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Guest column | Mary Partington

Celebrating the mature woman

Let us raise a toast to a frumpy lady. According to Sean Daly, the St. Petersburg Times music critic, a new CD by British singer Susan Boyle is a smash hit.

To quote Mr. Daly, "Full disclosure: I totally expected to hate, mock, belittle this offering from the frumpy reality-show star. But you know what? It's fantastic. Seriously. And I now fully understand why the Brit is a sales monster."

I remember the faces of the judges when Ms. Boyle entered the stage. They were smirking as if to say, "What can this dumpy older woman offer us?" She then began to sing and the change was to amazement and admiration. In the weeks that followed, we saw how the makeup artists and hairdressers changed Susan's appearance.

She will never be a Marilyn Monroe but they made some needed changes.

What does this experience say about the world today? In order to succeed you have to be young, gorgeous, and trendy. On CBS, The Early Show will have new younger anchors. The Academy Awards show is getting two hosts who happen to be young, gorgeous and trendy. Has anyone noticed the women anchors on the Fox Network? Need I say more?

How would Lady Gaga be received if she were an older frumpy woman? Lady Gaggag, for sure.

We older woman have so much to offer the world. We have the love and understanding that comes from living our lives through thick and thin. We know how it feels to realize you are suddenly an orphan when your parents are gone. Losing a sibling is another loss that gives us the compassion of age.

I can appreciate what the world has to offer because I have lived in the past. I can love my computer because I remember how difficult it was to make the corrections on carbon copies. I love my high-definition television because I can remember a little round screen with black and white images and three networks.

My cell phone is real treat because I can remember wrapping the 25-foot telephone cord around one of the kids while I washed dishes by hand. Now I can reach any one of my children and grandchildren by text message at any time of the day or night. Facebook and Skype are another way I can communicate with my world on an anytime basis.

I no longer have to don a hat and white gloves to go shopping. I can order my hearts desire with a click of my mouse. Yes, I am aware of the modern world and use technology to my benefit. I must admit though that I have never Tweeted. I will buy a bird for that.

Frumpy I am not but I bear the wrinkles and bags that come no matter how hard we try. Time does evil things to the human body; even Jack LaLanne looks just plain old. All we can do is dress stylishly and age appropriately. I have learned one thing, though: Smiling wipes away some of the wrinkles and it makes people wonder what you are up to.

This world needs to celebrate the mature woman. When I look around I see them volunteering for causes, cleaning the churches, giving love to the little ones and being caregivers to the world. We ought to be cherished because we are the mothers, aunts and grandmothers to the world. Where would you be without us?

Mary Partington lives in New Port Richey

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