Ernest Hooper, Times Columnist
    I love the Tampa Bay area.
    It's my home.
    When I first moved here in 1988, I never thought my fondness for its historic districts, its scenic vistas, its heart-warming diversity and its tantalizing food would grow so great. In my mind, Tampa would serve as just another way-stop in my burgeoning journalistic …

    Ernest Hooper

  1. Carlton: Newspaper rivalry kept reporters alert

    | Human Interest | By Sue Carlton, Times Columnist
    "One of the longest walks a politician has to take is the one from the front door to the edge of the driveway to get not one but two newspapers."

    Sue Carlton

  1. Editorial: A new era for the Tampa Bay Times

    | Editorials |
    Today marks a milestone for the Tampa Bay Times and this region we call home. The Times becomes the area's sole daily newspaper, with a reach and responsibility that transcends geography and county lines. This occasion has been decades in the making, reflecting the growth of Tampa Bay, the economic …

    Tampa Bay Times St. Petersburg offices