Column: Here are some good reasons to take part in Give Day Tampa Bay

Published April 30 2018
Updated May 1 2018

Give Day Tampa Bay, the areaís 24-hour online giving challenge, returns Tuesday for the fifth year, offering both companies and individuals an opportunity to support one of more than 400 nonprofits that are making a difference in our community every day.

At the Brink Foundation, we partnered with Give Day organizer the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay because we believe in the power of collective giving. By joining together, we can have a powerful positive impact on our community.

Last year, Give Day raised $1.75 million, and the need for your support has never been greater.

Nonprofits face the challenge of finding new donors every day. This is especially true of smaller nonprofits that donít have a marketing budget. Give Day helps nonprofits raise awareness of their mission and impact while raising funds that are used to deliver services, hire staff, provide opportunities and much more.

Why does your support matter? Nonprofits support tens of thousands of people who use their services, and employ thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area. By giving to a nonprofit, on Give Day and beyond, you are giving back to your community, while also helping to support our local economy.

Give Day is the one day of the year that your donation could have an exponential impact. Give Day sponsors like the Brink Foundation, the Gobioff Foundation, the DeBartolo Family Foundation, AARP, Tampa Bay Lightning and SunTrust Bank contributed $30,000 in prizes for nonprofits with matching funds. With this support and matching gifts, a nonprofit could quadruple its fundraising efforts.

Itís simple to contribute. Visit before midnight tonight and find a nonprofit you want to support from the 421 participating. And from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., watch a live webcast from WEDU at to see nonprofits tell their stories.

Many of the nonprofits are groups you may have heard about, such as Metropolitan Ministries, St. Petersburg Free Clinic and Hands Across the Bay. There are nonprofits in all sorts of areas, from helping animals to supporting childrenís education to feeding those who canít afford to provide their families proper nutrition. While you may not have heard of each of the 421 nonprofits, theyíre all doing important work.

We urge you to get involved. Attend one of the events being held on Give Day, or eat at one of the restaurants supporting the cause. Find ways to spread the word at your place of business. Go on social media and tell your friends who you gave to and why, and ask them to support a cause they care about.

And above all, make a donation to the nonprofit of your choice on May 1. All of the money donated on Give Day ó less a small credit card processing fee ó will be given to the nonprofit for which it is intended. Every dollar makes a difference.

Christopher Brink is co-founder and a trustee of the Tampa-based Brink Foundation, a private family foundation focused on academic achievement, economic empowerment, social justice and equality.